Doug Baldwin to Cris Carter: Your analytical skills aren’t up to par yet


After the NFC Championship Game, Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin took issue with the fact that ESPN analyst and Hall of Famer Cris Carter called Seattle’s receiver group “appetizers” because they were lacking a main course.

The two weeks between that game and the Super Bowl didn’t do much to diminish the slight that Baldwin felt and he again aired his grievances with Carter in the wake of the 43-8 victory. Baldwin had five catches for 66 yards and a touchdown, helping him to a Super Bowl ring that he says he’s happy to show off to the ringless Carter.

“For all y’all who called us, the receiving corps, average, pedestrian, appetizers—I’m not going to say any names, but he knows who he is—I respect what you did on the field, but stick to playing football, because your analytical skills ain’t up to par yet. You need to slow down and go back and not do it half-assed and put some effort into it, because you’re saying some stuff that didn’t really make sense,” Baldwin said, via John Boyle of the Everett Herald. “That dude who said that we were appetizers, he told me to Google him, and I did Google him, but I didn’t see any Super Bowl appearances, and I also saw two losses in conference championships. I have a Super Bowl ring, and I would gladly show that to him. And if he doesn’t have time to come see it, tell him he can Google it.”

There’s not all that much to add to Baldwin’s words other than to say that the purported appetizer enjoyed his dessert on Sunday night.

195 responses to “Doug Baldwin to Cris Carter: Your analytical skills aren’t up to par yet

  1. Russell Wilson only had 200 yards total passing yardage. Baldwin had the most receiving yardage of any Seattle receiver at 66 yards. Average to below average pretty much sums up the Seattle passing game.

    Be glad your defense and special teams carried the day and stop blowing your own horn because the passing game was merely along for the ride.

  2. Take that Cris Carter… Although I doubt Baldwin will ever have a bronze bust talking trash to Carter when the lights go out in the HOF, he’s a SB Champion. That, in itself, is glorious.

  3. ““That dude who said that we were appetizers, he told me to Google him, and I did Google him, but I didn’t see any Super Bowl appearances, and I also saw two losses in conference championships. ”

    OHHH SNAP!!!

  4. Cris Carter loves him some him. He’s actually worse at his new job than Irvin, and he’s not much better than Emmitt. Baldwin just became my new favorite WR.

  5. Tell em Baldy.

    Proof positive that just because you played the game, don’t mean you have any business telling the world about it…
    Is there any “analyst’ more annoying than Cris Carter? Maybe Tom Jackson.

    These clowns are like deadbeat members of the Senate and Congress, time to move on and let some new voices and ideas through the line

  6. Oh you mean the Cris Carter who said Calvin Johnson isn’t a top 5 WR? Yeah, that dude is a moron & if you give his opinion any merit you’re a moron too. Seattle may not have any Megatrons, but even without Harvin they are a respectable group. Harvin though, is a dangerous man when on the field & you saw that last night.

    Amazing someone actually pays Carter for his opinions. Same with Warren Sapp.

  7. Win with some dignity. The receiving core is average, actually below average. Yes you have a super bowl ring but will you be in the hall of fame? lol never. It is because you are one cut away from being completely done in the league. Doug Baldwin can be replaced overnight there is nothing special about him. Congrats to the Seahawks, that defense is insane, and they showed up yesterday, BIG TIME.

  8. Seattle will lose because they don’t have a number one receiver. It’s funny now to me, because our offense is designed this way. Not to. No rice or Percy from injuries. Who is correct in the end?
    I’m in Vegas, and I won big
    Go hawks

  9. I can’t stand Cris Carter so to say I’m thrilled with what Baldwin said is an understatement. I am shocked Carter even gets to be on TV because he keeps saying dumb stuff.

  10. Analysts are paid to be provocative and entertaining, not accurate or insightful. They check their credibility and dignity at the door when they walk onto that television set.

    Ask Terry Bradshaw or Deion Sanders.

  11. Well said Baldwin, all valid and accurate points. And he said it without screaming, without his eyes bugging out of his head, spiting all over the place and frightening a sideline reporter. I guess it can be done.

  12. Not a Seahawks fan…..but not a Carter fan (off the field) either….but those are some awesome quotes via Baldwin.

    “And if he doesn’t have time to come see it, tell him he can Google it” hahaha…that’s classic.

    Well played game Seahawks…you’re the best this year. Enjoy it.

  13. Just wanted to let everyone know that it is now snowing in New York/New Jersey area and the forecast is for twelve (12) inches of snow!

  14. Love it. Carter was the man on the field obviously but as a broadcaster he never knows when to shut up. 75% of the ESPN Countdown show is him yelling and laughing at his own jokes.

  15. Haha! I used to think a story like this would be silly but the media has gotten so over saturated with guys like Carter just flapping their gums without any journalistic integrity. I suppose some of it is program producers putting pressure on these guys to say something controversial, but I don’t think this instance falls into that category. Ex jocks turned into talking heads bring very little analysis insight.

  16. Bravo Baldwin….C.C. is typical among the ex-athletes who offer “analysis”. Often (if not always) simply repeating whatever they happened to read off twitter that morning. There are exceptions……but he isn’t one of them.

  17. Cris Carter is terrible at his job and usually has no idea what he is talking about. He might be right on the WR’s for Seattle before Harvin came back, but other than that, he is just dumb.


  18. Not very gracious in victory. I’d say it must be a Stanford thing he shared with Richard Sherman, but then you have guys like Andrew Luck that are gracious.

  19. .

    Many successful franchises have adopted a “committee” like approach to both the WR and RB positions.. While individual statistics may not be impressive, team totals often are.


  20. The best motivation is being told that you aren’t capable of doing it, then proving them wrong. Congratulations hawks

  21. At the end of the day what would you rather have? A Super Bowl ring or HOF? I’d rather have HOF because that’s shows I was the best at what I did. A SB ring shows you were a part of something great but it means little. How many people get a SB ring that have nothing to do with it? Christine Michael? Even Percy Harvin…great KO return but what else did he do all year?

  22. The receivers are average and they played no part in holding that record-setting offense to 8 points. You’re in the right place at the right time, Doug. It could’ve been any average receiver out there.

  23. Carter is the clown “haters” wanted Richard Sherman to be. Baldwin is correct. The man is wrong so much on BIG things, like his evaluation of Calvin Johnson.

    He’s a chameleon who says anything without any thought, then hides behind his new HOF status. At least do some homework before just saying stuff.

  24. This is a fantastic response to someone like CC.

    He’s an arrogant old timer. Typical retired player who believes their era was the best and you can’t get any better than they were.

    Fact is, Seattle’s receivers make plays when you need them to. Last nights victory was a total team effort. Congrats to each and every one of them.

  25. Typical Viking.

    All talk.

    Who has a ring?

    Hof Carter or undrafted Baldwin and kearse?

    p.s. thanks for percy

  26. He got his ring already? That was fast! But forreal. Carter is just another “analyst” trying to day outrageous shyt just for ratings.

  27. Doug, your entire offense is an appetizer to the main course that is your defense. …And that’s a main course that would require at least 3 to-go boxes.

  28. Well not surprising that the Seattle Seahawks player has no respect for those who did it before him and for those who did it better than him. He may not have a ring but he was sure as hell a better receiver than Baldwin will ever be. Also I’d say his analytics on receivers are justified considering he himself was one of the greatest and he’s trained some of the greatest including a player that plays for the Seahawks Sidney Rice.

  29. Land of 10000 lakes
    Is now land of 10 million sad faces.
    Poet and vikesarebest have been humiliated

    Let me say it again, humiliated

  30. Chris Carter’s face, meet Doug Baldwin’s palm.

    Not even an NFC fan and Baldwin looked like more than an appetizer against Denver’s “underrated” defense last night.

  31. Lifelong Vikings fan and I love Cris Carter, but reading this was just rich. Carter does occasionally say things when broadcasting that put him in a sticky situation. He also has a bit of an ego about him, hence the “google” bit, so I’m happy Baldwin and the gang were able to come out guns blazing and earn a much deserved ring.

    Congrats Seattle

  32. Good for you Doug !! Carter always did have an inflated opinion of himself, just like again last night when Kam Chancellor called out that idiot Marshall Faulk for saying during the week that the Hawks gameplan was ” DUMB “. Who’s dumb now, Faulk !

    To all ex football players turned analysts, do your studying and quit looking like complete idiots !

  33. They actually are a solid group of average WR’s. How many would be the #1 guy on any of the other better teams in the league?

    Even with the victory, if someone talks about a WR who showed greatness it’s D Thomas, not any Seahawk. Harvin will be their #1 guy and will be the one that allows this group to be spoken of in more glowing terms. But he didn’t really do his damage as a WR last night.

    Baldwin should have focused more on the value of their achievement as a group (A title) vs the value of Carter’s great personal achievments.

  34. Carter’s response will be something to effect of “I don’t care about superbowls. Don’t you know you’re playing a me-first position?”

  35. I appreciate him calling out Carter because Carter has many toolish qualities. At the same time, he’s feeding the troll. Not sure this will do any good; it’s not like Carter is going to come out and say “Oh you’re right Doug, I was wrong.”

  36. That’s my problem with these commentators. Some of them played the game well do that’s all they think they need to know about what’s going on in today’s or tomorrow’s game. Do your homework Chris. Because Baldwin ‘ right, you were a hof player but you can’t half ass it now.

    Sidenote: I see some on ESPN are saying they really knew Seattle was going to win, they just chose to buff Manning’s helmet for two weeks because they really think he’s a swell guy. That’s there reason for picking the Broncos. Is anybody not halfassing there job at the world wide leader?

  37. This is what I don’t like about the Seahawks. Rather than celebrate their big wins they would rather make brash statements about persevere slights. I understand using them for personal motivation, but Seattle takes it to the next level and personally attack the person making the statement. FYI, Seattles WRs are not that good and didn’t really show up until the outcome was all but decided…

  38. Doug Baldwin might want to look at his finger again because he doesn’t have that ring yet. Better yet, how about not talking smack to a HOF’er who had 1,101 career catches to your 130. IN fact, quick internet search show Carter had as many TD’s as you have career catches.

  39. Today’s analysts get paid not to analyze, but to hurl insults.

    It’s the network’s way of having accomplished players “relate” to the common fan. But it’s not “relating,” just stupid—and Carter is among the worst.

    The only way it will change is for current players to call out former players for saying things that are less than insightful. Let the fans insult players. The former players should try to raise the level of conversation, not lower it.

    Good for Baldwin. I hope more current players follow that lead.

  40. Carter tends to be a bit of a blow hard, but, he is kind of right on this. Seattle’s receivers are a good group but there are no reliable stars. Harvin could be that but he is injured a lot. Tate and Baldwin are two good compliments but neither is a true #1. Rice, when healthy, is another good receiver. Bottom line is they are guys that get the job done but are not guys that teams are going to game plan on.

  41. Carter has a Hall of Fame jacket he would like to show you Baldwin. Enjoy the ring Baldwin that your team won, no you alone. Even with a ring, the receiving corps are still appetizers. The defense is the main course.

  42. Do you know that the biggest joke is? That professional players need to find ‘motivation’ to win the biggest game of the year.

    It says a lot about one’s character that they would not be at the top of their game…. unless they feel slighted by someone else.

    Be a professional, and have some class. I saw a good game by Seattle last night, but I saw nothing that would indicate any of Seattle’s receivers will be winning individual accolades anytime soon.

  43. just finished listening to Carter on Mike and Mike and not once did they ask him about the “appetizers” comment. smh

  44. “brianc34 says:Feb 3, 2014 8:50 AM

    At the end of the day what would you rather have? A Super Bowl ring or HOF? I’d rather have HOF because that’s shows I was the best at what I did. A SB ring shows you were a part of something great but it means little. How many people get a SB ring that have nothing to do with it? Christine Michael? Even Percy Harvin…great KO return but what else did he do all year?” Losers can make the HOF only winners get SB rings.

  45. Congrats to the Seahawks and their fans. That was as dominating a performance as I’ve seen in a long time. Mr. Baldwin, excellent reply (face palm) to the blowhard know as Chris Carter.

  46. Keep it classy Seattle. Sheesh, I’ve seen way too much stupidity lately. So glad footballs over. What a nightmare season, and giving the Lombardi trophy to a bunch if ignorant selfish loudmouths just puts the icing on the cake

  47. I know there’s a ton of Hawk haters out there, but you really have to truly appreciate their receiving corps..

    They don’t have the volume of someone like Detroit and CJ, but they make the most of their opportunities and produce when given those few limited chances.

    I guess the argument could work both ways, if they had more volume they’d be prone to more drops…

    I agree with their sentiment that they have the best receiving core top to bottom.. and that’s with some UDFA and what not (keep in mind RWIII was a rookie last year too – so more to come to getting better and better)

  48. I missed CCs original shot, because I don’t watch ESPN except for games and ‘C’mon, man.” Most of the faces you see on ESPN are that of egotistical blowhards who thinks being employed by ESPN makes them superior life forms to everybody else. (Yes, there are a few exceptions, but most fall into this description.) CC certainly fits this bill. Not taking anything away from him as a player; he deserves his spot in Canton. But I don’t think that’s a reason to tell an entire receiving corps that none of them are very good, especially when they make it to the Super Bowl.

  49. I thought seatownballer said he’d ride off off into the sunset after Superbowl?
    Continous flapping of the gums, not adhering to one’s own words, while holding a speakerbox is the Seattle way.
    FYI seattle, the State of Iowa University originated the 12th Man concept in 1903. but, keep laying claim. I find it humorous.

  50. Baldwin is out of line here. Carter is a legend and you take this up with him offline not in the media. Young guy mistake and I’m sure Pete will let him know it.

  51. Between Cris Carter and Warren Sapp, I don’t know which of the two is worse at their analyst job. If Carter and Sapp want to keep earning those wonderful paychecks they receive, something has to change, soon.

  52. Trent Dilfer has a SB ring as well. Does that make him better than Dan Marino? I am no fan of Carter, however, the WRs on the Hawks this year WERE average. Once Rice and Harvin were not available, there was not a #1 receiver in the bunch. It was the defense that was the story throughout the season. Be thankful for the ring Doug, but you are what CC thinks you are.

  53. CC doesn’t get the ring for being “worst analyst” that Merrill Hodge deserves (look at his playoff predictions) but he is playing in the same league.

  54. r8dernation says:
    Feb 3, 2014 8:40 AM
    Cris Carter loves him some him. He’s actually worse at his new job than Irvin

    d00d .. there is nothing wrong with Irvin .. he is a fine analyst.

  55. The receivers averageness will be settled come contract time when we see how much the team values you.

  56. So Carter basically said the Seahawks have receivers corp by committee instead of one go to star. Bit of course the Seattle IQ kicks in again

  57. well said and proven and in a classy way. And he waited to talk crap until after he had performed…Good job!!

  58. To all you Seahawk haters out there…..notice how that team dominated in ALL phases last night….we’re also one of the youngest teams and will be back for years to come as GM John Schneider finds creative ways to keep the team stocked with talent…

    For you Baldwin haters….check out Carter’s first three years vs what Baldwin has done already…..
    Pretty pedestrian….

    The Seattle Seahawks….2014 Super Bowl CHAMPIONS!

  59. I don’t think Chris Carter is the best analyst, but he was completely right in what he said and everyone knows it. 66 yards and 1 touchdown IS pedestrian dude.

    Don’t win a superbowl because of your Defense and then claim that 66 yards and 1 touchdown is anything more than appetizer.

  60. So much bitterness in that locker room. Instead of feeling happiness and joy, Baldwin apparently was thinking revenge, just as Sherman did a couple of weeks prior.

  61. I never liked CC and don’t understand why ESPN has hired him. He does not know nearly as much as he thinks he does. Nice trash talk from Baldwin and I could not agree more. I want to see what CC has to say about this. He has always been a “me” guy, and that is one of the reasons he has 0 superbowls.

  62. I agree with you Mr Baldwin. Carter, Keyshawn, Berman, and Jaws (Kaepernick will be the best QB ever) I dont lnow how anyone watches those clowns on BSPN

  63. Baldwin doesn’t yet understand that that is how Carter stays relevant: by denigrating the skills of others in comparison to his own, and by continually flogging his HOF drum…a year later.

    But wow, can he ever spin a ball off the turf!

  64. Funny Baldwin only talks the talk AFTER his defense won him a Super Bowl. Where was this talk before the game? Too scared you would have looked like an idiot if Peyton shredded your defense?

  65. If Carter took the high road and merely stated he is an analyst and his job is to find the strengths and weaknesses of each team this would not have been blown of out control.

    We don’t want the media saying every player is “great.” That is the job on an analyst.

    Yet when Carter gets personal and tells Baldwin to “google him” is when I question (many questions before) his professionalism as a media member. The less of CC the better.

  66. i love this because Cris Carter is the most over rated WR ever.. He is so bitter he never got a ring.
    Tim Brown never got a ring he atleast got to a superbowl.. Tim Brown is a millions times better than Cris Carter. Cris Carters numbers really went up when Vikings got Randy Moss, Moss always had 2 guys on him there for Carter would be wide open.
    Eat it CARTER!

  67. Seattle just dismantling everybody…
    The Broncos – Cris Carter – anyone!

    Hide yo wife – hide yo husband – hide yo kids cause they owning everyone out hurr’!

  68. another seattle player popping off…. shocker. the worst part about seeing them win is just how classless some of them are. who cares what cc thinks of you. you’re only mad because he’s right. you’re an average run of the mill wr. Seahawks didn’t win because their WR’s played great, they won because their defense was incredible. so take your ring and go thank every player on the defense for it. take your googling skills and look up “class”, “dignity” or “professionalism” Chances are by the time you receive your ring you’ll be on another team or out of the league because you are borderline NFL player

  69. “victorycruz says:
    Feb 3, 2014 9:01 AM
    Classless remarks IMO. Football is a team game Baldwin, u didn’t win this Super Bowl your defense did”
    You’re confused. You say football is a team game … Last time I checked, Doug Baldwin is a member of that team, yet you say the defense won? Well sir, he and the defense won it – right?

  70. @seatownballer, you must be new to the whole internet thing. If you havn’t realized by now that pftpoet and vikesfan are most likely the same person and are internet trolls (Google It) you are an idiot. He is not a Vikings fan. You want to keep bringing up who got the best of the Harvin trade, i’d say Percy did. 12 million dollars this year for doing nothing. If you take his ko return out, do the Broncos now suddenly win? No. Where i come from, thats called theft. Both teams won in the trade. Vikes got rid of an oft injured pain in the butt who didn’t want to be there. The Hawks got a dynamic playmaker when healthy. No ever said he wasn’t a great player, but when he’s berating coaches and players on the sideline, No one wants that. He has a history of choking/throwing stuff at coaches. So good for him, he gets a ring for doing very little.

  71. infectorman says:
    Feb 3, 2014 8:40 AM
    Tell em Baldy.

    Proof positive that just because you played the game, don’t mean you have any business telling the world about it…
    Is there any “analyst’ more annoying than Cris Carter? Maybe Tom Jackson.

    These clowns are like deadbeat members of the Senate and Congress, time to move on and let some new voices and ideas through the line

    Yes shannon sharpe.

  72. What does CC know about Super Bowls anyway.
    I remember the day CC got blasted 41-0 by
    the Giants!

  73. Hey eagleswin, who cares if the kid only had 66 reception yards and won the MVP (or the Touchdown he scored, lets not forget that) or that Wilson has just 200 Yards on the night..

    Do you remember Brady in 2001? 145 Yards to 7 receivers (Wilson 200 to 8 receivers).. And the common denominator here is ZERO interceptions and spreading the ball to 7+ receivers! Add in a solid run game ,a stout defense and capable Special Teams and you have a GREAT TEAM all the way around..

    Peyton had some yardage and he just flat out sucked at the worst possible times.. 34 of 49 for 280 with 2 Interceptions (and 1 TD) to nullify his positives for the night (average of 8.23 Yards per completion).. Wilson didn’t have to rely on passing and averaged (18 of 25 for 206) 11.44 yards per completion with his “Appetizer” receivers.. Seems like the underdog WR’s did more w/their opportunities.. Or Peyton sucks…

    Besides, it’s not about the yards or if the receivers are “Appetizers”.. They made some great catches yesterday and Wilson was threading the needle all night.. Wasn’t just a Defensive win..

    Oh, don’t forget that No-Go Knowshon did NOTHING in the run game too! Total Rush for Denver was 27 total yards! Was that ALL defense or maybe some bad blocking on the O-Line? Regardless, every phase of the game was bested by Seattle.. The whole team should be MVP really..

  74. “chut26 says: Feb 3, 2014 10:19 AM

    Funny Baldwin only talks the talk AFTER his defense won him a Super Bowl. Where was this talk before the game? Too scared you would have looked like an idiot if Peyton shredded your defense?”

    I guess you missed all of his noise during Media Day… He made noise and stood up for his guys as well..

  75. Doug Baldwin is a legit WR, he had two drops all year and they were in the same game 2 passes in a row. He has made so many big catches its unbelievable, he basically carried the team in the NFC Championship game.

    His nickname is Angry Doug Baldwin because he plays with a massive chip on his shoulder on every snap. Chris Carter told him to Google him, that he is in the Hall of Fame. Doug came back with such a witty come back. Most people don’t know football and pop off who is the best but one team is Super Bowl champs because of their full teams play including WR corps. Go Hawks.

  76. Another Seattle player keeping it classy; what an organization!

    Problem with Baldwin is that he doesn’t seem to realize how lucky he was to be along for the ride with the special teams and defense that just won a Super Bowl for him.

    In a couple of years, we’ll still be talking about Cris Carter, but no one will be talking about Baldwin!

  77. I think if cris carter had some class in the way he made his analogy doug probably wouldve been fine with it.

    When you have a “man” on tv making you sound like a joke I could see how baldwin didnt shy away from speaking his mind toward carter. Plus, its not like baldwin hunted the media down to say this. The media found him and asked him about it.

    I saw a couple people comment how baldwin only had 66 yds and a td. Look what baldwin did with his minimal opportunities in a game that didnt require ANY passing game. Baldwin caught everything thrown his way and made some plays.

  78. funny how somebody who played so long could be so horrible evaluating talent.

    you can put Harvin, Tate, Baldwin, Kearse, and a healthy Rice against ANY wide receiving corps in the NFL. yep. even the ‘almighty’ Denver offense.

  79. You can hate on CC all you want……but he is STILL right.

    The WRs on Seattle really don’t scare much of anyone…..the Seattle D was the difference.

    You had 206 total yards receiving AS A TEAM.

    Carter is the No. 2 man in receptions…..EVER.

    No one will remember Baldwin down the road, UNLESS he goes to the HOF.

    And, you, Mr. Baldwin, aren’t HOF material.

    Congrats on the Supe win, but you are pretty average, Mr. Baldwin, and the numbers back that up.

  80. I get a kick out of some of the Viking posters like the ones who say Baldwin talks now that they won. Unfortunately those posters just don’t get it because that is the time to talk, after you proved it on the field. Everyone can talk like you guys have done all year but somehow don’t realize how ridiculous you look considering you have a size 12 in your mouth specially after finishing in last place. Cocaine Carter has always been a me first player no wonder an undrafted player upstaged him. The game is a team sport with the ultimate prize being a championship. Embrace the suck Minnesota.

  81. I agree with Baldwin here. He was clutch in the biggest game of his life. Carter’s a “me guy” who has said he would rather be in the HOF than have a championship. That tells me all I need to know about him.

    Good job, Doug

  82. I don’t think CC was wrong, its great that Doug got a Ring, and he could very well be a HOF receiver someday. But people implying that Carter doesn’t belong in the HOF are nuts, you may not like the guy, but he was an amazing player on the field.

  83. Can some of these SEA guys win with class for once, 1st Sherman now this guy! Baldwin did have a good game when it mattered last nite but all the talk leading into the SB was about the defense and Lynch. The SEA WRs do have pedestrian numbers (Tate 64 catches 898yrds, Baldwin 50 catches 700yrds) Lynch was the third leading receiver! I get he has a ring but so does Tarvaris Jackson & Percy Harvin & either one didn’t contribute much to get it. Carter said what he said based off the numbers & the fact that no opposing team double covers or rolls the coverage to either one of those guys. Love him or hate him Carter is still right.


  85. Chris Carter?????

    What has he ever done in a championship game? Oh..he got shut out 41-0 by the Giants in 2000. Isn’t he Mr. ” All I do is catch TD’s.” Well, why didn’t he catch any TD’s in that 41-0 ass whipping he took?

    Oh..he and his team also choked in 1999 against the Falcons at home too.

    Yeah…CC really knows how to perform when all the marbles are on the line. Yet he critics people who actually DO COME THROUGH when all the marbles are on the line.

  86. All the haters commenting here are obviously from San Francisco. Hope the glint of our Super Bowl rings won’t blind you. Hopefully they present them during the first home game with San Fran. You have a very good team, the second best team in the NFL. The difference is at the QB position. Kapaernick is a superior athlete to Wilson (although Russ isn’t too shabby) but between the ears he will never be as good. As the saying goes, a 40 watt bulb in a great-looking lamp still doesn’t give you enough light.

  87. Classic excuse. I have a ring, you don’t. Carter was still right. Their WR core was pedestrian at best. They are underrated I might add, but not 1 of those guys is a WR #1 on most other teams in the league. I could’t even muster up the courage to add him from the waiver wire in fantasy football, so do all you yuppies really buy into this guy being a legit WR? Get real. He is good, but he is an appetizer, at best, albeit on the sampler level. He took offense to a statement when he could have taken it as motivation to prove someone wrong (more than 1 game, try playing well for a whole season, Dougie) and then he could come back with class. Nope, just wants to follow Shermans footsteps. 1 clap brah

  88. Carter is terrible as an analyst, but his career dwarfs anything the Baldwin’s will ever offer. Ring or not, his accomplishments curb stomp anything Baldwin will ever do as a WR in the NFL. You are all fools if you think any different. Get a grip with reality and watch some old film of the game prior to the 3 years you’ve been watching, because you just don’t get it, clearly

  89. I dunno Doug, have you seen what Par is?
    Warren Sapp, Michael Irvin, Mike Greenberg, Merril Hoge?
    Basically if you are breathing, have a pulse, and can sting together a few sentences without swearing your football analysis is up to par on most networks.

  90. As a long time fan of a different NFC North team I can honestly say Cris Carter was the best WR I ever saw growing up. He’d make unbelievable sideline catches on a weekly basis and always played his arse off. He may run his mouth as an analyst, but he’s right. Seattle’s passing game is below average. Numbers don’t lie. They won the super bowl by playing smash mouth football (running & defense). The passing game had little to do with it. That said, there’s no shame in winning however you can best get it done.

  91. Again I go back to every playoff big game Carter played in he was nowhere to be found. Some of these older greats should understand every young pro athlete thinks they are among the best just like the older ones did and won’t just sit quietly while there criticized. Seattle’s offense did what they did all year. Nothing explosive but moved the chains and didn’t turn it over. With a top D and special teams, that formula has always won a lot of games.

  92. I will say this as much CC is full of himself, even just watching him address his counterparts on set. However, he is right on one sense when its all said and done who will history recognize Doug B or him. No question who the answer is. Robert Horry, John Salley, Charles Haley won multiple champions of the coattails of legends (they did contribute), but neither of them are hall of famers. Baldwin will probably be pawning of his superbowl ring 5 years down the road.. see the Ravens RB…

  93. I see all the posts on here and right or wrong. There is a SB ring and a HOF ring. Slams both ways are what fans do. BUT!!! The references to C.C.’s past to cocaine is low. Be Men/women enough to argue the issues. Thatproblem hasn’t been a issue for years and that is best left in the past. Have some class yourselves.

  94. You’ve used the media long enough to get your HOF bust. IT’s what ex-jocks do now.

    Now just go away

  95. The pedestrian wide receiver comments demonstrate a true lack of research.

    For fans on here, it’s expected. For CC it’s dereliction of his duties.

    The Seahawks run an offensive system predicated on ball control, limiting TOs and spreading the ball around. You all act like RW threw it 50 times, half to Baldwin, and he made 6 catches. Megatron himself wouldn’t have great stats in this system. Not because he’s not the best but because of limited opportunities.

    It’s funny that people keep saying none of the WRs scare anyone yet they keep getting behind defenders and making big catches with very few misses.

    And they all block, something CC never did.m

    What else can you ask for?

  96. It’s too bad Baldwin couldn’t have said something like, “I thought we all had a pretty good night. Even Cris Carter probably agrees with that.” That would have been the classy move. Instead, he had to get all petty and personal about it. Hey, congrats to Baldwin on the great game and the Super Bowl, but he has a LOT catches and TDs to go before he has any right to diss Cris Carter’s career achievements.

  97. Seattle’s defense got them to the superbowl and won them the super bowl. Their WR’s and passing game are pedestrian.

    Seattle was up 29-0 before Wilson had 90 yards passing. The game was over before any offensive player did anything.

  98. CC couldn’t make the Hawks’ roster if he was a rookie today.

    Seattle receivers must block and play team first ball knowing they’re not going to get a lot of opportunities.

    CC wouldn’t do either.

  99. Baldwin got the googling right – loser with no rings. At the Hall of Pretty Good ceremony you wouldn’t have been able to even see cris carter behind the podium if he weren’t sitting on Randy Moss’s shoulders. carter is the single worst selection ever made to the HoF. Classless punk with Madden video game stats.

  100. Doug has been making heart-stopping catches for the last two seasons, and has saved several leads with them. For anyone, to characterize him as being “pedestrian”, much less a former player of Carter’s stature, it has to make you wonder, about them. Forget the win last night and just look at Baldwin’s production during the year for what it has been. He is clearly an extremely talented receiver, who deserves recognition as such, not journalistic sarcasm.

  101. To all the “highly offended”, so-called true football fans who love to throw around the word classless, please continue. For the true Hawks fans, Our support for the Hawks is fantastic. But to the aforementioned:

    I’m glad you don’t like the seahawks, and they’re glad too. I rather like that people don’t like them, and root for them to get injured, and complain cuz are so physical. I love how many cry about phantom holding, when its just solid defense. I love how when there is no meritable argument to pose, they go straight retard and talk about PED’s, or Pete Carroll being some sort of cheater. Your ignorance makes each and every day for me, and I just absolutely love it so much. So, please, honestly…..continue to do so. Go Hawks!

  102. CC was a great receiver but he, along with a lot of the media, doesn’t appreciate the unconventional nature of Carroll and Schneider’s program. Angry Doug and the rest of this gang are clutch catch machines and just as much a part of this defense and run first philosophy – look forward to them redefining what people think they know about winning football over the next few years. He and the rest of the hawks should have those rings sized for their middle fingers.

  103. You know. All of you who hate on Carter really look dumb when you can’t even spell “Cris” correctly.

  104. Doug Baldwin is a great receiver. So many big time catches. He just doesn’t get the opportunities because its a run heavy offense and Wilson spreads the ball around. If Baldwin was on a pass happy offense there is no doubt in my mind he would catch 90 balls for 1200 yards and 10 touchdowns. Guys a beast. Look at their efficiency and number of targets and calculate it out if they received more. Most efficient WR corps in the league for the amount of targets they receive. People who don’t realize that and just look at numbers are morons and just casual fans.

  105. Great comeback! … not exactly Stanford level speech but more on point …

    I’d say respect the elder HOF player but have your moment … you earned more respect than what was given to you!

  106. Who gives a care about yards. Yards don’t score points. Baldwin want be a HOF but he is a starting wr in the NFL. You don’t need to throw for 400 yes to win games. Sea Def scored 9 points. The offense still put up 34 pts.

  107. I’m late with this but Baldwin should shut his trap… Sure you might have a ring and Carter doesnt… But if I were assembling a team of great receivers, your name wouldnt even show up on the list…
    You have done nothing in comparison to Carter’s career…
    Maybe if the day ever comes when your numbers surpass Carter’s, then you can open your egotistical mouth..
    Your defense pretty much won the ring for you…

  108. What’s hilarious to me is that Doug Baldwin’s stats are better than Cris Carter’s at this point in their careers.

    Not only that, but everyone (except CC apparently) knows that Seattle runs the ball more than any other team, by a wide margin, so of course the yards won’t be there. But per target, Doug Baldwin and the rest of the receivers are amongst the best in the league.

    Seriously, for a guy that gets paid to do this for a living, and gets paid a LOT, CC doesn’t know jack.

  109. Actually I think Cris Carter is right on par with poor analysts. Ditka, Irvin, Sapp, Bradshaw, Marino, Cower, both Sharpes, Young, Berman. They all aren’t worth listening to.

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