One MVP voter says Brady was more valuable than Peyton


As everyone expected, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was named the NFL MVP on Saturday night. But despite Manning having what many regarded as the best season any quarterback has ever had, the vote was not unanimous.

The MVP is determined by the vote of a 50-person panel assembled by the Associated Press, and Manning got 49 of the 50 votes. According to the Denver Post, the AP gave one of the 50 votes to former Steelers and Bears quarterback Jim Miller, who now works for SiriusXM NFL Radio, and Miller preferred Tom Brady.

“It pains me because Peyton had such a historic season,” Miller told the Post. “He is the offensive player of the year, no question. But having played the position, when I looked at who had the most value to his team, I thought Tom Brady carried that team the same way Adrian Peterson carried Minnesota last year.”

Brady may have carried his team, but he carried his team to a worse record than Manning’s team, and did so while throwing for 1,134 fewer yards than Manning, and 30 fewer touchdowns than Manning. Miller is entitled to his opinion, but his opinion is wrong.

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  1. Miller is absolutely right. Brady was given a pile of dookie and told to turn it into filet mignon. Which he did. He took a team of second and third tier players to the AFC championship. Brady’s best weapon was Julian Edelman, a 7th round FORMER QB converted to wideout. Love him or hate him, you’ve got to get Brady props for this year.

  2. Jim Miller is right in terms of Brady being more valuable to his team, Manning has always had pretty good skill players to say the least. Brady on the other hand had a bunch of players you never heard of and he carried that team to the AFC Championship when they clearly overachieved.

  3. I thought this was the NFL MVP, not team MVP award. I can see an argument for Brady, but Manning did more for the league than Brady.
    Good luck trying to convince me that Brady drove tv ratings the way Manning did. You couldn’t convince me that the NFL enjoyed greater revenues throughout the season due to Tom Brady.

  4. Brady certainly had an impressive ability to do less with less. But the only people he think we was better are those who desperately need to believe he was better.

  5. Blunt and the running game got them to the AFC championship game, and when the Broncos shut that down Brady couldn’t do anything. A good year for Brady with the team he had, maybe, an MVP season, absolutely not.

  6. I think he’s right. Brady played the majority of the season with oft-injured Amendola, Edelman, and a slew of rookies at WR, a still-hobbled Gronk who only played in five or games, then fumble-prone RBs…and still almost made it to the SB. Meanwhile, Manning has the best skill position group since the Greatest Show on Turf…

  7. Brady had a small chance if he beat Miami and won out to get the first seed. He still would have lost, but you could make a case. There’s no case at the moment. Brady was definitely valuable to his team but not more valuable then Peyton.

  8. If Denver lost Manning to injury, what happens to Denver this past season. If Brady was lost to injury, what happens to New England. Brady more valuable to “his team” considering lack of weapons

  9. Wats even more hilarious is the fact that everyone is talkn about what weapons brady had and didn’t have and he made it but yet the def lost all the key players and all no namers did wat the starters did if not better so who made the team brady or the team

  10. Peyton wins MVP in a landslide with 98% of the vote….and people are annoyed over the 2% that he didn’t get?


  11. I don’t know what standard Miller used to find that Brady carried the team all year. The first half of the season Brady was mediocre at best but the Pats went 6-2. The second half of the season Brady was terrific, and the Pats went . . . 6-2. Thus, it seems like the defense carried the team the first half-of the season.

  12. We all know in 07 wen brady set records n got caught cheating miller and everyone else voted him mvp nothing unanimous about it but sour grapes appear n now brady should have it over manning lmao manning never …never had a defense and still he separates himself from all other wbs and if he can ever get a home game im the regular season against brady it will b same outcome as the afc champ ..but goodell wont allow it and broncos goin to Gillette for the third straight season

  13. sure he is wrong because guys who never played the game know so much more than guys who never did and who sit behind a key board. aside from his rookie season he has never had to play behind lousy lines and sub par wide receivers. sick of hearing about how he would have won more super bowls if he played with a better defense, those defenses were good enough for him to win all those regular season games to get him to those playoff games where he choked weren’t they? he has played in the same offensive system since he came into the league, would have loved to see him play a season or 2 with what the Bears called offense since Cutler arrived before this season. I am sure he would have set records playing behind that line with devin hester as his # 1 receiver and mike tice or martz calling plays for him. he would have been retired 5 years ago because he would have been killed. he is good no doubt but it has not been just him alone that made him so good.

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  15. Manning had way more weapons than Brady, less injuries, and Brady still got the Pats to one of the best records and playoffs. Without Brady, the Pats don’t make the playoffs. Without Manning, the Broncos still win a lot of games and possibly make the playoffs.

  16. Fantasy points leader, yes, MVP, no. Manning had a year like Brady did in 2007, and neither deserved the MVP. There are probably 20 other current NFL QB’s who would have taken that Denver team to the playoffs. Tim Tebow would have led that Denver offense to 12 wins. Peyton Manning FPY for 2013. As much as it pains me to say it, Brady was more valuable to his team’s success than any other player this year, hence MVP. Now that I’ve said it, I think I need to shower the stink off, then go to confession.

  17. I really don’t think the “did more with less” to get wins argument works. I wouldn’t give Cam Newton any votes for taking his team to the championship with a bunch of no names and an old Steve Smith catching his passes.

  18. Personally, Peyton would have received my vote too based on his historic season – but Miller’s rationale strikes me as reasonable, sensible and thoughtful.

    Brady did one heck of a lot with injuries destroying New England’s strongest player at the first, second and third levels of the defense: (best DL (Wilfork), best LB (Mayo) and best DB (Talib – frequently out or playing hurt). Their OL struggled all year and also battled injuries. Hernandez went gangsta, Gronk was hurt most of the year, Amendola was also out, Vereen on the shelf for much of the year, Ridley battled fumbleitis, some WR rooks working out the kinks and the drops, etc. Brady did one hell of a job with that team – using nothing but spit, bubble gum and duct tape.

    Some times, you see votes in everything from the MLB Hall of Fame to College Football polls that are absolutely ludicrous and often driven more by agenda rather than merit – but Miller’s vote seems legit and a product of careful deliberation.

  19. All the little brady groupies still dreamin of a date with tommy. Get a life you losers. Jim Miller, after the career he had, should never be allowed to even talk football let alone vote for MVP.

  20. Three years ago, Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker were labeled as “promising” at best. Julius Thomas was injured and Knowshon was called a bust. Wes Welker is the only guy Peyton had who had been previously recognized as excellent, and he was out for part of the season. Peyton makes these guys excel. I’m not saying they aren’t great and I’m glad they’re Broncos, but Manning earned his records. If Brady would have played at that level all year, then his “nobody” WRs would have been lauded as brilliant moves by the Pats organization. He also would have looked competitive in the playoffs, not along for the ride. Boo to Jim Miller.

  21. 1 vote! just 1. LOL. Only one was delusional enough to “try to discount” 30 MORE TDs!

    And, by the way… much less pouting too.

    Peyton> Tommy

  22. Tom Curran:

    “I voted for Peyton Manning for MVP. I was strongly considering voting for Brady but I was talked out of it and into voting for Peyton Manning….. by Tom Brady.”

  23. Opinions are not wrong, they are opinions. Opinions are like … ….., everybody has one. You ought to know that better than anyone. AND, I am sure there are lots of fans that think the offensive player of the year should not have been either. Come fans, who should be the OPY.

  24. I happen to agree with him.

    People seem to think MVP means ‘best player’ when it actually means ‘most valuable player’.

    With Thomas, Decker, Welker, Thomas and Moreno, and that elite O-line, it wouldn’t take an elite QB to have a top 5 offense.

    Brady had no weapons. He had Edelman, who is Welker-lite. Their D wasn’t great either – Brady carried them to 12-4, only one win less than the Broncos, with the only thing helping being a serviceable run game.

    Which means that Brady had one win less than Manning with a far, far, inferior team.

    Which means Brady is more valuable than Peyton.

  25. What does it matter anyway, it cant be changed, the outcome was that Manning won get over it and live your life.

  26. he has a right to vote for whomever he wants. Its his opinion. Geese.

    Its not like Tom Brady played like Geno Smith this season. Brady did a lot with little this season.

    If your getting all worked up over one vote, you’re a drama queen, but that’s just my opinion 🙂

  27. The problem lies in calling it the MVP. Most QBs are MVPs, Manning, Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Newton, Luck, etc. Change it to Player of the Year, that would end most of the debate.

  28. The argument of “what their team would be without them” is dumb. Fact is no one knows. The only thing we know is how they actually played. This year Manning was clearly better than anyone else.

    Frankly, just watching him play, to me this was one of Brady’s worst years. He didn’t look that sharp in several games. Yes, they won their division and made it to the AFC Championship game, but it was a pretty weak division and a pretty weak conference. If anything more credit should go to Belichick. He should have been COY.

  29. Why are the comments mentioning Jim Miller’s time with the Pats being deleted? Jim Miller has a Superbowl ring thanks to being Brady’s backup in 2004. I think that shows why he might be biased.

  30. “Brady may have carried his team, but he carried his team to a worse record than Manning’s team”

    You are kidding us right? 13-3 vs 12-4, where that 12-4 record includes a stunning comeback win over the 13-3 team, and the Pats are an Amendola catch in the end zone, or an officials call away from 13-3, and the #1 seed? You say this like it was 13-3 versus 9-7. You are delusional.

    For those saying the voter should have his vote removed for not agreeing with the masses, I assume you are also liberal democrats that feel that those who do not agree with your agenda should also lose the right to vote, because after all, you feel you are so much smarter than everyone else. People like you are dangerous.

    If there ever was a unanimous MVP, it was Brady in 2007, and he didn’t get that either.

    On a side note, some of Mannings MVP’s in the early 2000’s should have gone to Brady, but people felt sorry for Manning. Brady was collecting Lombardi’s, so people gave Manning the next best thing.

    The unfortunate thing about the MVP is that it is like the Heisman Trophy. You usually can’t win it unless your team is a consensus #1. Peterson was an exception last year but it took some backlash to make sure it happened. Manning was Offensive Player of The Year, not MVP.

  31. Great game from the “MVP” last night huh?

    Brady is better. Pats haters…apologize to Miller now.

  32. Smith your opinion is bunk; Miller’s not wrong.

    Brady was FAR more valuable to the Patriots going 12-4 than Peyton was to the Broncos 13 wins… FACT

    Statistically Manning had the greatest season a QB has had BUT that’s not what MVP award is supposed to recognize… FACT.

    So tell me again how your OPINION of Miller’s opinion is correct. So tired of Florio and your Patriot hating hack journalism.

  33. Fact Brady had 11 ints and 25 TDs
    Fact Brady had 9 fumbles
    Fact Brady is a great player
    Fact Manning had a year for the ages
    Fact Manning had 55 TD’s
    Fact Denver had the best offense in the history of the NFL (606 pts)
    Fact Brady voted for Manning and talked another New England reporter not to vote for him but to vote for Manning. Reporter name was Curren.
    The die hards will never be able to see the truth. If Miller was so right then why was he the ONLY vote for Brady? Maybe because he played for the Patriots in 04? Maybe because he was brady’s backup QB? what ever the motivation was, not one other individual who voted agreed with Miller. Not even the great Tom Brady.
    Just the fact that Brady talked another voter out of voting for him tells you how strongly Brady felt about Mannings season. I’m just an Eagles fan with no real stake in this argument just a perspective from the outside

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