Pete Carroll is impressed with John Fox’s toughness


By this point in the week, Broncos coach John Fox has exhausted his media material.

And having discussed his heart scare that required him to miss a month many times this week, he’s tired of talking about it.

So Friday morning, at his final press conference of the week, he compared the surgery to repair his aortic valve with a player going through a sprained ankle, since he was on the shelf for four weeks.

At least Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was impressed.

“Can I make a comment? What a stud,” Carroll said. “He’s comparing open heart surgery to an ankle injury.”

The good news for the coaches, for Fox in particular, is that their media obligations for the week are finished. Fox has mastered the art of talking while saying nothing, but he’d still rather be not talking.

Now he gets his chance.

7 responses to “Pete Carroll is impressed with John Fox’s toughness

  1. Carroll wasn’t fired. His 3 year contract ran out and the team didn’t retain his services after the conclusion of the contract. So yeah he was “fired” but not really. Never got a pink slip or had a break in contract with the Patriots.

    Best wishes for Pete. New England is certainly rooting for his success this weekend.

  2. Denver played a pathetically weak schedule and not one decent defense in that entire conference…the divisional round of the NFC had the top 4 NFL defenses, by comparison. Not surprising Manning would look so good against such inferior competition. Seahawks, on the other hand, are battle tested vs virtually ALL the toughest defenses in the league…some of them twice (3 times vs the niners). I’m just here to tell you Kool-Aid drinkers to expect Denver and Manning to struggle and not because “he chokes in the post season,” but because the Seahawks ARE JUST THAT GOOD.

  3. Seattle fans are going to crash so hard when the get exposed and blown out this Sunday. They try so hard to convince everyone how good they are, yelling from the hillsides. Denver has the quite confidence that comes from being the Best Ever offense, with one of the greatest QB’s to ever play the game who is surrounded by talent. It won’t be close folks, and soon the bleating Seattle fans will fade away. You sure won’t see them around here after the loss. They proved that after losing at home to Arizona…not a peep.
    Go Broncos!

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