John Schneider’s work pays off in Super Bowl win

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Anytime a team wins the Super Bowl, their general manager is worthy of praise for the job he did putting together the roster.

Seahawks General Manager John Schneider is no exception and the Seahawks’ 43-8 victory on Sunday was a testament to his ability to find talented players all over the place.

Linebacker Malcolm Smith, a seventh-round pick, was named the MVP as part of a defense that featured fifth-rounders Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman playing major roles. Defensive ends Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett were both value signings as free agents that paid off in major ways and safety Earl Thomas, one of his first two first-rounders (left tackle Russell Okung was the other one) with the team, has blossomed into one of the league’s best defensive players.

Wide receivers Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse were both undrafted and both scored touchdowns in the second half. Those touchdowns were thrown by Russell Wilson, drafted in the third round and given the starting job from the get-go, and followed an electrifying 89-yard kickoff return for a touchdown by Percy Harvin. Harvin also had two big runs in the first half, making the trade for him look pretty good even after Harvin missed all but three games this season.

Running back Marshawn Lynch was also acquired in a trade and by now you’ve likely gotten the point about how much success Schneider has found on all fronts when it comes to personnel. His next task will be keeping the Seahawks at the top of the league and his work so far makes you like his chances.

51 responses to “John Schneider’s work pays off in Super Bowl win

  1. Took over a team with probably the least amount of talent and most amount of dysfunction and he and Pete turned it around in three years. Hats off to Paul Allen for these two hires

  2. Perhaps he was the real draft genius up in Green Bay. Cause since he left Ted hasn’t drafted a damn thing

  3. Shortly after being hired, he said his philosophy was he wanted to build a team that could win a street fight.

    That’s the guy you want as your GM.

  4. basically the rest of the NFL has to wait until Wilson goes into the double digit million QB category, great work by their personnel dept and staff (you will need to coach up the 5th/7th rounders or UDFAs)

  5. Interest comment above about the draft.

    Seattle hasn’t drafted well at the top, except the first year, but it’s 3-7 where Schneider has killed it… exactly the kind of control a GM wanna be in GB would of have.

    It’s the Seahawks golden goose, rounds 3-7… it just keeps on giving and giving.


  6. karpsta says:
    Feb 2, 2014 11:15 PM
    Perhaps he was the real draft genius up in Green Bay. Cause since he left Ted hasn’t drafted a damn thing

    You couldn’t be more stupid. His last two 2nd round picks finished as runner up for OROY and Lacy was OROY this year. Then there is Randall Cobb drafted the year after Schneider left as well.

    John is a friend of mine and I think he’s great at what he does. But your comment is just retarded.

  7. He did such a good job in Green Bay under Ted Thompson he deserved a shot at being a GM.

    He has proven himself as a capable GM.

    There is a right way to do things.

  8. karpsta says:
    Feb 2, 2014 11:15 PM

    Perhaps he was the real draft genius up in Green Bay. Cause since he left Ted hasn’t drafted a damn thing

    Memo to Karp – who was this years NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. Who led NFL rookies in INTs last year. Get your facts straight bud. Maybe Schneider was a great intern for Ted Thompson.

  9. We’ll see what the GM manager for Seattle does once he starts having to pay Russell Wilson real QB money. Both Seattle and SF will find out how much harder sustaining success is once you start having to pay your stars. Seattle’s in the sweet spot from a salary cap standpoint now but that can quickly change. Once guys get their rings, they next want to get paid.

    Seattle will now get to play with a bullseye next year. Can’t use the disrespecting motivation anymore. You’re now the King of the Hill.

  10. I agree with everything said except the Percy trade. That was still a horrible trade. They made it to the SB without him and would’ve easily won the game without him. They gave up 3 picks and tons of cash for nothing. They could’ve used their 1st round pick to draft Patterson or Allen, still had 2 more picks to help add even more depth and saved a ton of money in the process. I give him props for swinging a big deal. I just don’t think , injury prone, malcontent, Percy is the right player to bet the farm on. Other than that Schneider is a genius!

  11. That’s how you built a team … built a great defence first … you do not have to waste a first round pick on a QB.
    Peyton Manning is one of the greatest #1 picks ever and even he could not beat a great defence.

  12. Technically Russell Okung was his first pick, as he and Thomas were both drafted in the first round in 2010.

  13. The way he’s been drafting, the Seahawks are going to be dominating the NFL for a while. They’ll lose players and coaches to other teams as is the natural process for teams at the pinnacle of the NFL. But he’ll continue drafting role players to support his core stars. This won’t be the only Lombardi Trophy Russell Wilson and Co. hoist. Dynasty in the making.

  14. Meanwhile, Jim FRAUDbaugh’s annually choking it up with his FULLY INHERITED roster chock full of every SINGLE one of his 2013 Pro Bowlers.

  15. Schneider was raised in Green Bay as a Packer fan. Packer football is in his blood. Mark my words and carry them in your pocket. As soon as Ted Thompson retires, Schneider will be on the first plane smokin to Green Bay for the GM job. Seattle is a training ground for Schneider, his dream job is Green Bay.

  16. Now if Jon Gruden/Bruce Allen were running the Seahawks they’d promptly cut a bunch of defensive talent so they could sign Charlie Garner and a bunch of washed up offensive linemen to big money deals – oh and pickup Tim Brown as well.

  17. I saw him standing next to Pete Carroll and thought that he was his son. I wish my team had a young and talented GM.

  18. He’s doing a great job. But he doesn’t make final calls on the 53 man roster. That is Pete Carroll’s say. Schneider gets the FA though and he has done a great job with that. And he was very high on Wilson but it is ultimately Pete who chooses players in the draft. And they needed a QB anyhow and it was a no brainer for them. Seems Pete isn’t getting much credit for assembling this team and coaching them up. These 5th, 6th, 7th rounders and FA draft picks aren’t anything without coaching.

  19. If he was any good as a GM he would have taken Chancelor and Sherman in the 1st round not the 5th. only 2 contributing 1st rounders looks more like a fail for the GM. Credit should go to the Players and their coaches

  20. Good point karpsta … GB’s had mediocre drafts since he left …
    Challenge now for Schneider is when all these players reach their next contract, or get too big-headed playing at their current contracts … We’ll see if he’s worth his salt then …
    But he’s done a fantastic fantastic job thus far! Congratulations

  21. Well he sounds good, but Jerry Jones knows its a waste of money, since any idiot can put together a great team.

  22. Hah yeh a good mentality to have for a defensive team to “to be able to win a street fight” it was more like UFC fight but the ref never called the fight till the Seahawks ground and pounded the broncos into red goo total dominatin in all phases congrats to the Seahawks.

  23. @karpsta…let Seattle relish this. You don’t need to drag another team into this, since there’s like this Packer hatred permeating this site (which one can only put onto envy from Vikings fans who’ve never won a thing), but we’ll see how Schneider does when he’s not drafting high anymore or how he’ll pay Wilson and Sherman and all the FA’s he has.

  24. I hate the Seahawks and 30 other teams, I only like the one I pull for, but I have to say they have their crap together as an organization. One has to respect what they have done. Great owner, and GM. They have done a brilliant job drafting talent!

  25. The Packers also lost Reggie McKenzie and John Dorsey. Three GM’s out of Ted Thompson’s staff. Thompson’s drafting has been average to poor since these three left.

  26. Undisputedly the best GM to spawn from the Ron Wolf tree. A smart GM cannot rely solely on the draft. Schneider made some gutsy moves with trades and free agency and all of those guys were ESSENTIAL to this win.

  27. Congratulations John … and enjoy it while it lasts.

    The real challenge is yet to come … when you start running into salary cap considerations down the road.

    Russell is still playing under his rookie contract – for another year or two – but as your guys come up for free agency – everybody’s gonna wanna be PAID!

    And there isn’t going to be quite enough money to go around.

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