Roger Goodell dances around Redskins name question


While insisting the league is interested in hearing feedback from those who oppose it, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell gave no indication he didn’t support Redskins owner Dan Snyder’s position on his team’s name.

Goodell was asked Friday if he would “feel comfortable calling an American Indian a Redskin to his or her face?”

He didn’t answer that particular branch of the question, but made it clear in his well-rehearsed talking points he didn’t agree with the critics.

“I’ve been spending the last year talking to many leaders in the Native American community,” Goodell said. “We are listening. This is the name of a football team, a football team that’s had that name for 80 years and presented the name in a way that honors Native Americans. We recognize that there are some that don’t agree with the name, and we listened and respected that.

“If you look at the numbers, including in the Native American community, in a Native American community poll nine out of 10 supported the name. Eight out of 10 Americans in the general population would not like us to change the name. So we’re listening and being respectful for people who disagree, but let’s not forget this is the name of a football team.”

While a respectful answer, it’s ultimately unsatisfying to anyone who disagrees that the term isn’t a slur. Because until the league finds a focus group willing to tell them what Snyder doesn’t want to hear, it’s obvious there’s no pressure coming from their end to make him change it.

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  1. Just like the Commish said, it’s the name of a football team and has been that for 80 years, and it’s meant to honor Native Americans. It didn’t seem like he danced around anything. To me it seemed like he wasn’t going to press the issue anymore, maybe other folks should to?

    When is our country going to realize that if just a small percentage of Americans are offended, doesn’t mean we have to change everything. When do we just tell people no?

    Can’t believe it, but I actually agree with the Commish on something.

  2. What a fraudulent Commissioner. I used to think Bud Selig was the worst, but Goodell has convincingly proved otherwise. He should have resigned after Bountygate when he had to tag in the former commissioner to clean up the botched mess he had made of the player suspensions and investigation. Let’s get a purist in there who doesn’t want to dramatically change the game EVERY offseason, too. It’s just pathetic.

  3. R-Words are a disgrace to the great state of Maryland. Ravens represent all that is great. R-Words and their fans will always look up to Ravens Nation. Hope Bob Griffin learned from last year and doesn’t sext any Hooter girls this off season.


  4. So 80-90% of people, including Native Americans have a problem with it.

    Once again the 10-20% of whiners think that because THEY are offended everything should just change….Unreal, when will the PC bull crap stop???

  5. Justin Bieber has:

    12,800,000 sold albums
    45,000,000 Twitter followers
    57,000,000 Facebook fans
    …and $98,441,954 in box office from ONE movie.

    That’s a lot of people supporting one thing (Bieber). But it doesn’t mean he deserves being supported.

    So, saying “80% of people aren’t offended” by the Redskins name means nothing. Maybe they’re just ignorant – like so many people obviously are.

  6. Not saying the name is “offensive”. But if the league considers it offensive a simple name change doesn’t fix the issue.

    After all shouldn’t the offended parties be able to visit Canton without being offended? Shouldn’t they be able to view NFL records without being offended? Shouldn’t they be able to watch the ’91 Super Bowl without being offended?

    Furthermore how does the league then justify that they sold various shirts, hats, etc. with an “offensive” term. They would have to be prepared to buy it all back.

    Of course Goodell is going to dodge – b/c if it is “offensive” a name change doesn’t resolve the issue.

  7. Having “that name for 80 years” is not an argument and should be dropped. A lot of things were and have been around for a long time but that doesn’t make them right.

  8. Has anyone ever heard the word used in a derogatory manner? Has anyone ever heard someone say or say damn you Redskin? It’s laughable to me.

  9. Was anyone outraged for Florida State Seminoles during the National Championship?

    Seems the fact that the constant war chants and arm waving tomahawks should offend more people since they are actually mocking our Native Americans!

    People perplex me.

  10. “America is about balancing the rights of the few against the rights of the many.”

    America is all about not allowing the tyranny of the minority to dictate how the majority lives. A poll in the Native American community overwhelmingly (9 out of 10) does not support changing the name. I believe that puts the issue to rest.

  11. Would you feel comfortable calling a Caucasian American a Cracker to his or her face?

    No? Then why do I encounter that racial epithet every time I go to the grocery store?

    Oh, that’s right, because context MATTERS.

  12. I can’t believe people are arguing whether or not the Washington Redskins name is racist.

    Of course it’s racist, the question is really do you care enough to stop buying team memorabilia?

  13. Amazing how many racists out themselves in comments every time this makes headlines. It’s nothing to do with being “PC.” It’s about showing a modicum of respect to the very groups of people white Europeans such as myself oppressed for centuries in taking over this continent. Change the name and be on the right side of history.

  14. Will you PLEASE cease with your obsessive PC diatribe concerning the Redskin’s name ? We get enough of this crap in other areas of life without it seeping into the sports world.I watch sports to get relief from politics,but when I turn to sports these days,I get the likes of Christine Brennan,Peter King,Mike Wise and you ranting about the use of the name Redskins.Have you ever thought how important a city or state’s football team is to them? People who will lay out of work if they see a snow flake,will sit out in a driving rain storm or blizzard to watch their favorite team.It is a name of honor.Have you ever heard of a organization name their team the pedophiles or klansmen? “No! So stick to sports writing ,PLEASE!
    ps: I am a white male and it not bother me one bit for a team to be called the Caucasians!

  15. Isn’t it funny how PFT now only posts like 20 or 30 comments under Redskin articles now? It used to be 150-200+ comments (mostly supporting the keeping of the name). I guess they didn’t like the responses/comments so suppress them. Seems very fishy to me to say the least.

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