Pete Carroll tells his team: We did everything the way we wanted


In an exuberant Seahawks locker room after Super Bowl XLVIII, Seattle coach Pete Carroll reminded his players that they had finished a championship season by playing exactly the kind of football the Seahawks’ coaches have been preaching all year.

“We’ve done everything the way we wanted to get it done,” Carroll told his team. “I’m so proud that we are able to stand together right here at this moment.”

Carroll made a specific point of noting that in addition to winning the game 43-8, the Seahawks won the turnover battle, 4-0. And Carroll urged his players to appreciate the fact that they were celebrating around the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

“Look what you frickin’ did. Put that frickin’ trophy up,” Carroll said.

That drew a loud cheer from a team that could celebrate winning the Super Bowl, playing the game exactly the way they wanted.

50 responses to “Pete Carroll tells his team: We did everything the way we wanted

  1. Pete turned out to be a real good coach.
    Enjoy this people of Seattle, you are on top of the world!

  2. I’m so proud of this team. As you all know, it took Seattle 38 years to get to this point, so I’m happy as a clam. All the hate and positivity from other fan bases makes this sweet.

    No matter what the future holds, we Seahawks fans will always have this moment in time we can smile upon.

  3. As much as I didn’t like the guy….it’s honestly now hard not too. Out coached every coach he went up against in these playoffs, especially yesterday. Coming from a Patriots fan at that, congrats Carroll!

  4. Congrats Seahawks and Seahawks fans!

    From: a Lions fan.

    Impressive way to win the big one. Well deserved.

    Since, I may never know what it’s like….how does it feel to be a fan of a team who has one it for the first time?

  5. Congrats to the Seahawks on winning your second Lombardi. Of course, the first one was mistakenly given to the Steelers, but we all know you deserved it.

  6. Pete Carrol. is a winner. Seahawks won a SB before my Eagles, goes to show having a good coach and a good front office can do, unfortunately we’ve never had the latter. 😦

    If any team can repeat and make a dynasty this team can, they’re just a complete team.

  7. SuperChronic, as a Buc fan, i know that feeling. Experienced it in SB XXXVII. The joy you’re feeling now is well deserved. Embrace it!!

  8. Congrats to the Seahawks. They were the team everyone was looking out for from the beginning. They will be on top for a while. However, it is a copycat league. Let’s hope for more emphasis in defense in the future so football can get back to what it used to be and not this pass happy, arena football game it has become.

  9. I didn’t think they deserved to be in the Super Bowl, I thought the championship game was handed to them by the refs.. But they clearly won that game last night. I was rooting for manning but I don’t have a problem with the way Seattle won. They play great defense, they run the ball and the have a young deep team. They won the Super Bowl with a $500K QB.. That’s awesome

  10. And to get here, you broke the rules then ditched your job when you were all but caught, leaving innocent players to be punished by the NCAA. What a joke.

  11. One of the least entertaining games I can remember. It wasn’t even a competition. Seahawks looked super-human playing against mortals.

  12. I know how thrilled I was when seeing the Steelers win their first SB after so many bad bad years. Way to go Seattle hats off to you and enjoy today as no other day.

  13. A little bit of me wished it was a closer game, but I’ll take what the Seahawks built.
    38 years of watching these guys one of the best feelings to see them and the Pacific Northwest win a NFL championship.


  14. The Seahawks came to play and excelled in all areas. They really earned this Championship. I’m happy for Pete, his players and the long-suffering fans. What a great team. Go Pats!

  15. FYI – I am a Patriots’ fan.

    Seattle fans – that is the best defense I’ve seen since the 1985 Bears. The Broncos never had a chance, and yours is the youngest SB champion team since the 1971 Dolphins.


  16. Seahawks will be a dynasty for years to come. Russel Wilson will keep getting better and better each year. Their defense will stay solid, they may lose a few guys here and there through the years but I can see russel wilson amd the seahawks winning 2 or more superbowls after this one. Congrats to the ex vikes as well getting the first ring. Tjack percy heath bevel sidney you guys earned it.

  17. Even the most confident of us Hawks fans couldnt have seen that kind of domination coming, killer game plan, just plain more physically and mentally tough. Took a while but proud to be a Hawk today!


  18. Pete and John Schneider have built the prototype for the successful franchise. They put together a group of misfits, sprinkled with a few mixed round draft picks and here they are.

    This proves that the Greg Schiano, militaristic crap has played out. Today’s players wanna be themselves and get respect doing it. They will play smarter and harder for somebody they respect along with there teammates.

    Good luck NFL, trying to find coaches like him, who actually respects and like his players.

  19. All kidding about Pete Carroll aside, I do have to say that he is probably the coolest 62 year old in the world.

    He’s the closest thing in reality to the Dos Equis man, and I hope I have that much energy when I’m a senior citizen.

  20. 92nick182govikings says:
    Feb 3, 2014 8:57 AM

    Seahawks will be a dynasty for years to come. Russel Wilson will keep getting better and better each year. Their defense will stay solid, they may lose a few guys here and there through the years but I can see russel wilson amd the seahawks winning 2 or more superbowls after this one. Congrats to the ex vikes as well getting the first ring. Tjack percy heath bevel sidney you guys earned it.

    They have pretty good foundation…But think starting 2014,,you’ll find a lot of guys leaving for bigger $$$.. They were able to buy cheap, but now and 2015 comes paydays for many…They won’t be able to afford to keep much more than 60-70% of core together….Salary cap really does kinda suck. Plus, do not see Wilson as franchise, carry team on my back QB. He’ll be a good one, but not a Brady or Manning type .

  21. Can relate to how Seattle fans feel after waiting for the Saints to win their first. Well deserved win. Enjoy the moment. You may feel on top of the world but it is difficult to stay there even if you are near the top every year.

  22. How are any of you still hating? The Seahawks beat down the Broncos plain and simple but now cap space, pills, cheating everything under the sun is being mentioned, you look like fools bringing up irrelevent stuff!

  23. I wonder if any bronco fans were screaming their heads off on the broncos first snap and if they were they need to kick them selves in the ass cause they helped cause the early snap. Peyton and the broncos did have chances to get in this one tho. Seattle defense proved to be to much.
    Wayyyyy to much.

  24. Interesting similarities when Pittsburgh beat Seattle Pittsburgh hat the t-shirts on-line same when NY beat New England now this year Eli Manning told the Fox announcers before the game that he was 100% positive Seattle was going to win… Peyton’s performance would have better served him as a high diver…

  25. Seatownballers …your welcome… he pretty much clinched the game and I thought he should have been MVP. Thanks for the first round pick tho! Hopefully percy can stay healthy throughout his NFL career if he can he will put up serious numbers.

  26. Great win Seattle. Comparisons to the 85 Bears is an insult to the Bears. Kap wouldn’t have had 10 yards rushing let alone 130 in the NFCCG. And the niners scoring 17 against the 46 defense? Forget about it. That being said, enjoy Seattle fans. Nothing like your first time. See ya at Levi’s next year.

  27. At least the Seahawks won in convincing style, and without controversy like the ravens did last year. There was no question that the Seahawks were the best team in the nfl unlike the Super Bowl winner last year.

  28. The Seahawks have shocked me all year. I thought they were going to get destroyed yesterday, and instead they turned in the most dominate NFL performance I have ever seen. What an amazing year for them.

  29. doctorrustbelt says:
    Feb 3, 2014 8:21 AM

    Six Seattle Seahawks players have test positive for PEDs since 2011.

    Only one of which, Bruce Irvin, was on the roster yesterday.

    Zero positive tests this season.

    Have fun selling that. With the way ignorance can spread on the internet, you’ll likely find plenty of buyers.

  30. This is a testament to the system in the NFL designed to bring parity. Its hard to be a top team year after year. The Seahawks are the perfect example of the way the NFL seeks to help crappy teams improve. After years of poor performance, (2008 4/12, 2009 5/11, 2010 7/9, 2011 7/9) the Seahawks put together a roster of free agents and underpaid high draft picks that dominated this year and look promising for another year or two. Then, of course, they will have to start paying some of these people (eg. lowest paid starting QB in the whole league) and their draft picks wont be so plentiful. Will be interesting to see if they can maintain this kind of talent and depth. I think not, but this was their year and last night their night, so enjoy the party Seahawks fans – enjoy it now.

  31. Seahawks just missed getting to the Superbowl last year. After humiliating the pitiful Redskins and their worthless quarterback, they came up just a hair short of beating the Falcons. Of course, it was the Ravens’ year and the Ravens proved all the haters wrong, just like the Seahawks did this year. Congrats!

  32. I had no dog whatsoever in the game, however, I am finding it amusing that so many posters mention cheating in reference to PEDs regarding The Hawks, as if they have some idea or inside information that whichever team THEY support are PED-free! Judas Priest, LOOK at the size of ALL the players in The NFL, and look at their speed and power. NOW tell me that the teams you are waxing poetically about are pristine and clean!! My feeling is who WOULDN’T use PEDs in such a VIOLENT, life-shortening career? How could anyone who is completely clean survive in this blood-sport? That simply defies common sense, to say nothing of ignoring one’s survival instincts!

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