Roger Goodell’s clean, but isn’t ready to change weed policy


Roger Goodell drew a laugh Friday, when asked if he’d be willing to take a random test for marijuana.

“I am randomly tested, and I am happy to say that I’m clean,” Goodell said during his state of the league address.

But he also pointed out that the league’s “not actively considering” any change of their marijuana policy.

He’s recently declared himself open to considering marijuana as a possibility for treating concussions, but said the league policy hinged on medical research. But at the moment, he said the evidence wasn’t there to change the league’s substance abuse policy.

16 responses to “Roger Goodell’s clean, but isn’t ready to change weed policy

  1. If and when … the NFL should treat it like they do alcohol and cigarettes. Both are tolerated … and cause infinite more damage than weed.

  2. Randomly tested… Wow… kinda surprised. It definitely makes it easier for him to levy punishment considering he has to play by the same rules in that regard… but … Who’s going to relieve him of his duties? The owners LOVE Roger Goodell.

  3. MMMmmmmMMMMmmmm…..
    Does anyone wanna go to 7/11 with me and pick up a bag of chips and a big gulp?

  4. It should remain banned. How in the world do you police something like that when it is legal in some states, but not in others?

    When every state in America decides that pot is legal in EVERY aspect, then that is when the NFL should change its policy.

    I can see it now. Player X tests positive for marijuana and gets suspended. His home town the drug is illegal, but he states that he smoked it while at an away game where it was legal. Can you imagine all of the craziness that would happen.

    For those that pot actually helps out there with all the things it supposedly treats, I am happy for them. But for the VAST majority of users it is simply to get high by way of smoking it and despite how harmless they all want you to think it is, it does massive damage to your lungs and over prolonged use it damages your brain.

    Burning just about anything and inhaling it is dangerous to your lungs, drugs or not. You burn wood and inhale enough of that smoke, it will damage your lungs.

  5. Ok Ed, I’ll bite, how is that different from the effects of long term alcohol use?
    Liver, kidneys…

    If you say an informed adult is able to make the decision to drink, you should be able to say that an informed adult is able to make the decision to smoke.

  6. You realize there is other way to absorb THC into your body right? Vapourizers!, Butter! Last time I checked I would rather my kids smoking 3-4 joints a day than 25 cigarettes. Your views are completely out dated, people who walk around with these kind of views make me shake my head with Alcohol and cigarette’s are as previlant as they are!

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