Broncos favorites of around a field goal


The Broncos opened as Super Bowl XLVIII underdogs at some Nevada sports books, but they quickly went favored, and this continues to be the case on game day.

Via “The Linemakers” of Sporting News and, the Broncos are 2.5-point favorites at numerous Nevada sports books, with the consensus total 48 points.

Most Nevada sports books have the Broncos as 5-to-6 favorites to cover the 2.5 points, meaning bettors have to lay $12 to win $10 as opposed to the customary $11 to win $10.

According to point spread records from the Marc Lawrence archives and, the Broncos are poised to be favored for the 30th consecutive time in regular-season and postseason play. They were last underdogs at San Diego on October 15, 2012.

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  1. As they should be. The Seahawks haven’t done enough away from home to make it seem like they can dominate. Great at home, but what QBs have they beaten on the road? Cam Newton in week 1? Matt Ryan and the dreadful Falcons?

  2. I anticipate a game that is not even close score wise. Maybe 10 – 14 point spread at least. Most superbowls are blow outs. If Denver gets up by 14, game over. If Seattle gets up by 14, not so much worry. Just wonder if Seattles O can keep up with Denvers O? Real game will be between Seattle O and Denver D.

  3. I am a proud and true 49er faithful and in a few short hours I will be screaming on the roof of my condo, at the top of my lungs………..GOOOOOOOO BRONCOOSSS!!!!!!


  4. whoever the refs have determined. thats my prediction.

    also, note to Denver: watch your knees and watch yourself long after the whistle. you are playing a dirty, dirty team. be aware!

  5. Seattle has only played one top flight QB on the road and they lost that game (Colts). If it is a blow out, Denver will win. If it is close, whoever scores last will win. I would not give any points in this game and I certainly would not pay double the vig. Everybody seems to forget that SF was in scoring position to win, in Seattle. Only a fluke pick saved the day. Sherman made a great play, but 99 times out of 100, it goes as an incomplete pass. SF would have had more tries and Kaepernick was running on them all day. Up until the pick, SF had the advantage.

  6. I hope, I PRAY that Seattle loses because of bad calls. It would be karma for the Fail Mary. Also, Carroll’s cheating through the years would at least begin to catch up to him.

  7. watch for things like:
    “refs getting shoved by one team, and them totally being cool with it”
    “kickoff return for touchdown that features 3-5 guys holding which opens massive opening for returner…..and the refs being totally cool”
    “db’s never playing the ball, grabbing the receiver 7 yards off the scrimmage while the ball is in flight and the refs determining that to be championship defense.”

    thise will tell the world which team the fix is in for.

  8. funny people say the seahawks don’t do enough on the road when they had the same road record as the broncos.

    also, the seahawks played tougher teams with real defenses on the road.

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