Paul Allen impressed by Pete Carroll’s planning


After the Seahawks’ 43-8 win vs. Denver in Super Bowl XLVIII, owner Paul Allen praised coach Pete Carroll for his “preparation” of the club in all aspects.

“He’s the most forward-thinking coach for the players of today that I’ve seen,” Allen said, according to a transcript from the league. “It’s just amazing and you have to blend all the different elements.

“If you think about it, with the offense, defense, and special teams – all those things, the things he did like he was simulating even what the halftime would be like – there’s just a tremendous amount of preparation, especially before the Super Bowl since you have so much time, and I think they used that time amazingly well.”

A good process doesn’t always deliver desired results. In this case, it did, which is win-win for Carroll. If management likes the way the job is done and the outcome, that’s a good place to be.

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  1. The Percy Harvin/Sidney Rice cap hit will create a situation in 2015 when the Vikings can sign away both Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman. Poetic justice.

  2. no doubt .. carroll did a great job .. not a one-and-done here .. you can see this team competing every year for many years to come

  3. As opposed to Wilf and Snyder who have mortgaged their players and fans futures and delivered 20 more years of hopelessness and despair. Snyder is worse than jerry jones and the Wilfs seem to be more along the lines of “hobby” owners who like the cameras around.

    Those 2 storied franchises can learn from this one. An owner who sets a winning expectation and puts level headed, intelligent people in place to reach those expectations.

  4. I remember when Pete Carroll left USC for the NFL and the talk was centered around the job in his rear view. Not a lot of people talked about what was in front of him.

    In hindsight, it couldn’t have worked out better. He wasn’t able to be punished by the NCAA AND he wins a Super Bowl. I’d normally say he has amazing luck, but it’s no accident that he had great teams at USC and a great team in Seattle.

    Great coach and great young team that will be very dangerous for years to come, if they can manage the salary cap.

  5. Pete even went to simulate halftime. To make matters more difficult for the players he did not allow them to eat dinner, take the dog for a walk, have a nap, or even go spend half an hour in the bathroom during the exercise.

  6. I’m not sure I understand the trolling by my fellow Viking fans given our crappy season and getting crushed by the Hawks — to the point that one wonders if they are Packer fans in disguise.

  7. I speak for many Seahawks fans when I say, Thank You Paul Allen! You kept my beloved Seahawks in Seattle when they had, figuratively and literally, left town. You will forever be appreciated by those of us who have been Hawks fans for life.

  8. To the first post—- apparently you don’t remember the Steve Hutchinson ordeal. The vikqueens stole him and….poetic justice we stole rice and Percy. If you don’t like it…..then don’t start it! Super Bowl champs baby! Not chumps….like vikqueens fans!

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