Pete Carroll likens Super Bowl XLVIII to “an avalanche”


In Super Bowl XLVIII, the Seahawks’ scoring snowballed. It started with a safety on the first play from scrimmage, continued with a couple of field goals in the first quarter, included both an offensive touchdown and a defensive touchdown in the second quarter, and it was all the way up to 36-0 by the time Percy Harvin returned the second-half kickoff for a touchdown.

As Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said this morning, that snowball was more like an avalanche.

“I think as we have seen in the past, sometimes games go, and sometimes it can be kind of like an avalanche,” Carroll said. “The scores start happening. Field position just tilts and everything goes your way. We were really ready. We were really ready for the opportunities. The first score, we had nothing to do with that one. [The safety] was just unfortunate for them on the snap and all. From that point on, we really seized the night. Whenever you play turnover football like that, it’s the formula that we try to live by. You get four turnovers and they get none; the game is going to go that way.”

The game got away from the Broncos faster than anyone could have expected. In what most people thought would be a close, back-and-forth Super Bowl, the Broncos were buried in an avalanche.

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  1. The Broncos got beat down in every part of the game, Defense, Offense and Special Teams.
    The Broncos were completely taken out their game plan after the safety.
    To the fans in Seattle, get ya shine on baby!

  2. Weakest Super Bowl I seen. The Pro bowl was more competitive. Peyton Manninh should have gone to Frisco and ran Harbaugh and Roman’s offense. His Star Wars Offense straight sucks in the Super Bowl… 8 fricken points.

  3. We took shots every Seahawks score on top of the beers.
    I’m not hungover. Still drunk

  4. The Donkey’s were terrible on special teams and defense all season and were exposed. their dink and dunk offense doesn’t get you far when you face a defense that tackles extremely well. Highly over rated all year, i said that many times over the season. Congrats to the seahawks fans, and to the team, and to my wallet for betting right. But don’t drink the kool aid, Seattle fans, when the packers won the bowl with the youngest team in football, they said 3 of the next 5 super bowls would be going to green bay. You have a lot of skilled young players that are all going to need to be paid, like us. Cap casualties will take their toll. I rooted for the hawks because Schneider is a green bay guy, but don’t get too full of yourself, that cap usually makes all teams their biatch eventually.

  5. seattle has 1 lonely trophy in there dusty trophy case. its about frikkin time. maybe in another 30 years you’ll get another trophy. at that pace, you’ll need 120 more years to catch the 49ers with 5 trophys. eat right and some of ya’ll just might be alive at 140 years old. good luck.

  6. My favorite play of the whole evening was when the Broncos went for 2 points. Adorable.

  7. Damn I love Defence! Im no Seahawks fan by any means but those boys can ball..young, fast, hungry and play with that chip.if they keep that unit together they will be in the convo with the Steelers and Ratbird Ravens Defences from years PAST..and yes I said PAST. They are clearly better then BOTH right now

  8. With all the players out for Denver did people really expect a good game?
    Von Drugger-out

    I expected to see the landslide. Thanks Vegas!!!!

  9. So we are pretty much just gonna ignore the fact that the whole team is on some advance type of steroid not yet detected.

    Watch out for the seattle seahawks steroid scandal

  10. Broncos came to this game completely unprepared. They were steamrolled by a well-oiled machine.

  11. As a Pats fan I’m really happy for Pete.

    In my opinion a lot of what went wrong in his stint in New England two decades ago was well beyond his control. Doesn’t help to be following a coaching legend plus have the worst GM in the history of the NFL buying the groceries….

  12. Let’s see…hmmm, Manning did not audible Eli stated they would lose, all passes short right in front of the defense.. yada yada yada…

  13. They won, and they won in a very convincing fashion…

    But Pete needs to back off the comments…

  14. Bronco fans will now have nightmares about the closest thing to the 85 bears as they seen.

  15. I am glad this one wasn’t even close. No questions who was the better team yesterday and no talk of the ref’s handing the game to Seattle. Maybe if Manning had just thrown it a foot farther LOL! Go Hawks!

  16. I’m sure the only reason they absolutely dominated was the PEDS, right haters? What an absolute whooping.

    Go Hawks

  17. I was shocked that Denver couldn’t find an answer for anything the Seahawks did. I think Fox and the Denver coaches have gotten used to relying on Manning to figure everything out. Not a healthy situation regardless of Peyton’s football I.Q.

  18. Don’t understand why people give this guy a pass on the USC fiasco. This guy is so two faced its hard to look at him, between cheating at USC, leaving 80 or so college kids to burden his punishment and then have a team full of PED users and turning a blind eye to that, i don’t understand all the praise. If there is a right way to win, this guy doesn’t know it.

  19. I think Carroll’s assessment is dead on. It was just one of those nights where everything goes right for one team and everything goes wrong for the other.

    Seattle’s win was not because of amazing play from Wilson. It will be interesting to see what happens to the hawks when they have to pay Wilson like a top five QB when that rookie contract is up. Not to mention Sherman and some of those other rookie contracts on that team. I have a feeling Seattle will look drastically different in a couple of years from now. Kind of like last years Ravens vs. this years Ravens after Flaco’s contract.

  20. mean like the avalanche of rule violations he had at USC and avalanche of PED abuse
    with the shehawks and the avalanche of fake crowd noise at the link?

    then i agree

  21. Man it feels good to be on top. No disrespect to 90% of the other NFL fans out there. But there were a lot of excuses and reasons why the Seahawks weren’t the best thrown out there all season. Mainly by some real trolls on this site. I know I’m not gonna get them to man up and admit they were wrong. That’s OK though, as the Seahawks started to steam roll the Broncos last night the 12th man (and yes it’s real) were celebrating and the haters had no other choice but to witness a great team doing what your team couldn’t do. That’s right Niner fans, your little brother just grew up and smacked you around. Now that we’re both all grown up and we’re bigger than you, what are you gonna do stretch?????

  22. Dude, you are delirious. Unless you were a player, coach, manager, trainer, ball boy, or in any way on the roster – “we” did not win a Super Bowl. The Seahawks did. Oh thats right, you cheered while watching the game on TV…..Congrats on YOUR big win you nut job !

  23. For an old man you dress cool Mr Carroll on the sidelines,,,, maybe the young man jimmy harbaugh can change up those five below $ khakis for a nice sweatsuit !

  24. So when is the Super Bowl? Yesterday was a scrimmage, right? It was worse than the Pro Bowl.

    I’m a Niner fan and would never root for another NFC West team (unlike SEC fans), especially the seahawks. That being said, hats off to the seahawks.

    This game wasn’t even close, they left no doubt, no controversial call that would have determined the game. It was a straight beat down. Reminded me of when the Niners played the Broncos back in ’90, 55-10; or when the Niners played the Chargers in ’95, 49-26; or when the Niners played the Dolphins in 1985, 38-16. I sure was hoping though that yesterday’s Super Bowl had played out more like the Niners other 2 wins, in ’82 and ’89. Maybe even their lone SB loss last year.

  25. OK, Pete … you won. Now please shut up. You’re just reinforcing the hatred everyone had for you before the game.

  26. I can’t wait for next year’s Super Bowl. I am talking about the Niners/Seahawks NFC title game

  27. Not a Hawks fan, but these 49ers fans are turning me into one. All of em have been watching that Coach of theirs too long-bunch of crybabies. Did any of you watch how Manning conducted himself? Grow up

  28. Congrats, Seahawks.

    It is Monday now, and looking forward the only avalanche you are part of is the unstoppable upward momentum of paydays for guys named Sherman, Bennett, Tate, Thomas, and Wilson.

    Your GM drafted well. Now let’s see if he can do the impossible and sign a bunch of young studs to their 2nd contracts.

    My prediction is that you can keep about 3/5ths of the guys you’d like to. These guys have to think about their careers.

  29. .

    I think the Patriots would have been a more competitive game as they are a better match up vs Seattle. However, I still think the Seahawks win. They were the best team from start to finish.


  30. As for next year’s NFC title game, I don’t think much will change from this year. Contenders will be 9ers, Seahawks, Panthers, Packers.

    Assuming that a starting QB doesn’t go down, I have to say it will likely be the 49ers vs. Seahawks again.

  31. When the Seahawks and 49ers pay their QB’s market value they will not have such a deep roster of talent. But maybe they can squeeze out a couple of more Super Bowl wins before the adjustment happens.

  32. I love the comments about cheating and poor ref calls. Obviously the Niner’s fan-base is pissed and not willing to give props where they are due.

    You can say what you want, but this year the champ is the clear cut, indisputable, dominant winner.

    Hands down.

    Congratulations Seattle on an EPIC win and your first title!
    #GoHawks !!

  33. That game was going to be a blowout no matter what. The unknown was which team would win. If broncos receivers could have gotten open and gained yac then it would have gone the other way. Hawks defense disrupted the timing and tackled receivers immediately early in the game. Peyton got frustrated and when that happens he doesn’t play as well. There were very little checks at the line. Once the momentum got rolling there was no stopping it. Neither team plays very well from behind and the early lead was crucial. Seahawks played great. A little grabby but they let that stuff go and there was no way Denver could overcome it. Congrats Seattle.

  34. reading some of the pathetic posts by 49er fans on this Board is turning me into a Hawks fan and 49ers hater

  35. 1st of all, I’m a Bronco fan, I won’t accept any excuses! The Broncos were unprepared, & simply outplayed in every phase of the game. Several players including the record breaker Thomas quit well before the 4th qtr.. While I’m still a fan it was a disgusting performance, & a flat out embarrassment.

  36. i dunno why people are talking about some scandal at USC and PEDs and this and that.

    its just football .. and pro sports are just one branch of the entertainment industry. do you talk cheating in other entertainment industries? do you complain that hollywood uses special effects created with super computers instead of the getting the shot “the right way”?

    its just football .. put your team on the field and try to win the game. period. and pete carroll and the seahawks won. period. so give them their oscar/grammy/lombardi/etc. they won .. BRAVO!!!

  37. Some of you people need to have someone proof read your comments before you hit “submit,” now its players were missing, same PED crap, Whiners the real champs, guys counting SB past wins. Look the Whiners didnt make it, case closed! Broncos had same guys missing against the Pats, case closed. PED suspensions served, case closed! And the real one, its the 2000’s what has your team done lately?! Cant believe some of yall still hating on that BEAT DOWN!!

  38. Pete, you broke the recruiting rules at USC. When you were all but busted, you ditched your job, leaving their innocent players to suffer from the NCAA sanctions. You’ve been rewarded for your actions and cowardice with an NFL coaching gig and now a Vince Lombardi Trophy.

  39. I didn’t see Seattle Punt one single time last night. That’s a remarkable accomplishment from second year QB, Russell Wilson. Because it came against the 7th ranked defense in the NFL! IMO his play was just as dominant and explosive as that spectacular Seahawk defense. Just a dominant performance all the way around.

    I felt sorry for Peyton Manning. But I don’t think this diminishes him one iota. He is ending a spectacular career on a very high note. Leading his team to Championship games. Every team that lost would have died for the opportunity he enjoyed. I really think that game last night was about the end of an era. The Brady, Manning, Roethslesberger , Ravens Era. And the dawning of the “Young Guns” era. And a return to professional level “Defense” as a NFL priority.

  40. I’ve heard some call this Superbowl boring, I could not disagree more.

    I’m not a fan of either team, but I am a fan of excellent football, especially defense. Watching Seattle’s defense shut down the highest rated offense in the history of the NFL was amazing!

  41. Carroll is a two faced cheater. What he did to the kids at USC is awful and the media give him a pass on it because he is a likeable guy. That plus the PED stuff makes him one of the worst two faced jerks in football. Winning the right way is not something this guy knows, winning at all cost is and demonstrates a lack of class.

  42. At least we don’t have to entertain the idea that Peyton Manning is the best QB ever. The Seahawks put that to rest.

  43. One of the most boring Super Bowls I’ve ever seen.
    And can we lose the idiotic halftime shows? There hasn’t been one worth watching in years.
    The way Fox cranked up the crowd mics to make it seem exciting was ridiculous. You could barely hear the announcers the way they had it mixed.
    The NFL is turning into a processed reality show or something.
    It’s getting easy to lose interest.

  44. Russell Wilson definately outplayed Manning. Peyton looked confused by the speed of that defense. Those guys know where they are supposed to go and they get there in a hurry. Wilson, on the other hand, was cool, calm, and collect all game long. He ran that offense with a purpose…Boss!

  45. To all the morons who say we won’t be able to sign our guys, yes we will. When you drop Sidney Rice and Zach Millers contracts, opens up a ton of cap to sign Thomas and Bennett. Then next year you take away Chris Clemons and sign Wilson and Sherman. It’s really not that complicated. They will take home town discounts as well. This is a dynasty.

  46. So many negative comments. Can’t believe it really. Seattle played great, won the most lopsided Super Bowl in many years against a record breaking offensive team.

    My hat goes off to them.

    The top AFC teams (and most of the NFC teams) have some work to do next year to beat Seattle and SF on a consistent basis.

  47. I don’t blame Manning for this loss alone, but his demeanor when Denver was 5-0 and 8-0 was weird. He looked like they were down 28-0 in the 4th quarter. That has to send a message to his teammates that the game was over.

  48. Pete Carroll was not solely responsible for the sanctions at USC. You would be surprised by how many schools do what they did. Which really had zero meaning to their on field success. Also, Pete had nothing to do with guys getting suspended for PEDs. Just stop. You hate him because of his success. Just admit he’s a great coach and that most players want to play for him (voted most popular coach by the players in the NFL). Good guy and great coach. Well deserved win.

  49. Although I think Seattle deserved to win and played a brilliant game, I am concerned that so many low round draft picks and undrafted players managed to become so dominant together. Huge, tough and fast. Given Seattle’s recent PED violations, I worry about what they are doing a little bit.

  50. People keep posting that the Broncos were unprepared as if better preparation could have won the game. No! The Seahawks beat them every way possible. And for those idiots suggesting the Pats could have done better, gotta get there to have a chance!

  51. I’m as sick of hearing about Carroll as I am about hearing about the 12th man. You ‘hawks fans are worse than vike fans. And that’s saying a LOT!

  52. Headline sounds more like an endorsement for the Colorado Avalanche hockey team, who incidentally, are playing in NJ today. THAT should be a lot of fun, lol…

  53. For weeks now the haters and Denver homers have been telling us how Manning and Co. were going to go off big time on us, with umpteen TD’s, and all the while shutting our offense down. We have countered by talking up the Legion of Boom, the Numero Uno secondary in the NFL.

    We have acknowledged that Peyton is a great QB, but the haters wouldn’t acknowledge anything positive about the Hawks.

    So it is written, the truth shall set you free. So it is that the reality we wrote about, eclipsed the fictions you adhered to. See ya next season as we start the campaign for Lombardi 2.

  54. I see the haters are still posting away. Keep on hating, but you can’t change the fact that Seattle gave one of the most dominating performances in Superbowl history and utterly shut down one of the supposed best offenses ever.

    GO HAWKS !!!!

  55. When Manning gets frustrated the game is already over. Hawks didn’t let up and honestly I thought the game should have been even worse. I hope for a more competitive Super Bowl next year because this game was just a grade A curb stomping.

  56. Enough sour grapes! The hawks won, and won convincingly. In my opinion all the steroid suspensions have zero impact on the win. Preparation was the difference not juice.

  57. For everybody saying that pre-season games don’t matter, this game looked somewhat similar.
    Manning got yards but only 1 TD.
    Manning had the same disgruntled look on his face.
    scoring was similar.

  58. Broncos fan here. I can deal with the loss. What I cannot deal with is the lack of passion. They were dismantled and from Fox on down, nobody seemed to care. Congrats to the Seahawks and their fans. Time to do in Denver what has needed to be done, yet only talked about for the last 4 years; draft defensive players that refuse to allow a beat down like the one taken yesterday! Terrible day in Broncos Country.

  59. “beat fans in the country” pitch annoys opposing fans because it’s obnoxious and cannot be proven. It’s a self proclaimed load of nonsense. 12th man is gimmicky too. Congrats on first SB win though Seattle. Great team this year.

  60. Sherm

    Your team is jacked on drugs and your fan base also has season tickets to lame soccer team. No NBA or NHL? Minor league city even with drug aided trophy!


  61. ” it was all the way up to 36-0 by the time Percy Harvin returned the second-half kickoff for a touchdown.”

    Check the box score MDS. It was 22-0 at the half and Harvin’s return for TD lead to a 29-0 lead.

  62. Wow there areso many haters out there it is unreal. You have to win the first one before you can 5. It has to start somewhere. And of course salary caps are gonna take its toll. It does to all teams. Thats what makes the game fun. To see your roster the next year and see how its gonna turn out. Bad things are always said about the winners. No team out there is a perfect team. All have something going on…. Saints, Patriots ring a bell. Give credit where it is due and swallow your pride. The Seahawks were a great all around team. Awesome defense and decent offense and great special teams. And that combo won it this year with out Percy and losing Browner.

  63. Everyone says Peyton’s legacy is not tarnished by this game. It’s not tarnished, but it is truly tainted. One of the worst games by a QB of his stature in super bowl history.

    Avalanche? Kind words. More like 50 lbs of x-lax given to an elephant after eating an acre of grass.

    Worst beating in NFL history. Sorry, but is the truth. The game was hard to watch.

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