It’s a toss up for MVP so far

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Before anyone declares Super Bowl XLVIII to be over, remember that the Ravens led the 49ers by 22 points in the second half of Super Bowl XLVIII.

And then Roger Goodell kicked the plug for the lights out of the wall.

So while we wait for the extended halftime to end, let’s get an early start on determining the MVP.

The choices, based on the consensus of the five PFT staff members attending the game, are quarterback Russell Wilson (9-14, 94 yards passing, 10 yards rushing), running back Marshawn Lynch (11 carries for 17 yards, one touchdown), receiver Doug Baldwin (three catches, 50 yards), receiver Percy Harvin (45 yards rushing, five receiving), linebacker Malcolm Smith (69-yard interception return for touchdown; pictured), safety Kam Chancellor (interception), and defensive end Cliff Avril (safety, hit on Peyton Manning that caused pick six).

The defensive guys could get a chance to add to their achievements as the Broncos enter desperation mode in the third quarter.