Matt Cassel can void his contract this week

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With the Super Bowl done, the curtain has officially fallen on the 2013 season and the 2014 offseason is underway for all 32 teams.

One of the first decisions of the offseason will come in Minnesota this week. Ben Goessling of points out that quarterback Matt Cassel has until Friday to decide whether or not to void his contract with the Vikings for the 2014 season. If Cassel does void it, he will become a free agent. If not, the Vikings will have until the seventh day of the new league year in March to either pay Cassel a $500,000 roster bonus or let him go.

Cassel is set to make $3.7 million in total salary next season, which is the same he made in 2013 to back up Christian Ponder. Cassel wound up doing more than that as the quarterbacks shuffled through three different starters, however, and could be in position to start for at least part of next season as well if the Vikings draft a quarterback.

He could have the same opportunity somewhere else and there’s a possibility he could find an even better chance to start, although it might not come with the same salary that he stands to make with the Vikings in 2014. Cassell has a few days to weigh those considerations before letting the Vikings know if they have to do the same.

43 responses to “Matt Cassel can void his contract this week

  1. Matt Cassel will be the perfect backup QB during the Vikings dynasty.

    Even though we will go 19-0 next year, in case of an injury he can come in and win a couple games for us.

    If you don’t think he’s good let’s go back and see his stats against the Eagles (who made the playoffs this year).

    460 passing yards, 4 TDs.

    A perfect piece to our future dynasty.

  2. I hear Seattle is looking for a replacement over 6 feet. Why not go there?

    The other Matt Cassel, Matt Flynn/Kolb can tell you how that works.

  3. You just can’t put a price on the value of seeing East Dakota shrinking in your rearview mirror.

  4. They Vikings brought him in to ride the bench, much like they did with Josh Freeman.

    He had looked good in London. They were complete clowns to let him sit on the bench after getting back to the states. He was clearly the right guy to start.

    The Vikings have a lot to work to do, I think they should trade Peterson, sometimes you take one step back to take a few steps forward. Long term its the right move.

  5. Not sure what Cassel will do, but if the Vikings need to cut ties with Ponder. If they release CP, they’ll need Cassel to insure that they at least have a decent QB to start next season with.

    Then the big question is, who do they draft? Unless they trade up for Bridgewater or Manziel, they likely will not be getting a guy who can start before 2015.

  6. he likely won’t get that money elsewhere, and you have to wonder if with a new HC whether or not he is a system fit or even liked by the new HC.

    however I can see Lombardi and the browns doing what they do and signing cassel to compete with hoyer. so you ask if that is more difficult than competing with a potential 1st-2nd rd qb for a year.

  7. I bet there’s at least 52 other players on that roster that wish they could void their contracts, too.

  8. Somehow I can see some idiot *cough Cleveland *cough seeing the highlights from his games against the Steelers, Bears, or Eagles and making the same mistake the 2009 Chiefs did.

  9. That picture is definitive proof that the helmets do not match the jerseys. Seriously Nike, was it too much to ask to put someone that isn’t color blind on the design team?

  10. While Cassel appears to be in the driver’s seat here, it’s hard to see another scenario where he’d get than amount of money combined with the likelihood he’d be the presumptive starter on opening day. Then again, maybe he doesn’t want to ride the rebuilding train another year.

  11. I’d stay in Minnesota if I was him. The Vikings will have an easier schedule next season, and he’s still the best option there.

    He’s in a spot to make this team his own.

  12. New England will resign him and then trade Mallet to Lombardi in Cleveland for picks.

    You heard it here first.

  13. Minnesota’s Top 5 QB’s in order
    1. Fran Tarkenton
    2. Randall Cunningham c.1998
    3. Brett Favre c.2009
    4. Matt Cassell
    5.Joe Webb

    No way the Vikings are letting Cassell go without at least offering him a deal that makes the Bears look smart.

  14. Hope the Vikings get Matt Cassel back. I don’t have a good feeling, however. Perhaps having a competent head coach might sway him.. something he didn’t have last year.

    Just think what might have been if Frazier actually used common sense and started Cassel all season. Who am I kidding? That would clearly be asking too much for a man who was in over his head.

  15. All you Vikings fans who still wanted the Vikes to win despite not even coming close to making the playoffs – this is the time of the year when those last couple wins at the end are biting us in the a__!

  16. He gets to air it out in a norv turner offense to cordarrelle, jennings and rudolph while handing off to peterson and make some easy money till the rookie is ready… or go to cleveland, hmmm? See ya in Mankato, Matt.

  17. Cassel will stick around and will be the starter…..going into the season. The Vikings cannot afford another quarterback fiasco. It would be a PR nightmare. This all started with Favre. Viking fans might cherish his “almost” season, but the teams single-minded focus on him screwed up their QB position for (at least) six years. They are still paying the price for putting all their eggs in that basket.

  18. Cassel played well enough last year to be almost a lock to be the starting QB for the Vikes next year.

    They have enough holes on their squad they shouldn’t waste their first rounder on a QB, especially considering they don’t have the scouting staff to spot a franchise QB (apparent with the Ponder pick), nor do they have the QB guru coach to develop one.

    Russel Wilson has been good for SEA, but even he wouldn’t be this good if his defense sucked as bad as the Vikes D the past few years, and they relied on their Offense every week to bail them out. They need to shore up their D so that whoever the QB is they don’t need to try and win games by them self.

  19. They will draft a QB, but if they were smart they’d have Cassel play out this last year and let the rookie QB learn for a year under him before starting 2015. Propbably won’t happen since no one does that anymore.

    But tell me Aaron Rodgers didn’t learn something from Brett Favre, or tell me Steve Young didn’t learn anything from Joe Montana.

    There’s a reason when you go from great QB to great QB. I mean Matt isn’t great but any player coming into the league will always perform better when sitting and learning before playing.

  20. Essentially, the Vikings have 3 back up QB’s on their roster. Now the question is, which one should they keep as strictly a back up QB? I’d say Cassel because he is the best of the three and has no illusions that he is a starting qb in the NFL.

    Now if we can just get the Viking fan base to give up their collective illusion that the team will compete for anything other than the basement of the NFC North.

  21. I don’t really care what Cassel decides. The Vikings only have backup QBs at best right now. Go get a QB! Somehow, some way, get a quarterback before I die…please!

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