Brees wants Jimmy Graham back

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Two days after Saints quarterback Drew Brees called Jimmy Graham a tight end, a term that carries a certain sensitivity given the looming application of the franchise tag, Brees made it clear that, regardless of label, Brees want Graham to remain with the team.

Appearing on Friday’s edition of The Dan Patrick Show, Brees channeled his inner Tom Cruise and climbed on furniture to profess his devotion to Graham.

“I want Jimmy back!” Brees said.  “I want Jimmy Graham back!”

As we surmised the other day, Brees surely didn’t intend his remarks to Erik Kuselias of NBC Sports Radio to reflect an assessment of whether Graham should be tagged at the tight end level or the much more lucrative (by roughly $4.5 million in 2014) receiver range.

“It doesn’t really matter what I say,” Brees said.  “That has no bearing on the rules of how he’s designated.”

Brees is right.  The labor deal contains a very basic formula, hinging the classification on the position at which Graham took the most snaps.  The Saints will argue that the modern tight end position includes having the player line up tight to the tackle at times and in the slot at times and wide at times.

In the end, and barring a deal between the Saints and Graham, an arbitrator will resolve the situation.  Unless someone else offers Graham a long-term deal the Saints choose not to match, accepting a pair of first-round picks instead.

43 responses to “Brees wants Jimmy Graham back

  1. Really hoping Brees restructures/takes a pay cut to help with Jimmy’s contract. Those two are extremely close-knit and I hope that helps out with making something happen.

  2. Brees wants him back like green bay doesn’t want a soft quarterback. And turd bay wonders why they have lost 10 straight vs the vikes!
    Who’s ur daddy!

  3. Jimmy Graham can do just about anything that a WR can do, and when you add his superb blocking skills and just overall physicality…he looks like a man amongst boys at times. He truly fears no one, and presents humongous (literally) matchup problems for the defense. If I had my pick of any receiver in the NFL, I would take Calvin Johnson, AJ Green, or Julio Jones…but outside of those 3 guys I believe that Jimmy Graham is the very best receiver there is.

  4. Brees wants him back for his own selfish reasons. So he has another outlet to dump his 5 yard passes to 60 times per game.

    Brees is a phony in my book. Hes backtracking cuz hes coming off like a tool the way Favre did when he butchered Javon Walkers career.

  5. RE: Hopefully the Saints don’t do Brees like the Patriots did Brady, Keep his targets or pay the consequences. That’s easier said than done with the cap in place. I’m a Saints fan, and still a Brees fan, but not as much as I was before he held out for every penny he could squeeze out of the team. He should have given that more consideration last year. I understand trying to get what you can but you can’t have it both ways, unfortunately…

  6. If the Saints tag Graham as a TE and the arbitrator rules he’s a WR, wouldn’t he become a free agent? Why would the Saints get a second chance to tag him as a WR? During the uncapped year, players needed 6 years of service to become free agents. Some teams tagged 4 and 5 year players who were out of contract as RFAs. When a new CBA was reached the teams didn’t get a chance to retag those players with franchise tags. See Jonathan Joseph for example. So isn’t the practice in the NFL to use the correct tag or lose the player?

  7. garrison1981 says: Feb 1, 2014 2:54 PM

    Sign &Trade Suh for Graham


    Maybe you should have a drug test, there is no way anyone would trade for Suh at the end of his contract, especially when signing Jimmy to a long term deal. Use your head.

  8. The Saints can save some money be reworking the Brees contract and then having him take every snap from the Holder position to start every play, then just call only fakes where he either stands up and hands the ball off or gets ready to throw a pass. What’s the going rate for a Holder? Drew Brees starting from a kneeling position plus the money savings would be worth it! And don’t even try to call him a QB, here’s the playbook see the titles on all these pages? They are all variants of Holder Fake Run and Holder Fake Pass. The CBA says he’s not a QB, but he’s a shoe-in for the MVH award.

  9. Why Bash Marcus Colston, he’s one of the best receivers to ever wear a Saints uniform, and he doesn’t try to draw attention to himself like so many other WR’s in the NFL, he produces and does it with class….

  10. The only thing fair is to make it a pass catching franchise tag. They already group all the linemen in together might as well do it for the TEs now. The difference between the top guards and tackles in the league is far greater than having a top TE or WR now. Guys like Graham are TEs in name only.

    Graham will be a Saint. I just can’t see him getting away.

  11. Wow. “shutupbrees”. Bitter much. You need to get a life, dude. And nobody cares what a Lions fan called the stratergypervert thinks. Go Tigers! Only hope for Motown.
    Of course future HOFer Drew Brees wants Jimmy Graham back. 1,200 plus yards and 16! Touchdowns. What QB wouldn’t.

  12. Jimmy said he was going to play with Brees and retire when he did. Said it on the sidelines during a game that was captured on NFL SoundX . Not sure he will actually do that based on his being designated by Drew as a TE, who can catch when everyone sees that he is really a WR who can block.

  13. As a Saints fan, I love Drew but there comes a time where these great players are going to cost their teams championships. You have to leave something in the kitty for the other players. I hope Drew is the quality guy who thinks that as long as the team isn’t hoarding money, it’s fine to take a little less to keep core players.

  14. We ALL want him back.

    I especially want to see him and Brees eat a third of the Saints’ cap space.

    I love how people think drew will do anything to help, he held out for a single million that he was never going to see anyways,

  15. Lol. In response to Bruce Irvin’s, “Who are you?” He replied, “I’m Jimmy.” And subsequently disappeared for the entire game. Saints could sign 3 or more players with the money they’re about to waste on this egomaniac.

  16. Every Saints fan knows that the 25 defensive players cost more in cap money than the other 28 players. That is the way it was last year and this year, and that will be the way it is next year. BTW, Jimmy can’t block well so he takes a defender or two away from where the play is going.

  17. Jimmy Graham is deserving of slightly more than Gronk, like $60 mil over 6 years. Calvin Johnson money (over $100mil) just isn’t worth it with the Saints cap. They’re already going to be restructuring and cutting several players to get under the cap.

  18. A lot of saints haters here. Lets fill you in. Brees is the ONLY QUARTERBACK to ever have MULTIPLE 5000+ YARDS SEASONS. Peyton Manning just got his only one this year and sadly beat Brees’ longest, but who cares. Drew deserves every penny. Nevertheless, get Jimmy back. Thank God for Drew Brees! WHO DAT!!! Lots of love everybody!

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