Nothing imminent for Seahawks, Michael Bennett


Yes, the Seahawks would like to re-sign defensive end Michael Bennett.

No, it’s not happening soon.

Per a league source with nothing of the situation, a new deal between the Seahawks and Bennett is not imminent.  Earlier this afternoon, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported that the Seahawks will re-sign Bennett.

Bennett inked a one-year, $5 million contract in 2013, a surprisingly low amount given the perceived demand.  His value upon hitting the market after four years in Tampa may have been hampered by a torn rotator cuff in his shoulder, for which he didn’t have surgery.

His performance definitely wasn’t affected.  Bennett had 8.5 sacks in the regular season, and 1.5 in the postseason (so far).

It’s unclear what it’ll take to keep him.  But it’s safe to say he’ll get more than $5 million in 2014, from someone.

17 responses to “Nothing imminent for Seahawks, Michael Bennett

  1. Cutting who then?
    Rice Miller Clemons?
    To keep one defensive end?
    Why not see who performs best today then decide.
    We might lose tate, but extending Thomas is key

  2. Extend Thomas or Bennett? Hmmmmmm
    Let me think about it for a sec,
    Thomas for sure. Give offers to Tate and Bennett.
    If they walk, we continue to build thru draft
    Go Hawks

  3. I’m a fan of every player on this team but I would let Rice, Clemons, Browner and Miller go. Use the money to extend Thomas and Bennett, and hopefully Avril next year.

  4. Deepest ownership pockets in the NFL – if Schneider wants Bennett back, he’ll be back. #GoHawks

  5. Seattle offseason moves:
    1. Cut Rice, Miller, Clemons. (Rice wasn’t worth the contract, Miller hasn’t really been effective for how much he makes and Clemons only had 4.5 sacks this year but a restructure could be another idea cause he has shown flashes.)
    2. Resign Thomas, Bennett, and possibly Sherman. (Really no explanation for these guys, their the heart of the secondary and Bennett really proven he can get a nice 3-year deal.)
    3. Let Golden Tate walk and draft TE, OL, WR (I wouldn’t mind Tate being back but he might ask for way more than he’s worth and basically the focus in the draft is to bolster the offense cause Russell as really not many weapons.)

  6. Congratulations to the Seahawks team for reaching the Super Bowl. Now, it’s time for Seahawk Fan to grow up and become worthy of the team.

    Showering beer and food scraps on Navarro Bowman–a class guy–was bush. Nobody should be proud of that when he just blew out his knee and was on his way to the locker room. Seahawk Fan gives a bad name to Seattle, the city. Shame….

  7. Just because one idiot drunk fan threw stuff at Bowman, doesn’t mean the whole fan base is classless. I’ve never heard of anybody getting jumped outside of Seattles stadium. From everything I’ve witnessed and heard, the Seattle fans love football and are passionate about the team. I can dig it. That being said, Bennett Thomas and Sherman are MUST SIGNS!

  8. Hey Uber, he was ‘showered’ with a few pieces of popcorn. Don’t let the facts get in the way of your judgments.

    Keep Bennett, Rice and Browner won’t be back.

  9. “Per a league source with nothing of the situation …” Not sure I’d trust someone with that title! Just kidding. You guys really need a copy editor.

  10. Bennett, I’m pretty sure something can and will be worked out. All of a sudden Seattle is where players want to be these days, so a mutually satisfactory deal that doesn’t break the bank will be worked out, I’m sure.

    It’s all about the team in Seattle, and being a member of a potential dynasty trumps dollars. Does anyone think Bennett doesn’t appreciate that he has another real shot at a second ring if he stays with the Seahawks?

    Seattle should be favored to return to the Superb Owl, barring a rash of injuries to the core group, and what NFL player worth his salt wouldn’t give up a little extra coin to be a part of that?

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