See you on September 4 in Seattle


The 2014 regular season will begin on Thursday, September 4.  In Seattle.  On NBC.

And it definitely will happen in Seattle, because the Mariners are playing that night on the road.

So who will the Seahawks host that night?  The options for 2014 are the 49ers, Rams, Cardinals, Cowboys, Giants, Broncos, Raiders, and Packers.

The PFT contingent at the Super Bowl disagrees on the opponent.  MDS and Josh Alper predict the Cowboys.  Curtis Crabtree picks the 49ers.  Darin Gantt has the Giants.

My guess is the Packers.

Who do you think it will be?  If only there were a quick and easy way to find out.

73 responses to “See you on September 4 in Seattle

  1. What a beat down! As a bronco fan, I take my hat off to the Seahawks and their fans. This Seatle defense was dominating today and really reminded me of the Tampa defense of the early 2000’s. You have a team you can be proud of for many years to come. The 12th man even showed up tonight in NY, which I don’t think my broncos really planned very well for. A hell of a performance, and a hell of a team. Congradulations on being World champs!

  2. Great to be a champion finally!!!! Feels even better with all the trolls and haters having to eat their words. Seahawks for life!!!! We’re the best today and hopefully for years to come. Now that we have a super bowl win I want a dynasty!!!!!!

  3. Peyton Manning is the biggest choker I’ve ever seen, and I’ve watched rancid guacamole get served to a room of 100 people.

  4. as usual you lose your last game peyton haha
    great job seahawks one hell of a team fierce defense clutch players all around you deserve it and im a pats fan …im glad for pete carroll great guy

  5. Congratulations to the superbowl champion seattle seahawks!! A team of misfits taking down king manning. Reminds me of when my saints won their first. ENJOY.

  6. As a DIEHARD loyal Ravens fan – I respect the hell out of defense! I feel proud to pass the Lombardi to Seattle. Complete Domination!

    #MUCH RESPECT, we’ll see you next year

  7. I’d expect the 49ers. I can’t see the league passing up on putting a grudge match like that on display on Opening Day.

  8. MEGA HEAD set his final record of the 2013 season, 12!

    As in 12 playoff loses, MOST ever for a QB.

    Sorry but you can’t be the greatest ever with that record oh and 1-2 in SB’s

    Hello FORSBERGLER , Manning SUCKS in SB’S!!


  9. Hats off to Seattle, enjoy my friends you guys are on top of the world. Get ya Shine on Seattle, NYC LOVES YOU!

  10. Worst Super Bowl I’ve seen in my lifetime.

    As a neutral observer, Seattle really didn’t seem all that amazing. Denver was just completely incompetent out there. The safety to start the game was completely unforced – Seattle had nothing to do with it. And that set the tone for the day.

  11. The real SB was played two weeks ago in Seattle.

    Top Five NFL Power rankings:
    1. hawks
    5. Broncos.


  12. If it’s the CowBabies, then they’ll start 2014 with a win. Congrats for beating a one man team to win the SB.

  13. PEYTON MANNING IS THE GREATEST REGULAR SEASON QUARTERBACK IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD! Takes two different teams to the Super Bowl and twice! throws a pick six. That will never be duplicated in the history of mankind.

  14. I didn’t see this beat down coming, Denver didn’t win any match up on the field and the second half kickoff kicked them in the gut, they played really soft and couldn’t tackle worth a sheet.

  15. Aikman said it best, reminded me of his first Superbowl vs the Bills. Well, Megamind is now 1 of 3 in Superbowls and scored 8 whopping points. I think we can close the book on the Peyton is the Greatest argument. He’s not even close. Congrats to the world champion Seahawks, and I’d love to see Dallas take them on week 1.

  16. Super Bowl champs !!! Youngest team to ever do it . Where’s all the Russell Wilson sucks and Percy harvin trade was terrible … I guess we’ll hear about peds even though their aren10 teams with as many as them this year INCLUDING DENVER ..

    Nice that the hawks beat the broncos in every single area so we won’t hear all this ref talk like every other sore loser . I’d add the Champ looks outmatched he should retire with grace like he is as one of the best of all Time but he’s done wish he had won the big game sometime besides today .

    Manning will be back to his old tricks reading defenses and audibiling the play . Seattle payed the blue print to beat him don’t change a thing make them take the under routes and when he tries to push it down field take it away or hit him ..

  17. Peyton Manning first 3 SB 1-2 860 yard 3td 6 int’s

    Tom Brady first 3 SB 3-0 , 748 yards 6 td 1 int

    Brady better than Manning!!

  18. Packers started out on the road last year.
    NFL seems to like the “Road-Home-Road-Home” thing…

    So I’m guessing it’s the niners since they started at home last year.


  19. Congrats to the Seahawks and their great fans. Great Defense. Can’t figure out why Denver was favored. Defense beats offense, like pitching beats hitting in Baseball. Congrats!

  20. Congrats Seahawks fans! Not since my Ravens destroyed the Giants in SUPERBOWL 34 has a defense destroyed another team (Tampa tore up too but since they’re coach was the opposing teams coach the year before and knew the offense like the back of his hand, I give partial credit.) Still though, in today’s offense favored/driven league it makes this victory just as impressive! Congrats 12th man! Party safe!

  21. allidoiswin55 says:

    Nice that the hawks beat the broncos in every single area so we won’t hear all this ref talk like every other sore loser .

    Like the Seahawks fans whining about SB XL for the last eight years?

  22. 49ers. Im sure CBS would want the Broncos-Hawks game for themselves.
    NFC team is home, so it would be FOX. Pretty sure NBC has its pick for the first game of the season anyways.

  23. As a 9ers Fan I want to say Congratulations to Seattle for dominating win over Denver. Enjoy your Championship. Oh just a heads up, those Super Bowl Trophies are difficult to keep clean… Oh but wait I forgot you only have ONE!
    Enjoy 🙂 …. see ya next year.

  24. To the fans that saying Seattle didn’t do anything impressive out there. I think you don’t know what you’re watching because this is the same way that great Tampa Bay defense or 2000 Ravens won their Super Bowls.

    Percy Harvin returning the ball for 80 yards is something special. Holding the best offense in the history of the game to points is special. Doesn’t matter if you give credit where its due, Seattle Seahawks are Super Bowl Champs.

  25. The Seahawks should open the season against the Cardinals.
    AZ the only team in over 2 years to win in Seattle

  26. My guess/dread is the Packers. After Ted Thompson breaks the bank signing major free agents and trades up into the top 10 to get a player both talented and not injury prone, the league will thus put the Packers on opening night. And they will get DESTROYED. #SpendSomeBloodyMoneyTed

  27. mavajo says: Feb 2, 2014 9:59 PM

    Worst Super Bowl I’ve seen in my lifetime.

    As a neutral observer, Seattle really didn’t seem all that amazing. Denver was just completely incompetent out there. The safety to start the game was completely unforced – Seattle had nothing to do with it. And that set the tone for the day.


    Haters are going to hate. The Seahawks special teams set up the safety by pinning Denver deep, and the Seahawks’ fans – YES, the 12th man, out if force even in NJ – were making so much noise Denver’s center couldn’t tell if Manning was calling the cadence or the snap count. So in fact Seattle contributed to the safety. Then they scored another 41 points – kicking, on the ground, in the air, defensively, and via kickoff return – which actually WAS pretty amazing.

    Maybe you’ve only been a football fan for a few years, I don’t know, but Super Bowl 35 was worse (Ravens 34 – Giants 7).

  28. I’m just glad there is a new SB Champion so the Ravens can return to their rightful place of being the little sisters of the Steelers.

  29. The league can schedule the Broncos, but that doesn’t mean they will show up. Franchise is a choke, metaphysical that Peyton would choose them after years of mostly choking with the Colts.

  30. Id rather SEA-SF wait till later in season for both divisional games. Game one is way to early to waste that rivalry.

  31. My guess is the Packers. It will be before Green Bay loses 15 players to IR yet again, so they will actually have the talent to win. Plus, I would love to see what Lacy can do against that great Seattle defense.

  32. I’d love to see it be my Packers, I think it would be GREAT karma and payback for the Packers to ruin the homecoming Super Bowl Party for the Seahawks after the Fail Marry debacle!!

  33. I wish it was Minnesota. They are always crying for attention and it just bugs the crap out of them that the Bears and Green Bay are always the media favorites. Let it be the Queens..have the Hawks blow them out in week 1 so that we can have 1 week of peace and quiet. Of course they will still find a reason to whine. I am sure Bevell, Harvin,Rice, and Farwell are thanking Jesus everyday they are not part of the purple anymore

  34. I’d like it to be the Packers because it’s good to get a great team early. There are a lot of apparent “upsets” on opening week. But I don’t think the NFL brass want’s to emphasize the Replacement Ref fiasco in the super-hyped opener. They want that mess to disappear from our consciousness.

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