Sapp asks Strahan, “Please forgive me”

Getty Images

Hall of Famer Warren Sapp said last week that Michael Strahan does not deserve to join him in Canton, inciting a war of words between the two of them. But after Strahan was elected to the Hall of Fame on Saturday, Sapp apologized.

Sapp said today on NFL Network that he approached Strahan on Saturday night and asked for forgiveness.

“I saw Michael Strahan last night,” Sapp said. “I grabbed him and hugged him and wouldn’t let him go. I said, ‘Please forgive me.'”

Sapp and Strahan have disliked each other since both were active players, and it’s doubtful they’re ever going to be buddies. But they’ll always be fellow Hall of Famers, and Sapp may have taken a small step toward burying the hatchet.