The 12th Man made the trek to New York


Eight years ago, the 12th Man helped propel the Seahawks to the Super Bowl.  And then, when the team got to Detroit, it seemed like a Steelers home game at Ford Field.

This year, based on a very unscientific assessment arising from walking around New York City over the last few days, it looks like the 12th Man has fully infiltrated Midtown Manhattan.

From the Russell Wilson jerseys to the Richard Sherman jerseys to the Marshawn Lynch jerseys to the 12 flags to the spontaneous shouts of “Go . . . Hawks!” in restaurants and hotel lobbies and thankfully not during last night’s performance of Jersey Boys, it feels like Seahawks fans will have a strong presence at MetLife Stadium — and possibly an even greater showing than Broncos fans.

While that may not be enough to cause an earthquake in East Rutherford, it could give their team a nudge when they need it most.