Vince Young seeks dismissal of bankruptcy petition


Two weeks ago, former NFL quarterback Vince Young filed a petition for bankruptcy.  He now wants to un-file it.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Young has asked for his bankruptcy case to be dismissed because Young has settled the litigation that prompted him to file for bankruptcy protection.  The lawsuit stemmed from a lockout loan taken out by Young.

“Vince is getting his financial issues resolved and [is] ready to play football again,” attorney Trey Dolezal said via email to the Chronicle.

Of course, the resolution of Young’s financial issues have no bearing on whether he’ll be permitted to continue his football career.  He hasn’t appeared on a regular-season roster since the 2011 season, and no team has shown a recent inclination to give him another chance to play.

The third overall pick in the 2006 draft, Young has played for the Titans, Eagles, Bills, and Packers.

43 responses to “Vince Young seeks dismissal of bankruptcy petition

  1. Oilers / Titans fan since ’78 here….

    Vince Young only played for the Titans and Eagles..

    Vince Young never made the teams for the Bills or Packers and was on neither teams regular season rosters, he was a preseason arm and got cut before the real season started, so how can you call him a member of those teams?

    VY has trouble learning playbook a and reading defenses… What odds do I give him of being on an NFL roster again? I say, 15% chance…. Not good! You blew your chances VY! Find a new profession or go to the CFL! See ya …

  2. that ship has sailed Vince… maybe if you were a little more cooperative instead of throwing hissy fits

  3. I really am shocked this guy isnt even on a roster. Cleveland, Jacksonville, Tampa, Oakland, Minnesota, Dallas, Baltimore. You know, teams without a decent QB.

    But seriously, to not even give this guy a shot at being a back up? He must be black listed or something.

  4. This guy could be productive for someone, I imagine. Do you think it’s the financial burdens he carries that turns the teams (way) off? Is he a locker room cancer? I don’t know, but this is too bad, he didn’t know how to handle his money. Stunning, actually, him burning through all that. Good luck, VY.

  5. Now that Romo’s career is over with, Vince can call plays for the new London’s Team, the Cowboys.

  6. he is a talented kid who made a mistake. I think he deserves another shot. He proved he has changed with his stint with the packers. Good luck Vince.

  7. VY should’ve gone to USC instead of TX. They would’ve paid him enough to get him to age 40 at least.

  8. Bottom line, VY is ultimately responsible for his financial problems. His agents and financial advisers were thieves and should be prosecuted as such.

  9. Most of us in the USA live in 1600 sq ft homes on a postage stamp and work hard to make ends meet.

    Welcome back to America Vince…

  10. To me the saddest thing about Vince young is that he is a better quarterback than any quarterback that Jacksonville has been hope what has that Arizona have if I was if I was a general manager of any of these teams I be signing him to a futures contract for next year.

    If that doesn’t happen last I checked the Montréal Alouette’s own to CFL rights if Troy Smith doesn’t work out as a replacement for Antony CALVILLO, I can certainly see been shown with his mobility and strong arm being an asset to the roster.

  11. In college his big advantage was he was a good scrambler but was as dumb as a bag of hammers. How does anybody get back the 10 years he pissed away by being stupid? Forget about it Vince there are too many good young players getting out of college every year for anybody to give you a spot on the rooster. He is the one that blew it nobody else.

  12. Without a doubt, there are too many red flags with this guy. From the fight in the club with the hook ’em horns thing, to the Dream team comment, the throwing pads in the stands, the emotional disappearance and now the financial problems…

    …way too much baggage.

  13. I feel bad for the kid or any player who ends up in his position. It’s easy to crap all over him and maybe some of it is deserved, but He’s obviously needed some help that he didn’t get. As a USC fan, he really tore our hearts out, but he was just too good that day. I hope he lands on his feet somehow.

    And, no, VY would have gotten paid A LOT more at Auburn or other SEC schools. Right, Cam?

  14. Why is it that jerks like Vince Young are “kids” that deserve another chance and all the 16 year old’s that we send to prison for life are tried as adults? Some congressman wants to bring up Clinton’s affair with Monica because she was a defenseless intern. She was 22 for God’s sake. Miley Cyrus is a kid!

  15. thevikesarebest says:

    The packers are a mediocre cfl franchise

    Says the fan of the Vikings that has gone 1-7-1 in the last 9 games vs. the Packers.

    You would think that you might wait till they actually started to beat the Packers before spouting off but then again, such is the Minnesota public school system.

  16. Being a starting QB in the NFL is something unlike anything else. When Vince Yiung missed the Titans plane to Philly for a game and had to fly there himself I knew his career would be short. Contrast a story I read about Kaepernick. When Aldon Smith was arrested for DUI at 7 in the morning, Kaepernick was already at work for an hour and a half. And look at the Super Bowl QBs this year. Dedicated to their craft an leaders of their teams. That is why they are in the Super Bowl and Vince Young is out of football in what should be his prime.

  17. If you don’t gave the me tak makeup , you won’t make it as a NFL QB. Your athletic abilities only get you so far

  18. Vince Young is a GOOD quarterback… He has all the credentials to prove it… Rookie Of The Year, Playoff experience, A two-time Pro Bowler and a career winning record (31-19)…
    Don’t let anyone take your dreams away from you….. If your dream is to get back in the NFL… Go for it with all your Heart & Soul….
    This is one guy that will support your efforts 1000 percent… GOD Bless…

  19. @ dcapettini Just because the criminal justice system is institutionally racist doesn’t mean VY isn’t a kid. Maybe he’s a jerk, but I don’t think most of these players are choir boys either.

  20. To celebrate getting his bankruptcy case dismissed, VY borrowed another 7 mil to charter a plane and fly himself to Cheesecake Factory.

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