Malcolm Smith is Super Bowl XLVIII MVP


It was a total team effort that led the Seattle Seahawks to a dominating win over the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII. But someone had to win the Most Valuable Player award, and that someone was Malcolm Smith.

Until today Smith was a relatively anonymous third-year linebacker. But Smith picked off a Peyton Manning pass and raced 69 yards for a touchdown in the second quarter, a game-changing play that gave the Seahawks a 22-0 lead and signaled that this was going to be a blowout.

Smith also had a fumble recovery, a pass defensed and nine total tackles. In a game when any number of Seattle defenders could have been chosen as the MVP, Smith was a solid choice.

The 24-year-old Smith is the third linebacker to win a Super Bowl MVP, following Chuck Howley in Super Bowl V and Ray Lewis in Super Bowl XXXV.

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  1. Uh Oh. Percy Harvin is going to be pissed. Real Pissed.

    I likes to get pissed about…… well, everything. This will set him off.

  2. Same guy who made the clutch INT of Sherman’s tip against SORRY, MEDIOCRE receiver Michael Craptree!!!

  3. rubenxx7 says: Feb 2, 2014 10:17 PM

    Congrats but it could have went to like 6 guys. THat includes Peyton LMAO. Case Closed for anymore talk about him being Greatest QB ever.
    Oh, wait a minute guys. Rubenxx7 just ended the QB debate when it pertains to Peyton Manning. Lets just never talk about it again.

  4. Of anyone on the defense, I doubt anyone would have anticipated that Smith would be The Man.

    Another example of how every ‘hawk is always ready to make a play, make a difference.

    Congratulations, Smith. You deserve it. Nice truck, don’t you think?

  5. This SB reminded me of the 90’s when the championship was really decided in the NFC Championship game and the SB was just a formality. Denver was NEVER in this game. Who amongst us didn’t see PM getting flustered by this hard – hitting Seahawks defense? I’m embarrassed for Broncos fans and I had a number of them running smack to me about how they were gonna do what SF couldn’t. Sheesh. Congratulations to the true Seahawks fans and not the Johnny come lately bandwagon guys. You get to enjoy it for a few months and then it’ll be time to defend it.

  6. What have we learned tonight? No matter how much Pete Carroll cheats, he will always be rewarded for it. What a joke.

  7. Malcom smith should have been the MVP of the NFC championship game. Maybe Dick Sherman can give him some props next time he delivers a Super Bowl appearance to his team.

  8. The League’s Crusade Against The Steelers Continues says: Feb 2, 2014 10:24 PM

    Who has more Super Bowls than anyone else?
    Who has more championships than anyone else.

  9. Good for Smith – I would have given it to Avril, who bossed Manning.
    But as others have said – a great team effort by the entire Seattle defence…. just as they have all season long.

  10. I prefer the Seattle defensive ends who dominated the Bronco offensive line and took the game and even the possibility of a Bronco victory away from Manning.

    This was a total domination game just like when the 49ers wiped Denver all over the field when they beat the Broncos 55-10.

  11. 1phd says:
    Feb 2, 2014 10:14 PM
    Who? lol
    He’s also the guy that got the INT on Sherman’s tip in the NFCCG. If he didn’t pick that one it was 2nd and 10 with 20+ seconds left. Sherman got the credit but the actual pick was the crucial play. I’m glad he got recognized as MVP

  12. The vikingsfranchise>shehawkpackers bears lions 49ers rams cardinals broncos chargers raiders chiefs cowboys redskins giants eagles falcons bucaneers saints panthers colts jaguars titans texans ravens steelers bengals browns patriots jets bills dolphins.SKOL!

  13. Who has more championships than anyone else

    who counts championships anymore….last time I checked it was superbowls……… making the steelers at the top of the list.

  14. I am glad that a defender got the award and not the QB. No disrespect to Wilson who played fine but this win belongs to Seattle’s defense.

  15. Team effort but I happy for Malcom Smith winning the award. Worked his butt off and had big moments in the year.

    So many players you could list off as Super Bowl MVP on defense and maybe even Harvin or Wilson. Great Super Bowl!

  16. If Tavaris Jackson (yes, Tavaris Jackson) can be a Super Bowl Champion, my faith in all things possible has been renewed.

  17. Pftpoet, it doesn’t matter if Patterson is better then Harvin, Seahawks are the better team. The Vikings are a hot mess and won’t sniff the playoffs for years.

  18. As a life-long Broncos fan, this stings, but I want to give a shout out to the Seahawks fans who sounded like they showed up in force, the Seahawks defense that was incredible, the Seahawks special teams that won the field position battle, the Seahawks offense that moved the ball when needed and the coaches that had their team ready for an amazing victory.

    Now, I would like to say thanks to the Broncos for an incredible year, it was an exciting year to be a fan and I appreciate what you did to field a fun and competitive team. Here’s to 2014!

    Go Broncos!!

  19. Not too shabby for a seventh rounder. It’s cool to see a kid near the tail end of a relatively low contract win a nice truck, too. Congrats to him and the Seahawks on their surprisingly lopsided victory.

  20. Out.Standing.Ing.

    242nd overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

    According to Wikipedia…

    “…Smith has achalasia, a rare disorder of esophagus which affects its ability to move food toward the stomach. It started to affect him around the time of the 2009 Rose Bowl, where he began losing a few pounds of body weight each week because food would get stuck in his esophagus and he would have to throw it up. The weight loss was a problem as Smith tried to keep his weight up to 230. Originally diagnosed as acid reflux, further tests revealed the problem as achalasia. Smith underwent a surgical procedure called a Heller myotomy which helped somewhat, but he still has dietary restrictions that force him to eat very slowly…”

  21. Who? Ha ha. The guy I never even heard of, who probably worked his a$s off through 4 yrs of hs and 4 yrs of college, was good enough to make the starting lineup of a pro nfl defense, and is good enough to play 3 yrs as part of an elite group of people lucky and talented enough to play the game so many of us love at the highest level, and only makes maybe $300k a year to play a kids game, and made huge plays in the super bowl? Yeah. He is the douche here. Dooshtag: DBjealoustrollseatnutz.

  22. dare5259 says:
    Feb 2, 2014 10:55 PM
    As a life-long Broncos fan, this stings, but I want to give a shout out to the Seahawks fans who sounded like they showed up in force, the Seahawks defense that was incredible, the Seahawks special teams that won the field position battle, the Seahawks offense that moved the ball when needed and the coaches that had their team ready for an amazing victory.

    Now, I would like to say thanks to the Broncos for an incredible year, it was an exciting year to be a fan and I appreciate what you did to field a fun and competitive team. Here’s to 2014!

    Go Broncos!!
    Yea, Go Broncos!! Go learn how to make the biggest game of the year at least competitive. What an embarrassment.

  23. This was a true beatdown and there were so many guys who could have gotten it, but how about this name:

    Cliff Avril.

    At some point someone will go back through this game tape and see his true impact. He caused the Smith interception and was just a monster all night long.

  24. Hey pftpoet, Seahawks have won more superbowls in less tries than the Vikings. 1-1 vs 0-4. And percy IS better than Patterson. Delusional is what you are…

  25. dunno, Imma Hawker but I honestly think the wrong man got the MVP, maybe he was the NFC title game MVP but Harvin wins it by a landslide, not only did Percy single handidly take the wind out of them in the first quarter by talking the wind out of their sails with that sweep but he came right out and set the tempo the second half..

    I have been watching football for over 35 years and I’ll tell you what I’ve seena lot of players come and go and never have I seen a player that can play like Harvin, the guy is simply to fast off the line and can MOVE latterally upsidedown you name it he can run that direction and FAST!!!

    I tried to tell people that were bagging on theHAwks specially Donkey fans that with HArvin in the game theHAwks are a totally different team, did you see them run over one of the best teams in the NFL?

    I mean they straight STEAMROLLED the Donks like they were a AAA squad..

    it wouldnt have been like that without Percy, his presence alone simply confused them then when he showed them he was not a washed up loser the Donks defense knew they were done right them, HArvin only played maybe ten plays and look what he did..

    Simply Amazing, Harvi set the TONE both quarters and in the second quarter he single handidly set it on a play most, wait, ALL players would have opted out of, lets face it, the Donks were clsoing it fast and he could have and should have let the ball go into the end zone but whats Parcy do?

    He jumps about 3 ft into the air nbot willing to wait for it to come down so he could get the jump he needed and BOOM he is GONE BABY GONE!!!

    best play I’ve ever seen in a superbowl period and it meant so much, it took whatever, hope, will, energy and stregnth out of the Donks right then and there, just like the first half moved it was over before it got started..

    Harv in my mind you were the MVP, not taking anything away from the player that got it fair and square bhut I am looking into the game a little deeper than those that vote for the MVP that just say “oh who looked like the made the most spectacular play”

    they dont look at the player that makes a team so nervous and on edge they don’t know whether to piss or wind thier wristwatches and thats exactly what Harvin did, his performance and presence put the Donks on their heals and i’m not talking about just the defense, Harvin got Dencers offense back on the feild so fast they didnt have toime to even get a play together and guess what? yup 3 and out..

    Harvin was HUGE for seattles offense, HUGE combiuned with the beast that team is going to be EXTEMELY formiddable, you see how they can use him, as a back, blocker, screens, wide out, middle, tight end, this guy is utility times 12..

    I honestly thought the Donks didnt stand a chance I if you care to look I called a blowout and was balked at by Donks fans, not only did the Donk fans undersestimate the Hawks so did the team and coaching staff, and what happens when you underestimate your opponent?

    you’re NOT prepared, you can’t be prepared, I’ll give you a tip I would nornally not just dole out for free to my teams opponents but the Hawks are going to be so strong it wont matter but whenyou prepare for you’re opponent

    1. prepare as if you’re life depends getting the W

    2. prepare likeyour opponent is the best there has ever been and ever will be

    3. have a contingincy plan just in case plan A and B are not working..

    4. I know how to compete with the Hawks but that I am not going to just give out, I said it before the game the game plan is someting along the lines of way unconventional.

    far as I am concerned Denvers offensive play calling and designs were sub par for a team of the Seahawks caliber, why?

    because they were underestimated and denver thought they could go out there and do what they usually do likethey wre playing the raiders or titans and just rack up the score like its a pinball game..

    yea right, you had 2 weeks to prepare and thats what you brought, ants to a picknick?

    unwilling to gamble even when you’re supposed to?

    you obviously failed to study any Seahawks film at all, what does Russel and his offense do?


    so to counter that YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO EXTEND the defensive pressure or nip it in the bud!!


    and dont say well we run the risk of getting burned, dood,you rin the RISK if you DONT

    the Hawks make those plays so you nickel package or whatever you call it is still going to be scored on, did you not watch them to this to every single team they played this year?

    so you blitz early and often, STORM the walls, every play till you get them off THIER rythem and knock them off thier game, so you get the momentum back, I’m not saying its going to workl every time but its the best chance you have of keeping in the game..

    I mean could it have possibly been any worse if you did send 7-8 eavry play especially 3rds? they have the knack of getting the 1st down every time cuz no one challenges them, Hawks are no triple A squad they are the real deal, LEGIT best team possibly EVER in the NFL and you arent going to challenge them? you;re not oging to study the film and combat them?

    you deserve to lose

  26. 7th round draft pick and back up LB is the MVP, lol. Just shows the crazy depth and talent of this team. They lose 3 starters on the line (2 pro bowlers), lose there #1 and #2 receivers, have there second and third CB’s gone for weeks through out the year. Yet through all of this they go 13-3 and won the super bowl. This team will win a few Lombardi’s and be a contender for years to come. To all you haters of Pete, talk all ya want but in the end you’ll wish he was your coach/gm when all is said and done. Go Hawks!

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