Richard Sherman: The NFC Championship Game was the Super Bowl

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The Seahawks were crowned NFL champions on Sunday night in MetLife Stadium, but cornerback Richard Sherman said the coronation actually came two weeks earlier in Seattle.

Sherman was referring to the NFC Championship Game victory over the 49ers, a game that ended with Sherman’s much-discussed interview with Erin Andrews on the field and which Sherman says was this year’s real Super Bowl.

“The NFC Championship was the Super Bowl. The 49ers were the second-best team in the NFL,” Sherman said, via Robert Klemko of

Sherman’s words might be a bit impolitic, Klemko writes that Sherman “hates to admit it,” but the Broncos didn’t present much of a counter-argument on Sunday in New Jersey. The Seahawks looked faster, stronger and better prepared than Denver, something that wasn’t nearly as clear cut in two of their three games against the 49ers this season.

Oddsmakers are predicting a similar look at the top of the NFL pyramid next season and we could see things play out the same way again if they’re correct about the league’s pecking order.

145 responses to “Richard Sherman: The NFC Championship Game was the Super Bowl

  1. The Broncos sure can’t argue that. Had Brady had even an average game they’d played yesterday. Unfortunately he didn’t, so we git to see the 4th or 5th best team play.

  2. My lowly Bucs put up more of a fight against the CHAMPS than Denver did. That was in the CHAMPS home stadium.

  3. The Broncos sure can’t argue that. Had Brady had even an average game they’d played yesterday. Unfortunately he didn’t, so we git to see the 4th or 5th best team play.

    So if Broncos are 4-5th, where does that put NE…rounding out top 10? Because the game
    I watched had Manning manhandle Patriots.

  4. Those 49ers vs Seahawks games are something special. They’re fun, frightening and anxiety inducing. When those two teams play, there’s no telling who will win. When the Niners were driving down the field on that last drive in the NFC Championship, I was going bonkers, that game was insane.

  5. Those 49ers vs Seahawks games are something special. They’re fun, frightening and anxiety inducing. When those two teams play, there’s no telling who will win. When the Niners were driving down the field on that last drive in the NFC Championship, I was going bonkers, that game was insane.

  6. He’s not lying. The AFC has become the junior varsity these days. The only AFC team with top to bottom talent roster talent and physicality to match the NFC West teams is the Bengals. Too bad their head coach is Marvin Lewis, and Andy Dalton is their QB.

  7. In so many ways, Sherm is correct. That game was a nail biter from start to improbable finish. The Niners finished second to us, but it could easily have gone the other way too. What it all really tells the league, is that the NFCWest is to be feared, from top to bottom.

    Nice feeling.

  8. I hate to admit it, but it’s true. The Broncos will get a chance to play both teams next season. Hopefully it won’t be another public lashing by an NFC West team…

  9. Well if the 49ers vs Seahawks was the “Super Bowl”, then the Saints vs Seahawks was the NFC Title Game cause we gave Seattle a better game than Denver. I actually think the scores were similar, 23-15 and 23-17……

  10. A lot of teams will look at the Seahawks/Cardinals game. There may not be many teams that have a west coast defense (yes I said defense) but there are several teams that do. Denver certainly was not one. Seattle may not be as lucky next year.

  11. No longer the defending world champions, the Baltimore Ravens still have two more Super Bowls than the browns or bengals …. Oh wait …. No Super Bowls at all for them…

  12. This is why no one likes you, Sherman, because you always put your foot in your mouth. Actually, you’d be better off putting your foot in your mouth. How about be classy like number 18 who, after getting slaughtered, still went over to you and asked if you were okay? Show some respect for the Broncos, regardless of what the score was. Wouldn’t you expect the same in return, if your team scored 8 and the Broncos scored 43?

  13. Don’t complain AFC fans. The 49ers did take Seattle to the brink with a chance to win late on Seattle’s home field two weeks ago. Seattle made the play and are a most deserving champion. Now the AFC West matches up with the NFC West in the regular season interlock in 2014. Lucky them!

  14. Would’ve been fun to watch the Seahawks and 49ers play each other in NJ. Too bad it doesn’t play out that way. Congrats to the Seahawks, they earned it.

    Go Niners

  15. The NFC West seriously scares me! San Fran and Seattle obviously have been to the big game but Arizona is an offensive line away while St. Louis is a good safety and Receiver away from being just as good. Kudos to them for there transition since 2009!

  16. Sherman’s an idiot. When is he going to learn to just shut his mouth. Denver was the second best team in the league this year,they just had a bad game, it happens !! Other then the 72 dolphins every team loses games.

  17. This would have been more impressive if Sherman would have made his call, ya know, before-the-fact.

    It’s easy to mouth off now.

  18. Going into the divisional round, I thought whoever survived out of the Panthers, Niners, or Seahawks would take the Superbowl over whoever the AFC put up. Those three had the defense to carry it through (though going into the big one I thought Manning would put up more of a fight).

  19. I guess when your team can back it up, it’s ok to talk trash but I sure liked it better (only a few short years ago) when the biggest debate on sites like this was why should the NFL let a NFC West team in the playoffs because they were all sooo bad.

    To the victors go the spoils but just remember…what comes around goes around and in just about another year, you’ll (SF and Seattle) find out what salary cap purgatory really means.

    You see those dime store QB contracts expire and rumor has it they (QB’s) like LOTS and LOTS of money…just sayin’

  20. The Broncos would have been the third best team in the NFC West… maybe even fourth-best during the second half of the season

  21. Translation: “I won the championship for this team, even though I was invisible in the Super Bowl before getting hurt while the rest of the team was making plays.”

  22. Superbowl is a superbowl,for all you fans saying who else woulda beat the Broncos,we’ll never know,congrats hawks

  23. Kapernick just threw the red flag to challenge that statement by Sherman, however it was intercepted, he should have thrown it just a “foot higher” and he could have been kissing his bicep…

  24. You never know with individual matchups, but I think the Patriots would have fared better against the Seahawks. That Seahawks team beats anyone that day – they were stunningly well-prepared – but no way Belichick lets the Pats be as stunningly unprepared as the Broncos were. Heck, I think the Colts and Chiefs would have done better. Maybe even the Jags.

    The Broncos are a better team than what we saw yesterday, but they were both manhandled and not remotely well prepared. Systemic failure from top to bottom.

  25. I dunno. The Seahawks were probably going to beat any AFC team in the Super Bowl, but the Patriots, Steelers, or even the Chargers would have at least made it interesting.

  26. This may be true, but Sherman should probably let analysts do the talking on this one. I think the Seahawks actions did plenty for us all to see who the better team(s) and conference were.

    Two other points.

    One: Hypothetically speaking, Seattle wins at least 8 out of 10 games against the Broncos if they played 10 times. Though there is probably only a 1 in 10 chance they drub them by 35. This game was a perfect storm for Seattle.

    Two: No offense to the Ravens, but I definitely think they got lucky to beat Frisco last year. The entire game I kept thinking that Frisco was the better team, but somehow the Ravens managed to pull the game off. I think Frisco would have beaten them 7 out of 10 games.

  27. You didn’t hear Sherman’s name on Sunday because Manning was too scared to challenge him. And the one time he did, Thomas had to force him to the ground. Do CB’s get stats from time to time? Sure. But it’s when you DON’T hear their name that you know a guy is playing lights out. Because QB’s aren’t even throwing it in their direction.

  28. Sherman’s right.

    I’m starting to question Peyton’s decision to go to Denver. Seattle, Arizona and the 49ers wanted him and he could of put up 400 points instead of 600 with either of those defenses this year and probably go the same record with half the effort offensively. Denver was always a weak to average team offensively and defensively. I understand playing for Elway, but those other teams were just a QB away

  29. The NFC Championship was better if for no other reason then we were not subjected to Bruno Mars lip synching.

  30. From the talk of these NFC West fans you might think that it’s pre-ordained for them to win the next 5 sbs. Take it from a fan of a team that’s “been there done that”. After you win a SB, it sure is hard to muster up the same “drive” to get back. I predict no team from either the NFC/AFC west make the bowl next year. How’s that?

    Look Colts and an NFC team you won’t expect….
    It’s the way it’s been for about 15 straight years now.

  31. Which is also why Earl Thomas SHOULD have been awarded DPOY. Keuch is a beast but Earl controls and dominates that field every single Sunday. Should have been a no brainer.

  32. I’ve been telliing people this last night. Based on last night’s game, it’s hard to argue with his point. Looking back, that game definitely felt more like the Super Bowl than last night’s [from the Bronco’s perspective] debacle.

  33. The scary thing about the 49ers is that they have two blue chippers from last year’s draft class that will see their first action next year. Plus they have 13 draft picks in this year’s draft.

    Plus their new stadium is going to be a huge advantage for them. I mean their fans are going to be right on top of you.

    I think the next 10 superbowls are basically going to be shared between Andrew Luck and Kaepernick. I like Seattle’s overall team, but they don’t have that franchise Hall of Fame QB to win multiple bowls. Can’t have a historic defense every year.

  34. I don’t care if he finished second in his high school class and graduated from Stanford. This guy has NO common sense and doesn’t know when to shut his mouth. He needs to stop talking to the media!

  35. the NFC DOMINATED .. particularly NFCWest. Look at the Ds in the NFC (SEA,SF,CAR,ARI) .. and you know what? i expect STL to improve a lot on their D next year.

    also .. all the young mobile QBs are in the NFC (Wilson, Kaep, Cam) while the AFC is full of the old pocket-only/can’t move type of QBs (Brady, Manning, Rivers, Shaub)

  36. Sherman was “invisible” because peyton didnt ever try to throw to his side. Actually no, he tried twice. One incompletion that should have been offensive PI, and an incompletion that was almost picked off. You know what cornerback wasn’t “invisble”? chump bailey. Because they kept showing him get burned.

  37. Manning is already shuddering at the thought of having to play against the NFC West next year. Talk about 4 teams with NASTY defenses. YIKES!

  38. Certainly the 49ers game was a better one, but it apparently Dick Sherman learned NOTHING from his encounter with Peyton Manning who expressed concern about Dick’s injury. What Dick Sherman said was an insult to the Broncos. Dick Sherman and classless go hand in hand.

  39. NFC CG wasn’t the Super Bowl because it wasn’t played on a neutral field. Ooops, neither was the Super Bowl. Omaha!!!!! Damn it!!!!! Can you hear me now???!!!!!!

  40. 4 of the last 5 contests between SF and SEA have been at the Clink. That will even out starting this year. My sources say SEA comes to Levi’s stadium week 9 then the Niners go up there week 15.

  41. That’s gotta sting for Manning and the Broncos – unfortunately it’s also true.

    And even if the Patriots had beaten Denver, there’s no way they’d have had too much more of a chance against that Defense without Gronk etc.

    Just like last week, when the better teams won, the better team won the Super Bowl as well.

  42. The Seahawks would’ve likely won anyway, but come on. They were on the long end of an alignment of the stars. It happens. Play the game again, and the result would be a lot different.

  43. What makes the seahawks defense unique comparatively speaking, when they are judged historically is the fact that most defenses are strong front to back whereas the seahawks employ a yeast infection style of defense as they go back to front.

  44. Is he right? Yup. 100%. I say this as a Patriots fan whose team would also have been on the losing end last night. Seahawks and 49ers are 1 and 2. That NFC Championship game was outstanding.

    Nevertheless, had he said it while on my team, I would have cringed. Reeks of being disrespectful to your opponent. This isn’t a case where he had a legit beef with Michael Crabtree and you could defend his rant (I didn’t in the immediate aftermath, but I feel less strongly about it now). To each his own I guess, but I would never say something like that after a game. Being a SB champ doesn’t mean you can ignore ALL rules of basic sportsmanship. Even if you’re right.

  45. You do realize of course………the AFC won……..last year?

    People who get too full of themselves too soon remind me of the Detroit Lions.

  46. As a Seahawk fan, I hate the 49ers with a passion but Sherman is 100 % correct. There was just this feeling whoever won that NFC Championship game was going to take the Super Bowl.

    I remember being nervous before the 49ers/Seahawk game because the teams match up so well against each other. The Super Bowl I knew that their Broncos defense wasn’t going to contain Wilson and the secondary wasn’t going to cover enough guys long enough. The WR’s haven’t dealt with this physical style that you deal with on NFC side. 43-8 just proves that right.

  47. Yes, the Seahawks had a great year, all the stars aligned to light their way to the Super Bowl and they have a young nucleus of talent that will likely lead to sustained success. And, yes they are deserving of respect. HOWEVER, this year’s championship doesn’t guarantee anything for the future and it is very difficult to repeat in the NFL. The team and its supporters ought to follow the lead of their super classy QB and show a little humility, dignity and class. Sherman still doesn’t quite get how to speak graciously. Had a Bronco been injured in the game, it would be easy to imagine a scenario where Sherman would’ve rubbed it in the player’s face. Winning it all doesn’t make it ok to gloat. How about trying to master the art of acting like you’ve been there while recognizing that you might never get back?

  48. Hahah, good one Sherm, the Colts beat the Seahawks, Niners and Broncos. They are the 2nd best team with Reggie Wayne, to bad he got hurt. Broncos should have watched the Colts and Seahawks game to learn how to beat the Seahawks.

  49. Cant play hypotheticals with these games, SF without Bowman, Iupti maybe Staley and Gore. Not sure they would have beat down Denver. Denver looked unprepared for what Seattle does which with two weeks to prepare is pretty sad. It really looked like if they played 10 times they would be 0-10.

  50. Same in ’09 nfc champ. Watching that game two weeks ago and that super bowl last night showed no team in the NFC is near those two from the west. Green Bay is nowhere near either even with a healthy Rodgers.

  51. The John Elway’s curse. History repeated itself. Goodell was in the stand and probably realized that he may have to re-structure the conference again, or the NFC will win Superbowl in the next 10 years.
    Happy retirement Manning.

  52. Congrats to all seahawk fans!!! my friend has been a seahawks fan for yrs and has seen a lot of ups and downs …but he stayed true to seahawks!! well deserved win…. Just remember this is a game!!!! me and him laugh and talk crap every week…. and its all in fun….but after seein manning scared to death of seahawks def…..I say Thank u niners for drafting kapp!!!! Sherman got it right ….niners and seattle is some tough mo fos…

  53. NFC has 6 teams better than anything in the AFC….Don’t count out the Rams.. They are going to surprise a few teams with that dominating D.. NFC West is a great time to be a season ticket holder

  54. How about Percy Harvin? I think the guy balled out for Seattle last night. When the camera panned to Peyton after the kick return td, he just sighed and looked at the ground…that was THE PLAY that actually broke Denver. You can say Seattle owned them from start to finish, but the Harvin td put the nail in the coffin. Harvin worked hard to get in shape to make a difference for Seattle in the postseason. Props to him for never giving up.

  55. The cheathawks won with the help of officials against the niners….if you really watch football close, you cannot argue

    ” lets call roughing the kicker running into kicker otherwise , the niners have a first down and prob score” the refs said to each other

  56. Kaepernick: BS! We are like fifth best! Sherman has no idea what he’s talking about like usual.

  57. As a Niners fan I could care less about what Sherman had to say. He called Niners a glorified practice squad and claimed Niners won because of refs – who’s he to talk about respect. He may be bi-polar. However he and Seattle are a lights out team. Congrats to him and seahawk fans – well earned.

  58. It’s true, it’s like when the Bucs went to the Super Bowl – the real championship was crowned when the Bucs closed out that dump of a stadium in Philadelphia. Also what makes it great is the Bucs handed the Eagles another loss when they opened their new stadium. HAHAHA. The Eagles.

  59. Next year the Seahawks and 49ers will do a better job of beating each other up so my Panthers can slip in.

    On Sunday, Peyton Manning saw his shadow, so there will be at least six more weeks of talk about his legacy.

  60. How quickly people forget thatin the NFC Championship Sherman went to LaMichael James after the game and asked how he was because of his injury. The Sherman hate is uninformed or doesn’t want to be informed.

  61. Hahaha I love how Sherman gets under so many people’s skin. He’s a Stanford grad, 2 time all pro, Super Bowl winning NFL player. What’re you doing with your life? He’s better than you

  62. Didn’t the AFC Ravens beat the Niners last year while Seattle watched the game on TV? We don’t know what’s going to happen next year. And all you people saying your teams would have played better against the Seahawks, get a life! Your team has to earn the opportunity to play on the big game, like the Broncos did.

  63. No swaggy he’s just better then you and any other failure a life that needs to worship any stranger that plays a sport because you feel so bad about what you have accomplished in your meaningless life. Now continue to enjoy sucking at everything you try.

  64. Denver offense sets virtually every offensive team record imaginable. Manning sets a record for completions in the big game as Thomas sets one for catches.

    The result? An incredibly one sided game bereft of drama and the Broncos look silly throughout.

    Funny how no one accused the horses of running up the score while they eclipsed every record the 2007 Patriots set.


  65. Richard Sherman: “The NFC Championship Game was the Super Bowl.”

    Thanks, Mr. Sherman, but we already figured that out.

  66. As a long-time Niner fan, I greatly appreciate Sherman’s remark. Thank you, Richard Sherman, for giving the Niners some respect and congratulations to the Seahawks and their fans. That was easily one of the three of four best defensive performances I’ve ever seen in a Super Bowl – probably the best. Just a great, great defense. And great rivalries are always better when there’s mutual respect. I’m looking forward to some great games next season.

  67. FIXED
    Niner vs seattle game was so fixed. ridiculous calls and spots. I mean the bowman strip recovery right in front of the line judge tells it ALL. niners still stopped them on that play. ref blew the whistle on that 4th and 7 TD play, thats why niner players stopped playing. Missed block in the back on golden tate long punt return, 15 penalty roughing the kicker, ran into his planting foot was made a 5 yard penalty. reverse a TD of anthony dixon when there was not clear evidence of him not getting past the goal line. Who can forget the shoulder to shoulder hit against S whitner that was called for 15 yards. Wilson intentional grounding that was missed. i could go on.

    NFL loves ratings and did everything they could to get the #1 defense against the #1 offense. NFL refs did everything they could to make the 49ers have to make more plays then the Seahawks. It was obvious. But everyone is to blind to see it.

  68. Sure, the Bronco’s are better than what they showed in the SB. But let’s be real. There are 5 NFC teams that would beat the Bronco’s on a neutral field more often than not…


    I’d even say the Eagles and Packers are in the discussion as well. Would have been interesting to see what the Bronco’s record would have been if they didn’t play the leagues easiest schedule this year.

  69. Sorry but the 49ers, Panthers, and Saints played 5 games against eachother and in those common games the Saints were 2-1 with a dominant win over the 49ers, the Panthers 2-2, and the 49ers 1-2.

  70. Good god, give me a break. I’m a Pats fan so I can’t believe I’m about to do this. But the Broncos are a very talented team. One of the most talented offensive teams in the league, easily. They compiled more points in a season, scored more tds, and Manning broke every passing record that exists. They didn’t play well. They had an off-game. Literally, everything that can go wrong in a game did. I’m not saying I’m not thrilled about it, but Richard Sherman is an airhead and really needs to just stop talking. Enjoy your championship and stop feeling the need to put other teams down. I’m going to go take a shower to wash away the

  71. As a Bucs fan I know how he feels. To this day myself and many others always think of our win against the Eagles, shutting down the Vet in style. That game just felt bigger because they had our number for several seasons and we KNEW we had to get that monkey off our backs to finally win it all. Compound that with the huge blowout against Oakland and the Philly game really felt like the true Super Bowl.

  72. Sorry dude, but you lost that NFC Super Bowl. The zebras gifted that one to you. The 49ers were the better team. (…I’ll admit that, and I was rooting for Seattle)

  73. Richard passive aggressively took a shot at Manning (he throws ducks)… then he gives him praise by saying he’s one of the classiest men in the league (after the game) and now he’s smacking all the Broncos in the face by saying the superbowl was the previous game….. he finds a way to flip flop so often.. I know he has ADHD but it’s not a disorder and does not excuse him from his BiPolar perspectives … what’s going on Richard Sherman?

  74. I think if Broncos can shore up that line and stay healthy, they can be back in it next year. Dead serious. This team had the worst game of their life. I have to wonder if the Super Bowl was played like a World Series, what would’ve happened?

    And please don’t flame me as a Broncos lover. I’m a Cowboys fan who thought his team was wearing orange two days ago.

  75. Congrats to the Seahawks, they played their best game of the season on Sunday while the Broncos played their worst. Does the outcome of this game mean the 49ers are the 2nd best team, maybe but what does that even matter. Any given Sunday people….you never know what’s going to happen. I’m sure at the beginning of the year no one thought the Falcons would be equivalent to the Browns or Jags….

  76. He hasn’t learned anything. Still talking $hit….still disrespectfull. Any team can have a bad day. The seahawks did not win all of their games.

  77. Yup, we are in the middle of the window for the NFC West and its fun to see. Two teams riding high on low cost high draft picks, free agents and promising young quarterbacks who respectively are the lowest and second lowest paid starters in the league. The NFL has it right with salary caps and high draft picks going to poorly performing teams. The system works, after years of poor performance, the Seahawks and 49ers are peaking together, and they both have another year or two before they come crashing back to reality as their young stars demand competitive salaries and the free agents dont appear so “free” anymore.

  78. First, I don’t think you can call weed a PED, second if you look back at the game there were several bad calls against Seattle that kept the niners into the game. How about the holding call on Sherman where he was the one being held, 3rd and 9 and if the pass would have been completed then it would have been forth down, bad call resulted in first down leading to SF touchdown. Then Kaps illegal kicking of the fumbled ball forward, would have been a Hawks ball or a 15 yrd penalty and loss of down.

    As far as roughing the kicker, read the rules, it is not roughing if you slide under the kicker.

  79. I was sort of rooting for Seattle since the city hadn’t won anything since 1979 (and also probably a little bitter that Denver beat NE).

    However, I’m starting to think the Seahawks (particularly Sherman) are gonna be really annoying Champions.

    Ugh…7 months until football starts again 😦

  80. Those of you saying the hawks will lose some players are correct, but not as many as you think. The poll of players in the NFL that asked “What coach would you want to play for?” 70% said Carroll. yes, money is the main thing most guys want and should want, but don’t forget that guys want to win Rings also, and play for a coach that respects them and doesnt ride their asses. Carroll’s whole deal is to bring the best out of each individual, and players in the NFL hear how things are here, and want to be a part of it. Prepare to see guys sign here and prepare to hear analysts and the players themselves say “i could have made more money elsewhere, but i wanted to be here”. Look at Finley, he straight up said “I want to stay in GB (they have to say that) but i would be on the FIRST FLIGHT to seattle if they called”

  81. Beastmode do you keep a pic of Pete in your makeup compact? lol sorry man it sounded funny this late. Congrats to you, hell of a season and it seams like you have been waiting on this for a while.

  82. It’s not about me, Pete is a great coach, pretty obvious. Also pretty obvious guys want to play for him. Yeah, been a fan since i moved to Seattle in 81 as a little tike, and have had season tickets for 11 years.

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