Report: Chris Harris having ACL surgery this week

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In one of numerous key personnel losses suffered by the Broncos throughout the season, cornerback Chris Harris missed the AFC title game and Super Bowl XLVIII with an ACL tear.

According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, Harris will have surgery to repair the injury this week.

Harris told the Post that the tear was a partial one.

“It’s just structurally where they wouldn’t let me play,” Harris said, according to the Post.

With Harris coming off the knee injury, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie slated to be a free agent and Champ Bailey due a $1 million roster bonus in March and $9 million in salary per Rotoworld data, the Broncos have some decisions to make at cornerback in the offseason.

10 responses to “Report: Chris Harris having ACL surgery this week

  1. I have never in my life seen someone bitter. Where’s your copy and pasted statement in this thread? Evidently you have such little faith in the weight of your own words that repetition is your only recourse. Go enjoy the weather or something, you clearly need a break from football.

    -No dog in this fight

  2. Keep Cromartie, jettison Bailey, and for the love of God find at least two more guys who are as good or better than Cromartie and bring them over, because he needs some support. And while you’re at it find a beast at safety who can start making these receivers pay on their crossing routes.

    Oh, and while you’re at it, you might want scrutinize that O-line. They failed Peyton horribly.

  3. If it was that easy I’m sure everyone would have players as good as DRC….. unfortunately this isn’t Madden.

  4. You can tell people who just say what they hear because they say the same dumb ish over and over! Those guys served there game suspensions for the PED now get over it! Hawks won the SUPERBOWL by beating down the Broncos, how do you still hate?

  5. Bailey has said he’s willing to move to safety. I’d take him up on that offer. The last two times I’ve really watched him play, he was being taken to the woodshed by Raven and Seattle receivers.

    I’d also look to see which DBs the Seahawks try to stash on the practice squad, and try to get a hold of them before they wind up in Jacksonville.

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