Seahawks roll to a 43-8 victory in Super Bowl XLVIII

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The matchup between the league’s most prolific offense and its best defense was the one that everyone wanted to see in Super Bowl XLVIII, but it didn’t turn out to be much of a matchup at all.

The Seahawks opened up a 2-0 lead 12 seconds into the game when the Broncos botched a snap near their own end zone and things just went downhill from there as the Seattle defense lived up to advance billing. The Broncos turned the ball over four times and were shut out for the first 45 minutes of the game on the way to a 43-8 drubbing that called to mind some of the thumpings the Broncos took in their first three trips to the Super Bowl.

Picking a standout player from the Seahawks unit is difficult on a day that saw defensive end Cliff Avril, safety Kam Chancellor and linebacker Malcolm Smith all come up with big plays to tilt things in Seattle’s favor. And those big plays were accompanied by sterling play throughout the lineup in an excellent effort across the board. Defensive coordinator Dan Quinn should also get plenty of credit for slowing down Peyton Manning at the end of one of the finest, if not the finest, regular seasons by a quarterback in NFL history.

Unfortunately for Manning and the Broncos, Sunday looked a lot more like the days his brother Eli had with the Giants in MetLife Stadium than it did the unstoppable attack that lifted Denver to the top seed in the AFC. Manning wound up setting a Super Bowl record with 34 completions to go with Demaryius Thomas’ record 13 receptions, but those numbers couldn’t be any emptier after Manning’s two picks and Thomas’ fumble helped the Seahawks run away with the game.

The second of Manning’s two picks was returned 69 yards for a touchdown by Seattle linebacker Malcolm Smith with 3:21 to play in the first half, but memories of last year’s 49ers comeback kept anyone from feeling things were too out of hand. That changed on the opening kickoff of the second half when Percy Harvin went 89 yards for a touchdown to extend the lead and there was no blackout to halt the momentum this time around.

It took Harvin 12 seconds to get to the end zone on that return, which made the collective 12th Man that traveled with the Seahawks to New Jersey quite a happy group. Their celebration just continued from there as Russell Wilson threw two touchdowns in the second half and the Seahawks romped right up until the point that head coach Pete Carroll was drenched with Gatorade.

It was a little bit of everything that the Seahawks did well all year with a jolt of Harvin thrown in to remind you that they were never quite at full strength despite their many exploits on the way to MetLife Stadium. They were as close as they’ve been on Sunday night and the result was an emphatic statement that the Seahawks were the best the NFL had to offer for this season.

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  1. What a beat down! As a bronco fan, I take my hat off to the Seahawks and their fans. This Seatle defense was dominating today and really reminded me of the Tampa defense of the early 2000’s. You have a team you can be proud of for many years to come. The 12th man even showed up tonight in NY, which I don’t think my broncos really planned very well for. A hell of a performance, and a hell of a team. Congradulations on being World champs!

  2. Worst Super Bowl I’ve seen in my lifetime.

    As a neutral observer, Seattle really didn’t seem all that amazing. Denver was just completely incompetent out there. The safety to start the game was completely unforced – Seattle had nothing to do with it. And that set the tone for the day.

  3. logicalvoicesays says:Apr 29, 2013 2:26 PM
    Is Russell Wilson half the player RGIII is? Uh, no.
    Are the Seattle Seahawks ever going to win a Superbowl? Uh, no.
    Are the Washington Redskins the superior team in the NFL? Uh, yes.

    sure glad I saved this..too bad that bum isn’t around

  4. Congratulations to the Seahawks for an amazing team win and dominating performance in all aspects of the game. And a big, enduring raspberry for the Peyton Manning cultists who seem to honestly think a leopard can change his spots.

  5. What does T-jack have that AP doesn’t?
    A ring!
    Congratulations Seahawks, hell of a game

  6. Most lopsided Super Bowl in history and if not it has to be close. Wow…maybe Brady wasn’t all that crazy in saying he wasn’t going to watch.

  7. This is Pete Carroll’s victory. He built a predatory defense that was designed and built to take down offenses exactly like the one he faced tonight.

    Bigger. Faster. Stronger. Louder. The best there is.


  8. As a DIEHARD loyal Ravens fan – I respect the hell out of defense! I feel proud to pass the Lombardi to Seattle. Complete Domination!

    #MUCH RESPECT, we’ll see you next year

  9. This was honestly such a boring game, but also such a fun game. The Broncos walked through a cupcake conference, and it showed perfectly tonight. Peyton Manning could only put up 8 points in arguably the most important game in his career, but people still call him the best?? Great game Seahawks. Denver, it was fun watching you get demolished.

  10. 1976, the Seattle Seahawks were born and put in the NFC West.

    2014 They are Super Bowl Champions.

    To the greatest fans on the planet, all honor to your Hawks as they were unbelievably impressive in this win!

    May you get many more!

  11. This just in. The ravens are no longer the defending super bowl champ.

    Con grats to the seahawks on a great win and one heck of a dominating performance.

  12. The biggest upset in Super Bowl history. Wow. I predicted a 27-21 Seahawks win, but damn, was not expecting this. In three Super Bowl games, Manning has done nothing!!! His team carried them against Chicago. 2013 broncos team = OVERRATED!!! All this talk between Brady and manning, should not be a debate. The Patriots wouldn’t have walked in and crapped themselves like that. Also, a huge difference between Fox and Belichick. I’m saying all this because of all the donkey riders on this site these past few weeks. The “GOAT” was nowhere to be found. CHOKE ARTIST.

    Congrats to the Hawks, Wilson, Carroll and Sherman.

  13. Congratulations 12th man. Filter out the noise from the haters and remember everything you have been through to see your team dominate “the best offense ever”!!!

    Greatest day in Seattle sports history.

    No troll can take any of this away. And for everyone that hated on Harvin….

    How you like me now???

  14. As an SF fan, I’ll cop to rooting for the Broncos – but have to admit that was one of the finest defensive displays I’ve ever seen put on in a Super Bowl. From this Niners fan to SEA, congratulations and enjoy your parade. You more than deserve it.

  15. If you’re Peyton Manning, how do you come back from a loss like that after having that kind of a season?


  16. I’d still take Patterson over Harvin… just saying…

    In seriousness, congratulations Seattle. You just stopped the great offense of all time. And you earned it. I just hope they can keep it up once they have to actually sign all those players to real contracts. Really though, hats off. What a dominant performance.

    A vikings fan

  17. I’m very concerned about Florio’s comfort level in the press box. Did they get the temperature to his liking?

  18. I’m disappointed I really wanted the broncos to win, but the Seahawks simply dominated, more then I expected them to. Congrats to the Seahawks fans you have a great team, the only question is will they be able to keep it together and if they can stay ahead of the league. I may sound like a hater but I’m just wondering if the Seahawks offense will work that much longer or if DC will find a way to stop them. Anyway congrats to the Seahawks, how much they have came since almost having Flynn at QB

  19. Congrats to the Seahawks. Don’t think that was the game anyone expected, but they did everything they had to do on offense, defense, and special teams. Great win!

  20. Congrats REAL hawks fans on a complete dismantling. It was earned across the board. Denver wow what was that? Seattle is good but you were horrible. I knew the real SB was the NFCCG but man I didn’t expect this.

  21. Nice game Hawks, congrats. Have fun in Cap hell with the way your D played this year, lol. They are ridiculous, great game though you deserved every bit of it.

  22. Hope Peyton really does retire that was his last shot at the title, walk away before that neck causes you permanent problems.

  23. The Seahawks dominated every aspect of that game. Did not see this kind of game coming at all. For non-Seahawks fans, this was seriously a really boring Super bowl. I would say the best part was half time for me.

    Congrats to Seahawks fans.

  24. Two things we learned from this game:

    1. PEDs really do work.

    2. Viking players are jealous of Percy Harvin. He did what every Minnesota player secretly dreams of: getting the hell out of there so that they can win a Championship Title.

  25. Mavajo: I want what you’re smoking. That was a complete and total domination in all phases of the game. Hate all you want , for the next year all you haters have to live with the fact that the Seattle Seahawks are the undisputed NFL Super Bowl Champions. Read it and weep!!

  26. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!


  27. What happened to all the morons who said Peyton was gonna own Sherman and shut his mouth? LMAO!

  28. mavajo says: Feb 2, 2014 9:59 PM

    Worst Super Bowl I’ve seen in my lifetime.

    As a neutral observer, Seattle really didn’t seem all that amazing. Denver was just completely incompetent out there. The safety to start the game was completely unforced – Seattle had nothing to do with it. And that set the tone for the day.

    neutral observer? please. I have no dog in this fight, but Seattle was amazing. They earned this win. Every point. Did you hear the entire season of the slurpfest for manning. It was sickening. There are others on the broncos, never heard another player get a mention. This loss is manning’s alone, can’t have it both ways. Seattle was the big dog tonight, and they showed they were the best team.

  29. To anybody who will listen: The Seahawks are my least favorite team, what with the PEDs and the Fail Mary. Also, Pete Carroll illegally paid players to come to USC in the mid-2000s, then bailed out on his job before the NCAA could drop the hammer on him, leaving only their innocent players to suffer from the NCAA sanctions. He was rewarded for it with a job in the NFL and now has a Super Bowl ring.

    Something is seriously wrong here.

  30. You obviously weren’t a bronco fan in the late 80’s, LoL. Nothing embarrassing about being dominated by a far better team. Football is the ultimate TEAM sport, and it showed tonight. I said before the AFC championship, when I was arguing with a Pats fan that it didn’t even matter who won the AFC championship because no one was going to beat the hawks/9ers either way, and you saw why tonight. both those teams are dominant! I was figured it was going to be a closer game, but if you don’t win it, who cares how bad you lose by. Once again Manning will take the brunt of the critism for the loss but the bottom line is it wasn’t even a fair fight with regards to the talent of players going against eachother. After puting a whooping on the team I hate the most, the Pats, my superbowl was 2 weeks ago.

  31. Just how great it was to see a defense win the game. especially since it was against the prolific offensive player, Manning. Enjoy Seattle, being a Steeler fan I salute you and your team.

  32. Denver has played an NFC West team in the Superbowl twice…… And they have been outscored 98-18. Wow just wow

  33. Seahawks are too tough. This team is scary good, the offense is under rated. See you guys next year, save the hate for then, we completely dominated the broncos!

  34. John Fox=Dan Reeves=Bud Grant=Marv Levy

    Vikings and Bills fans rejoice – Broncos now have the record of 5 Super Bowl losses

    And before everyone chimes in saying the Broncos at least won 2 Super Bowls……..look up the five worst losses in Super Bowl history………….

  35. Congrats Seahawks on a dominating win. That “D” is the best I have seen since the 2000 Ravens. They were so much faster than Denver it was sick.

    Glad to pass the Lombardi to deserving fans.

    A ravens loyalist

  36. Probably the one team that has a real shot at being a dynasty…

    Unless Wilson gets greedy like Brees/Rodgers/Flacco/Brady/Big Ben/Peyton/Eli.

  37. Top 5 NFL power rankings:

    1. Hawks
    2. 49ers
    3. Saints


  38. you4real says: Feb 2, 2014 10:01 PM

    logicalvoicesays says:Apr 29, 2013 2:26 PM
    Is Russell Wilson half the player RGIII is? Uh, no.
    Are the Seattle Seahawks ever going to win a Superbowl? Uh, no.
    Are the Washington Redskins the superior team in the NFL? Uh, yes.

    Why do you talk to yourself?

  39. Massive congrats to the Seahawks for the most complete game in a Super Bowl that has ever been seen!!

    …and a personal thank you for keeping Elway from hoisting that trophy! (Sorry Champ Bailey…)

  40. I was wondering why Vegas favored Denver; now I know they were tripping. So happy for Russ Wilson; congrats Seahawks.

  41. Thirty years ago I was at the first Seahawk playoff game ever,,Today my wait is over,Well done Hawks!

  42. I pity the people that paid ridiculous prices to go to that boring and disappointing game.

    First Super Bowl that wasn’t exciting in a while. Probably the least exciting of the playoffs this year.

  43. Wow. Seattle took the field with their butt-kicking shoes on, and never took them off. Congrats, Seahawks.

  44. Congrats to Seattle… awesome game. glad to see P Harvin’s return for a TD… Hats off to a great D.

    ( even though I’m a Viking fan, I picked u to go all the way last spring.)

    Congrats to a great team and to the 12th man

  45. I guess the crapier the half-time, the better the game. The halftime was half wya decent this year, and the game sucked. Beyonce sucked it up and the game was good.

  46. 2 of the best quarterback seasons in history:

    2004…3 points in the AFC Divisional playoffs.

    2013: 8 points in the Super Bowl




  47. Steelers will be back representing the AFC. Then you’ll see a real team back in the superbowl

    That depends. Is Dr Rydze back with the organization?

  48. Congrats Seahawks Denver was horrible and this will hurt for a while. I would say Seattle play great but honestly I didn’t think they were amazing, cause they didn’t need to be. Denver was messed from the start with that safety. If that is enough to mess with your psyche then you shouldn’t plan on winning. So congrats birds.

  49. 49ers fan here! i want to genuinely congratulate the seahawks and their fans. it was a long time coming and it has been finally achieved, good stuff! we’ll be back next year to give the challenge of knocking you off the throne. til then, party safe!

  50. The vikingsfranchise>shehawkpackers bears lions 49ers rams cardinals broncos chargers raiders chiefs cowboys redskins giants eagles falcons bucaneers saints panthers colts jaguars titans texans ravens steelers bengals browns patriots jets bills dolphins.SKOL!

  51. Worst Super Bowl ever.
    The Broncos never showed up – a total lay down.

    But on the bright side, Seahag fans can now stop their pants-wetting, thumb-sucking whining about the officiating in SB XL.

  52. Feels great to say Seattle Seahawks are the Super Bowl champs!! The 12th Man showed up huge as this game, it was like a Century Link game.

    So much noise this team dealt with and basically shut out the best offense in NFL history. Very proud of this team and think it was such a full team effort. Amazing year, Go Hawks!

  53. goldrush36 says: Feb 2, 2014 10:18 PM

    Denver has played an NFC West team in the Superbowl twice…… And they have been outscored 98-18. Wow just wow


    Denver defeated Atlanta in SB 33…the Falcons were then an NFC West team. Still only cuts the cumulative scoring margin by 15 though. 117-52.

  54. rubenxx7 says:
    Feb 2, 2014 10:02 PM
    Congrats to SeAttle. THat makes up for the fixed superbowl they played in against Pittsburg in Detroit.

    Its been 9 years .Get over it.

  55. Robert Kraft has a nose for picking head coaches. In 20 years he has hired two, Belichick and Carroll.

  56. Wow, I hope Denver is not in the Super Bowl next year. They have been blown out more than the Bills. Congrats to the PED-Hawks. Great Defense. However, their DB’s hold, push, grab on every single play. All taught by Pete Carroll. I give Carroll credit though, he told them the Refs will not call that on every play, and he is correct. I also love how when you go to the Pete Carroll website and it gives his history of USC football and Seattle, it mentions nothing about PED use. He left USC because he knew he was caught and he brought all his needles to Seattle. Most suspensions of ROIDS than any other team in the NFL. Is it any coincidence they have the best defense in football when all of his 8 players that have been suspended are all on defense? I will say this, even with the PED’s they have the best defense I have seen since 2000 Baltimore. I just hate Pete Carroll.

  57. As a die hard 49er fan, my hats of Sea-town, great season.

    Look forward to next few seasons… Go Niners! Congrats Hawks!

    Denver, the NFC West owns you!

  58. Sweeeeet! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer team.(The Broncos I mean) Elway, did you hear Wilson’s first words on the podium? “God is so good” sounds like something a certain young man would say, who you recently did a great wrong to. You reap what you sow. Also, I’d like to personally congratulate Wes Welker on keeping his Superbowl record perfect. At least you didn’t have to drop a pass this time to keep your streak alive!

  59. Some classy comments in here, starting with the first. Thank you.
    And then there are the haters. Read the classy comments, then read yours and realize what a miserable human you must be.

  60. Broncos fan here. What a massacre. Seahawks came to play and we’re by far the better team.

    Congrats to the Seahawks and their fans. Great year.

  61. What an embarrassing mismatch. Combine that with the fact that no one on the eastern third of the country ]had any stake in either team (I don’t recall hearing from so many people that they were completely agnostic about a SB game before) while the game was in NJ.

    Oh well — always next year.

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  63. Number of Super Bowls Manning has won since his team was caught pumping fake crowd noise into his home stadium on national TV:

  64. Yes Seattle D came to play and showed why they deserve to be champs. Wait a couple years when the cap hits and see where there at. The fans will be like mariner fans when they won 116 games and then disappeared a couple seasons later. same thing will happen to the Seahawks!!! I live in the area so I have seen it first hand!!!

  65. I told y’all the Broncos were preparing for their NFL record 5th Superbowl loss. They have some of the worst blowouts in history, 42-10, 55-10, and now 43-8. Wow. Just, Wow.

  66. It was Bucs Raiders all over again. The staples of football still win championships. Everybody goes all ga ga over these great offenses. I will always pick teams with d and running, even in the new NFL.

  67. Welcome to the club, Seattle. With tonight’s dominating win, you join a prestigious group of the all-time great defenses: the Steel Curtain of Pittsburgh, the ’85 Bears, the 2000 Baltimore Ravens and the 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Add Seattle to the list and you have the five greatest defenses in NFL history.

    Factor in the success and maturity of Russell Wilson and the sustained impact of some mighty impressive draft selections and under the radar free agent signings and the Seahawks should compete for quite some time.

    As a non-Seahawks fan, I have one request for the 12th man: please do not become insufferable faux Red Sox type fans. You have something special in this franchise right now, don’t transform into spoiled New England fans. Congrats.

  68. Too bad Broncos. Maybe if you didn’t have a Minnesota native on your team you wouldn’t have choked.

  69. There is still no d in Denver. 12th man showed up, Percy showed up, and broncos did not. Congrats to the Seahawks and fans and embarrassing loss on the big stage for broncos and fans.

  70. Dogsweat says: Feb 2, 2014 10:03 PM

    1976, the Seattle Seahawks were born and put in the NFC West.

    2014 They are Super Bowl Champions.

    Hawks started out in the AFC WEST and moved to the NFC West when the league re-aligned.

  71. I’ve waited since day one. I heard all the pundits, retired pros and old coaches all telling the audience why Seattle couldn’t win. Of them all, I think I saw two that picked Seattle.

    It’s difficult to run any offense against that defense. And the Hawk attitude…Next Man Up…really paid dividends tonight.

    The Offense will come…and there were flashes of it tonight. I hope the Hawks offer Russel Wilson a franchise contract extending many years out.

    And now that it’s over…I’m going through withdrawal already. Can’t do baseball and golf is a yawner. My summers suck!!

    Go Hawks!!

  72. As a Niner fan congratulations Seattle, you represented the NFC in elite form.

    I’ve talked smack all season (as to be expected) but I did not expect this debacle. Enjoy your celebration. This is what being a fan of a World Champ feels like. What else can I say …

    Until next season, cheers.

  73. Congratulations to the Seahawk organization, it’s players and fans. Please, please, keep your humility and never become like those arrogant, sniveling forty whiners.

    I walked away from the Superbowl game wondering whether the Seahawks were that good or the Broncos that over rated.

  74. By the way FORSBERGLER, while the Pats were fighting one handed in “your SuperBowl” they held your precious offense to just two TD’s. I’m sure Settle learned something from that game tape. Knowing that the Patriots some how contributed to your team having its insides ripped out and painted all over Metlife stadium for all the world to see, while registering a world record 5th Super Bowl loss, warms my heart. Here’s to hoping you freeze your sorry Canadien troll-like behind off up there in that God forsaken hole you live in off the coast of Maine.

  75. Cjspiller12 a little research would go a long way .seattle has the same amount of ped suspensions this season as 10 other teams including the broncos and Bills ..

    They had 6 over 3 years but you fail to research those name bc most of them are nobodies and were practice players .

    Seattle has 1 guy in the roster who was suspended for peds . Why don’t you use that stat or fact . Oh wait i know bc it would l expose you as the idiot you are .

    Lastly the damn redskins have equal or more overall suspensions than Seattle over this last 3 seasons , no one speaks of this bc they suck isn’t it obvious the media paints the villain and Sherman makes that easy too but doesn’t change the fact that the Seahawks are SB 48 CHAMPS

  76. Super Bowl highest winning % minimum 5 games

    San Francisco .833
    Green Bay .800
    NY Giants .800
    Pittsburgh .750

    Broncos steroid cheaters won two and were blown out in the rest.

    Pats Cowboys Redskins maybe Ravens in the next tier—good historical franchises.

    Vikings Bills .000 nuff said.

  77. Pretty shocking to me that was never a competitive game and it is hard to imagine how the game could play out differently and the Bronco’s come out on top. Sure it could have been closer, but that looked liked Seattle would have easily swept a best of seven series if football were played like that. A lot of NFC teams gave the Seahawks a stiffer challenge. Are we entering another era of NFC dominance??

  78. @greatceaser’sghost. Ya I remembered the Falcons game right after I posted. An edit feature sure would be nice on here lol. Still as you said thats a brutal point spread

  79. The moral of the story kids, is cheaters win. Forever an *, #1 PED drug test failing team in NFL history wins SB….. Where is Karma when you need it?

    Denver forgot to pack their A game for the trip, what a sad display. I am even more disheartened that in the NFL, cheaters continue to win. Horrible message to send to the fan base. Players should be PED tested 24 hours before each game and those who test positive held out.

  80. The better team clearly won tonight.

    But I am still not why they get such a pass on the fact that 3/4 of their “legendary” secondary has served PED suspensions.

    If the Yankees won the world series with an infield that featured 3 out 4 players who had served PED suspensions, do you think that would not be mentioned 1,000 times after they won?

    What is it about this team that no one seems to care about their cheaters?

  81. To the neutral observer: You’re a donkey…Seattle just mopped up the no. 1 scoring offense of all time, and you didn’t see anything that spectacular? You don’t watch football, and you don’t know football…The Seahawks just destroyed the Broncos…What team in the league do you know of that’s better? Are you even from earth? Hello?

  82. Mostly classy responses from Broncos fans. …i am impressed. Seattle Defense was incredible and Wilson went back to playing like he did in the first half of the season. I almost feel bad for Peyton, but still have the utmost respect for him. If they were playing anybody but Seattle, I’d have been cheering them on.

  83. Ok. As a lifetime Seahawks fan……I as well as other lifetime Seahawks fan have suffered for a long time. Thank you to those that recognize how good this team is. And I challenge all other teams to step up against us next season. This defense is not going anywhere away from Seattle for awhile ( umm you Vikings fans that have spoke up, I understand your passion, but you are delusional.) SF is our biggest competition and they will be our biggest challenge next year. As for those who think that the whole PED thing won it for us……really? The MVP Malcolm Smith is a poster child for abuse lol. The team was expertly put together by Carroll and Schneider. Keep hating you guys, we will see you next year. Go Seahawks!!

  84. 1st.. the center said the noise affected his snap which resulted in a safety. Shouldn’t he had been prepared for it to be noisy after all it is the super bowl! 2nd The Bronco’s appeared to be expecting Seattle to roll over and play dead for them and hand them the championship when infact Seattle was the hungrier and better prepared team.

    The offensive and defensive play calling by Denver was horrible and Fox really needs to get a new OC and most definately send Del Rio out the door and get a new DC.

    Hats off to Pete Carol who has really built a machine in Seattle and to think a few years back people were questioning Seattle hiring him as their coach.

  85. Congrats to Seattle from a skins fan. I still hate them, their fans, the 12th man crap. However, every city should experience winning a major sporting event. What it does for a town, and everyone around it, there’s nothing like it. And from going from the low’s of losing your basketball team to the highs of today, I hope they enjoy every minute of it.

  86. Denver came into this game after playing the easiest schedule in the league. Every matchup was in Seattle’s favor except for Den pass off vs Sea pass def, which was even. This game had blowout written all over it, I’ve been saying 31-17 Seahawks for 2 weeks…boy was I wrong.

    Denver saw what it is like to play against a real defense for the first time this year.

  87. Kapperdoodle says that if Denver had only scored more points than Seattle they would’ve won.

    I only wish that I had bet more.

  88. 38 years to get here…and the air is sweet and clean at the top of the mountain!
    Some great ups…a lot of the point of feeling cursed.

    Behold, the birth of a dynasty

  89. Defense still wins championships. I also love the way Seattle honors their fans. Classy.

  90. Sometimes I come to pft and im just in shock of all the hate people spew.

    Reading these comments restored my faith in humanity. Its cool to see all the congrats. Especially the 9er fans. Our rivalry has gone overboard at times.

    Ive lived in Seattle for 15 years and been a Hawks fan since. This city loves its football. It was starving for a championship. Today we pulled it off with punctuation.

    Good luck to all 32 teams and cities next year.

  91. 7th round draft pick and back up LB is the MVP, lol. Just shows the crazy depth and talent of this team. They lose 3 starters on the line (2 pro bowlers), lose there #1 and #2 receivers, have there second and third CB’s gone for weeks through out the year. Yet through all of this they go 13-3 and won the super bowl. This team will win a few Lombardi’s and be a contender for years to come. To all you haters of Pete, talk all ya want but in the end you’ll wish he was your coach/gm when all is said and done. Go Hawks!

  92. Denver handed the game to Seattle as much as Seattle took it to them. A win is a win but let’s be honest here, the game would have been more competitive if Denver didn’t just give it to them.

  93. I know this is going to sound silly, but the way that whole Tebow thing went down with Denver.

    That’s the way curses start…he is doing commercials for the Super Bowl.

    While his old time got stomped out.

    Great season by both teams, congrats to Wilson.

    PFT Poet had to love seeing T-Jack out there for a few plays.

  94. Denver played amazing all year… I believe that the game was rigged. (Which makes sense considering the Seahawks have never won.) don’t you think it is weird to still not score in the 3rd quarter… You could tell that the broncos were not even trying… And what I don’t get is that they showed Sherman with an ankle injury and on crutches and then a few moments later he was fine!

    Does it sound suspicious to you?

  95. Unfortunate the 2 best NFL teams are in the same division. As a Bay Area born guy living in Richmond I’m gonna start seeing a lot more Wilson jerseys around here. To our rivalry! Go niners!

  96. hey IANMAN11 ! I love how in some way you take credit for a Seahawks victory! A true Pat fan you are, LoL. You are so right Ian, Seatle looked at the tape of the AFC championship and said ” Look the Pats played Press Man coverage all day and they only scored 26 points” So if we play Zone all night we’ll hold them to 8. You are an idiot, you have no clue what your even talking about. When you sound this stupid you just make my case for me. Don’t you wish your team got the credit for it’s SB’s like seatle getting? Must suck not to get any respect. Go eat another doughnut you fat pig.

  97. 5 points for the day after

    #1 Peyton Manning is an incredible quarterback and a credit to the league. He will be a unanimous first ballot HOF, and will always be one of the greatest to ever play the game.
    #2 Seattle fans, stop crying about the SB you lost 8 years ago. Pittsburgh played lousy and still won by 11. Any bad calls may or may not have resulted in more points, but Seattle still would’ve lost.
    #3 Seahawks are an excellent team
    #4 Seahawks uniforms are atrocious, road white uniforms a little less so.
    #5 Seahawks fans are annoying, oddball Pacific NW coffee-obsessed hipsters.

  98. No amount of whining can take away from the fact that the Seahawks are the XLVIII champions. Not with an upset like that over an offense like the Broncos.

    Whatever X or Y or Z bad a hater may claim Seahawks may have done can’t be worse than a person denying Seahawks their FULL credit as the Champions at this moment. That fact crushes every other detail with respect to the NFL. Nothing else matters.

    So really, all that is left for those who hated and unfairly doubted the Seahawks is to just moving alone be quiet. Go on damage control. You’ve already been proven wrong and you cannot win this argument.

  99. I also wanna say congratulations to the Broncos and their fans. You guys had a helluva year and to me, it was an honor as a Seahawks fan that we were playing you guys.

  100. As a broncos fan I’m still shocked and ashamed at my team’s uselessness. Also the fact that they lost a record 5th Superbowl. But s*** happens (mostly to the broncos unfortunately) and atleast they lost to the most dominant team in the league. I guess they showed up “medicated”, or more like didn’t show up. Anyway congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks Superbowl XLVIII champs.

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