ProFootballTalk: Manning falls short in Super Bowl XLVIII

The ProFootballTalk guys break down the Broncos loss in Super Bowl XLVIII and discuss how much of the blame should fall on Peyton Manning. Mike Florio says he cannot think of any quarterback, living or dead, that could have beaten the Seahawks on Sunday night.

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  1. Manning is the most prolific regular-season QB along with Dan Marino. Joe Montana is the best QB , 4-0 in SBs, 11 TDs, 0 INT, 1142 yd on 122 passes attempted, 127 QB rating in 4 SB games.

  2. I agree Florio. I haven’t seen a defense lay their ears back like that in a while, just multiple players flying for the ball. They brought the woodshed with them.

  3. Im pretty sure seattle heard just about enough of Peyton Manning during that 2 week span b4 game..not to mention they announce hes won another MVP to add more greatness to his legacy..then to top it off you hear Wes Welker say they werent prepared for all the crowd noise and they didnt work on the snap count or any cadence at all cus they thought it wouldnt be to does a Peyton Manning prepare for a super bowl..he looked scared and im sure he was scared..i hate to say it but he is all stats..he is what they call a paper champion..Give me a QB with lousy stats but is tough and knows how to win …he runs like his shoes are on backwards but yet when hes going to be sacked under a swarm of 300lb men he does his Houdini act and stumbles out of the pile looks down field out of his earhole and just as he releases the ball hes hit as the ball flutters into His recievers arms !!ok so hes not Manning or Marino or Fouts but JIM PLUNKETT seemed to always go to his bag of tricks when we though all was lost…this so called average QB was 8-2 in post season with 2 super bowl rings..I will take Plunk over Manning anyday ..Plunk is what you call a professinal and a winner at that !!

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