Raiders hire two assistants

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The Raiders did not retain defensive backs coach Johnnie Lynn or assistant defensive backs coach Clayton Lopez after the end of the 2013 season and they’ve settled on replacements.

Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area News Group reports that the team has confirmed the hiring of defensive backs coach Joe Woods with Marcus Robertson coming on board as his assistant. Woods had been with the Vikings in the same job for the last eight seasons, but he was let go along with head coach Leslie Frazier after the Raiders completed their season.

Robertson spent last year as the defensive backs coach with the Lions, who relieved him of his duties when they did the same with head coach Jim Schwartz. Robertson had been an assistant secondary coach for two years before that, a repeat of the same climb up the ladder he made with the Titans from 2007 to 2011. Robertson also played 10 years for the Titans as a safety and was named to the All-Pro team in 1993.

Both men will be charged with helping defensive coordinator Jason Tarver and head coach Dennis Allen put together a more effective unit in 2014 as the Raiders try to move forward after two years seeing their roster squeezed by the machinations of the previous regime.

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  1. More questionable coaching hires by Dennis Allen. The guy just doesn’t seem to believe if he loses 8+ games next year he’s gone.

  2. So they fired the defensive backs coaches and hired two coaches from absolutely atrocious secondaries. Oh yes, this ought to work out just great. Dennis Allen should’ve been fired as soon as the season ended. I just hope he and Reggie don’t screw this draft/free agency period up otherwise it’ll be another decade like the last one.

  3. it’s all good…waiver starts today, franchise tags on the 17th, and then the combine.

    Stay tuned, more to follow. the fun is about to begin.

  4. Dont understand this hire. We were supposed to be and should be rebuilding this organization from the ground up including everyone from the players to the front office to the coaching staff . How does bringing in two coaches from losing teams and not just loosing teams but teams where their secondary’s were terrible, ranked at the bottom of the league and often the causes of losses help our rebuild. We need proven winners to show us direction. I know its hard to get those types of coaches right now in the midst of our struggle but we have to do better than this is we want to get going in the right direction.

    Raider Nation all day, everyday, anyday

  5. Yet they resign Tarver Defensive Head Coach. Insane, 3 strikes and your out. Keeping Tarver, one piece of the three stooges, including Allen, and McKenzie only guarteed that the Raiders will get the first round draft pick next year. Mark Davis can’t swallow his pride and admit that he made a serious error in firing All of his fathers staff and scouts. He handed the keysbto the car to a bunch of inexperienced individuals, who instead of learning from their mistakes, continue to repeat them. Until there is new ownership concerned about winning, instead of just ripping off the fans with minor league talent, a stadium with the seating capacity of a high school stadium, then the Raider Nation can expect the same. 4 win season is acceptable for Baby Davis, but the Nation deserves better.
    Starting with talent from ownership to coaches, to players putting on the uniforms. 20 years as a season ticket holder and I can’t even defend my team anymore, they have become a joke. Darn Shame, when Hue Jackson and Amy Track were running the team, they had finally turned things around and gave us hope. Enough is Enough, sell the team Mark, there are people like John Madden that bleed Silver and Black, and could make the team respectable immediately. Do Oakland a favor, take the three stooges and get out . Take a slow bus to Green Bay and stay there. And for all you McKenzie fansvthat will respond and say he’s turning things around, can’t make change over night etc..Remember, he promised us one year and the team would be competitive, not three years, and worst than when he took over. Sit back and watch him screw up the draft again, bring in NFL rejects and casts offs from Green Bay, and fail to draft a QB in the first round. God help the Raider Nation.

  6. Why Wayne, are we cross?

    Don’t you know that every time the raiders get desperate, they try something new and get worse?
    They can’t help it. It’s their DNA.

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