Report: Teammates said Suh was a problem in the Lions’ locker room


Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was reportedly a problem within Detroit’s locker room last season, and getting Suh under control may be among the biggest tasks for new head coach Jim Caldwell.

Heath Evans, the former NFL fullback who now serves as an analyst for NFL Network, says three players on the Lions told him when he was working Lions games last season that Suh was a major headache.

“The consistent message that came out of there is that Suh was uncontrollable and that he would constantly do things to kind of show his power over Jim Schwartz, whether it was team meetings, showing up late, or whatever it may be,” Evans told of 105.1 FM, via the Detroit Free Press. “When you don’t put players in line, I don’t care how great they are.”

Evans says Suh has an air about him that he’s above everyone else.

“The bottom line is he would just do things, whether it was showing up for a meeting late, or little different antics to kind of let the team know … it was more or less Suh just trying to show his dominance, his power,” Evans said. “That he was basically untouchable and he could basically do what he wanted to do.”

Evans’s comments may need to be taken with a grain of salt for a couple reasons. For one, Evans doesn’t have a track record of breaking news about the Lions, so we’re not sure just how reliable his reporting is here. For another, Evans does have a track record of backtracking when his inflammatory statements are called into question.

Still, this isn’t the first time reports have surfaced that Suh’s issues go beyond the well-publicized incidents like stomping on Evan Dietrich-Smith and kicking Matt Schaub in the groin. Which raises some tough questions about whether the Lions should want Suh to be a major part of their franchise going forward. As a No. 2 overall pick from the days before the current rookie salary structure, Suh has an enormous cap hit: He’ll count $22.4 million against the Lions’ salary cap this year. As a result, there’s been talk that the Lions will try to lock Suh up to a long-term contract that provides some immediate cap relief. Suh has undeniable talent, but if he’s a problem in the locker room, the Lions might be better off investing elsewhere.

86 responses to “Report: Teammates said Suh was a problem in the Lions’ locker room

  1. The guy has talent but I wouldn’t want him on my team. I’d rather have a team guy who works hard & over-achieves than a guy like Suh any day.

  2. Well when you have a coach who can’t control his players, what do you expect? A 6 year old could act more dominant than Schwartz. Dude couldn’t control a pop warner team.

  3. I’d have to say the timing on this is a little suspect, and I wouldn’t put it past Evans to be embellishing.
    NFL locker rooms filled with alpha males…

    In any event, I’m more concerned with Suh’s financial status with the Lions. He’s benefited from the old rookie salary structure and thus would have to expect to be paid more on his next contract. That could mean a deal in the $15 MIL per year range. Sorry, but Suh is not worth that much, only a top QB most likely makes that kind of dough.

    If the Lions have to let him walk for financial reasons, it wont be a tragedy if they can pick up 2-3 other good players in his place.

  4. Well, it’s now official.

    Suh is a problem both on and off the field. Dirty player on the field, and apparently a Pain in the A $ $ in the locker room as well. I will say that Schwartz got what he deserved. He was a poor coach when it came to reeling in his players, and his team’s collapse put the final nail in that coffin for him.

    Suh is another Albert Haynesworth as far as I am concerned. Ultra-talented physically, but from a mental standpoint, he isn’t up to par.

  5. “Anonymous sources.” Sounds like the Lions planted a negative story right before a contract negotiation. Suh should rub their noses in it and make them pay more as a penalty.

  6. Isn’t it interesting that people were mocking Gerald McCoy during his first two seasons when he battled injury when they compared him to Suh and now over the last two years, McCoy has been clearly the more complete player. This is why you don’t write anyone off after their first or second season.

  7. It’s Heath Evans so I stopped reading as soon as I hit the mouthbreathers name. Heath Evans, the worst signing in the History of the NFL network.

  8. Lol Evans is such a tool, he’s just trying to stay relevant.

    Since then, Mosely, another Lions player, put his name on it and said the complete opposite.

    Evans needs to get over himself.

  9. Wah Wah. Wouldnt want Suh on my team.

    Remember girls, its alway the ex player that Suh smashed in practice that gets out of the league and in two years bashes him for notoriety. This has happened before. Any adult lions fan with a brain knows this. And the guys talking only good characters in the locker room. You live with Joey Harrington in a locker room for three season. Good character? LOL This is the NFL. Charmin clothes wearing people everywhere. Specially up in Minny. Packers and Bears knows it soft up there too.

  10. Mccoy will never be the most feared amongst his peers. What debate you talking about? No QB goes to Mccoys house and are worried they might be unlawfully injured before the game is over. Every QB that comes to Detroit is scared. Except Cutler. He is not scared to take a beating.

  11. First off I hate these anonymus sources. If you are going to say something put your name to it. Second C.J Mosley who was in the locker room said that Evans story was garbage and Suh did not do anything that was stated. Check out Mlive for the article. This is just more lets bash Suh garbage.

  12. Wasn’t the defensive lineman out of Auburn thought to be a potential troublemaker, too?

    But he doesn’t get the headlines – yet.

  13. Hahaha…”Guy who doesn’t know Suh has unnamed sources that say Suh was late for a meeting, and therefore is a garbage human being”

    You also left out the part of the story, where Suh’s teammate, who put his name on his statement, took exception to this and said that ever bit of this is 100% false.

  14. Whatever the case may be, Mayhew needs to make the *right* decision with Suh. I can’t see how this franchise builds a legitimate team if he won’t settle for under $10 mil/year. Mayhew needs to stop mortgaging the future for a little bit of immediate cap relief!!!

  15. As a Bear fan I’d like to think there was truth to this. But his “teammates” are the people that vote him as team captain. No way team captains cause problems in the locker room. Sounds like 4 or 5 people that just didn’t like him.

  16. Great player but if Caldwell can’t keep him in line then they should let him go. Don’t pay him more then He’s worth.

    Schwartz wasn’t able to contain him because he didn’t punish him. If Caldwell can get him to quit hurting the team with stupid penalties and still be aggressive than maybe we can keep him. If you have a big time player get away with stuff like that then the rest of the team will follow suit. I blame Suhs and the rest of the teams lack of discipline on the former coaching staff.
    Caldwell has to install discipline in suh and the rest of the team will fall in line.

  17. Suh might have been trying to show his “dominance” over Schwartz…but I have not seen much of his dominance on the field lately.

  18. Funny story, only JJ Watt had more pass disruptions last year than Gerald McCoy. And against the run its not even a contest, McCoy is the NFLs best. Oh and that was all doing stupid stunts all year instead of straight rushing.

    In 2 more years the McCoy-Suh debate won’t be a debate. McCoy is the better player without a doubt.

  19. This is all completely false, other lion players have stepped up and basically said this is completely bs. Cj Moseley played one year with suh, coming in he was expecting to see a crazy monster. But after this year he said suh is as quiet, hard working player he’s been around. The dude reporting this jawn has not the slightest clue

  20. Do you really want this guy to be a captain on your team? He does not make enough plays for what he will me asking for. Detroit will have major salary cap issues resigning him and they will not be able to get depth at key positions. SAME OLD LIONS

  21. There were also a number of reports that he pulled the same kind of b.s. back in the Cornhusker locker room, not to mention plenty of dirty “play” on the practice field as well.

    Dude has a rep, and it goes wherever he goes.

  22. Schwartz is horrible at managing players. It wasn’t just Suh. Anyone will do better. The best players on the team should not just fall in line but they should do more then everyone else. Work harder and set an example. That’s what a coach has to get into Suh’s head.

  23. Whether this report is true or not, Suh brings a type of aggression that does NOT help you play better football. To be fair, he also brings a type of aggression that can & does help, but there’s too much of it that goes on to be considered advantageous.

    He’s still a top-three 4-3 DT (McCoy and Atkins floating around in that discussion), but if I’m looking to pay him a multi-million dollar contract, I feel better if he tries to curtail some of the over-aggressive elements that have no causal relationship with how well he plays before the whistle.

  24. So we read the garbage that Evans the lion hater writes with his anonymous sources but when cJ Mosley a fellow player of suhs puts his name on the line saying this year suh was never late he’s never caused problems during practice citing the only time he really says anything is in the film room. Next article.

  25. That behavior was condoned and taught when he and others (Incognito) were at Nebraska. He should be locked up for his next assault (on or off the field).

  26. When Caldwell gives Suh his “deer in the head lights, who am I, where am I, I have no clue, what should I do,” look that generally carries during games Suh will be shaking in his booties..

  27. NFLN was very clear about distinguishing between analyst and reporter when Sapp ran his mouth (incorrectly) about the Saints’ bounty leak. I guess Evans wasn’t paying attention.

  28. I always get a good laugh out of writers on the rumor blog questioning the integrity of other reporters and their “track record”. Highly entertaining, good good fun. My favorite is MBS because I can just feel the condescension right through the broadband.

  29. Evans is an idiot. I don’t believe a word he says. Suh is great and I would want him on my team forever.

  30. Give Evans a break he is only trying to make himself relevant. I don’t think he really cuts it on TV. Always has an agenda if he is not trying to big up the Patriots whom he had many a great season with. LOL

  31. Do all of you believe everything that the media says?..good grief try having your OWN opinion and not be pushed into one be the almighty Heath Evans!

  32. Where there’s smoke, there’s usually at least a little bit of fire. It’s not like Suh has earned the benefit of the doubt here.

  33. Suh should be hired by Obama as the Obamacare spokesperson. If a reporter asks a question that is inappropriate (meaning trying to get facts) Suh could kick the reporter in the gonads. And since Obama fancies himself an athlete, this would give the President someone who he can smooze with. And there is no danger that Suh would appear to be more intelligent than the President as even Suh knows that Obama is the most intelligent person in any room he enters.

  34. I love all of these “let him walk” remarks. Of course, let the most dominant defensive tackle in the NFL walk away from a team fighting to make the playoffs. If the report is true — and it’s doubtful that it is — it paints Suh as arrogant. Imagine that, an arrogant multi-millionaire. This story and the comments on this thread crystallize a comparison to another dominant but villainous athlete who played in Detroit; Bill Laimbeer. Everybody in the country hated him, but had YOUR team ever signed him, you’d be giddy with glee. Same with Suh.

  35. I’m assuming you won’t report Corey Mosleys comment where he said none of this ever happened. That’s not from an anonymous source, that’s from a player that played with Suh this year.

    Evans has had an agenda against the Lions that goes back two or three years, I’m not sure why but he does.

  36. At least he isn’t a cheater who stold 3 superbowl rings

    Been to 9 conference championship games in the last 20 years.

    Is that cool or what………

  37. The guy can’t control himself on the playing field at times.

    Why would he change that in the locker room?

  38. He can play, but he as a teammate doesn’t mean he’s a worse player.

    Being technically undisciplined is why he is not as great as he should be.

  39. If there isn’t a dramatic and unlikely contract extension that’s cap friendly, the Lions must let him walk when his contract is up. With the money saved, the team could sign 2-3 impact starters. If the Lions draft a D tackle early in the 2014 draft then we will know all we need to know about their plans for 2015.

  40. Seems like the perfect teamate to practice against everyday for a guy like say Jonathon Martin who says he can’t wait to get back in the league.

  41. Wow.. never would have imagined that overall general consensus was McCoy would even be debatable as better player a Suh.. Awesome!!!

    I know he’s been a big part of Tampa D, and I know how great of a player Suh is.. one of the best.

    It’s too bad Suh didn’t get drafted top of 2nd round… would have had a better attitude… or with the rookie cap drafted where he had been making peanuts instead of monster contract…


  42. The story is that someone who talked to someone talked to someone at FOX Sports. That’s not exactly convincing evidence.

    What’s interesting is that the same sources in Detroit who picked up this story have also posted an interview with Ed Two-Tall Jones saying that he loves Suh, and that Suh plays the way guys in his day played.

    The Suh haters are all flag football fans.

  43. Big deal…. I’ve played with the “Suh” types and regardless of what they do in glad to have them on the team and make us that much better….I only have to like them for 60 minutes

  44. I get the impression that Suh is a high maintenance teammate. He also has anger issues and a reputation for dirty play but unless the accusation is backed up with somebody’s name in the article, everyone should just ignore it. Much the same way the average football fan ignores the Lions, its actually pretty easy to do.

  45. LeBron James when he was with Cleveland in cleats. Does whatever he wants. This is why Bill in N.E. has rings and Swartz got canned.
    Do you know who messes with N.E. Bill?
    Neither do I.
    I give Bob Kraft all the credit for giving Bill the HAMMER.
    If a coach doesn’t have the HAMMER, this is what happens.
    Suh is a jerk, not a leader. Suh could go to N.E. and be a stud because Bill would tell him straight up this is THE WAY IT IS and get in line or get out.

  46. Ah yes. The great SUH debate.
    I am by no means a huge Detroit fan. I have been a die-hard Saints fan since I was a kid in the mid seventies. What I have seen is a crucifixion of an extremely talented player.
    He has been fined ridiculous amounts of money for fouls most players wouldn’t. The stomp of the arm comes to mind. What NOBODY has brought up is the fact that Suh had been getting hit and punched the entire game. He had been held, kicked, and beat upside the head the entire game. Not ONCE was a personal foul called in SUH’s favor.
    Sure Suh may have got caught but the Refs are turning a blind eye. He did do wrong but a person can only take so much. NFL, get some refs who are fair in their calls. Don’t single someone out like that. He’s aggressive. Isn’t that the game? Dirty? I don’t believe it for a second.

  47. Still no update to say both CJ Mosley and Fluellen said that there was no lateness. Also Pettigrew didn’t start the Lions playoff game a couple years ago when he was late for a meeting. Not a star like Suh but still an important team member.

  48. Why is anyone surprised by this? Suh has been a guy who marches to his own beat from day one.
    And — as far as I’m concerned, he’s an over-rated player as well.

  49. Lions fans bring up the “you would want him on your team”

    Out of college yes, but after all the stuff he has pulled off and on the field. He isn’t close to worth the hassle.

    He needs to grow up A LOT.

  50. It sounds to me that Jim Washburn was up to his old tricks undermining the rest of the defense. Jim and that stupid wide 9 scheme. But if I had my choice I’d take Suh.

  51. Heath Evans said Chip Kelly would be the worst hire in the history of the NFL and then when he gets called out on it, insists he only meant that if the Browns hired him. That doesn’t even make sense. The guy is a clown and I don’t believe a word he says. The only thing Heath Evans has an inside scoop on is his Raisin Bran.

  52. Why would this news surprise anyone,he is so used to being idolized and being allowed to do anything he wants its only natural for him to believe he is above the rest of the team.I hope they pay him a huge salary to keep him as he is certain to help the Lions opponents with his stupid penalties.

  53. Sure, take the word of Heath Evans, who cites “unnamed sources” over, oh I don’t know: those who actually played with him: Ala CJ Mosley or Reggie Bush

    At least do some research

  54. So, as of right now, what we have is actually Heath Evans saying these things, not former players. If you’re not going to name names and give proof, then don’t speak. We don’t believe you, Heath.

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