Kam Chancellor hit set the tone for Seattle


When a game ends with a score like 43-8, it’s never about one play. But if you did want to identify one play that demonstrated what Super Bowl XLVIII was all about, you might go with Kam Chancellor’s tackle on the Broncos’ first pass.

That pass, a completion from Peyton Manning to Demaryius Thomas, was nothing out of the ordinary for Denver’s offense. But while the Broncos have been racking up yardage all season with passes from Manning to Thomas, this time Thomas was sent flying backward by a vicious but clean hit by Chancellor, the Seattle safety who came in like he was shot out of a cannon and laid the wood to Thomas.

“You can tell they really wanted to run crossing routes, but on the first one they met Kam Chancellor,” Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner said after the game.

Chancellor was a big part of a big defensive effort by the Seahawks — an effort that may cement Seattle’s status as the greatest pass defense in NFL history.

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  1. Playing pass defense the way Seattle does in the NFL as it is today is exremely impressive. All the rules are slanting towards the offense, and the Seahawks jus don care.

    I bet NFL brass are wringing their hands that defense won the SB. Again.

    And I’m not saying this as a Seachickens slappy. I lived in Denver and was rooting for the Donkeys. But give credit where it is due.

  2. Kam Chancellor is awesome. Best safety in the league right now. And he is signed long-term.

    Can’t say that about most of the Seahawks. Look at the list of guys they need to re-sign in the next year:

    -Michael Bennett
    -Earl Thomas
    -Richard Sherman
    -And then Russell Wilson in two years, who is about as underpaid as you can get.

    Oh, and by the way, Percy Harvin becomes a HUGE cap hit starting next season. Hmmmm…. I wonder how this math works? It doesn’t. Good thing they took advantage of their window now.

  3. Defense wins championships. End. Of. Story.

    All those broncos fans guaranteeing a win because ‘you can’t stop this offense’ have been thoroughly shut up.

    Guarantee you john elway is getting his pocket book ready to sign some corners and safeties.

    It’s also zero degrees here in denver. Which is so so so appropriate.

  4. I hate the Seahawks.

    That being said… watching Manning’s endless audibilizing at the line amount to absolutely nothing was somehow strangely satisfying.

    Line up, cut the BS and beat the guy across from you. Football is not that complicated and the Seahawks proved it today.

  5. I thought Kam was going to win the MVP.

    Exciting, though , for a S E V E N T H round draft-pick like Malcolm Smith to get it. Dream come true for the young man. For the entire team.

    Team game. No need to dis Thomas or Manning. Clearly the better team prevailed today. No question. AFC Best vs. NFC Best.

    No can take that away from Seattle. Ever.

  6. Love the way that team plays. Chancellor & E Thomas are monsters out there. May just be the best secondary I’ve ever seen & I’ve been saying that all year.

  7. D Thomas had zero situational awareness. Rather than head upfield for first downs, he’s spinning back and losing valuable yards. He thought he would get YAC, but the Seahawks have tackling skills – unlike AFC teams who are all finesse this year.

  8. Yep, I expected Seattle to win pretty comfortably because it always goes this way when great defenses play great offenses that are not physical; however, when Demarius Thomas got lifted on that second Bronco drive, I knew it was going to be even worse than I thought for them.

  9. Following the team last year Kam had a down year and I didn’t know what to think. It wasn’t until this year, it comes out he was dealing with an injury but never said a word. This year there was no question is the best SS in football. The playoffs some of the hits he has made were decleating. Great ball skills with the ints

    The one play in this game when he took the TE up the seam and comes off to make the play off Wes Welker just amazing. Him and Earl hands down the best safety tandem in football.

  10. 2013 Seahawks defense = BEST defense in NFL HISTORY!!! 76 Steelers, 85 Bears, 00 Ravens, 02 Bucs, 08 Steelers were all great defenses but NONE of them completely NEUTERED the BEST OFFENSE IN LEAGUE HISTORY in the Superb Owl.

  11. The Broncos just could not match the physical play of the Hawks. After the first few plays their receivers were looking to go down right away. No one wanted to turn up field.

  12. I can’t remember a more dominate defense in SB history than the Seahawks by holding Peyton (MVP POTY) and his receivers (#1 rated passing offense) to 8 points in the biggest game of their careers.

    And the Seahawks are tied as the youngest team to play and win the SB. Unbelievable.

    Seahawks’ defense should go down as the best defense to ever play in the SB.

    And to top it off, RW3 has the most wins in the first two years of any QB.

    GO HAWKS!!

  13. I kept saying they weren’t prepared for this level of defensive intensity. The JV division (AFC) just doesn’t have the defensive power.

  14. As a Seahawk fan that went to the third home game in 1976, thank you Seahawks.

    This is really surreal!

  15. So that’s why they are called the ” Legion of Boom”!
    The hits, the speed….simply amazing. If you have watched the Broncos this year they have run those bubble screens with impunity. Not tonight. Even when guys looked like they had a chance to do something the Seahawks came screaming in. Very impressive.

  16. Kaepernick says that if payton would have not lost that opening snap the 49ers would be super bowl champs!

    San Fran…..1 to nothing in real modern day life!


  17. I would say ask Vernon Davis about running routes in front of Kam, but he does not remember them.

  18. Uh, no? The tone was set when the Broncos blinked and began the game with a safety and kicking the ball right back to Seattle.
    By the time Chancellor made his hit the tone of the game was already set.
    his hit helped, but it wasn’t a game setting tone.
    In fact, this is why it was so hard to pick an MVP on Seattles team for this game.
    The true MVP for Seattle was Manning imploding with three practically unforced turnovers.

  19. A 6’3″ safety who can run, is almost not fair. That was one GREAT defensive effort. And I am an AFCN fan a division that prides itself on top notch D. Congrats again

  20. What’s sad is that so many Seattle fans are still crying about losing (legitimately) to the Steelers in ’06, and claiming this Bowl is somehow some kind of “vindication.”

  21. One big game and they are the “greatest ever”? I think not.

    I think the 85 Bears and 2000 Ravens would have something to say about that. Call me when they shut out 5 teams in a season, and hold 9 teams to 6 points or less in a season like the ’76 Steel Curtain.

  22. And they did it without violating the rules and trying to end somebody’s career/life. Great defense the way it should be to sustain our great game.

  23. I couldn’t agree with this post more. I said the same thing when the hit happened, that Seattle obviously was going to bring everything they had. And honestly, from that point forward, I wasn’t worried that the Broncos would win, at all.

    I’ve been pondering the legacy of… the defense…. for a while. What else can you say about a defense that kept the highest scoring offense in NFL history to 8 points on the biggest stage possible?

  24. The NFL still owes us Packers fans some bad calls against the Seahawks after the Fail Mary.

    ESPN reporter: Did you push off?
    Golden Tate: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Go steal some donuts, Golden.

  25. I think the botched snap on the first play of the game set the tone far more so. The Seahawks played well, but the Broncos truly bungled the game away right from the start.

    Bad snaps, poor communication, penalties, turnovers, and horrific tackling were the theme of the night for the Broncos. What a truly awful performance on the world’s biggest stage.

  26. Chancellor played like a boss all game. He was the difference maker for me on defense for the Hawks. I remember him peeling off an underneath route to jump a crossing route by Welker in which he broke up the pass. The way he moves for a big guy is impressive.

    Utter domination.

    As a disappointed Pats fan with how our season ended…I take some solice in this loss knowing the broncos got throttled. Hopefully this puts to rest any Peyton ahead of Brady talk. Numbers dont lie now.

    Fun Fact: Broncos only team to ever lose 5 SBs.

  27. @sweeptheleg

    Fun fact: Patriots are only team to cheat their way to 3 SB wins.

    Peyton Manning > Tom Baby.

    And now back to that wonderful Defense crushing another dink n dunk offense…

  28. And the Manny Ramirez snapping the ball without hearing a snap count set the tone for Denver.

    Brutal performance — the Donks served as the epicenter of Meltdown Central.

  29. xxsweepthelegxx says:

    Fun Fact: Mark Sanchez has the same number of playoff wins as Tom Brady over the past 6 seasons! He also has a a winning record, Tommy-boy doesn’t!

  30. rjkilla says:
    Feb 3, 2014 1:44 AM
    proof there is no god. the cheaters won

    ^^^^Ur a fool if theres no god, that beat down had nothing to do with god! Get your mind right!

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