PFT’s postseason award winners

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With the NFL finally unveiling its 2013 regular-season awards at Radio City Music Hall more than a month after the regular-season ended, it’s hard to generate much interest in stale topics on the eve of the Super Bowl.

But at least for an hour or two on Saturday night, the league will kick the dust off the regular season that was.  So let’s kick the dust off the awards handed out in the wake of the regular season by PFT.

The PFT winners appear below.  The official NFL winners are coming soon.

Offensive rookie of the year:  Packers running back Eddie Lacy.

Defensive rookie of the year:  Jets defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson.

Offensive player of the year:  Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

Defensive player of the year:  Colts linebacker Robert Mathis.

Comeback player of the year:  Eagles tackle Jason Peters.

League MVP:  Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

Coach of the year:  Panthers coach Ron Rivera.

Executive of the year:  Cardinals G.M. Steve Keim.

23 responses to “PFT’s postseason award winners

  1. LMAO @ not having DPotY coming from the team with the #1 defense and arguably up there with the all time greats like the 08 Steelers, 06 Ravens, 02 Bucs, 00/01 Ravens, 85 Bears. Get out of here, if Richard Sherman or Earl Thomas don’t win this award has lost all credibility.

  2. Most butthurt: Colin Kaepernick

    Whiniest: Colin Kaepernick

    Most likely to not get it done in a pressure situation: Colin Kaepernick

    Most annoying fanbase: Minnysoda Vikqueens (they came on strong at the end whiner fans…sorry)

  3. Interesting about Mathis, I thought if the sack argument was to be used then Robert Quinn would win it. Also think Navarro bowman is deserving, best LB in football by a lot

  4. Whenever I’m having a bad day I know I can get a laugh by reading all the Seahawk fans comments, they are so funny, knowing nothing about football yet playing it as if their team has been dominate for decades and is a football dynasty. Always gives me a good chuckle.

    Seattle fans are so sensitive.

  5. As a Panthers fan I will admit this. Kuechly was phenomenal this season, but Thomas Davis was just as important, excelling at both strong and weak side lb. Folks don’t realize this because Carolina doesn’t play many nationally televised games, but TD could be the most athletic and fastest lb in the league. Sherman and Thomas are the best at their positions, but conventional wisdom makes you wonder if they’ll lose votes to each other. JJ Watt was stellar, but look at the Texans season. With that being said, whether it’s 100% deserving or not, I’d be surprised if Quinn doesn’t win it.

  6. Seattle fans pov

    Mvp: m.lynch
    Most improved: r.Wilson
    Dpoy: r.Sherman
    Droy: j.hill
    Oroy: l.Wilson
    Comeback poy: p.harvin
    Coach of the year: p.Carroll
    12th man of the year: Seattle Seahawks fans! (even though it originated in college station)

    Is that about right? Did I miss anything?

    Distributor of the year?

  7. Robert Mathis doesn’t even deserve to be in the top 3 maybe not even top 4. I would personally but any of these guys ahead of him; Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, Robert Quinn, Luke K, and Lavonte David.
    Robert Quinn almost had as many sacks (half a sack less) as him but the stat that means more is that he had way more tackles for loss!
    Luke K lead the Panthers to a top five ranking!
    Richard Sherman was the top Cornerback this season in every stat, Mathis didn’t do that.
    Earl Thomas is the most valuable part to the Seahawks defense.
    LaVonte David would walk away with the trophy if he wa playing for a playoff team; third in tackles for loos, tied for fifth in picks, fifth in tackles, 17th in sacks, and as far as I know the only Will linebacker to call the plays for his defense and make the adjustments.

  8. qdog112 says:
    Feb 1, 2014 5:30 PM
    “ROY was WR Keenan Allen of San Diego.”
    Yeah – cause the league made it easier to be a running back these days compared to being a receiver, were you get PI calls in your favor if a defender breathes on you. smh.

  9. Grimes should have gotten comeback player of the year. Ranked 3rd best CB by PFF after a major Achilles injury that sidelined him for all but one game in 2012.

  10. “Richard Sherman was the top Cornerback this season in every stat”

    Might want to check that again. Int’s is not the only stat for cb’s

  11. Wow, ok. If we are not considering Earl Thomas II or Richard Sherman, it should be Robert Quinn…. What a joke PFT, stop hating.

  12. Every Seattle Seahawks fan: ” A Seahawks player needs to win every award because their the Seahawks”. It’s no wonder I’m pulling for the Broncos tomorrow…and I hate the Broncos.

  13. Quinn should win it Mathis had a half a sack more but Quinn had way more tackles and pressured the QB non stop. Being a Rams fan I can say that with all honesty it was good to see some good for once out of a team that has struggled deeply for over a decade and a half. Clowney would be a nice addition to the defense

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