Paul Allen sings the praises of Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman


Seahawks owner Paul Allen is the NFL’s richest owner, with a net worth estimated buy Forbes at $15.8 billion. But when Allen talks about his football team, he sounds more like a fan than like a tycoon.

In an interview with Charlie Rose that focused some on the Seahawks before venturing off into Microsoft and Allen’s less interesting endeavors, Allen talked about Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson and cornerback Richard Sherman, praising both of them for the hard work they put in.

“Russell Wilson, he admires Drew Brees so this summer he watched every throw Drew Brees made in his professional career,” Allen said.

Allen also said that Sherman is one of the smartest players he’s been around.

“He’s extremely bright,” Allen said of Sherman. “In terms of film study and all those things, if you think of all the rules are tilted against you as a defensive player, you have to study film and think about the theory of all the different routes, react in real time, be able to anticipate. It’s not like Richard is the fastest cornerback or anything else. It’s his intelligence that allows him to make all those plays he makes.”

Wilson and Sherman are also two of the NFL’s biggest bargains, a third-round pick and a fifth-round pick who are both still on their rookie contracts. You can bet both players’ agents will remember those comments when it comes time to ask Allen to spend some of his fortune on keeping Wilson and Sherman in Seattle for years to come.

17 responses to “Paul Allen sings the praises of Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman

  1. Best kind of owner, Rich as hell and stays out of the way. Good thing he bought your team or they were well on there way to being the LA Seahawks.

  2. Allen will take care of these young stars in their next contracts, rest assured ! He knows he’s got two real bright superstars for years to come, and he will compensate them accordingly.

    With his money, who would dare doubt that !

  3. He is a great owner. Unlike Jerry Jones he stays out of the lime light. Paul Allen doesn’t have to be in the players faces. He lets Peter and the GM do their jobs.

  4. If there was one thing I wish the rest of the nation could understand is how much Seahawk fans appreciate Paul Allen. Our team had fallen so far from the unexpected success in the early and mid 80s. We had a terrible owner named Ken Berhing. The situation was awful. All he wanted to do was profit from moving the team to LA.

    Paul Allen bought the team and has continuously upgraded it. Beautiful new stadium. Probably the best training facility in the NFL Awesome training staff. Top notch scouts. Pete and John have brought in these great players.

    I am a football fan. I read about what goes on in many other FOs and it ain’t pretty. All of us long suffering fans would fly back to Seattle during the Superbowl to change that man’s cat box.

  5. Please change the Conference Championship trophies back to what they were. These new ones are terrible.

  6. Lot’s of guaranteed/upfront money to keep cap hit down so we can continue on course keeping all our guys.

    Great to have the richest dude around as your owner.

    Awesome to be a Hawk now!

  7. I’m sure he would pay them and others very large amounts were it not for salary cap considerations. Staying on his good side might give post career income a boost as well. Having him on speed dial to schedule a visit on one of his yachts could ace Disneyland with the family too.

  8. Paul Allen has approved significant free agent signings like Julian Peterson, Deon Grant, Patrick Kerney, TJ Houshmandzadeh, Sidney Rice, Zach Miller in addition to fat contract extensions for Walter Jones, Matt Hasselbeck, Shaun Alexander, Marcus Trufant, Lofa Tatupu, Marshawn Lynch, Max Unger, Chris Clemons, Brandon Mebane, Red Bryant, Kam Chancellor, and trade+extensions to Nate Burleson and Percy Harvin…and you’re insinuating he’s going to be hesitant about retaining his franchise QB and the best CB in the game? Is this a joke? Paul Allen’s net worth is greater than the next 5 richest owners combined. Stop trying to negatively spin every Seahawks post.

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