49ers, Seahawks Super Bowl XLIX co-favorites; Broncos top AFC choice

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Considering their youth and talent, the Seahawks are going to be a popular pick to repeat as Super Bowl champions next February.

However, one Nevada oddsmaker has Seattle as a co-favorite to win Super Bowl XLIX, not the outright favorite.

William Hill U.S. lists the Seahawks and their bitter rivals, the 49ers, as 5-1 co-favorites to win Super Bowl XLIV in Glendale, Arizona on February 1, 2015.

The Broncos are the third betting choice at 11-2.

Also, William Hill currently lists the 2014 NFC champion as a 3.5-point favorite over the AFC champion in the next Super Bowl.

Here are Super Bowl XLIX odds for all 32 teams, as well as AFC and NFC title odds:

Super Bowl XLIX
49ers, Seahawks: 5-1.
Broncos: 11-2.
Patriots: 10-1.
Saints, Packers: 15-1.
Eagles, Panthers: 22-1.
Chiefs, Colts: 25-1.
Steelers, Bengals: 28-1.
Bears, Chargers: 30-1.
Giants, Ravens, Falcons, Cardinals, Lions: 35-1.
Cowboys, Texans: 40-1.
Dolphins, Redskins, Rams: 50-1.
Jets, Buccaneers, Vikings, Browns: 75-1.
Bills, Titans, Raiders: 100-1.
Jaguars: 150-1.

49ers, Seahawks: 13-5.
Saints, Packers: 15-2.
Eagles, Panthers: 11-1.
Bears: 15-1.
Giants, Falcons, Cardinals, Lions: 18-1.
Cowboys: 20-1.
Redskins, Rams: 25-1.
Buccaneers, Vikings: 50-1.

Broncos: 9-5.
Patriots: 14-5.
Chiefs, Colts: 10-1.
Steelers, Bengals, Chargers, Ravens: 12-1.
Texans: 16-1.
Dolphins: 20-1.
Jets, Browns: 30-1.
Bills, Titans, Raiders: 40-1.
Jaguars: 75-1.

42 responses to “49ers, Seahawks Super Bowl XLIX co-favorites; Broncos top AFC choice

  1. Rams at 25-1 to win the NFC might not be the worst bet. I’m a huge 49ers fan, but I’m baffled that the Rams are the same odds to win the conference as the Redskins.

  2. Why did the draft get moved back to May? It sucked bad enough having to wait until April. I look forward to that time of year when teams make franchise changing selections that lift them out of the slums .. and the Raiders fail in fantastic fashion and break my heart yet again.

  3. I can still see Broncos being top AFC choice. Yeah they played absolutely dreadful in the Super Bowl but you have to remember that they played without Vickerson, Wolfe, Miller, Bradley, Harris, Moore, and Clady. Not to mention Bailey was out the whole year until the playoffs… Denver should be 10x better next year then what they showed us in the Super Bowl.

  4. wait a minute.. How are the Raiders less likely to win the super bowl than the Vikes and Bucs but have better odds at winning our conference? Oh I get it.. If by some snowballs chance in hell we make the superbowl against those teams.. we are likely to lose. *sigh*

  5. There’s no way the Broncos make it back next year. Who would get aboard a ship helmed by the Titanic’s captain?

  6. Eagles panthers 22-1 panthers maybe but the eagles LOL they beat a cowboys team with a backup QB a depleted defense by 2pts to barely make the playoffs and NOW there a top team to make next years Super Bowl LMAO yeah ok

  7. If by”favorites” you mean “most likely to get embarrassed in the Super Bowl”, then I agree with labeling the Broncos as “favorites”.

  8. Dang it’s fun to have bitter rivals. Lots of respect to the Niners… the NFC West is going to be off the hook next year. The Seahawks championship was all the more sweeter because the ‘Hawks were the ones to take down San Fran…

  9. Ha ha The Viking are last at 50 to 1 to win the NFC
    PATHETIC they are.
    I thought they were starting a Dynasty last year?
    What happened ?
    The Eagles and Vikings BIG MOUTHS during the off season, paper Champs and ZERO Super Bowl Titles between them
    They re a Joke

  10. I am OK with Seattle winning the SuperBowl. They are NFC and Wilson played at Wisconsin. And the more I hear about Sherman the more I like.

    The Packers fell short, but at least San Francisco didn’t get in.

  11. The Jags at 150-1 just shows that this “title odds spread” is a sham. I had them at no worse than 137-1.

  12. Haters have been predicting the 49ers demise since 2011.

    “Harbaugh will never make it as an NFL coach”.

    “2011 was a fluke, the 49ers will never win the division again”.

    “2012 was the 49ers last shot. They won’t even make the playoffs in 2013.”

    This year it will be “The window has closed and/or they’ll never make it with Kaepernick at QB”

  13. Considering free agency and the draft will make about 28 of the 32 teams drastically different from what they are today, making odds today is completely useless. Make some odds after the draft in May, then we’ll talk.

  14. What a shocker – so the Las Vegas odds – which reflect only where the most bettors are willing to put the most money – indicates that the day after Seattle won the Super Bowl, that most people are putting their money on Seattle to win again?

    That’s hardly “news” – file that under “human nature”

  15. Giants are only NFC East team capable of winning a SB until proven otherwise. It’s been too long for Dallas and Skins and Eagles have zero SB wins.

  16. That’s pretty impressive for both SF and SEA, given the division they’re in and the idea that they can’t both win the division, hence the 3 game road route to the Super Bowl. If either were in the AFC South or NFC East, that would give them even more impressive odds.

  17. Keep it classy, Seattle fans. Your team played a hell of a game. I’ve been checking comments on all of these posts and I’m only seeing Seattle fans with anything negative to say. Thereby, inbruing the excellent game your team played. Congrats to all you fans who’ve been patiently waiting for this.


    25+ year hardcore 49ers fan.

    P.S. Niners and Hawks gonna be sick next year. I’ll be in Santa Clara for that.

  18. We’ve seen teams that were in conference games return with the same exact roster in tact the next year and fall apart (vikes in 2010/falcons in 2013).

    so… idk.

    Hopes that seattle and san fran can get out of the way so my team can get a shot at the big game…

    Those AFC teams are weak!

  19. So the texans are more likely to win the Super Bowl than the rams? Whatever the people in Vegas are smoking I want some of it cause it’s gonna have to be pretty strong to get you that f***ed up

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