Reports of long delays near Super Bowl train stations


All week, local officials were warning fans to give themselves extra time getting to the game, because of the layers of security and the crowds.

Apparently, not enough people gave themselves enough time.

According to Andre Malok of the Newark Star-Ledger, by 2:45 p.m., security officials at the Secaucus Junction train station weren’t able to keep up with the crowds, and their efforts to screen bags became cursory.

Everyone is still being screened at the game site, so it’s not necessarily a security issue for the Super Bowl.

But the reports of long delays are complicating the arrival of thousands, as local officials encouraged as much mass transit to the game as possible because of limited parking. There were also reports of some fans collapsing and being attended to by paramedics because of the overheated, crowded conditions.

Fans naturally handled the delays with the grace you’d expect, with reports of passengers chanting “New Jersey sucks” as they got off trains from New York.

Of course, if they weren’t on the trains, they’d have probably been saying the same thing about lane closings on the bridges.

17 responses to “Reports of long delays near Super Bowl train stations

  1. From someone who lives in the area and takes NJ Transit every day commuting to work….this was predictable. NJT can barely handle normal day-to-day operations, so it’s not surprising that they can’t handle the biggest sporting event in the world when they’ve had 3 years notice that the Super Bowl would be today.

    Just wait until the game is over and all those saps are trying to leave the stadium.

  2. They should have got their much earlier, so they could have stood in the parking lot of Met Life starring at each other and wondering why there is no tailgating going on.


  3. It’s bad enough for a regular game. Since they took us off the 160 Bus at Port Authority, we had to go from Penn to Secaucus to East Rutherford. Even with more trains running, it’s a nightmare. So I know with the extra traffic, it’s log jammed.

  4. If security procedures can be toned down when it gets busy either it is not necessary at all or the person who made the decision to lessen the effectiveness needs to be fired.

    The main things that weaken security procedures are apathy, optimistic views of potential threats and personal convenience. Guess which one is going on here.

  5. Who could predict this would be a problem when they were going to be checking every single person for tickets and then checking bags at a place that is only supposed to temporarily keep people waiting for trains. Has nothing to do with NJT and more to do with the genius security teams who came up with this plan.

    Really smart idea…NOT!

  6. A big part of the problem is that you can’t take a Pascack Valley or Bergen/Main Line train directly to the Meadowlands, even though it’s basically on the same track. If you’re coming from Northern NJ or Rockland County, you have to take a train past the stadium to Secaucus, and then transfer to a train to the stadium.

    I don’t know how many fans took those lines today to go to the Super Bowl, but it’s enough of a pain in the ass trying to go to a regular season game at the Meadowlands. I can’t imagine what it would be like trying to go to the Super Bowl today.

  7. As a Browns fan I don’t have to worry about going to the Superbowl. I did however go once and found out one thing. The Superbowl is like The Masters and the Daytona 500. Great to go once but MADE FOR TV. And I go to all regular season games so I like to go to see football live. It’s just that this day is an event where they happen to work in a football game. It’s stupid. 75% of the people in there will be attending their first football game on corp tickets or something.

    It actually ruined watching it on TV for me because of seeing all the crap that surrounds the week and day.

  8. Wait a minute now. The game starts in 90 minutes or so and we are still messing around with traffic (in NYC/NJ), not to mention some SB bound fans are fainting at some train station probably from having to be standing for long periods of time and being herded like cattle and some may have a little etoh in the system being that there won’t be any tailgating. Hmmmm. 90 min is an OK cushion in Indy, not in NYC.

  9. Good thing the packer aren’t playing because of the weight limit on some of the those trains would make the delays even longer.

  10. At least they won’t get to the stadium and find out the tickets they had were for “temporary” seating areas that were never set up and then have to watch the game on small monitors in the halls of the concourse like that fiasco at JerryWorld. And it’s yet another reason, I’m more than happy to watch the game from home, even though I only live 2 hours away from the stadium.

  11. So the NFL forces everyone to use mass transit and now they are surprised there are delays? Don’t we all love Goodell’s NFL?

  12. This was not a case of encouraging folks to take public transport, but basically requiring it due to limited parking and security concerns at the Meadowlands.

    So how is it possible for such dangerous overcrowded conditions to occur on the approach to the trains and buses? Is this the NFL caring about their fans?

    Why did this happen? I have no idea. But if extra money was required for additional drivers/buses/trains, surely the multi-billion-dollar NFL could’ve stepped up.

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