Report: Kyle Shanahan gets three-year deal with Browns

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We learned over the weekend that Kyle Shanahan will be the new offensive coordinator for the Browns.

On Monday, there’s some word about when the deal will be signed and how long it runs. Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Shanahan is expected to sign a three-year deal with the team on Tuesday.

Last year’s experience with Rob Chudzinski is a reminder that contracts don’t always reach their conclusion, but Shanahan should be able to stick around for a while if he can run an offense quarterbacked by someone better than the guys the Browns ran out last season. They have the fourth pick in the draft to use for a quarterback if they choose and Brian Hoyer is expected to be ready for offseason work after his knee injury.

With Shanahan in place, the Browns have found their coordinators on both sides of the ball for Mike Pettine’s first staff. Jim O’Neil will run the defense and former Titans offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains is reportedly set to become the team’s quarterbacks coach.

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  1. Gotta give them credit, did a decent job of putting some young hungry coaches around stone cold

  2. Hasn’t this guy been a complete failure everywhere he’s been? This is like Louisville giving Todd Grantham a 5 yr deal to be D Coordinator. Wtf?

  3. If I were a Browns fan, I would wait to react to this until a torrential downpour.

    Upon finding the eye of the storm I would summon the emotion from this announcement and scream to the gods “Whhhyyyyyyyyyyyyy?”

  4. Although it seemed to be a Herculean task from the start Dumbturdi and Bummer have accomplished the near impossible. They have assembled a coaching staff that is dumber than they are!

  5. I thought it was bad in Phoenix a few years ago with the Cards,Suns, Coyotes and DBacks.. But as bad as it was we are not Cleveland…. Banner is the new Bill Bidwill

  6. So, in other words, he’ll get paid for two years of sitting at home after they move on to the next regime! CHA-CHING!!!

    The Factory of Sadness just keeps on churning out the hits in the City of Sadness…

    Thank God I can say…


  7. I say good, let’s give them a chance. I’m excited about the season because it won’t be any worse theres no way. We played scared most of the time last year. No fire, no passion, scared is what I saw especially in the first pittsburg game. But I have a feeling that won’t be happeneing again, sorry but Chud was just to friendly always smiling he was just happy to even be there I think is what it was.

  8. If Norv Turner and Chud were such good offensive minds why did it take them mid way into the season to realize Weeden sucked. Chud and Norv kept pushing Weeden out on the field before all the other QBs on the roster. That is what cost Chud his job. His love affair with Weeden. Secondly Hortons defense blew many games in the 2nd half. The Cards defense actually improved after Horton left. They all proved they were over rated.

  9. Anyone at this point is an upgrade over Norv Turner and Chud. How do you let a QB (Hoyer) play an entire preseason game with 3rd stringers against another teams second string and watch the guy lead the team to a win yet you still put him 3rd on the depth chart.

    Good luck Minnesota. I bet Turner couldn’t wait to jump at THAT QB situation. Maybe he’ll talk them into trading Ponder for Weeden to “compete” with Freeman and Cassell.

  10. Why? None of them last longer than a year when the management decides to go a different direction after another 4-5 win season. That’s just what happens in Cleveland.

  11. If Chud wins a Super Bowl as a head coach like Pete Carroll did after the Jets fired him after one season, then it was a bad move. Until then, Cleveland has put together a decent coaching staff.

  12. I don’t get it. Norv had that offense firing on all cylinders with running backs I can’t even name and QBs that are career backups at best. Yet, you let him and Chud walk for Shanahan and some head coach I’ve never even heard of. Good luck Cleveland, I think you’ll need it.

  13. 2014 Cleveland Browns

    ~Hoyer will be Starting Browns QB.
    ~Lombardi Out, Farmer In as Browns GM.
    ~All Freeagents Stay With Cleveland.
    ~Browns Address OL, WR, RB Needs – Draft/FA.
    ~Browns Address DL Needs – Draft/FA

    Browns will be over .500 for the first in 7 years.

  14. A a bills fan who knows not too much about Kyle’s true talents, I can tell you it doesn’t matter.

    Pettine is taking the Browns to the playoffs. He is a phenomenal coach.

  15. Can the owner fire these coaches from jail? That assumes Haslem doesn’t pay off enough people to be kept out of jail.

  16. Wow, that Bills fan clearly didn’t pay much attention. The Bills have talent. It was not all Pettine…and our defensive coaching staff just got better with Jim Schwartz and Pepper Johnson coming into the fold.

    The Browns will have a tough, attacking defense…that’s about all they’ll have.

  17. How is ray Horton out of a job. He did great in Arizona. Great in cleveland
    Dallas should of signed him

  18. Players are still what matters most. Without a franchise QB, elite defense, and some playmakers you have no shot. The Browns will get better when they finally hit on a QB in the draft. The only coaches available this year were tired retreads or young, unproven coordinators. No Andy Reids or even the next great college head coach who decided he wanted to give the NFL a try (Chip Kelly last year). Which is why I could argue it made no sense to fire Chud, Norv, and Horton when those 3 certainly had more proven resumes than Mike Pettine. The firing was because of how the team finished, but honestly I don’t know what ownership expected when the team went into the season knowing this was a lost year at QB. Nobody was really expecting Weeden to be the guy, Banner and Lombardi certainly were not believers. Jason Cambell was brought in to be the 3rd guy. With Hoyer it was a shame, they never got to see how good he could be when he tore his ACL. With Shanahan at least he has some intriguing history with QBs. Schaub was a pro bowler under him, which says something for the system. What he did with RG3 was special as a rookie, it was more about his injury limiting what made him special as a player. I don’t think it means we are taking Johnny Football when he has more history with traditional pocket passers. As a Browns fan I just want to trust that the people making the decisions for this team are smarter than I am, and that they know things I don’t. Or at the very least, they have a proven system for identifying talent. If the idea is they want young coaches because they will be hungry and willing to stay until 3 AM in the office, I get it. But they also need a coaching staff that can DEVELOP talent, which is where the experience helps. All these elite teams have depth and survive injuries because the next man up is coached well. Without them settling on a coaching staff, there is no identity in the program for the players to aspire to. It’s a vicious cycle when you fire your head coach and both coordinators. It will look like the right decision only if they get their franchise QB.

  19. Pettine was a great hire. Total stud as a coach, and your defense will be night and day from last year.
    I’m a Bills fan, and I’m still pissed that we lost him.

  20. Draft OL-DB-WR-RB stick with Weeden everything would be fine. But the Browns are too stupid to do that

  21. Good luck Browns fans. Kyle Shanahan doesn’t know his rear end from a whole in the ground and unfortunately, he will do to the Browns, what he did for the Redskins = 3-13. The only reason why kyle shanahan is in the NFL is because of his father. Good ridens kyle and good luck Browns fans.

  22. Stupid decision to get rid of Kyle Shanahan and keep Jim Haselett. Bizarro world down here in DC.
    Haslett should have been the number two fire behind Shanny Sr.

  23. “sportsnut101 says:
    Feb 3, 2014 10:31 PM
    How is ray Horton out of a job. He did great in Arizona. Great in cleveland
    Dallas should of signed him”


    Did I miss something or did the Titans fire him already? I feel he may be a little over rated anyways. Now, don’t get me wrong, I was happy as could be when we got Horton but Arizona’s defense actually improved this past year without him. I think the talent out there helped out quite a bit with his resume. As for Shanahan, I wanted him as our head coach last year before Chud. Guess that would have been a disaster but I’m just fine with this coaching staff. They are all young and hungry to prove a point. I mean, what’s the worst thing that can happen?? We only win 4 games or something?!?

  24. Hey Redskins fans–was Shanahan the problem or was it that diva RGIII and his offensive coordinator-RGII. What a sense of entitlement that kid had. No Andrew Luck there, thats for sure. I know you guys are trying to justify the trade but come on.

  25. 2014 Cleveland Browns

    ~Hoyer will be Starting Browns QB.
    ~Lombardi Out, Farmer In as Browns GM.
    ~All Freeagents Stay With Cleveland.
    ~Browns Address OL, WR, RB Needs – Draft/FA.
    ~Browns Address DL Needs – Draft/FA

    Browns will be over .500 for the first in 7 years.

    GO BROWNS!!!!!!!!!!!

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