Packers increasing ticket prices

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The team that charges plenty of money for fake stock certificates will be charging a little bit more for real tickets to its games.

Via SportsBusiness Daily, the Packers announced Monday that tickets prices won’t be frozen at the place known loosely as the frozen tundra.  Ticket will increase by $3 per game for the general seating area at Lambeau Field.  Tickets for Lambeau Field suites will increase by $3 to $100.

The team has sent invoices to season-ticket holders.  And if any choose to pass on the chance to renew their tickets due to the increases that amount to $30 per ticket per year for the general seating area, plenty of others will be willing to take their places, thanks to one of the most extensive waiting lists in sports.

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  1. Doesn’t the league get it?

    They should be making tickets cheaper. Each year, more and more people realize that watching the game from home in HD is a great experience. So when you continue to increase prices, you’re really telling people not to show up.

  2. They are also changing the Swiss cheese to Swiss air, that’s just the inverse and it’s cheaper. You might think that sounds like a weird idea, but so is trying to compete at professional football without QBs.

  3. $1,000 per person per year not including parking, a beverage, and a crappy stale pretzel? Even if that’s cheap in comparison to other venues you can by a brand new state-of-the-art TV every year, have steak and lobster for every game, and still save a couple grand rather than buy tickets for a family of four.

    Just not worth it.

  4. Why are you all so obsessed with the stock certificates? It was simply a fund-raising gimmick to renovate the stadium. Instead of raising the local sales tax (like the Brewers did), they solicited funds directly from the fans. The fans are aware that the certificates are symbolic.

  5. But Mike, think of the joy that all of the “investors” will realize when they don’t receive their increased imaginary “dividends”!

  6. Better than leaning on the Fortune 500 companies like 3-M, General Mills and Pillsbury to buy up the tickets to avoid a blackout.

    What do those 3 companies have in common? They are all in the Trash Cities area.

  7. This has been a league-wide trend for several decades now, in case you haven’t noticed.
    Thanks to our politicians, and their enablers over at the Federal Reserve, everyone has to take steps to keep up with the rate of inflation…

  8. Florio, the stocks may not produce dividends for the holder. But they’re not “fake”. Packers stockholders elect the board of members at the stockholder’s meetings held in the summer. The board members appoint the President of the franchise. The President chooses the GM.

    You can keep saying they’re fake, but show me another team where its fans have actual, real-world, influence over the front office. You can’t.

    I may never be able to sell my stock for a profit, but the experience I get of voting for who I want as board members, makes me damn proud to be a Packers stockholder.

  9. I seriously doubt that anyone is going to give up their season tickets over an increase of $30 for the season. This is not a very big increase and, as serious as Packers fans are about their football team, it is highly unlikely that this will cause anyone to walk away. The reality is that, so long as the team is having a decent season, anyone with season tickets can sell their tickets to the games individually and make money off the deal.

  10. “The team that charges plenty of money for fake stock certificates”

    It’s true. I myself have been visited numerous times by Packer Death Squads, who enter my home and force me to buy this stock. I have heard anecdotal evidence of others in the area being forced to buy as well. Something must be done about this. Down with the Packer Death Squads!

  11. The stock souvenir can hang on the wall for one-hundred years, for the same price as your fake Randy Moss “official” jersey. Where is it by the way? Still on your wall?

  12. It’s true in a legal sense that Packers stock certificates are not fake because they entitle a vote for Board seats. But that is not the true benefit.
    They have allowed the team to build first class facilities, to retain many players that it could not have afforded otherwise, and to make major contributions to community organizations.
    Other owners would like to raise money in the same way, but in addition to diluting their ownership, it would force them to open their books, which is always a sore point between the Packers and the rest of the league. However, opening the books is not something that was caused by recent stock sales; it goes way back to the 1920s when the team originated with public ownership.
    The Packers story brings enough benefit to the league that the other teams can live with this little anomaly, and besides, under it’s charter, it could only be changed by dissolving the team and donating all the proceeds to the local VFW chapter.
    Then they probably wouldn’t need to hold Friday night fish fries anymore, and that would be a true tragedy.

  13. I suppose you could call the stock “fake”.
    As others have stated, it IS voting stock.

    It’s not going anywhere, either. Every year, either I vote and go to the stockholder meeting, or my kid does, or his kid, or his kid, etc. etc. etc.

    It probably costs the GBP more for all the mailings over the years than my paltry contribution.

    In Pennsylvania, my Steeler and Eagle fan buds think that stock certificate is a cool thing to have. They have pointed out the fleeting nature of a jersey, helmet, etc. in comparison. Of course, I feel the same, and don’t “get” why so many find that so hard to understand. It’s like 2.5 jerseys, for cripes sake, and it’s forever. It transfers to your assigns, fyi.

  14. When a team has a waiting list for season tickets that larger than its base of season tickets, they’re lucky the increases are only a few bucks.

  15. The Packers actually have two sets of season-ticket holders … the team used to play three or four games (exhibition included) at County Stadium in Milwaukee.

    When the decision was made to play all home games at Lambeau, the Milwaukee fan base were allowed to keep four “season ticket holder” games … and a second fan base was sold the rest.

    Most season ticket holders for Packer games do not have tickets for 8 home games and two exhibition games – so the price increase is rather minimal.

  16. I grew up a Rams fan and later was a season ticket holder. Then I watched as a bitter old woman took “my team” back to her home town simply because she wanted to.

    I love the Packers because they are the ONLY team who does not have a single owner who can take the team in the middle of the night to another city that is offering him or her more money. Stockholders make sure of that, and league by-laws make the Packers the only team who can be run this way.

    I know that my team since 1995, the Packers, will always be where I want them to be.

  17. Isn’t this team supposed to be owned by the people or non-profit or something? out of all teams in sports, shouldn’t the Packers be the one place where things should actually be affordable since their only financial goals should be to break even?

  18. shaggytoodle,

    If the Vikings are a college-level team, why couldn’t your barely .500 team even beat them….at home no less??? Answer: Because your team has about the same talent level. Therefore, you just knocked your own precious team!

    Also, why do they call it the frozen tundra when the field is heated??? Makes no sense.

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