Kaepernick thinks timeout cost 49ers last year’s Super Bowl


A year after the 49ers lost the Super Bowl to the Ravens, Colin Kaepernick is still smarting over a late timeout that he thinks cost San Francisco the game.

Kaepernick said on Bill Simmons’ podcast that he believes he would have run for the game-winning touchdown on a third-and-goal late in the fourth quarter, except that 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh called timeout before he could get the play off.

“There was one play we had that we had called a timeout on that I think would have walked in, and the play clock was running down so we called a timeout,” Kaepernick said.

Kaepernick added that he believes if Harbaugh hadn’t called timeout, they still would have snapped the ball before getting a delay of game penalty, and that he would have scored a touchdown on the play.

“It would have been close, but I think we might have been able to get that play off,” Kaepernick said.

Instead, the 49ers changed the play after the timeout, and the 49ers’ possession ended with Kaepernick thowing back-to-back incomplete passes. A year later, Kaepernick doesn’t sound like he’s completely over that.

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  1. They did get the play off and it certainly appeared they had a clear lane… But ya still blew it trusting Crabtree 3 times in a row afterwards

  2. Time to move on Kaep, don’t you think? Perhaps you should be focused on a more RECENT game, studying film of your turnover-filled fourth quarter, eh?

  3. The play did look likely to score, and the timeout might not have been necessary. But football is a game of inches, and it didn’t go down that way. The Ravens won, fair and square.

    After 2 seasons of five-word answers, I’m surprised Kaepernick has so much to say all of a sudden. Especially since his comments don’t make him look all that great. That being said, I wonder what the context has been, since everything repeated here has been in isolation.

  4. It scares me that he even thinks this way. Its over with, why bring up what ifs, and should of’s?

    Unless he is a loser who realizes his best chance is forever behind him, that is a possibility.

  5. And they would of made it this year had you not turned the ball over 3 times in the 4th quarter against Seattle. Why aren’t you talking about that Colin?

  6. That’s now three years’ worth of second guessing by the 49ers — wonder how many more they have left before the window closes.

  7. really, dude, its time to let the teams still alive take the spotlight, shutup colin.

    nowhere is alex smith claiming they would have won(at least recently) if he had played in that super bowl. does Smith lay a first half egg? I don’t think so.

    but if you as the QB want to say “what if”, we can easily go there.

  8. I gotta give it to the creativity of the media. They realized that the “Sherman Files” had run its course, because the more he spoke, the more they realized he’s smart, articulate and they couldn’t make him out to be the buffoon they wanted.

    Enter Beast Mode, who they milked for all it was worth. Realizing that he has the correct perspective of the game, (’bout the action, boss) they quickly pivoted to Kap, who gives them something to write about, up to kickoff.

    Kap may be right about the timeout, but he’s coming off like an idiot with all he has said regarding the Seahawks. Just what the media ordered.

  9. Baltimore also could have figured out a better way to waste time during the play and could have used loophole strategies to manipulate an opportunity to get more time running down during the play, and if they did things correctly they would not have had to even kick the ball to SF to end the game. They could have killed 100% of the clock with the right play designs there. They even had TOs they didn’t use that they could have called if they needed time to figure out how to draw a longer play purely designed for purposes of wasting extra seconds.

  10. Hope all you Niner fans enjoy the ifs and coulda-been stories. Because that’s all you’re ever going to get with Kap and Harbaugh.

    Enjoy watching the Seahawks win the Superbowl, Kaepernick and Niner fans. No worries – Russell Wilson will show you how it’s done, with no excuses, no ifs, no buts, nothing but glory and championship-style pure awesome.

  11. I just wonder why there has been 5 or 6 different articles spun off of single sentences from ONE hour long video.. Good grief

  12. OK so whats his excuse this year when he single handedly lost the game for the 9ers.

    He’s overrated and a punk, He’ll be with Hernandez soon

  13. You people realize he was probably asked a question, right?
    I’m sure he wasn’t describing his favorite pizza topping and then threw in, “So…about last year’s Superbowl…”
    And then people wonder why certain players/coaches don’t want to speak to the media.

  14. Don’t worry hawk fans. You got another 30 hours of talking tough. Then you are gonna be singing a lot of woulda, coulda, shoulda’s too

  15. You lost the game because when the Super Bowl was on the line and you were 1st and goal you forgot who you were which was a running team, you tried to be something your not which is a passing QB and Strike 1, Strike 2, Strike 3 You lose.

  16. Someone from the front office needs to stuff a sock in this guys mouth…

    Before long he’s gonna say something to piss off each and every teammate of his too…

    THIS is the face and the leader of their franchise!?

  17. Will this guy ever stop whining?

    He sounds like a bitter, bitter, kid who can’t believe the girl he loved really didn’t like him in the first place.

  18. Haters need to get a life. He was doing an interview and was asked about the game. This is what all players and coaches do. Talk about what was and what might have been.

  19. Kaepernick is deflecting. He figures if he can blame someone or something else, he doesn’t have to take responsibility for his play.

    Reality is that Kaepernic isn’t a very good QB. Like I have said before, give the 9ers the 25th ranked D in the NFL and see how many games they win on Kaepernicks abilities. Not many if it is all on Kaepernick to win.

  20. His poor first half performance cost them the superbowl. Just like his 4th qtr performance against seattle cost sf another trip to super bowl

  21. If it wasn’t for the blackout the game would have never been close….Ravens would have won handily…blackout killed the Raven’s momentum ….sorry Kap you lost.

  22. as a 49ers fan i’ll tell you what the problem was;
    – #1 o line in the league
    – frank gore
    – ball on the 5 yard line



    i like the man but someone please someone take his mic away from him

  23. goldrush36 says:Feb 1, 2014 2:17 PM

    Don’t worry hawk fans. You got another 30 hours of talking tough. Then you are gonna be singing a lot of woulda, coulda, shoulda’s too

    Regardless of what happens tomorrow, the Seahawks eliminated the Niners from the playoffs right?

  24. I’ve read more stuff about Kaepernick than Russell Wilson these past two weeks. Something very, very wrong with that.

  25. it was a good game, sorry that you feel that way colin.could have went either way..just wasnt in the cards for you this year………

  26. Good way to find yourself playing for another team. Harbaugh is arrogant enough to not tolerate his QB throwing him under the bus. I’d bet Harbaugh has a sit down with “Kaep” at the start of the next season to set a few “ground rules”. LOL

  27. This shows the continued immaturity and lack of class of Colin Kaepernick.

    First he fronts in the most Jersey Shore-ish with the narcissistic manner with the self love bicep smooching.

    Then he mocks Cam Newton.

    Next he claims Sherman is afraid of the 49er receivers. Uh, that makes sense considering they Seahawks tend to beat up the 49ers more than the reverse.

    Now he is subtlety blaming his coach for the loss in last year’s Super Bowl??

    The great legacy of 49er QBs is not in good hands.

  28. Yup, definitely sour grapes – now he’s blaming his coach; he still throws to the same guy (Crabtree) when the game is on the line and Davis and Boldin have made a name for themselves doing just that.

  29. That is Boldin and Davis making clutch plays w/games on the line.

    My feelings for this guy changed when he wore the Dolphins hat… Steadily disliking this guy – What a crybaby – he does look like Gazoo from the Flintstones, as I’ve read online – haha!

  30. Instead of being such a crybaby, get back to the Big Game and win it. In the meantime, act like an adult.

  31. Ironically, IF Pete Carroll didn’t call the timeout at ATL that gave Matt Bryant a redo on the GW FG he previously missed, you wouldn’t have even been in the Super Bowl, Kaep. Seahawks would have destroyed you in the NFCCG the following week at the ‘Stick. You know it, I know it, and the American people know it.

  32. Wow. Who woke up Colin Kaepernick? I’ve heard more interesting/controversial stuff from him the last couple days than in the last two years.

  33. This guy cements my feeling that the Seahawks will own the NFC West for years to come. The reason you lost isn’t a timeout or in his previous comments because he “didn’t throw the ball a foot farther”. It’s because you weren’t the better team that day. How about getting in the film room and being a good leader. Not saying he’s not but these excuse mean he thinks he’s good enough already and it’s other factor why he’s not winning. Glad I’m a Seahawks fan and I don’t have count on Kaperchoke for a ring.

  34. They lost because the refs failed to call multiple muggings of the 49er receivers. Everyone saw it.
    They wanted the double murderer to win!

  35. shehawks …the most classless fans and organization in the league

    except Russell Wilson who is a good man…he just doesnt fit in that team

  36. Pretty interesting to see how many sea hawk fans are already counting the ring they haven’t won yet, LMAO

  37. I bet this sounded better in his head before said it.

    Out loud, it sounds like he’s throwing his coach under the bus and being the biggest db in the NFL.

  38. Really Kaepernick? At what point do you realize your mouth is doing nothing but disservice to yourself, and more importantly, your team? Perhaps you shouldn’t be saying, “if only we didn’t take that timeout”, or “if I throw that ball 1 foot further”. Instead, perhaps what you should be talking about, or rather doing, is studying film and honing your craft so that the next time you have that opportunity, you’ll be able to capitalize.

    I love the rivalry between SF and SEA, but this bone head QB makes me feel quite sorry for the SF fan base, as they know THIS is the guy that is supposed to lead their team to greatness. Meanwhile the Hawks have Russell Wilson at the helm, who after last years loss in ATL, was back studying film upon their return, voicing his commitment to never being in that same position again.

    I think the results speak for themselves.

  39. Kaepernick as Uncle Rico: How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?… Yeah… Coach woulda put me in fourth quarter, we would’ve been state champions. No doubt. No doubt in my mind.

  40. as a chiefs fan, i am thrilled that we got alex smith and not this guy. who cares about his physical talent.. michael vick has a lot of that, too. there’s much more that goes into making a great QB and leader, and alex is clearly a cut above kaep when it comes to those qualities.

  41. Blaming your head coach for losing the game, in front of a reporter… Kap wants permanent residence in Harbaugh’s doghouse.

  42. I always wondered why they did not try at least one quarterback run play instead of throwing the ball twice. Given Kap’s running ability, it was not a wise decision to not run the ball at least once when they needed just a few yards. Better luck next year.

  43. I was gonna trash on him – til I realized that I’m still not over 4th and 26… and Horse Teeth’s superbowl helicopter… and doofus Eli beating Brett.


  44. I get it,most of you are not Niner,harbs or kaep fans but c’mon. Do you guys ever watch old retired player talk about superbowls from years past? They never get over it,easy for people to say. The bottom line is they do stuff we can only dream about,and it effects our lives

  45. You have to admit Harbaugh has coached him in his own image. Whiny coach & QB. I thought you were “da man”?

  46. Baltimore had luck going fot it all season from 4th and 29 in San Diego to Rahim Moore, but face it Niners John outcoached brother Jim when the opportunity presented itself. Baltimore won because they executed in all phases.

  47. Alex Smith may have been in and possibly won 3 superbowls, if #1 Kyle Williams does not cost the 49ers the first one. #2 if Harbaugh does not betray him last year for his pet project Kaepernick who choked with the game on the line. #3 Harbaugh was smart enough and not too arrogant to admit his mistake and had put Smith back in as the starter this year instead of watching the new “Michael Vick” choke with the game on the line again. If anyone has a right to wonder what if, it is Smith. Unlike Colin, Smith has way more class and brains on and off the field. I am a die hard niner fan but I honestly doubt we will ever win a super bowl with Kaepernick. He just is not cerebral enough on and off the field. You choked Colin, now be a big enough man to admit it and shut up. The more you bitch and whine, the less we respect you. Take a lesson from Alex Smith and show some humility and class.

  48. It is clear to me that his competitive spirit is heightened this week and he isn’t able to get passed the two biggest losses in his career; two weeks ago to the Seahawks in the NFC Championship and last year in the S.B.

    Can’t blame him, except someone needs to remind him that the press is all about headlines and “gotcha” type of quotes/spin this week. Lay Low and focus on improving.

  49. “What if” by Colin krapernick they prob would be in this super bowl IF they kept alex smith, a much better qb then this guy but hey keep kissing your biceps and living in all your past failures.

  50. I can’t believe he’s stupid enough to throw Harbaugh under the bus like that. You reap what you sow tho…Harbs better just suck it up and take the high road because Alex Smith is gone and this is who he’s stuck with.

  51. For all the young football players out there this is how you piss off your coach and lay blame to others instead of taking responsibility for your failures.

  52. This guy is getting more annoying by the day.

    He threw an interception in that game, right?

  53. I think it was pass interference and the Niners should have won that game. All I know is I beleive Manning methodically lights it up against the Seattle D. How can you defend those quick strikes, they happen to fast.
    Sherman has this idea he is covering guys going deep and its jump ball when before he can react the receivers have ball in hand and are moving.

    I have it Denver 24, Seattle 3

  54. Incomplete, interception. Either way, the result is always the same choke-ernick.

    Seattle 41-27, aldante66. And I’m giving Denver a lot of credit by saying 27.

  55. And if Alex Smith was still the QB, the 49ers might still be in playoffs… If Joe Montana was never removed and Jerry Rice still played, the 9ers would still be a dynasty…. but alas poor Kaepernick, we know now you too well.

    You’re a sore loser! See you next year! Maybe, especially after chucking your own coach under the bus like that.

    Everyone else you keep thinking about instead of making yourself better

  56. aldante66

    Manning and co. played the entire first half vs Seattle in the preseason. 24-7 was the score when he left the field of play. That was WITHOUT Harvin. 34-17 Seahawks. And like osiris, I’m being generous to the broncos. Hawks might score 50+ in this game if Beastmode and Harvin are balling.

  57. He had 4 trys from the goal line but he would have scored on the one they called time out on so its not his fault they didn’t win…….what a sore loser!!!!

  58. Apparently both Kaep and the reporter have forgotten that had the 49ers scored the TD on 4th down, they would have led by only 2 points, with 1:40 to play, and the Ravens having scored FGs on both their previous possessions, with a QB who had played exceptionally well in pressure situations the entire playoffs, a kicker who can kick at least 61 yards, and a return man who had previously run back a kickoff for a TD.

    So yeah, except for all those things, it would have been the “game winning” TD.

  59. I’m with Kaep on that, I too am not over it.
    And to see the same play called against Seattle, no wonder no other team wants Greg Roman.

  60. A few things cost the 49ers the superbowl last year. One was the bad start, and the second was the refs at the end of the game. Terrible no calls. It was quite obvious in the second half the 49ers were better then the ravens. They just blew it in the first half. Honestly, the ravens were the worst winning superbowl team in at least 10 years or more. It sure carried over this year.

  61. As a 49ers fan, I really miss Alex Smith. For years he took so much blame, and Kap gets praised when he struggles. Wish Kap was wearing his pink headphones and was Andy Reid’s problem.

  62. This guys a beauty. What if the lights hadn’t gone out at the Super Bowl. 49ers lose the game by 28. What if…… This guy needs to get back to Santa Clara and work on putting a little touch on the football and learning to have a little class in defeat. Between him and Harbaugh it’s easy to root against these Santa Clara whiners…

  63. Ive been waiting for him to get more comfortable with the media and now I wish he’d shut up. His legacy is still getting written so I’m not going with the can’t make the clutch throw yet but both those games he speaks of could have been won by career defining throws that he has failed to make twice now. The right teams are in the Super Bowl this year and I hope as he grows he will eventually make one of those clutch throws. Got pretty spoiled around here with Montana, Young and even little Jeff Garcia. Maybe this learning progression is the way its actually supposed to go

  64. ….and somewhere in Kansas City, Alex Smith is reading this, shaking his head and laughing. He recalls the days he played with a team that could play defense, the days where 378 yds 4TD and 0 interceptions actually won a playoff game. He lets out a long melancholy sigh and wonders what if.

  65. Way to throw your coach under the bus!! Wow, this makes for some warm and fuzzies during the Niners off-season. Are the wheels beginning to come off the Niner train?

    I know Montana & Walsh didn’t exchange x-mas gifts, but at least they kept it mostly quiet.

  66. Context, Everyone! It was a 40 minute Interview. What was the question? What was the conversation leading up to the comment? You can cherry pick any sound bite from anyone without hearing the entire conversation.

  67. I’m sure Jim Harbaugh is thrilled to hear his starting QB blame the Superbowl loss on his coaching decision. Kaep clearly has a lot of growing to do entering his 4th pro season.

  68. Colin Kaepernick: He’s the man , he’s the man, he’s the maaaaaaaan.


  69. Can’t decide what will be more funny…

    Denver fans being in disbelief that Seattle’s offense and special teams put up big numbers on them or San Fran fans watching Seattle win their first of many SBs.

  70. And this guy loves to obsess over things that happened in the past. Get over it! Move on already! He’s rapidly becoming the most annoying player in the league.

  71. Yo, now I see why he was so short with his answers. I wish he would go back to that, cause whats coming out of his mouth is just ridiculous. All the ifs he’s talking about are becoming sad. Just practice hard and play better next year, and hopefully someone gets you a suit for post-game conferences. Your the quarterback, you lead the team, please for the love of all that is decent wear something that doesn’t resemble what my 16 year old cousin wears. PLEASE

  72. And in closing, somebody tell Harbaugh and every other 49er yokel that wears black 49er gear, there is no black in 49ers colors.

    Real San Franciscans don’t call them ” Niners “. They are the forty niners.

  73. Wow, so many haters! Not one person on here knows what it is like to be 5 yards away from a Super Bowl victory. I dont want him to ever get over it. It will drive him. All of you sound so stupid. It amazes me. Oh well, it is just the pinnacle of pro sports. It is just a Super Bowl victory. And to those of you that have said win something, He was in the big game last year and he was in the NFC Championship this year! I would say he has done some winning in his short career. Only one team wins it all and it is incredibly difficult. Every single one of you will be eating your words. He is young, driven, talented and very very smart. Before it is all over he will have a ring.

  74. I just love how the media asks the players random questions and then turn it into a scenario where the players “still haven’t gotten over it”. What a crock of crap. Kaepernick probably asked a specific question related to that game and now PFT is making it seem like he’s going around whining to anyone with a microphone. Liars. Spin doctors. And all you people saying foolishness like “I lost respect for Kap now” or believing he was the one who brought up this topic are just boneheads.

  75. All of you haters go back and read your comments. You all sound more stupid than Colin Kaepernick. Do some self evaluation and then rethink your comments. He was doing an hour long interview and answering questions.

  76. Once the class of the NFL with Uncle Eddie and Walsh. Montana and Young. Rice and Roger Craig.

    Now complete garbage, the franchise has zero class, and is bunch of whiny, pouting, arrogant persons, starting with the coach and the QB.

    The fans are clue less and front runners and always point to 5 rings, when they can’t even name the teams the 49ers beat or the players on that team, without looking it up on Wikipedia.

    The true classy fans have left, and will not support this low class -dog and pony show.

    Colin dresses like his 12, the Coach is like abrasive little league coach, who is an embarrassment.

    Colin gets scriptures on his arm, but never practices them , as he is self centered and worships himself, and gives no respect to no one.

    He is counterfeit and a fraud.

    The retro 49ers, no matter how bad their foe was, always showed respect and class to them.

    Those days are long gone.

    When the tickets don’t move at the new venue, the message will be sent.

    Trade Colin while there is some value, and contact Mike Holmgren, who has won a Super Bowl to lead the team.

    Colin has zero humility, and continues to run his mouth and fire up the enemy, if the 49er defense was average, they would not even be in the playoffs. Colin acts like he is the reason the 49ers are winning, and his self worship is disgusting.

    Colin and Jim cost the 49ers their first Super Bowl loss, get rid of them.

  77. There appears to be one small problem with Kaepernick’s theory.

    A penalty flag was thrown for delay of game on the play in question. Then, it was determined Harbaugh called timeout before the play clock hit zero.

  78. Who cares? For a bunch of people claiming to despise Kap, is his words really worth you’re comments? ..thumbs down me all you like, but the fact remains the same.. most of u guys need to get a life.

  79. Revisionist history is a splendid thing.

    In a parallel universe the 49ers won the SB.

    Unfortunately in this one, you didn’t.

    Time to move on Colin.

  80. Woulda shoulda coulda is all kapernick has been all offseason. Dudes garbage can’t pass all he can do is run yet talks about winnings. News flash kapernose a running QB has never won a bowl and you would not have even been in position if the lights hadn’t gone out. Enjoy your offseason. Loser!

  81. Colin needs to grow up. His immaturity is astounding. Do you see the elite QB’s running off at the mouth; doing tons of commercials and other non-football things during the season; like this guy. He needs to get his head on straight and work on his deficiencies.

  82. As a competitive football player, it seems fairly normal to think about the “What Ifs?” from the Super Bowl you lost. He felt like they had momemtum going and believes he could have done something. He’s not saying Harbarugh made the wrong call, it made sense because the play clock was winding down.

  83. Colon Kraperdick must be having a fight with his bicep to where they aren’t necking/smooching, thus allowing him time to shove his foot into his mouth.

  84. Yeh yeh and if pete carroll hadnt called a timeout against atlanta to give the falcons another chance against seattle the 49ers would have had to face the seahawks in the NFC championship and probably would have lost.. Its all about breaks and bad calls but I guess in most cases the better team wins

  85. This guy is starting to sound like a Steelers’ fan. Even now, those poor slobs continue to harp about Jimmy Smith. What poor sports!

  86. And if Micah Hyde hadn’t dropped an easy interception in your playoff game against the Packers a few weeks ago, you would’ve lost that one.

    I knew Kaepernick was too smart to take credit for leading that game-winning drive.

  87. I’m a niners fan and been defending Kaep all along, but he’s going off the deep end. The fact that he threw Harbaugh under the bus here, coupled with the fact that he rarely talks up or compliments his coach, particularly when Harbaugh is never critical of any of his players is telling of his petty character. This guy had it right when he was quiet. I think Kaep got unnecessarily critized for much of his career while having success and staying quiet. But as people pointing out here, he’s all sour grapes. He still has a lot to prove, I wish he’d acknowledge that.

  88. Capped out, overpaid QB with no weapons. Third place in the division and the arrow is point nader.

    The Steelers will and should be favored in the division.

  89. Remember there was 2 min. left on the clock, if the 49ers would have scored on that drive. Who’s to say the Ravens wouldn’t have drove back and kicked a game winning FG. Ravens had all their timeouts too. You can spin it anyway you want.

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