9/11 truther disrupts Malcolm Smith’s press conference

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As Super Bowl XLVIII MVP Malcolm Smith began his postgame press conference, something happened.

Something unusual.

A man approached Smith, grabbed the microphone, and said, “9/11 was perpetrated by our own government.”

(And, no, it wasn’t Pete Carroll.)

The man quickly exited.  Smith looked a bit stunned, but he then said, “Somebody check his press pass.”

It’ll be interesting to see who it was, given that security was very high for media access.

122 responses to “9/11 truther disrupts Malcolm Smith’s press conference

  1. I was critical of Bruno Mars being chosen for the halftime show mostly cause I didn’t know who he was.

    But WOW.

    That was the best halftime performance I’ve seen since Michael Jackson. That dude was moving his feet like mike.

    That guy is a real entertainer. I’m a fan.

    Oh, yes, 9/11 truthers are pathetic.

  2. Was he reading to a kindergarten class at the time? A lot of folks died that day so we can have laughs 13 years later.

  3. Couldn’t resist the snide shots at Pete Carroll, eh? Well, KISS HIS SUPERB OWL RING, HATERS!!!

  4. The vikingsfranchise>shehawkpackers bears lions 49ers rams cardinals broncos chargers raiders chiefs cowboys redskins giants eagles falcons bucaneers saints panthers colts jaguars titans texans ravens steelers bengals browns patriots jets bills dolphins.SKOL!

  5. Totally wrong forum for this person to address that, but anyone who believes that the 9/11 story happened the way we were told it did is a complete fool; we were lied to from the start. End of political rant.

  6. PFT poet still at it. Coradelle who? How’s John Carlson working out? Speak up Percy can’t hear you with A SB ring in his ear and still answering questions about his 87yd TD.

  7. Good to know someone as dumb as a truther could infiltrate a level one national security event. Makes me feel doubly safe for the times I go to Jets games and the security is less than half of what it is for the Super Bowl.

  8. Oh that Kanye West shows up at the most interesting times. I would say it was Peyton but there was no mention of an “Omaha” in what was said.

  9. mgmac says:

    Feb 2, 2014 10:37 PM
    anyone who believes in a 9/11 conspiracy is an idiot


    Right! It’s not a conspiracy if they don’t really try to cover it up. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I just can’t deny what’s out in plain sight.

  10. It a took a comment like this to get Forsburglar out from hiding. Do you also think the moon landing was staged and that the dinosaurs never existed ? I’m beginning to think that you may actually be Carl Everett. And as far as Peyton being equal or better that Brady we can finally put that to rest. Peyton is more like the Matt Schaub of the postseason. Another SB embarrassment by the Ponies. That’s now 2 of the 4 worst blowouts in championship history. Heck, this game brought back memories if Craig Morton and Norris Weese.

  11. I am sure I will be mocked and made fun of but there is something that doesn’t sit right with me about it.
    I do not subscribe to a particular conspiracy, just believe that there is so much we do not know.

    I am proud to be American and always will be.

    I even gave four years of my life to my country.

    Something just tells me that our government knows so much more than was released in the 9/11 Commission Report.


    U.S Marine Corps
    Semper Fi

  12. according to a couple sources: Late last spring, retired general Peter Chiarelli, who had just finished his term as the Army’s vice chief of staff, visited Carroll at the Seattle Seahawks headquarters. Chiarelli’s mention of Iraq sent Carroll in another direction: He wanted to know if the September 11 attacks had been planned or faked by the United States government.

    In particular, Carroll wanted to know whether the attack on the Pentagon had really happened.

    —-sounds like the nut interrupted the wrong press conference

  13. Where theres smoke theres fire. I’m not sure if it did happen but anyone who takes the government at its word really has to look deeper at what’s going on.

  14. Yeah…because only an IDIOT would believe that the fine politicians in our great country would be less than truthful or even dishonest…
    Just before the start of the game some old men recited some words…some powerful words that were not so popular at the time…you should read them again before calling someone that dearly loves this country an idiot.

  15. Just in case anyone actually believes it was, everything our President does is monitored and recorded, and if the Supreme Court, Congress, Vice President, Secret Service, or FBI has any reason to believe the president was behind it, they would just see what the president had been up to in the weeks leading up.

    Now move along people.

  16. But Sochi’s supposed to be safe? (that’s where the Winter Olympics are, for most of the morons on this thread).

  17. johnclaytonsponytail says: Feb 2, 2014 10:55 PM

    “Where theres smoke theres fire. I’m not sure if it did happen but anyone who takes the government at its word really has to look deeper at what’s going on.”

    Wait a second, what’s the smoke?

    No hold on, Let me guess. You’re friend’s an engineer, and he told you that steal simply can’t melt from a kerosene fire, even if that fire is from 120,000 gallons of kerosene and thousands of tons of flammable building material in a high rise fire with high winds 80 floors up. It had to be Thermite Grenades and Navy Seals!
    Plus chemtrails in the air causing sterility!
    And the Ruskies put fluoride in the water to pollute our essence.

  18. You know what else?
    There’s not always fire where there is smoke.
    Ya know how I know?
    My fire alarm goes off almost every time I toast bread.

  19. Given the craziness displayed in so many posts about football here, it’s not surprising that insanity would rear its head in other areas. But man it is depressing. Very sorry for those whose lives were shattered by 9/11 and now have to deal with nutjobs who believe it was George Bush and not Muslim fanatics who slaughtered their loved ones.

  20. I have never heard a Truther explain, in detail, what their theory actually is. I’ve only ever heard “It was a government conspiracy.” The government, which can’t launch a website, perpetrated the greatest crime on US soil since Pearl Harbor. Never yet have I heard a Truther explain what was done, how it was done, and who did it, in detail. If it was all fake, where are all the people who were actually on those planes? On the “Lost” island? Including the wife of the Solicitor General of the US? All you saying “He wasn’t wrong” – provide the details upon which you base your statements. You can’t.

  21. apkyletexas says: Feb 2, 2014 10:39 PM


    He blamed it on the government and “that receiver

    You seemingly just watched a Denver-Seattle blow-out SB, and Belicheck is still in your head??
    Absolutely pathetic.

  22. Funny Fact: Most of the guys who originally gave the 9/11 Truther Movement steam now openly admit it was all BS and that they don’t actually believe it.

    Yet, a shockingly high amount of people still believe the BS evidence they assembled. A simple search for 9/11 myths debunked will provide an avalanche of evidence that shows that no a single Truther statement about 9/11 has ever been confirmed.

  23. Nobody saw the 747 hit the Pentagon..no video? No tail or wings? What the whole plane just evaporated? No luggage ..No body parts? Barely damaged the face of the building.. but that’s a whole nother story. This government been lien to us since George Washington ..don’t be so gullible

  24. Not this crap again. All these years and not a single whistleblower? Yet a global surveilance operation is easily leaked by an ex CIA employee. We cant even organize a search and rescue during hurricane Katrina yet this government would have no problem planning the bombing of 2 skyskarapers? Give me a break. Take off the tinfoil hats people…

  25. I never understood why such seemingly sane, rational people bought into conspiracy theories. Then one day I was watching a show debunking all the 9/11 “conspiracies”, and a psychologist said something that I think makes a lot of sense. Basically he stated that sometimes when something SO powerfully evil happens, it makes ZERO sense to people who can not fathom that such atrocities are in fact possible that their rational mind can NOT accept that it was something so “simple”. That the acts and actors HAD to be “bigger” and the tragedy HAD to have many layers and perpetrators. When in fact (as is usually the case in most matters) the most obvious answers are the correct ones. It was very interesting.

  26. Really people are going to bring this up? Just because the Super Bowl was in New York. Conspiracy? This was the worst invasion on our home land since Pearl Harbor and I’m disgusted that Americans can make light of it. I’m ashamed for all of you who take this lightly.

  27. meatcarroll says: Feb 2, 2014 10:41 PM

    Couldn’t resist the snide shots at Pete Carroll, eh? Well, KISS HIS SUPERB OWL RING, HATERS!!!
    No, no. Luke Willson has the Suberb Owl ring – Pete Carroll only has a Super Bowl ring.

  28. Thank God for this Man! We need more people with the ability to think for themselves; and the guts to voice their findings. Bravo Sir; you have my admiration.

  29. meatcarroll says:
    Feb 2, 2014 10:41 PM
    Couldn’t resist the snide shots at Pete Carroll, eh? Well, KISS HIS SUPERB OWL RING, HATERS!!!
    How can I get a superb owl ring? What are the qualifications required for such a ring?

  30. I’m impressed. pftpoet was able to crash a press conference *and* find enough time to post here too.

    Would’ve been nicer had it been Coleman who won. At least he’d only have to read your tripe and not hear it.

  31. It was probably that sign language guy from Nelson Mandela’s funeral proceeding. He seems to be pretty good at get into these types of things

  32. Viking fans try too hard no ones even paying attention to your sorry ass team during the season just another bye week for teams.

  33. jakescott13 says: Feb 2, 2014 10:57 PM

    “Liberals ruin everything.”

    Righties believe fossils were planted by Satan. If the rest of us were Nazis, you’d be gassed for being mental defectives but we’re not so consider yourself lucky.

  34. If you can honestly look at the evidence vs what we have been told by the government and believe the government, then I seriously question where your head is at.

  35. I dare every last one of you to watch “Press for Truth”. It’s the story of the widows of 9/11 victims. If you can watch this without questioning what you think you know; then I don’t think there’s a shred of hope for this country.

  36. If you dont already KNOW there was foul play you are pretty much braindead. Ever hear of NORAD one time in your entire life. All terrorism is a product of an out of control government. Please listen to the youtube video titled (youtube is a medium only. the research within is legitimate.) “Origins Of The Modern Day Terror Connection”. that is “Origins Of The Modern Day Terror Connection” and is found with a simple google search of the term in quotation.

  37. 2/2 truthers say peyton gagged on some more post season humble pie
    that the seahawks defense reacted much more quickly than norad and peyton was reading the hawk defense like a kindergarten level.

  38. Wouldn’t surprise me if Alex Jones put this loony up to it. So he says we need to investigate it….who is going to do the investigating him and his trusty magnifying glass? No, the same government he thinks did this to our own people.

  39. Just one man providing entertainment in a not so entertaining Super Bowl. I’ll say this though, it’ll be the one of the rare controversial moments that the media will dare not touch! Pretend like nobody came up to the podium and made that statement, ESPN( and their corporate affiliates).

    Move along, nothing to see. Let’s just take a big dump all over Peyton until September rolls around and make him ponder his retirement through the media(ala Favre). ESPN is so awesome!!

  40. My first thought was he was a Viking fan but then I realize that is stereotyping, while every Viking fan is an idiot doesn’t mean every idiot is a Viking fan.

  41. The 1933 Reichstag fire, Gulf of Tonkin, WMD’s in Iraq, etc, etc. Yes, even JFK.
    Just a number of instances perpetrated by the Military Industrial Complex and/or the governments involved.
    To choose a turn a blind eye to obvious questions, (steel buildings that burn for the first time in recorded history, convenient “stand-down” orders given to NORAD and the USAF (I was there) and supposed “drills” being held for airliners crashing into buildings, a hole in the Pentagon smaller than the airliner itself and no debris to be found, and Hollywood buying in to make it all look good) especially after 14 years of a lost cause that has taken or maimed so many brave and patriotic Americans is ignorant at best and just plain ostrich-like.
    It’s about time America demanded answers and if butting in to a press conference is needed, then so be it. Unfortunately, we have become a nation of sheep or zombies choosing instead to take the Blue pill of blissful ignorance than the Red of the sometimes painful truth of reality.

  42. As a New Yorker and someone who lost a friend in the WTC attacks ..that guy is an ahole and so are the people who believe him. All I have to say what was the 1993 ETC attack about you jackasses? Was Clinton in on it too? Or was it it just the Bush administration? Get a life and stop offending those who lost family there..

  43. To anyone who thinks 9/11 was an “inside job” I have a challenge: please make your case. Popular Mechanics did an excellent takedown of the most popular arguments made to support that narrative. So please, post the evidence that supports the conclusion that it was “perpetrated by our government” which implies that the government took an active part in perpetrating it rather than that they failed to prevent it through incompetence/unpreparedness. It is an incredibly extraordinary claim and will therefore require extraordinary evidence.

  44. not one mention of the coin toss in any article?! that was the most exciting moment of the night. broadway joe.

  45. I want to kiss you………………………….

    Joe was awesome pimpin his mink and everything!

  46. I can run a red light and be recorded by 4 cameras but we can’t find not one video of a plane hitting the pentagon. Think about it. The sad part is people who call people who question things(with proof) idiots.

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