Robert Kraft in favor of centralized replay

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During his press conference in New York City on Friday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was asked about taking replay review away from the stadiums and moving it to a centralized location.

It’s something that’s been on the radar for a couple of months with the league sending someone to look at the way the NHL runs their centralized replay system in Toronto in November, and Goodell said Friday that it is something the NFL Competition Committee will consider. Patriots owner Robert Kraft isn’t a member of that group, but threw his support behind centralized replay.

“I personally like the idea of centralized [replay],” Kraft said, via Tom Curran of CSN New England. “I’m not sure how the league feels. I think games should be standardized and we should have the same people making the calls. We don’t ever want to lose a game based on an interpretation of a rule, correct or not. If we earn [a win], then we should get it. I just don’t want to see it happen because of poor interpretation of the rules. The more it can be disciplined and structured and centralized I would be in support of that.”

Kraft pointed out a pair of games against the Jets and Panthers from this season that the Patriots lost because of what Kraft thought was an inconsistent application of the rules. Consistency was also something Goodell mentioned during his press conference and that’s the biggest reason to make a push for a centralized system, even if it is one that offers rules clarification and guidance to officials rather than one that actually makes all of the calls.

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  1. This would appear to be an absolute no-brainer. Do the centralized replay.

  2. The NHL has countless problems too though, and mainly due to a lack of plays that are reviewable. Just saw there was a game the other week with a puck that hit the netting and bounced back into play and a goal was scored and they couldn’t review it. Centralized or not, is the new NFL system going to get things right in the end or not? Or rather, how often will they have problems and controversies? An improvement over the current results isn’t good enough, they need to get everything right they possibly can. I would be surprised if they could figure out how to implement a great system by next year.

    Let’s see it, please, prove me wrong on my claims that you can’t figure out how to get things right.

  3. I’m surprised he didn’t recommend we offshore these jobs to China. You can really centralize, standardize, and cut costs that way. And that means more profits!!

  4. No need to centralize it.

    Replay is there to make the correct call.

    If you use replay, and you still can’t make the correct call, what’s the point in using it?

    Just make the correct call upon review.

    That’s all we ask.

  5. Why does this guy roll around like he runs the NFL? what am I kidding, he probably does. That Spygate evidence sure got destroyed quick without a proper investigation being done on the evidence 1st. I guess that’s why he doubled the commish’s salary to 7+ mill a year shortly after. The truth is, HE IS CHEAP. Under pays all his players and never spends to the CAP. Did you know NE is 10 MILLION under the cap this year? shheeeeesshhhh they really could of used some weapons for TB this year. Instead they let him look like a game manager in the big game. Remeber the season he had with Moss and Welker. They were awesome, well that’s until TB laid another egg in a big game scoring 17 points or less again. Did you know TB has avg 16.8 points a game in the big games since being exposed for cheating? That’s terrible !!!

  6. Are we seriously talking about giving the NFL HQ more control over the outcomes of the games? REALLY???? No, they won’t abuse that power and try to manipulate outcomes further….not at all.

    Why not just let Mara and Kraft make the calls themselves.

  7. Ok let me get this straight
    Kraft is ok with the five games he won because of bad calls
    He is not ok with the 2 games he lost because of bad calls

    Go figure

  8. I’m going to make an assumption that come Monday when Broncos lose, forsbergler will be blaming Bob Kraft and the Patriots for his loss.

    EY as they say North of the Border?

  9. I agree with Bob Kraft on centralized replay.


    The Patriots did lose on one of the worst calls in history to the Jets. That call still has only been called once. Ever.

    They had potential only to tie a game against Carolina on a horrible non call. I think we can all agree on that. However, they had victory snatched from the jaws of defeat against Cleveland when they were the beneficiary of a horrible PI which I believe was the same crew that screwed them in Carolina, so that one cancels itself out.

    There was a holding on the Patriots that was not called against the Saints, but holding calls and numerous other calls happen on almost every play. We could find dozens of examples of non-calls every game.

  10. Anything that would help speed it up would be good in my book. Nothing more ridiculous than running to the sideline to look under a hood. Its hard to believe even college has a much better system than the NFL.

  11. Centralized Replay makes sense, and you could/should have multiple people looking at the play quickly returning the verdict and speeding up the game play. They could also install software to scan the video for certain things, like if the ball crosses the goal line or a foot touches the ground or sideline, etc. They would need more cameras and camera angles to make all this happen, but I think overall that would be a good thing if it can be done quickly and make sure you get better calls.

  12. Fine, Bob, reverse the calls in the Jets and Panthers game to go in your favor. By that logic you need to reverse the massive, obvious offensive line holding non-calls in your final drive against the Bills and Saints, as well as the crappy PI call against Cleveland. It goes both ways buddy.
    (by the way, Gronk wasn’t making that catch in the endzone against Carolina because it was such a horrible throw)

  13. He would hate to win or lose a game based on interpretation of a rule?

    Even if that allowed you to win a playoff game?

    In the snow?

    With a made up rule that no one ever heard of?

    Yeah, that would be horrible, huh?

  14. Tell you what, Kraft–stop using GMOs in your crappy foods and then I’ll go along with “centralized replay” even though the stinkin’ Pats will get the benefit of most of the calls…you do own those guys, after all.

    But no! The NFL is more important to you than the health and welfare of 99 percent of Americans, you know, the ones who can’t afford to eat organic all the time like you can!

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