Percy Harvin: Those guys had so much belief in me

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When the Seahawks traded for wide receiver Percy Harvin, they were hoping they landed a player who could change games anytime he touched the ball.

They had to wait longer than expected to actually get Harvin on the field, but he proved he was exactly what they were looking for once they finally did. Harvin touched the ball four times in Super Bowl XLVIII and finished with 50 yards of offense that helped set up three first half scores and an 87-yard kickoff return for a touchdown to open up the second half.

After the game, Harvin called the performance “a big horse off my back” after the toll taken by being injured all season. Harvin credited his teammates with helping him get through the injuries to inspire him to a touchdown on a kick return play that Seahawks coach Pete Carroll had been holding in reserve because of what Harvin could do with the opportunity.

“It was amazing. Those guys had so much belief in me,” Harvin said. “Even when I wasn’t practicing, those guys were saying, ‘You’re going to score on this,’ and I’m like ‘I’m not even on the field practicing yet.’ Coach saved that one return for me hoping we could get a look, and it came through.”

Things didn’t work out for Harvin this year quite the way the Seahawks were planning, but the end result only reinforces the reason why they traded for Harvin in the first place.

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  1. Percy Harvin could have easily been the Super Bowl MVP. I am so glad Seattle has this guy on the team. There are so many non-Seahawk that have hateful things but the guy has been an excellent teammate and shows his heart on the field.

    Pete Carroll was just in an interview and said “this isn’t just a one year deal” that Harvin is signed for 5 years and is only 25 years old. Can’t wait to see him go at Century Link.

  2. Took advantage of an opportunity and made a play when it counted. You can’t ask for anything more.

  3. To everyone who hated on Percy in the comments sections of this website ever since the trade last March, a hearty Nelson Muntz “Ha ha!”

  4. Just like thought all along, though I was met with laughter and bitterness, Percy Harvin proved why he’s a game changer. As far as the whole trade goes, I really can’t say who “won” ultimately. But check this out, I’d go for the trade again in a heartbeat, dude just helped us win a friggin super bowl! There’s no chance in hell I’d rather have Xavier Rhodes and whoever else they pulled with the seventh rounder plus whatever they get this year in the third round. None of those dudes helped us murder the Broncos in the Super Bowl. Go hawks!

  5. You trade for Harvin believing he could help you win a SB. Well for the most part, he did. Just took longer to take off. Since the Hawks won a SB and Vikings got an excellent WR Patterson, both teams won on the trade.

  6. 3 years ago I would have scoffed at Percy Harvin and Tarvaris Jackson playing in a Super Bowl and winning it. Especially when predicted by the customers of the team they were on.

    They will forever be vilified by their former team’s customers for having a Super Bowl ring. They will be down played for doing so little to help the Seahawks earn the right to be in the Super Bowl.

    With the Seahawks, they are World Champions. They are members of a special club of men with World Championship rings. Congratulations.

  7. He fits so well into the seahawks rotation, hes not asked to be the work horse but to come in fresh every other couple plays. All the people saying negative things are blind to the fact that the seahawks won the trade and will continue to do so for years to come

  8. to be honest, i’m surprised they didn’t play him even more. he could not be stopped.

    denver does not have speed on defense, besides cromartie. Seattle officially has 4 stud receivers, and may even have rice back next year if he takes a pay cut.

  9. I originally questioned the decision of the Seahawks to trade for Percy Harvin.

    Now I get it.

    He cleared out the center and was just generally faster than everyone else out there.

  10. Pretty safe to say ‘Hawks would be champs even without Percy on the field tonight, but he added a lot of excitement. While the season didn’t play out as it was envisioned when the trade for him was made, the end result is the same: the Seattle Seahawks are Super Bowl Champions and IMO, this completely validates the trade for PH. This doesn’t mean the Vikings got fleeced; good trade for both teams. It does, however, nullify the troll comments I’ve had to read from a handful of bitter Viking fans all season long.

  11. oh jeez. I think I threw up in my mouth a little after reading this. Percy was non factor. take away his SB stats and Seattle would’ve still won.

  12. Count me as one of the people critical of Harvin for taking forever getting back on the field, but he looked incredible last night. This team would have been terrifying with him healthy the whole season.

  13. Would’ve been funny if he was MVP of the game. Mike Mitchell deserved it, but I just think it would have been a huge slap to all the Vikings fans that told all the Seahawks fans how bad their team screwed up trading for this guy.

  14. One of my main concerns coming into the game was that the hawks would try to hard to get Harvin involved and him being rusty would set them back…

    I was wrong.

  15. Congrats to Harvin….Probably the only play he will ever get before being concussed again.

  16. Yep, Percy sure earned his $13 million for this year with that KO return for a TD.

    The Seahawks have a VERY bright future, but in the next couple of years, new contracts will be needed for several key players, including Russell Wilson.

    The salary cap is going to force some of the more expensive players out. If Harvin doesn’t show up for more than a couple of games in 2014, don’t be surprised to see the ‘hawks cut him loose. A five year, $67 million contract is a heavy price for a guy who can’t stay healthy.

  17. Harvin is the 2nd highest paid player on the team. The Vikes could have just released the guy and still be ahead. He was a minor factor in the super bowl win, but is a major boat anchor for Seahawks as they have less cap money to go around to all the other players on the team that play every week and deserve to get paid…..

  18. Excited to see how this offense looks next season with Harvin in play 100%.

    Doesn’t need to be much different, but could be even more potent by running a tad less… but with him maybe they’ll end up running more.

    What a weapon..

  19. Says the guy who was threatened with IR before he decided he was well enough to play.

    Good luck next year figuring out what’s in this guy’s head……..

  20. For the amount of money it would have cost to resign Harvin, the Vikes would have been money ahead by just releasing him, let alone trade him. His potencial is exciting, but he is so injury prone, the reward does not warrent his big cap hit. Don’t kid yourself, he will not stay healthy in the future, as he never has in the past……The Seahawks played an incredible game and have a bright future, but Percy’s salary is just going to make it harder for them to retain and resign all those talented young players…

  21. I agree. But I am a Packer fan, and the Shehawks only have one Super Bowl championship, while the Pack has several. So enjoy you one big win, and someday you may reach the level of the best franchise in the NFL. Go Pack Go !

  22. sundaybutter says:
    Feb 3, 2014 5:01 AM
    1st r0und pick
    3rd round pick
    7th round pick

    67 million dollar contract

    The way he played tonight worth every draft pick and every penny !!

    All that for a guy who played 2 games? Fave it, Seattle would have win the sb without him. Thanks for the picks!!!

  23. Viking fans love to yap about the draft picks they received in the Harvin trade but deep down underneath all their bravado, they know those picks will be used for a Ponder or they will trade 2 of those picks for a Josh Freeman.

  24. Wow, way to give credit to the group. The Headache “set up three… scores” – come on, man. That was a team effort. The kickoff return was nice, but came at a point when the game had already been all but decided.
    Getting rid of a team cancer and acquiring numerous draft picks compared to getting a good performance in the biggest ONE game of the season, the Vikes clearly won that trade. Now if they could just win a game.

  25. Bitter vikequeen fans with their feet in their mouths once again. They are just angry Harvin did everything he could to get away from that God foresaken franchise and has a Super Bowl victory to show for it. Priceless!

  26. I still hate Percy as a person.. he gave up on us mid season. but watching him yesterday was pretty nostalgic..if he wasn’t made of glass he’s an MVP type guy. Patterson is a pretty decent consolation prize tho.

  27. Seattle could have won the game even without him. It was just easier with him. Denver was overmatched and outplayed. But who knows what 2014 will bring. Other teams have the entire off season to study this game and they won’t be sitting on their hands.

  28. What you have in Harvin is a guy with a history of locker room problems which could spell trouble for Seattle down the road. No question the guy is super talented. But he also is hurt all the time. Do you think MN would have let a guy of his caliber go without a good reason? Seattle wins that game with or without Harvin.

    Yet to be seen if Seattle made out in the trade. MN would much rather have Patterson than Harvin. That I can assure you.

  29. Where’s all the Viking’s fans? They were trashing Percy all season long and Percy got the last laugh. Good luck next season. Go Hawks.

  30. Lot of trolling and BS posts on this thread. Let’ talk reality.

    * He continued a pattern of being consistently injured.

    * He made 4 big plays for the Seahawks all year and did not justify the cost of him.

    * The viking used the pick to get a rookie who was picked to the pro bowl and still have a 3rd rounder this year.

    * The seahawks were a better team than the Broncos and would have one the game without him.

    Harvin could easily continue his oft-injured pattern.
    Cordelle Paterson could be a one year wonder.

    No one will no who benefitted from this trade until 2 years from now. Let’s all meet back her to figure this out.

  31. With Percy Harvin’s play in the Superbowl, it looks like Golden Tate is likely gone. He deserves to get paid after the way he played for us this season; he was so tough and clutch.

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