Manny Ramirez: We never heard snap count on game-opening safety


Super Bowl XLVIII gave a pretty big hint about the way it was going to play out on the opening snap of the game for the Broncos.

Center Manny Ramirez airmailed a snap to quarterback Peyton Manning, who was neither expecting it nor able to corral it before it skittered into the end zone. Running back Knowshon Moreno fell on it, the Seahawks had a safety and the rout was on.

Ramirez said after the game that no one on the team heard the snap count on the play, but he thought he did and he thought it was late so he let the ball fly as Manning was moving toward the line of scrimmage. Manning said the same thing, calling it a “cadence issue” caused by the noise from the crowd. That difficulty and the resulting mistake called to mind a decision coach John Fox made during the week.

The Broncos turned down the volume on the speakers they use to simulate crowd noise at practice this week because Fox said that his experience has been that Super Bowl crowds were quieter than usual crowds. The Seahawks fans at MetLife Stadium definitely made their voices heard on Sunday, though, and it may have helped lead to the first big play in a night filled with them for Seattle.

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  1. Scored 12 seconds into the game.

    Scored 12 seconds into the second half.

    2/2 is the date – 2×2 = 4, 4x 12 = 48, the number of today’s game.

    The Power of 12.

  2. Of the many useless comments on here about the 12th Man, pretty clear they were on full force… and debunks the “Oh they pump in crowd noise at homr” rubbish we hear from jealous fans of other teams out of the playoffs months (or two weeks) ago.

  3. Maybe if Manning would have been up under the center’s ass… you know, like QBs used to do back in the day… that whole snap fiasco wouldn’t have happened.

  4. Hey I’m a Denver fan. Yes I was born in Denver. As a fan it sucks to have their butts kicked. I will give The SeaHawks credit they played great and took it to Denver. I so not think ot would have mattered who was the QB of this team tonight the results would have been the same. Hopefully Elway will add a few pieces as he needed for him to win. I think he will do just that. SeaHawks should be proud their team played great tonight. Yes its a little painful but I have tp give the credit they deserve tonight!!!! Great Game!!!!

  5. I was at this game….. It was way louder for the hawks than Denver…
    Don’t know if it helped but it was friggin loud and awesome!!!!
    Super Bowl champs!!! GO HAWKS!

  6. “The Seahawks fans at MetLife Stadium definitely made their voices heard on Sunday”

    WHATTTT the heck are you talking about. Did they bring their artificially enhanced sound with them????? Let’s just throw reality to the wind and say that 50% of the crowd at MetLife Stadium was fans from Seattle, and your statement still makes no sense. So tired of this ’12th man’ in Seattle nonsense. Let me know when the 12th man shows up at a Mariner’s game or a Supersonics game. OH WAIT. They’re in OKC now.

  7. add John Fox’s decision to turn down the speakers to the long list of colossal mistakes by the Broncos.

    Great coaches prepare for EVERYTHING. Average coaches dismiss things they think won’t matter. Think Fox regret’s it now?

  8. Both teams had their share of fans at the game. And from what I understood a week before the game, the Broncos had the upper hand when it came to the fans.

    So, C’mon man, don’t start with the excuses already.

    GO HAWKS!!

  9. As I said in another thread, don’t you EVER bring up “piped in noise” again. You know who you are. Other side of the country and structurally designed noise-enhancing stadium. If it is, Jets/Giants aren’t taking advantage of it. So proud of this team and these fans.

  10. Jwc, agree the Broncos were not prepared. The Seahawks were simply bigger, faster, and more athletic than any team Denver faced this year.

  11. Maybe Denver should’ve watched the Arizona game tape when Seattle had their tails between their legs at home (12th man)!!! Gotta be able to whoop Seattle at their own game to have a chance. Smash mouth ball!!
    Worst SB I’ve ever witnessed and hopefully the last of that nature.

  12. Congratulations to the Seahawks team for winning the Super Bowl. Now, it’s time for Seahawk Fan to grow up and become worthy of the team.

    Showering beer and food scraps on Navarro Bowman–a class guy–was bush (last game). Nobody should be proud of that when he just blew out his knee and was on his way to the locker room.

    Seahawk Fan gives a bad name to Seattle, the city. Some teams’ fans understand good sportsmanship (Packers, Cowboys), while others don’t (Sea Hawks, Jets, Raiders, Eagles). And, maybe even Richard Sherman learned something. Shame….

  13. Also sea donkey fans… Read a book, your stadium was built for sound. It’s meant to make thousands of drunk ass fans sound like there is double the fans there. Au least other team fans can say its real fan noise not amplified. ?? So many teams have crazy loud home games, but yet it’s louder in Seattle…hint hint. It’s not magic. Cheating to get upper hand lol. Nice game tho, Peyton needed that ass whooping.

  14. Love us or hate us (and we know the latter is more common than the former), the 12th Man did show up on a scale of a pinch over 2:1. Ticket sales stats had Colorado purchasing 8% while Washingtonians bought 17%. I make no excuse why we had more because that’s neither here nor there. Both states love their team equally, respectively.

    However, Seattle fans know better than anybody else about the effectiveness of noise disruption and, for the lack of better terminology, we TRAIN ourselves to be that loud, taking great pride in our volume levels. While other fans cheer for their team in excitement, we strive to push the decibel envelope to create issues where there normally wouldn’t be one. THIS is why the Seahawks retired our number before anyone else’s. We are that factor that can sway a play from one direction to another.

    We ARE the 12th Man.

  15. I put that on the QB. If you notice the entire line moves as one, they heard a “snap” count. Now maybe Manning was into his cadence and said his kill word in the same spot has the hike word was supposed to be, but thats on him, not on the hair trigger center. Best team won anyway, with or without that 2pts. Denver just looked tight, Seattle was relaxed. And why isnt anyone reporting on why Denver didnt take the FG before the half ? That 3 pts would have knocked some wind out of Seattles D

  16. Man, that was LOUD!! You know all about the acoustical properties that make Seattle’s home so special, but that was an open dome like KC… at a Super Bowl..

    12th man legacy…

    *Never appreciated home crowd until KC destroyed Pryor with 12 sacks earlier this year

  17. So he just snapped the ball not knowing WHEN he was supposed to snap it???

    Great reasoning, Ramirez. Genius.

    What a meltdown.

  18. Crowd noise was pumped into the met Life PA system whenever the Broncos were on offense. It was obvious and is being investigated. The only way to stop the Broncos was to destroy Peyton’s ability to audible and that was accomplished by artificial means. This was louder than any Seattle home game. The Seahawks aren’t that good. the outcome was clearly rigged. tainted “victory”

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