FOX: Super Bowl XLVIII sets record for largest audience on average


Super Bowl XLVIII was about over when Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin got past Broncos kicker Matt Prater in the opening seconds of the second half.

Still, you watched the game.


The numbers suggest as much. According to FOX, Super Bowl XLVIII drew the largest audience on average for any televised program in U.S. history, with 111.5 million people tuning to see the Seahawks defeat the Broncos 43-8 at MetLife Stadium on Sunday night.

Also according to FOX, the average audience for Super Bowl XLVIII bests the previous record of 111.3 million for Super Bowl XLVI between the Patriots and Giants on NBC.

The game drew a 44.5 rating at kickoff, which is a record, FOX said, with the rating reaching as high as 47.9 between 7:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. Eastern, according to the network.

NBC will air Super Bowl XLIX on February 1, 2015 at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

17 responses to “FOX: Super Bowl XLVIII sets record for largest audience on average

  1. After Percy Harvin’s TD sprint to open the 2nd half, I kind of expected the MetLife Stadium lights to go out as they did for the Ravens in a very similar situation
    last year.

  2. After Harvin’s kick return I was surfing the channels, game over! first blow super bowl in quite a while

  3. It says that internet streaming was highest at the end of the 3rd quarter (over half a million). That’s when wives told husbands they had to turn off that crappy game. They went online instead.

    That allowed them to get a lot of double counting.

  4. More people watched this beat down than any show in HISTORY Good, because they may have seen Peyton Manning’s last game. The best regular season QB of all times was destroyed by the best defense in the league.

    Manning’s record breaking stats proved to be “cotton candy” stats. When you bite into his inflated stats of 55 TDs and 5700 yards passing, there was no “there-there. The stats proved to be empty, as empty as the effort they gave at the Super Bowl. The problem is that the reason for the lackluster performance was the suffocating defense of the Seahawks, led by brash young star, Richard Sherman.

    The other side of the equation was the beginning of the new and effective dual threat QB (Russell Wilson) and the end to the old school prototypical statue. Defenses are becoming so fast that an immobile QB is a sitting duck. Did I say DUCK? Too soon …?

  5. the game was over after percy harvins TD…peyton had no help from the crappy broncos supporting cast…his o-line choked…his wr’s got lost…such a big choke job….nfl is losing its vigor..CONGRATS HAWKS!

  6. 111 million is a lot of people. Centuries from now, they will speak of the origins of the annual Manning Solstice, a time of spring renewal following the collapse of winter. Children will celebrate with the ceremonial intercepting of the bread, while their elders entertain themselves with fanciful “Manning Masks” at costume balls.

  7. Cant wait for XLIX
    It closes the XL series of super bowls.
    Lets remember the champions

  8. As a Broncos fan, if Brock Osweiler can handle the big stage, I would rather have him start. I don’t care if Manning can throw 70 TD passes and 0 INT’s, if he cant handle the Super Bowl then what is the point in keeping him around?

  9. All that hype and then a big dud. I stopped watching after the 3rd quarter, should have stopped after the first.

  10. WORST SB I ever watched. Not a fan of either team, but I rooted for class over loud mouths, too bad it never happened.

  11. I was completely mesmerized by Seattle’s defensive dominance, which only a true football fan could possibly appreciate.
    In the days leading up to the game, Dwight Freeney had warned ESPN’s “First Take” that football is a team game and that maybe the quarterback-obsessed network ought to change its 30-year narrative.
    ESPN has lost touch with both its viewers and the sport of football. Out of the 9 most recent Super Bowls played, only three of them have been won by teams with so-called “elite” QBs.
    Super Bowl 48 was a tribute to TEAM FOOTBALL, something ESPN and analysts like Ron Jaworski know nothing about.

  12. That was the worse game thank god I didn’t watch it all. After the end of the first half I called it quits. Anyone who enjoyed watching the first half has to be a seahawks fan

  13. Why doesn’t the NFL have the Super Bowl on Saturday night? Viewership would be much higher because the SB parties would double and be attended by wives and kids that can’t do it on a work/school night.

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