Pete Carroll: We really have an eye on what’s coming


The online sportsbook Bovada has released odds for Super Bowl XLIX and the Seahawks have been pegged as 9/2 favorites to repeat as champions next season.

If they did, it would be the first time that a team pulled off consecutive championships since the Patriots did it in 2003 and 2004. One of the reasons often cited for the failure to repeat is the “hangover” that comes with the added offseason obligations that come with winning a Super Bowl, but coach Pete Carroll said Monday that the team won’t dwell on Sunday too long.

“The first meeting that we’ll have will be tomorrow. That starts tomorrow. Our guys would be surprised if we didn’t,” Carroll said at his press conference in Manhattan. “We really have an eye on what’s coming, and that we don’t dwell on what just happened. We’ll take this in stride, and we’ll have a big celebration on Wednesday in town and enjoy the heck out of it. Everybody will enjoy the heck out of it. We won’t miss the fun part of it, but that doesn’t mean we can’t set our sights on how this is going to go. They would be surprised if it was anything other than that. I think we are in a very fortunate situation.”

Part of their good fortune is a roster that’s not going to be forced into the kinds of changes that often happen for championship teams. There will be some contract issues in the future, but defensive end Michael Bennett and wide receiver Golden Tate are the most prominent free agents this time around and, as we saw Sunday, the team would get a boost from having a healthy Percy Harvin in the lineup more frequently.

There are plenty of variables, including the possibility that Harvin or other key players won’t be healthy, and a long way before we get to Glendale next February, but it’s hard not to like Seattle’s chances of another strong season in 2014.

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  1. Niners would have stomped denver even worse, the best team in the NFL resides in the NFC West and we all know its not Seattle. Thanks Roger for helping Seadderal get its first super bowl. Hey 12th girls only 4 more to catch up.

  2. Niners would have stomped denver even worse, the best team in the NFL resides in the NFC West and we all know its not Seattle. Thanks Roger for helping Seadderal get its first super bowl. Hey 12th girls only 4 more to catch up. #goNiners #NoOnehasitbetter

  3. Atheists…..rejoice!
    Cheater Peter’s “success” at USC and Seattle confirm that there is no God.

  4. I don’t get why the Seahawks fans are so happy?

    The Seattle Seahawks didn’t win the Super Bowl.

    The Seattle PEDhawks won it.

    This whole season was based off of pure cheating and will never be regarded as a true championship.

    This will known as the Asterisk Super Bowl win.

    The Seahawks still have 0 Super Bowl victories.

  5. The 4th youngest team in NFL just won a one of the most decisive Super Bowl’s in history.

    There are a couple of roster moves that will have to be made but Seattle’ s cap situation is great. E. Thomas. R. Sherman, M. Bennett will all get contracts and older guys like Clemons (7 million) McQuistan (3 million) will get to walk or restructure.

    John Schneider has young talent that hasn’t even seen the field yet in guys like Christine Michael, Jordan Hill and Jesse Williams. Already can’t wait for next year. Go Hawks!

  6. Definitely a great team….offense, defense, special teams and coaching. One thing to keep in mind is how young this talented team is. It will be interesting to see what happens when it comes time for new contracts. There’s a lot of talk coming from these guys about staying together and building a dynasty. But what happens when it’s time to re-up guys like Wilson, Sherman, Earl Thomas, Harvin, Lynch etc? Will they take less money to stay together? Romo got all that money with 1 playoff win. Same thing with Matt Ryan, so you know Wilson will be licking his chops. It will be interesting to see how they get everyone under the cap over the next few seasons.

  7. No ‘Hawks fan here, but you really have to respect where Carroll is coming from here. He’s hungry. He’s not satisfied. He’s already back to work.

    This is very similar to the Steelers (my Steelers) following their first Super Bowl win. They were young, disciplined, highly motivated and hungry. And Coach Noll made it *clear* that they should not be satisfied. And the results were historic and spectacular.

    Heck, they did almost all of that without Percy Harvin – and Harvin is really, reeeeeally good. Word is they Jermichael Finley is sniffing around Seattle too – and he’d be a major upgrade at TE.

    Will that happen for Seattle? No one can say, but boy – they are a strong, young, aggressive, hungry team. Even teams who dislike Seattle can’t deny that.

  8. Hopefully in the offseason we can pull another trade with Minnesota and give oh, let’s say, a 6th and 7th rounder for Peterson and Patterson.

    Then the rest of the vikes can go “game plan” on a boat with some hired talent.

    A quality program with a quality season will have a quality offseason and is the envy of probably 40-50% of owners and fans in the league.

    Still waiting for people to assimilate this d with Miami’s no name d. Lots of” compete to play” guys making a name and future for themselves.

  9. Looking at the odds, I’d say you can get decent-to-good value for New Orleans, Philly, Indy, Arizona, Dallas, Pittsburgh, and San Diego.

    I would avoid the three favorites (Denver, Seattle, San Fran), Atlanta, Chicago, and Detroit.

  10. I love when 49’er fans come on here and bash Seattle…just shows that they are scared…Well 49’ers..We just showed you all how to win a Superbowl and Dominate the Best Offense in the League Take notes…

  11. Can’t stand the Seahawks, but I can see one positive thing about this game: it adds another team to the growing list of teams with more championship trophies than the Minnesota Vikings.

  12. Every free agent in the NFL is going to be calling Seattle to see if they have a spot open, even on a below market contract. Finley wants in. Unfortunately, they can only sign 53.

  13. It was widely reported that Coach Carroll spoke to a “couple” of other NFL coaches before he and the Seahawks played in this superbowl. I suspect I know to whom he spoke, but he had his team so well prepared for the game. For a team that barely got a 10-minute mention on the pregame shows, they did their talking on the field and I was very impressed with the maturity of this young team. Had any of them ever been to a SB before? In any event, congrats to the Seahawks…what a showing they made in front of a world-wide audience. If they keep most of the players they had this season, they could very well be back in the SB again.

  14. Forty -whiners fans still crying about something. Why did they get wupped 2 out of 3 times this year? They are all imitating their coach harbaugh. Whiners lack class!

  15. Tater25 says:
    Feb 3, 2014 11:59 AM

    Best defense ever !!!!!!!


    Are you old enough to remember the 1985 Bears.
    If not, look in to it.

  16. Russ can’t get paid til his rookie contract is up. 2 more years. He also probably won’t break the bank bc he’s a team first guy.

  17. Seahawks have a young team, with all kinds of talent making their way up. Schneider has done such a great job, especially in later draft rounds but really everywhere he’s found big contributors. That is the main reason to wear shades about the future of the franchise.

  18. “We really have an eye on what’s coming, and that we don’t dwell on what just happened. We’ll take this in stride”

    Blah blah yadda yadda. etc.

    Don’t kid yourself. There are good reasons why teams don’t repeat. The hangover is REAL. That, and next year they are going to get everyone’s A+ effort.

    Guys get fat heads. They all go on the banquet circuit and celebrations last well into May. And they want fat wallets. Which is another reason teams tend to have difficulty the next year.

  19. 9ers are good because of Kaps rookie contract, Ravens were good before flacco got his monster deal.

    Sherman probably won’t want a raise either. Hahahahaha

  20. I enjoy giggling about the PEDHawks as much as anybody, but the Broncos are also serious juicers. So what gives? Did the Seahawks sneak into the Broncos weightroom last week and replace all their PEDs with pressed sawdust pills? Carroll, you wily bastard, I salute you.

  21. At least this offseason we won’t have to listen to Seahawks fans whine and blame the refs for the SB loss. I’m sure that’ll be difficult for most fans as it’s habitual now after 8 years.

  22. ctigatgs says:Feb 3, 2014 11:52 AM

    Niners would have stomped denver even worse, the best team in the NFL resides in the NFC West and we all know its not Seattle. Thanks Roger for helping Seadderal get its first super bowl. Hey 12th girls only 4 more to catch up

    Older brother has 5 cars. 4 from the eighties. Now younger brother has the 2014 model in the driveway. Your bitterness is soooooooo cute!
    Kaep is not the answer. It’s gonna be tough to get number 6 since the cheating league implemented a salary cap

  23. Every SB winner thinks they’ll just keep on winning it. Only the cheating Patriots managed to do it … and we all know how that happened. Then again, the PEDs and engineered noise … hmmmm … cheating does seem to work. Maybe they can repeat.

  24. ctiggs says:
    Feb 3, 2014 11:52 AM
    Niners would have stomped denver even worse, the best team in the NFL resides in the NFC West and we all know its not Seattle. Thanks Roger for helping Seadderal get its first super bowl. Hey 12th girls only 4 more to catch up.

    ^^^^^You had to post that crap twice because you dont even believe it! Once again you and all the other haters just dont understand that yesterday the best team won the game and last I checked San Franwhiners were not in that game. Your talking about 4 more to catch up, but yall have 2 more NFC championship to catch up with the Eagles and 1 superbowl trip. This is the 2000 what have you done lately?

  25. @mclovin07 Russell is forbidden by the NFL’s agreement with the player union from renegotiating sooner that after next season. But you can expect him to sign a very teammate friendly 2nd contract. He is making bank on endorsements, is not a selfish guy, and has seen some of the other great quarterbacks do the same thing recently. He flew his receivers in for a get together prior to OTAs last year, bought his offense Xbox One’s for Xmas and wants outstanding talent around him. He’s a very generous and team oriented guy.

  26. Nfc west is the best. The Niners would have won as well. Maybe the cards too .

    In other news, the Vikings are still a joke

  27. “You wanna crown their ass, go ahead crown their ass! They are who we thought they were – a bunch of cheats that get away with it.”

  28. If dummies keep responding to the trolls then the trolls get what they want and keep coming back to post even more. Why so it?

    To the potential dynasty comments: even if Wilson and Thomas sign less expensive extensions than one would expect this team will still begin to push against the cap ceiling. There are too many talented guys who know that once they hit the market that teams with big holes will pay them too dollar. One major asset to this team has been paying their quarterback next to nothing (relative to other skilled QBs), allowing them to seed the team with talent everywhere. If they continue to hit home runs in the draft they’ll reseed the roster nicely. That said, even the best talent evaluators fail to maximize every pick. Will they be a perennial playoff contender? With good health, yes (a qualifier you can attach to every team). Will they be a dominant force fueled by team harmony and an attitude that taking less money to win is worth it? Not likely – they all have a ring, many will begin to think about securing top dollar so their future is safe. Welcome to the modern NFL. In MLB it’s easier for an Evan Longoria to sign an extension that buys out arbitration years but earns him less per year than he’d make on the market because he’ll see every dime of what he signs for. Same can’t be said for NFL players.

  29. When you have a huge bump in cap flexibility due hitting the lotto on a 3rd-round QB on a rookie contract making $350 a year, that doesn’t hurt…

  30. Pete Carroll is a horrible human being. Total charlatan. I wonder if USC, and their fans, had their eyes on “what happens next”…or was it just Pete?

  31. 1phd says:
    Feb 3, 2014 12:20 PM

    “You wanna crown their ass, go ahead crown their ass! They are who we thought they were – a bunch of cheats that get away with it.”
    You mad Bro?

  32. @ctiggs

    Pete Carroll > Jim Harbaugh

    We beat the dog@#$t out of the niners physcically in that Championship game. You wouldn’t even have had a team to field against Denver if you lucked out and Kaep “throws it one foot farther.” I see you are just like that second guessing, scrub qb of yours: running your pie hole when you should just shut up and show some class.

  33. As a 49er fan I obviously wanted Seattle to loose so begrudgingly I gotta give respect where its due. Congrats to Seattle and there fans, after whats gone on sports wise in that city you all deserve a winner and you will always have this title. That team is run well and built organically so to speak so I expect you will be in title contention for a while and of course will receive all the hate afforded to consistent winners. As for my team losing to the past three champions, second place repeatedly sucks, hopefully they can break through soon too.

  34. Really? According to everything I’ve read they have 126 million dollars tied to 45 players next year? They may have a young team, but ALOT of money is tied to players like Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice, and Russell Okung

  35. Seattle fans are in denial in their mom’s basements. They just ignore that Carroll was run out of USC for cheating, the MULTIPLE
    substance vilations by the cheathawks (more than all other teams). They even cheat with FAKE crowd noise.

    The refs were the reason u made it to the super bowl and it’s a good thing u won, otherwise the suicide rate would spike even higher than it is.

  36. When does the QB salary spiral stop? Given the reality of the NFL salary cap, how can teams be competitive when they’re devoting something like 1/6 of their cap to a single player? At some point, there has to be a market correction, but who’s going to be the guy that turns down millions to help his team?

    Brees and Flacco talked like they would, but when push came to shove, they wanted the Benjamins.

  37. One thing to note is that its hard to be a consistent contender relying on defense. The Seahawks are probably in better shape than most, because Wilson is good, but most of the other Super Bowl winners who got there on the strength of an all-time great defense had trouble finding the magic in subsequent years. See, e.g., ’85 Bears, ’00 Ravens, ’02 Bucs.

    Like I said, I like Wilson better than the QBs those teams had, but it’s still hard for a defensive team to have the kind of repeat success that teams built more around a QB do.

  38. If you want to see a bunch of grown men crying, look no further than this page. Good god! If you’re this upset that the Seahawks won, your life must be terrible.

  39. I think this marks the end of the AFC for a while. There’s not a team in the AFC that looks to be close to competing with the Seahawks, Niners, Panthers, Eagles and Saints over the next few years.

  40. Look for Michael Bennet to play for the Chicago Bears next year.

    His brother Martellus is pushing Michael to play there. The Bears are desperate for a defensive end, and they will pay him. Plus there are a lot of creative ways to market the brothers in Chicago, which means more $ for the 2 of them.

  41. Major problem for both the Seahawks and Broncos: both have big salary cap issues for 2014.

    Seahawks are right around $126 million, while the Broncos are at nearly $128 million. They have some hard choices to make with regards who to keep and who to let go.

    And people thought the Ravens were in cap hell last year in letting Ed Reed, Dannell Ellerbe, Paul Kruger, and Anquan Boldin walk. This is the new shape the league is taking: teams load up for a title run, and then have to dismantle themselves after a small window. Finding a way to stay competitive afterwards is the tough part.

  42. Corner stone, norcal mafia, joey 49

    We thank u. You are the motivation for us.
    Tavarius Jackson now has a ring. How many did kaep have?

  43. Well these NFL GMs shouldn’t build their teams to beat the Seahawks. Everything went their way this year. Referee calls, turnovers, they somehow avoided playing Carolina in the first round because the Saints choked down the stretch.

    Smart GMs will build their teams to beat the Colts, because their coming. If their GM nails this next draft class….it’s over.

  44. All the talk from you basement dwellers all season is followed up with more reasons the Seahawks aren’t any good??? Wow. You have about as much credibility as Chris Carter and Skip Bayless. I finally understand trolls. They’re the Skip Bayless of the internet, except they’re poor.

  45. Niner fan here.
    It was an absolute domination by the Seahawks. They have that “look” about them. Will (deservedly) be the favorites going into next year.
    Hope my niners are the ones to get in their way and topple them.

    In any case, it is well known but worth repeating.
    The NFC W is at least 3 tiers above any other division in football.

  46. So basically all the haters have refined their trolling to:

    1) My team would have beat Denver too, but worse. And,

    2) Seattle won’t be able to resign all their players in the offseason.

    We only have two players who are scheduled to hit the market: Bennett and Tate. And there are several players who have big contracts that will have to renegotiate their contracts or get released, but who aren’t producing at the level of pay they are set to recieve…i.e. McQuistan, Miller (who is a GREAT blocker tho), and Rice. Renegotiating/releasing some of these guys is expected by pretty much everyone who has been following the situation. That will free up money for Wilson, Thomas, Sherman, ect…

    This team has a tremendous core of talent and from all I’ve seen from the front office and coaching staff, they have made great decisions in assembling talent and I trust them to continue that trend. Seattle will be in the hunt for the forseeable future and if that drives you crazy all the better.

  47. hahaha there are lots of niner whiners in here hahaha. Hawks kicked your boodies, man. what to complain about?

  48. I don’t really understand the whole hate aspect in fans.

    Seattle didn’t just win, the destroyed the best offense in the league. Give them their due.

    Yeah, my team is still a joke, but as much as I like Percy Harvin, I still like the trade. Percy has a tough time stayin’ healthy with his size and the way he plays. In return, we got Corarell Paterson and anything after that was gravy.

    If nothing else, I believe yesterday’s game showed just how much better the NFC is over the AFC. They NFC conference title game was far better than yesterday’s game. That one was over after the first snap of the game.

  49. Whoever wins the NFC next year wins the S.B. ……The top teams will be Seattle, SF, Carolina, AZ, NO and perhaps one of the other teams who improve. Enjoying the Seahawks win but already looking forward to what the off season will bring……. Have some NFL sickness and there is no cure……..

  50. Remember when the ’85 Bears were so good they were going to win multiple Super Bowls for the rest of the 80s?

    Yeah, me too.

    How’d that work out?

    Congrats to the Seahawks on an awesome game, but let’s all calm down … this is not a dynasty in the making. Not with that QB. Russell Wilson is the second coming of Trent Dilfer.

  51. To those who think J Finley would be an upgrade for Seattle at tight end, you don’t understand this team. He might be better than our 2nd string TE, but the Hawks wants their TE to be a blocker 1st and a pass catcher 2nd and Miller fits this to a T. Remember, the Hawks play old school football and use their TE to support the running game.

    Also, with so many “home grown” players now coming due for contracts, there isn’t going to be room for many UFA’s, if any. Heck, with his contract, Miller might not even be on this team next year (but I hope he is).


  52. they have to restructure Rice. He takes too much cap space.

    I would sign Wilson, Sherman, Chancellor, Thomas, and Maxwell to huge contracts right now so they are locked up for 10 years each. they are worth $100 million contracts.

  53. The NFC is the dominant conference now because of the defenses it has.

    This is eerily similar to the way the two conferences were during the 80’s.

    Peyton will not be able to beat the 49ers, Seahawks or the Panthers defense. He’s done. He can go sit down now.

  54. The Seahawks will have to deal with reality on the salary cap soon enough.

    It’ll start after next season when Russell Wilson’s contract will have to be renewed.

    Not a Seahawks fan, but you have to admire the job done by the GM there. Very few organizations can consistently find quality talent on day three of draft, and the Seahawks have been able to do that over the past 3-4 years.

  55. Do PEDs make you run real fast and tackle good? That’s the only thing I can think of. Of course the only ones on the team with a positive test for PEDs are Bruce Irvin who was a minor contributor yesterday and Brandon Browner who was not even playing. I just don’t know what to think. Chancellor, Thomas, Maxwell, Lane, Wright, Wagner, Superbowl MVP Malcolm Smith. and the entire defensive line have never even been mentioned in the same sentence as PEDs but how can that be? Everyone knows the everyone in the legion of boom is using.

    I guess it just must be that haters are going to hate. What are you going to do? Win the Superbowl anyway.

  56. Seattle does not have two players scheduled to hit the market, they have 17. Not all 17 are starters, but 17 players who have to be resigned or replaced. In addition to starters like Tate and Bennett, there are players like McQuistan, Giaocomini, Hauschka, Browner, Thurmond, McDonald and McDaniel – all of whom played at least 30 snaps per game on average. Plus they need to get ready to sign Sherman, Thomas and Wilson for really big money ($10 million plus), and they have about $5 million in cap space – IF there is a modest increase.

    If they give Bennett a raise to about $9 million, they’ll then be paying $45 million to five defensive linemen – that doesn’t work, not when you need to retain Wilson, Thomas and Sherman.

    Seahawks fans can minimize it all they want and talk about how deep Pauls pockets are, but they are about to find out why only 4 or 5 teams are consistent winners in this league. It really doesn’t matter how much money Paul has, this isn’t baseball, there’s a salary cap and it applies to all the teams the same way. Know why the Ravens lost so many free agents and made so many cuts last year? Because Jump Ball Joe needed to get paid. Russell and Richard are going to want respect no later than March 2015, and they’ll want at $20 million in respect, can’t keep paying $9 million per D-lineman when you got to pay Russell and Dick.

  57. The reason it’s damn hard to win back to back super bowls is because it’s damn hard to win one super bowl. Even if you assume that there are only 10 teams that have a shot at winning the super bowl every year, if you happen to be one of them both years, you have about a 1% chance of pulling it off. Almost everything needs to break your way, and against another team or two, for someone to win back to back. Looking at the league, for 2014, I count 15 teams that could win it all if things break right for them (Pats, Bengals, Colts, Chargers, Broncos, Chiefs, Cowboys, Eagles, Packers, Bears, Saints, Panthers, Niners, ‘Hawks, Cardinals) and another handful that could really surprise (Lions, Giants, Falcons, Rams, Dolphins, Steelers, Ravens, etc.)

    The NFL is without a doubt the most competitive of the three major leagues.

  58. Seattle has been built by finding late round steals, As these guys become free agents and leave for more $ which always happens theres no reason to think they won’t continue to hit in the draft. They obviously have a system that works up there and many teams will likely try to copy it. Its possible and even likely they fall off next year due to injury or whatever but thinking they will flame out like the Ravens is wishful thinking. Better to assume they will be around and build your team to beat them.

  59. So when is the Super Bowl? Yesterday was a scrimmage, right? It was worse than the Pro Bowl.

    I’m a Niner fan and would never root for another NFC West team (unlike SEC fans), especially the seahawks. That being said, hats off to the seahawks.

    This game wasn’t even close, they left no doubt, no controversial call that would have determined the game. It was a straight beat down. Reminded me of when the Niners played the Broncos back in ’90, 55-10; or when the Niners played the Chargers in ’95, 49-26; or when the Niners played the Dolphins in 1985, 38-16. I sure was hoping though that yesterday’s Super Bowl had played out more like the Niners other 2 wins, in ’82 and ’89. Maybe even their lone SB loss last year.

  60. That’s right Niner fans, your little brother just grew up and smacked you around. Now that we’re both all grown up and we’re bigger than you, what are you gonna do stretch?????

  61. If the Seahawks pipe in their sound and have an unfair stadium, why is it that it was too loud at Met Life stadium? Peyton Manning blamed the safety on crowd noise.
    I’m sorry 49er fans. I’m sure the team will resend you the information on how to cheer for your team next year.

  62. Oh, how cute. Look at all the Whiner fans trying to be relevant and stuff. Thanks for being our practice squad as we prepped for the Show.

  63. Look for the Seahawks to get long term deal done with Earl Thomas this off season just like they did with Chancellor last season and Marshawn the year before that. As for all the the others who need to be resigned, some of them will and some won’t just like every off season. Nothing to worry about. For everyone that leaves another player will be brought in to take his spot. John and Pete have it figured out and under control. I think by now they’ve shown that we can trust them.

    Sorry haters you’re not going to get us going right now. Too much to celebrate here. For the first time in forever we have a Seattle team that didn’t come up short. How cool is that? We’re just going to go ahead and enjoy that for a while.

  64. Fellow 12th man…the fact so many are hating should be expected. Most hate winners, and at this point Seattle is poised to be a dynasty that people will hate (like NE, Dallas etc).

    The masses will always view Seattle as one of the most dominating teams in any season – all the while destroying Manning’s legacy. Wonder if he now wishes he came to Seattle?…I for one am glad he didn’t.

  65. If this isn’t the best defense ever? Who is? They shutdown, and outscored (9-8) the greatest offense the NFL has ever seen in the biggest game the NFL produces.

    My hats off to the Seattle Seahawks as the best defense to date. To be the best, you beat the best and they did more than just that.

    If you want proof, look was Seattle did to Denver in the preseason as well.

    40-10 and now 43-8.

  66. I’m a niners fan. And I give props to seattle cause they kicked some butt. We all knew the real superbowl was 2 weeks ago. Other teams in the Nfl can not come close to the physical play of the niners or seattle. Maybe Carolina. But not really.

  67. WOW! I’m neither niner or hawks fans but it’s pretty evident which 2 fan bases have the lowest caliber fans these days. I kind of expect it from SF fans considering how giants fans are, but seahawks fans really? And why? No class. It’s amazing how pathetic and bold people can be from behind a keyboard. It’s just sports people. #showsomeclass

  68. As a lifelong 49er fan, I was definitely rooting for the Broncos going in. But make no mistake, the best team in football won the Super Bowl this year.
    That was dominance on a level that is not seen in Super Bowls of the last decade+.
    As the game went on, and it does pain me to say it, I was hoping that Seattle piled it on. I was almost rooting for them…almost, not quite though, can’t go there.

    All the talk about the best offense in the league, the best qb of all time (manning maybe top-10 at best) was nauseating. Didn’t the ‘pundits/experts’ realize who Denver was playing? Seattle simple bullied them into submission. I didn’t see every seahawks game this year but it seemed to me they played their best game of the year in the Super Bowl. They were at full strength and played like they (and I’m sure their fans) envisioned. Total domination. The rest of the country got a mouthful of what the NFC West is all about – real football. Seattle represented the best division in the NFL to the utmost. No soft, gimmicky arena like ball – simple, hard, fast, real football.

    I thought I would like Seattle even less if they won the SB. That’s not the case. I don’t like them at all but I do have great respect for what they were able to do from end to end this year. No question they were the best team and they deserved to win. They are now the biggest, baddest boy on the block.

    The seahawks have set the bar for the NFL and more importantly for their division rivals. The Niners, Cardinals and Rams know they have to catch up. Some are closer than others but all 4 teams play a similar style of ball and it’s going to be the best division in football for some time.

    There are many Seattle fans that rip on Kaepernick but dude played balls out in the NFC champ. Yes, he did have 3 turnovers. But he was responsible for ~95% of their offense b/c Seattle completely dominated the Niners O-line and stuffed the run game. The only plays the Niners made were b/c of their QB. So needless to say I have faith in him and the team in general. They know they have to go through the Seahawks if they want their own SB ring. I can’t wait to sit in my seats at the new stadium next year and watch them go toe to toe again.
    Congrats to the Seahawks and the Seattle fans (no, I won’t say/use 12th).
    Niners need to be the ones with the chip on their shoulder next year and take down the champs.

  69. looking for a niners fan’s take on this…..

    first a couple of quick questions:

    1. I’m afraid I missed the NFC title game, could you fill me in on the score?

    2. I also missed the super bowl, and since I know you were watching from home, I figured you could help out with that too.

    Nah, you know what? I can just ask a niners player what happened, they all watched it from home, too.


  70. That was a Clubber Lang knockout punch last night. One of the greatest defensive showcases in SB history. Kam Chancellor and Bobby Wagner were putting fear into those recievers…Decker said they weren’t that physical, so of course you knew he’d get schooled and manhandled on those pathetic blocks he tried to make. Manning threw the same ducks Sherm said he throws…Moreno was a total non factor…12man was crazy loud…Wilson converted third downs like a magician…Harvin was everything we thought he was…both corners went out, as well as Chancellor for a bit, and ALL Seattle’s reserves came in and balled out just like the starters…the greatest offense in league history got dismantled by the Seattle defense. Seattle Seahawks! You are WORLD CHAMPIONS!

  71. Wow lots of people drinking hater-aid. Pete Carroll won at USC and now the nfl. Cry to someone who cares haters. Fight on and rise up 12th man!!!!

  72. Green Bay thought they would repeat. They thought they would win 3 in a row actually. They were almost undefeated the following year. Then KC beat them, their coach’s son died and they were smoked by the Giants in the playoffs. Then SF knocked them out twice because they haven’t been able to get their defense back to a reasonable level. Now the player many thought was the best in the game for the last 5 years, Aaron Rodgers, has won one Super Bowl in 9 years (6 years of starting) and he’s 30 years old.

    Lots can change. Seahawks fans should enjoy the current championship and not get ahead of themselves.

    Every team is 0-0 starting next year.

  73. Let’s face it….Peyton Manning’s worst decision didn’t happen during the game last night…it happened during his Free Agency selection process when he chose to go to the Broncos rather than an NFC West Team! The 9ers, Hawks, and Cardinals were all interested.

  74. Congrats to Seattle. I agree enjoy the moment and move on but that is easy to say hard to do. A lot of these guys will be involved in commercial work and outside events that distract the heck out of you.

    Not to mention, Denver ain’t going away, The Pats will reload, watch out for the Lions they have the talent to be a force, the Vikes are one good QB away from being a contender or spoiler so the road traveled is dam shaky.

  75. Haha a lot can change in a year, but the Seahawks have only improved every year under the Schneider/Carroll regime. Now they got free agents who want to come here… Exciting time right now.

  76. FYI – I am a Pats’ fan.

    Not only did we lose in the AFC Championship game, we also lost the title of MOST HATED TEAM to the SeaHawks. What to do?

    This team is tied with the 1971 Dolphins as the youngest SB champs in history.


    Seattle fans – congratulations – yours is an awesome team.

  77. Best D I’ve seen since the Bears in the 1986 Super Bowl.

    That team had enough talent to win at least one more SB but Ditka couldn’t keep them together – they were bickering and fighting all the time and Ditka and Buddy Ryan hated each other.

    One and out.

  78. They will pick up a couple free agents nobody wants that will work cheap. Ricky Incognito comes to mind. Sign him to a vet minimum deal and let him make the Pro Bowl at LG. He will be on his best behavior. Every teams best player will be calling the Hawks.

  79. I’m far from a Seattle fan, but when are people going to stop claiming that the Bears 85 defense was the greatest of all time? The Seahawks defense this year is about as good as I’ve ever seen. They went up against the greatest offense statistically of all time in the super bowl, and held them to 8 points! This easily could have been a shut out. I’m comfortable enough to say that the 2013 Seattle Seahawks have the greatest defense of all time.

    And niner fans, show some maturity. Your jealousy is making you look bad with some of your comments. You got beat. Move on. You had your chance last year. You lost. Move on. No reason to bash a good team. Show them respect until you beat them.

  80. Even as a lifelong Pats fan, I used to love when Seattle would beat the Donkeys in the Kingdome with Steve Largent and Dave Krieg. This was an awesome kick in the junk for horse face Elway…He probably had flashbacks to some of his SBs, getting pounded on.
    Hate rah-rah Pete, but Seattle is pretty bad ass right now. Nice win!

  81. Ctiggs: get a clue!! I mean, Joe Cool threw your QB under the bus! Surprised you persist. Face it, you lost. The Seahawks beat you and probably will keep beating your team.

    Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks!!! You deserve it!!!

  82. I reeeeaaallly wanted the Broncos to win, mainly because I wanted to see Peyton get another ring. That being said, you can not deny that the Seahawks completely dominated every aspect of the game, and were the all around better team. They were not led by one or two superstars. They are a well coached, disciplined, cohesive unit, that plays and wins together. What Pete Carroll has been able to do to this young team in a relatively short period of time is truly remarkable. Anyone who disagrees that this is a great team is jealous. Congrats to the Seahawks on their well deserved first Super Bowl win. Not the outcome I was personally looking for, but I’ll give credit where its due. I’ll safely assume all thumbs down on my comment are 49ers fans, or trolls.

  83. Sea Chickens played a hell of a game but sheesh let them win a few years before the GOAT talk , have a little class and enjoy your season but remember the Aints and Pack were supposed to be dynasties too ! Carrol is a good motivator when he has talent but still a jackwagon .

  84. Honestly Though…. Not going to be here if they don’t restructure.

    Golden Tate
    Richard Sherman
    Bryon Maxwell
    Michael Robinson
    Sidney Rice
    Chris Clemons
    Bruce Irvin
    Walter Thurmond
    Tony McDaniel

    Yes, Legion Of Boom will lose three key contributors if they don’t fall in line. This team will find other ways to build another winner.

  85. 2000 Ravens D had a better season and a better Super Bowl.

    Make no mistake though, now that the legends are gone, I’d trade for yours any day.

  86. Best defense ever gives up 130 yards rushing to NO ONE! There’s only one team at the top and they won 4 super bowls in 6 years. That’s what the best ever accomplished. If you don’t know what team I speak of go learn some NFL history. It’s a great history. The NFL is older then 10 years you young and/or ignorant pups. Congrats to the respectful seahawks fans. Appreciate that team cause it can disappear really fast. Seahawks are now the hunted and the 49ers are hungry. See ya at Levi’s. Go 49ers!

  87. Dream machine, what? Michael Robinson, Clemons, and Rice are probably all gone this off season. I’m sure Miller will restructure.

  88. Some of the posts crack me up. Pete won at USC and nfl. Some people are saying that he should have been penalized. For what? Reggie bush and family took $ and housing that was in San Diego. So Carroll should have known what was going on hundred of miles away from campus? C’mon, use common sense. Pete won and some people can’t stand that. Fight on SC-hawks and everyone who hates USC and the hawks can wallow in their tears and suck on their lame arguments because coach Carroll is one of 3 who won in college and the pros.

  89. Thank you Sea Hags. Beating the Niners was the best, but humiliating the Donk’s was icing on my Avalanche Cake!!!!

  90. In other words “we saw Ozzie Newsome destoy his roster and fool his fanbase” We wont do that. We wont win a bowl and set the franchise back 10 years. Did I mention SUggs counts $14mil against the cap?


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