Report: Broncos won’t sign Decker before free agency


Win or lose on Sunday, the Super Bowl will be the final game for some members of the Broncos.

Wide recevier Eric Decker is on the list of players potentially leaving Denver. Decker is set to become a free agent in March and Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that the Broncos don’t expect to re-sign him before then.

Per Rapoport, the Broncos fear losing Decker and would like Decker to take their best offer and then come back to them after speaking with other teams. There’s no guarantee that Decker will do that, of course, and he could get an offer that makes it a moot point even if he does give Denver a chance to match.

The Broncos have a slew of players in need of a new contract in the coming years, including wide receiver Demaryius Thomas, tight end Julius Thomas and linebacker Von Miller. Getting all of those guys and Decker underneath the cap would be difficult and, based on this report, it looks like they’ll run the risk of losing Decker rather than the other choices.

18 responses to “Report: Broncos won’t sign Decker before free agency

  1. Maybe he looks to take a shorter deal thats 2 or 3 years to continue playing with Peyton and further increasing the value of his next pay day? That would ideal but its also unlikely, take whatever money you can get at the earliest possible cause you never know what’ll happen next.

  2. Really you guys are nuts he is absolutely a great QB in the making ..but he does not even belong I the same conversation with a healthy RGIII the best is how a season ago RGIII was the most feared rookie in the NFL … He got hurt had a bad recovery yr… And now people talk about how he is so awful shut up he will b fine and you know who knows that better than any one else…Kirk Cousins … And that’s why he is ready to go

  3. Ask Peyton to take less in salary. I’m sure Papa John whatshisname would be willing to make up the difference.

  4. I hate these stories on the Monday morning after the SB, now we are doing them before the game. Can we just let them play the game and then worry about next year?

  5. Great job Broncos!

    Leak this story right before the biggest game in sports that the Broncos, Decker and the entire NFL nation play for all year long.

    How many conveniently dropped passes/missed blocks should we expect from Decker today?

  6. Looks like Decker will be tripping over his own feet for another team next year.

  7. What is Christian Ponder doing at media day? Seriously though, it’d be awesome for him to come back to Minnesota opposite CP84, play NFL football at his college stadium and then open a new palace in 2016. He’s also from Minnesota and grew up a Viking fan. Good luck tonight double decker!

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