Quentin Jammer inactive for Broncos in Super Bowl

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Veteran Broncos cornerback Quentin Jammer won’t get a chance to play in a Super Bowl.

He’s one of the seven Broncos inactives, as the team chose to keep newcomer Marquice Cole active for tonight’s game instead.

Jammer has struggled down the stretch for the Broncos, who have been thinned by injuries throughout the year. The former first-rounder spent his first 11 seasons with the Chargers.

Cole has been with the team three weeks, signed just before they played the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game, after he was cut by the Patriots.

For the Broncos, the other inactives are quarterback Zac Dysert, running back Ronnie Hillman, tackle Vinson Painter, guard Chris Kuper, tight end Joel Dreessen and defensive tackle Sione Fua.

For the Seahawks, tight end Kellen Davis, running back Christine Michael, wide receiver Bryan Walters, tackle Michael Bowie, guard Caylin Hauptmann, defensive end Benson Benson Mayowa and defensive tackle Jordan Hill.

It’s the first time Davis has been inactive this season, which means they’re hoping for more of Percy Harvin on the field, and fewer multiple tight end packages.

12 responses to “Quentin Jammer inactive for Broncos in Super Bowl

  1. That’s not right. Play all season for them, then get disrespected by the Elway regime. God doesn’t like ugly. Elway disrespected baby Jesus Tebow, and tonight he will be paid back.

  2. It’s the Super Bowl. They should suspend that rule for the Super Bowl and let the whole roster play.

  3. Wayneflores, just what did you expect out of Elway and his cronies (or better known the (ELWAY Reign ) ? Just wait until the S B and the season is over, and if Denver just happens to lose the S B to Seattle. Just wait and see just how fast that he starts dumping players and especially F A . Especially the players that got so much praise leading up to the play offs and the SB. Then you can really talk about the disrespect that not just some but a lot more players getting treated the same way by the time the dust settled. I made some of these predictions back in the off season when Denver was going out and getting all of these different F A’s and paying all of those big bucko’s. At that time, I commented on just how Denver was trying to buy a S B or a S B team, which ever way that you want to read into what they were trying to do . I have not watched any part of the game and do not intend watch any part of the S B tonight 2/2/2014 , So I do not know what the out come may or may not be, but I will say this much as of now, there has never been a team yet, in the history of the N F L, that has went out and tried to buy a S B or a S B team that has ever won a S B. Who knows maybe Denver can change that, but like I have said before, I will hold all f my comments until after the S B before making any comments either way. All I am going to say at the present time is “MAY THE BEST TEAM WIN “.

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