Report: Martin/Incognito investigation report likely coming Thursday


After a period of silence, there was a flurry of activity on the Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito front last week.

Martin did an interview with Tony Dungy, Incognito responded with the help of a PR firm and Dolphins owner Stephen Ross let slip that he didn’t expect either player to play for the Dolphins in 2014. Ross also said he had an idea about what was in the forthcoming report from NFL investigator Ted Wells on the allegations of harassment leveled by Martin.

According to a report from Mike Silver of NFL Network, a few more people will have an idea about what’s in there in a few days. Silver reports that Wells’ report is likely to be delivered on Thursday.

With Ross saying neither player — Incognito is a free agent while Martin remains under contract — is going to be back, the Dolphins’ response to whatever is in the final report seems clear. There’s been some speculation that there could be fallout for offensive line coach Jim Turner, but the team hasn’t said anything other than that he remains on the staff.

15 responses to “Report: Martin/Incognito investigation report likely coming Thursday

  1. Incognito got stabbed in the back by that mentally weak orangutan Martin and his shark lawyer parents.

  2. $5 says the report will state that while Incognito may be a bit of an ass, Martin distorted what was done and what he himself added to it. Thats why Martin did the interview, battle space prep. Try to convince people it really was bullying and not the fact he can dish it out but can’t take it and something about the NFL not being ready to deal with bullying even though the report will not state he was bullied.

  3. I bet the report mentions richie incognito’s sexual assault at the golf course.

    I wonder if richie incognito’s public relations team will mention and explain the confidentiality agreement with the woman.

  4. I’m curious if we’ll see just as much ink after Incognito is cleared of this farce, as we saw when poor little Johnnie Martin was being the media darling for rampant bullying and racism in the NFL?

  5. Offensive line coach Jim Turner is low man on the totem pole, therefore he will be the one thrown under the bus.

  6. The report will state that the locker room environment was unprofessional (league wide emphasis recommended) , Turner will be shown as ineffective (will be fired/replacement already hired), incognito and Martin will be shown as having a mutual unprofessional/juvenile behavior and that Martins claims are exaggerated.

    Turner gets fired, incognito gets cut and a deal will be made with Martin concerning his release.

  7. So, the Bills need a RT and an LG…should they bring back Incognito, or should they team Martin with his draft buddy Glenn?

    I expect to see one of them in Buffalo.

  8. So Martin’s interview during SB weak was a pre-empted move at damage control from a very damning report on his own behavior.

    That being the case, it remains to be seen if he can sue the Dolphins for whatever he/ his parents concocted. This is important because if he does not get picked up once the Dolphins release him, what else does he have? What a horrible miscalculation.

    I hope Martin does play again with a team like the Colts or even the 49ers. If he does not perform and loses his roster spot, he can exit the game with some dignity, whatever is left of it. Ritchie should get a shot someplace else too.

  9. Could you imagine what a team like Seattle would do playing against a team that has Martin protecting the QB’s blindside? Just the thought of that has every QB calling in sick that day and every GM saying no thanks to trading for the rights to Martin. Martin will never be a starter in the NFL again. Had his chance and blew it.

  10. I just read the texts. Martin is really a POS! You don’t want to train and play, then don’t but why throw a buddy under the bus.

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