Michael Strahan leads seven-member Hall of Fame class

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New York got to celebrate one of its own at Radio City Music Hall, as Giants defensive end Michael Strahan led a seven-member class into the Pro Football Hall of Fame Saturday.

First-ballot eligible Seahawks tackle Walter Jones and Buccaneers linebacker Derrick Brooks joined Strahan among the modern era finalists, along with Cardinals and Rams cornerback Aeneas Williams and Bills wide receiver Andre Reed.

The two seniors committee candidates, Raiders punter Ray Guy and Falcons and Eagles defensive end Claude Humphrey were also elected, meaning all seven gained at least 80 percent of the vote from the 46-member committee.

Those seven players emerged from a grueling nine-plus-hour meeting, which whittled a field of 15 modern finalists in stages.

The first five finalists eliminated in the cut from 15 to 10 were 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo, kicker Morten Andersen, wide receiver Tim Brown, coach Tony Dungy and safety John Lynch.

The finalists who made the final 10 but were cut before the final five included linebacker Kevin Greene, defensive end Charles Haley, running back Jerome Bettis, guard Will Shields and wide receiver Marvin Harrison.

They will go back into the pool next year, along with a strong group of first-time eligible candidates, which include linebacker Junior Seau, quarterback Kurt Warner, wide receivers Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce, tackle Orlando Pace and running back Edgerrin James.

179 responses to “Michael Strahan leads seven-member Hall of Fame class

  1. Too bad they could not take, but this is a pretty good class. Congrats, gentlemen. Well-deserved.

  2. Who wrote this headline? This class is header by Brooks and Jones – I’m surprised Strahan made it in at all with Haley and Green still not selected.

  3. Ray Guy getting in should have been the headline. Congrats to Guy!

    Oh, and suck it, Sapp!

  4. Congrats to Michael Strahan and the rest of the class. hope Warren Sapp’s head explodes from shock and we never hear from him again!

  5. Congrats to Ray Guy!!! Way way past due but it they finally got their head outta u know where!!! GO RAIDERS!!!

  6. Wow, Strahan over Charles Haley has more to do with their ‘lives’ after football then how they played during it, or this would never of happened.

    That’s just wrong.


  7. Congrats to my favorite player ever Derrick Brooks! Not only a hall of fame player but a hall of fame man.

  8. Great class this year!

    Congrats to all…. and Ray Guy gets in FINALLY!
    Bet they’re going to party in Mississippi tonight!!!

  9. No, this is headlined by Andre Reed.

    Everyone wanted him to get the call.

    He was, by far, most deserving. No doubt.

  10. Strahan gets in because of his tv gig with kelly.

    Strahan still not a first ballot HOFer, which is the pinnacle of all honors.

    Yeah stop posting Sapp.

  11. Brooks over Haley is obvious.
    Strahan over Haley is ridiculous.
    Strahan over Green is ridiculous.
    Saying that Strahan heads this class is also ridiculous, he’s not even in the top 5 of this class (with the seniors thrown in).

    Oh well, Brooks got in and that’s all I really care about.

  12. Derrick Brooks was the best playmaker at lb in league history.. Dude was awesome to watch..
    Congrats to Andre Reed. It was truly a pleasure to watch this guy catch passes and make people miss across the middle.
    Glad to see a punter get in. special teams play a role in the game and deserve to be recognized..

  13. Awesome for Andre, congrats to him. From a redskins fan. I hope he gets a 4 minute ovation from fans after his bust is revealed like we did for Monk.

  14. Maybe I’m bias, but headline should read “Derrick Brooks lead seven into Hall of Fame Class!” 11 time pro bowler, Defensive player of the year, numerous All-Pro selections and Super Bowl Champion.

  15. Seriously you people think Haley was better than Strahan. Why because Haley played on dominant 49ers and Cowboys teams. Teams in which he was never even the best defensive player on.

    Strahan has more sacks, was better against the run, was selected twice as many times as an all pro, was defensive player of the year. And even if you don’t want to give him the credit for the sack record, at worst he tied the all time sack record. Strahan was better period.

  16. It is ridiculous that Charles Haley hasn’t been elected yet. For all the talk that only what happens on the field is considered, it is obvious that Haley’s personality is the defining issue here. Ndamukong Suh should take note.

  17. WoW Charles Haley not in the Hall of Fame yet should have been in long time ago 5 Superbowl wins i dont think M.Strahan should even be in the hall of fame Brett Farve tells his O-line to let him in on purpose so he can get the sack record the NFL is a joke

  18. Hall of Fame voters are all idiots…nothing but media morons. Until they give actual football people votes, then there is no HOF credibility.

  19. While I am sad Bettis did not make it, I have no quarrel with those who did. Further, I think that the HOF might consider expanding the number of qualified players. How many teams and how many per team were there when the annual maximum of 5 was set. I just think consideration should be given. Worthiness, not quotas, should dominate. Ray Guy is my prime example of a player who was all by himself for quality production and just now made it. IMO

  20. Reed: 951 receptions, 13,198 yards, 87 TDs, 234 games, 16 seasons.
    Brown: 1,094 receptions, 14,934 yards, 100 TDs, 255 games, 17 seasons.

    Reed over Brown is a JOKE! Read the #s

  21. Brown and Harrison deserve in but those he doubt Reed must be under 30yrs of age. REED was a beast. Look at playoff stats not just regular season. Fearless!! YAC machine

  22. The League’s Crusade Against The Steelers Continues says: Feb 1, 2014 7:20 PM

    Wow, what a joke. The Hall of Fame has no credibility these days.

    All the guys who made in the Hall of Fame were more deserving than Bettis and you’re a butt-hurt Steelers homer if you disagree.

  23. Who thumbs down the guy just saying Brooks? Brooks is known as one of the nicest people in the universe, the guy had 11 Pro-Bowls, 9 All-Pro selections, 2002 Defensive Player of the Year and even scored a TD in the SB. If you hate on Brooks you’re an idiot that should just go back to watching Glee.

  24. Marvin Harrison played in 44 fewer games than Andre Reed and had 41 more touchdowns. Harrison not getting in is a joke.

    Congrats to the other 6 inductees, all deserving candidates.

  25. Congrats to Andre Reed…he owned the middle of the field like no other..

    The Bills triplets are finally together in the hall

  26. Ray guy! Alright!

    “No disrespect to Andre Reed,but Harrison and Brown were far Superior to him as players”

    You must have never seen reed play. Reed was abusing corners in a league that allowed receivers to get beat down after 5 yrds. Harrison and brown will make it I’m sure, but reed deserves it.

  27. Wide Receiver #1
    -Played 15 season
    -951 receptions
    -13,198 yds
    – 87 td
    – 7 pro bowls

    Wide Receiver #2
    – Played 12 seasons
    -1,102 reception
    -14,050 yards,
    -128 tds
    -8 pro bowls, & 1 Superbowl win.

    Marvin Harrison (#2) was a far better receiver than Andre Reed, and it’s not even close. Its not just because of Manning either. Kelly was a fine QB and Harrison was good before Manning got to Indy.

  28. The HOF voting is a joke. No Bettis? U put Andre reed in with Harrison and Tim
    Brown on the same ballot? Aneas Williams? Wow….Bettis won’t get in next year cuz they will prob vote Egde James in, next year it’ll be LT….. And so on….

  29. Will Shields should have been on the final list!! If the league can’t recognize the fact he may never be selected. He’s only one of the best offensive lineman to play the game.

    Roger Goodell: maybe you need game tape????

  30. the only true hall of famer is Jones. Reed 2nd

    forget the rest

    I guess the ideals have drastically come down.

  31. This becomes more of a popularity contest in some cases …I am not sure the voting committee knows the difference between good, very good and great… Sorry but this is now a yearly joke. On a side note Dan Lebartards dad had a vote on Heisman voting… Doesn’t that tell you enough about voting in general??

  32. Goes to show how character over credentials are valued more over skill. Charles Haley, unlikeable. Strahan, media darling. Give me Haley over Strahan any time.

  33. Reed over Harrison is a travesty. 3-time All Pro vs. Zero-time. Led the league in TDs, yards and receptions multiple times vs. led the league in nothing ever.


  34. A sham, Strahan , no Bettis. Bettis was a big back no long yardage plays and ended in top six rushing yards. Voters are easily persuaded by the media.

  35. Andre Reed never had a 1400 yd season. Marvin Harrison had 4 of them in a row, only player in NFL history to accomplish this.

    Andre Reed never had an 11 td or more season. Marvin Harrison had 4 of them in a row.

    Marvin Harrison had 143 receptions in 2002, the most Andre Reed ever had was 90. This is a difference of 53. In 6 of Andre Reeds 15 seasons he had 53 receptions or less.

  36. I would have loved to see Marvin Harrison get in, but seeing how long it took guys Andre Reed or Chris Carter to get in, it is not a huge surprise to see he didn’t get in this go round. I’m sure he’ll be in within the next couple years.

  37. Best part about Reed getting in is that nowBills fan can go away for a long,long time. They won’t have another Hof candidate for probably another 30 years!

  38. Congrats Mr. Walter Jones.

    Quite possibly the best LT in history. If your opinion is otherwise, that’s fine.

    But, he’s easily in the discussion!

  39. Congrats to the inductees! I’m disappointed about Bettis, but my overwhelming thought on reading these names is that it’s way past time Ray Guy made it to the Hall!!!

  40. Reed should have been in before Michael (I Can’t yell loud enough) Irvin! Class acts like Art Monk, Andre Reed, and Jerome Bettis have to wait while the arrogant, outspoken ones like Irvin and Sapp get in without a probem due in large part to there jobs on NFL network. GO BILLS!

  41. Maybe now Strahan can make the peace with Sapp… they can meet at the mcd’s next to sapp’s house.

  42. Walter Jones. Best left tackle of all-time. Congrats.

    Ray Guy. Long time coming. HoF voting that is biased against punters only goes to show their ignorance of the game. Sad but true.
    Congrats to you Raymond Guy!

  43. Haley has 5 rings and was a force on the field. Even though it isn’t supposed to factor, his off-field stuff is why he hasn’t been and probably won’t be elected. Look up some of the stuff he used to do in the locker room and to his own teammates. It’s disgusting and it is hard for the voters to ignore.

  44. Screw Betttis. Dude shouldn’t even have a bowl for one if it wasn’t for some horrible umpiring, right up with the worst ever for a Super Bowl and he almost fumbled the AFC championship game away as well. All he had was luck so why should he be in. If anything he should be on the granny’s buffet hall of fame.

  45. I don’t have a favorite player here, but for all those saying Reed over Harrison is ridiculous – they played in different eras and you can’t directly compare the stats. I remember watching Reed play and he was very very solid, not Moss or Megatron level, not even close, but solid. Yet that’s exactly the same term I’d use for Harrison. Harrison will get in, but don’t take away from Reed. If Reed never made it, frankly I’d say Harrison shouldn’t either.

  46. I’m biased because I’m a Saints fan, but Morten Andersen is the NFL’s all-time leading scorer.

  47. If Bettis gets in for a lifetime achievement award then that means Testaverde should get in. If Bettis should get in because he’s 6th in all-time rushing (at less than 4ypc), then Testaverde should be a shoe-in for being 9th all-time in passing.

  48. “Strahan leads the way…”?

    How so? Did he get more votes than anyone else?
    Brooks & Jones are FBHOFers… they lead the way.

    In top of that, Haley>Strahan.

    Marvin Harrison>Brown>Reed

  49. Glad Ray Guy finally gets his due. Seriously don’t get how Charles Haley and Will Shields are passed over for the likes of Sapp and Strahan. Serious credibility hit this year, voters. Whose pocket are you in?

  50. These fans who think Harrison is far superior to Reed must be 16 years old. Harrison has superior stats in an era that was more conducive to passing the ball and he played in a dome. Reed played in Buffalo, was a great playoff performer and his numbers are still comparable to Harrison. If you actually watched the games instead of going by a statistics website you would realize how good Andre Reed was.

  51. Harrison wouldn’t even have gotten off the line of scrimmage if he played when Reed and Brown did. Harrison made his living up the side lines..in a “kinder gentler” NFL. Brown and Reed made their names going over the middle..especially Brown.

  52. Glad to finally see Reed and Guy get in. Long overdue for both. But Timmy snubbed again? Haley snubbed again? I would like to see the selection committee revamped.

  53. Reed did not play in a dome or play in sunny california. He did play in 34 games where the temp was less than 32. Harrison or brown play in those conditions

  54. Brown I think is the biggest snub. He retired in the top 5 of most receiving stats. Add into that his punt returning and he is in the top 5 total yards. Glad to see Guy get in as he is one of the best punters ever. Reed does deserve it but I’m not sure I would take him before Brown. Brooks was a beast and so was Jones and they were more than deserving. Strahan got a boost from his media exposure and the NY SB but that doesn’t mean he isn’t worthy. He was a pain to play against.

  55. When will Jerry Kramer make it?? He is not in because too many people believe too many Lombardi era players are in. If he gets in, it won’t be til after he dies which will be an injustice to him.

  56. Tim Brown had Rich Gannon for 3 years, past that it was Schroeder, Hostetler, marinovich, and a cast of more misfits.

  57. Congratulations Derrick Brooks and Walter Jones!!
    Tow of the greatest and classiest Seminoles ever!!
    Go Noles!!!

  58. FINALLY Ray Guy!!!!!! Sad it took his long. This should have been the headline. Strahan NOT a 1st ballot. Now that Guy is in, time for the other Raider greats to get in JIM PLUNKETT, TOM FLORES, CLIFF BRANCH, TIM BROWN, KEN STABLER, LESTER HAYES, JACK TATUM, DAVE DALBY, STEVE WIZNIEWSKI

    RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Tim brown is and always has been a punk. Glad to see him miss and as time goes on it will only get harder for him to be voted in. BUAHAHAHAH

  60. I want one sportswriter who did not vote for Haley to state why they didn’t vote for him. If it is because he didn’t get along with sportswriters then look in the mirror and admit your being petty and vindictive and give up your vote

  61. What a crime Haley left out in the time that he played Michael Strahan would have been a nobody. I always liked Williams but to vote him in and leave out one of the games all time greats is a crime and shows a clear agenda by the writers

  62. Wide Receiver #1
    -Played 15 season
    -951 receptions
    -13,198 yds
    – 87 td
    – 7 pro bowls

    Wide Receiver #2
    – Played 12 seasons
    -1,102 reception
    -14,050 yards,
    -128 tds
    -8 pro bowls, & 1 Superbowl win.

    Marvin Harrison (#2) was a far better receiver than Andre Reed, and it’s not even close. Its not just because of Manning either. Kelly was a fine QB and Harrison was good before Manning got to Indy


    Wide Receiver #3 Tim Brown
    – Played 17 seasons
    -1,094 reception
    -14,934 yards,
    -100 tds
    -9 pro bowls
    -1990’s NFL All Decade Team

    With no HOF worthy QB’s throwing to him. Only 5 seasons did his throwing QB make the pro bowl. VS Jim Kelly and Peyton Manning throwing to Reed and Harrison the majority (if not all) of their careers.

  63. How is it possible you’re not making a bigger deal of Guy *finally* getting elected?

  64. Harrison and reed played in two different eras, Harrison’s prime came when the rules favored receivers after the 98 season, he would not be as successful against the physical play of reeds hayday. Imo of course.

  65. Not bad. Brooks and Jones were the clear choices, well deserved. Also glad to see Humphrey make it. Can’t argue with Williams either.

    Strahan and Reed are borderline to me. Both got in ahead of guys who were better at their positions (Haley and Harrison, both of whom weren’t great with the media… hmmmm.)

    I’m not crazy about Ray Guy being the first punter in, given that his average doesn’t reflect true greatness (tied with eight dudes at No. 89). Somehow his name has become synonymous with the position in spite of that… guess it’s the Raiders effect.

    On the other hand, I’m glad that the bar hasn’t been lowered to let in mediocre dudes like Jerome Bettis.

  66. I don’t even care for Strahan but knowing that the “Slob” on the network is having a bad day, makes me happy Michael Strahan is today a HOFamer.
    Poor Warren!

  67. Strahan got in only because Fox is doing the SB tomorrow. Ratings, people, it’s all about the ratings.

  68. whinerssuck says:

    Screw Betttis. Dude shouldn’t even have a bowl for one if it wasn’t for some horrible umpiring, right up with the worst ever for a Super Bowl and he almost fumbled the AFC championship game away as well. All he had was luck so why should he be in. If anything he should be on the granny’s buffet hall of fame.


    What an appropriate user name.

  69. Two guys with a five year career overlap isn’t “different eras”…that’s nonsense.

    Either way…one guy has 3 All Pro awards and led the league in multiple WR stat categories…the other guy has zero and never led the league in anything unless catching 5 yard buttonhooks was tracked.

    Comparing careers or arbitrary “eras” it’s not even close.

  70. If you are the number six rusher all time, and 4 of the 5 guys a head of you are in the HOF (with the 5th not eligible yet) you ought to be in. No position takes more punishment than RB. The Bus ought to be in – over at least half these guys. Period.

  71. Finally, the writers were correct for a change.

    The only person wasn’t was Rich Eisen.

    Marvin Harrison = 1st ballot HOFer automatically??

  72. As a schoolmate of Andre Reed and his brother and sister, I am thrilled to see him get in.

    That being said, If I’m being honest, I can see where his more qualified than Harrison. Would like to have seen them both get in.

  73. Good golly, so many people ripping this class. There really are a lot of stupid people that post on this site. Although, as an owner of a website, I do know that it is typically the stupid that choose to spew vitriol anonymously behind an icon or screen name – the anonymity of the web enables so many morons.

  74. tbih says:
    Feb 1, 2014 9:49 PM
    Two guys with a five year career overlap isn’t “different eras”…that’s nonsense.


    Seriously? You’re telling me that Jim Kelly and the no-huddle is the same as Manning and throw it 60 times a game?

    Reed would have had the same stats as Harrison had in Indy with that offense. They’re the same player. Harrison will get in but it’s no big controversy he didn’t get in on the first ballot. Frankly the Tim Brown supporters are the ones that should have something to complain about today she he rarely had a decent QB throwing him the ball.

  75. Sapp and Strahan this year and Chris Carter last year. The media is taking care of their own at the expense of more deserving candidates. Seems like HOF voting is officially a popularity contest.


  76. Reed: 13700 total yards, 88 total TDs, 951 receptions, no rings.

    Brown: 19700 total yards, 104 total TDs, 1094 receptions, no rings.

    Brown played with Gannon for 4 years, all of his other QBs stunk (i.e. Jeff George, Donald Hollas to name a few)

    Reed played 10 years with Jim Kelly.

    How the HOF can justify this is irrational.

  77. Charles Haley and Strahan both belong in the HOF…Sapp is the clown that dont belong there….and congrats Ray Guy well deserved and best punter ever..”

  78. Anybody who thinks Haley over Strahan needs their head examined. Charles Haley is only in consideration because of the teams he played on.

  79. No Will Shields is a travesty!

    This is all you need to know:
    12× Pro Bowl (1995-2006)
    8× All-Pro (1997, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006)
    Ed Block Courage Award (2005)
    Walter Payton Man of the Year (2003)
    Consensus All-American (1992)
    Outland Trophy (1992)
    NFL 2000s All-Decade Team

  80. Now that his less qualified, albeit deserving peers are in there’s no excuse for Tim Brown to not be elected in 2015.

  81. The bar is so low for the football HOF compared to Cooperstown. What a joke that they induct as many as they do every year.

  82. Nice to see Williams get the nod. Great kid with shut down cover skills. Sadly snubbed previously by playing on mediocre teams. I was surprised to see him get elected. At least they got this one right.

  83. Eagles Nation, let’s hear it for one of our (few) own, Claude Humphrey!

    Congratulations to him and entire HOF class.

  84. Andre Reed was a joke. Sure he had a great career, but not a HOF one. There are many more deserving wide receivers and players who should be in.

    Ditto Derrick Brooks. Great player, but not a HOF one.

    Jim Kelly, Warren Sapp, Marshall Faulk…..in while other and better players have been left out. Ken Anderson? Roger Craig???

  85. You have to note that the game has evolved and also respect the process and tradition. Andre Reed was 2nd in catches and 3rd in yardage when he retired. Rule changes have opened up the passing game. Tim Brown and Marvin Harrison have to wait their turn as Reed did. Any one who says Reed doesn’t deserve to get in never saw him play. In the mean time with ” defenseless receiver calls” protecting the QB etc other Receivers will pass Harrison & Brown’s numbers. They will still deserve to get in .

  86. Strahan was one of the all-time greats and arguably should have gotten in last year. Too bad he and Sapp did not play the same position so it would be easier to say which one was the “greatest.” Too bad determining a player’s greatness is also tied to the teams he played on and how good the players around him were. Then again, who really cares. It is fun to watch Sapp diminish himself. Comparing stats, Strahan wins. Comparing class, Strahan wins. Also really happy for Ray Guy!

  87. Players from 50-60-70 should be in the Hall, but who ever forget these players should be ban from voting

  88. Im a Pats fan. Which means I HATED the Colts. Marvin Harrison not in the HOF is a total joke. No other WR nominees are on his level!

  89. Reed’s offenses threw far less often than Harrison’s offenses. In Reed’s 15 seasons with Buffalo, they threw more than they ran only 6 times. In Harrison’s 13 years, the Colts threw the ball more than they ran all 13 times. Buffalo averaged 497 passes per season during Reed’s career; Indianapolis averaged 554 passes per year while Harrison was there. The offenses were totally different. Both are hall of famers. Saying that Reed’s induction is “ridiculous” is, in fact, ridiculous.

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