Russell Wilson still plans to appear at Rangers spring training


Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith is going to Disneyworld after being named the MVP of Super Bowl XLVIII, but he’s not the only player planning a trip in the near future.

The baseball agent for quarterback Russell Wilson told Jon Morosi of FOX Sports that his client still plans to appear at Texas Rangers spring training in Surprise, Arizona. There’s no word on when Wilson plans to appear nor any details of what he’ll do when he gets there, but it seems highly unlikely that Wilson will be following up his Super Bowl win with an attempt to become this generation’s Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders or Brian Jordan.

When the Rangers acquired Wilson in December, their assistant G.M. A.J. Preller said that “the biggest thing that intrigued us on Russell from afar is the makeup, the way he goes about his business, the professionalism, the competitor, the message we try to preach throughout our organization, for us to at least have that as part of our organization.”

That would suggest Wilson is going to go to Surprise to speak to the Rangers players, share his experiences and pose for some pictures in the team’s uniform rather than resume a baseball career that saw him hit .238 in parts of two minor league seasons. After all, this football thing seems to be working out pretty well for him.

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  1. can’t believe the hawks would allow him to do that… you would think they would require a football only clause so some crazy injury doesn’t come up

  2. this kid is so impressive. makes Kaep sitting at home throwing stones look so ridiculous. Wilson is a true professional, he does everything he can to get better, to learn. he went to the super bowl just to take in the experience last year to be better prepared for when his time came.

    I wish the narrative would change from “5’10 QB who was always told he’s too small” to “Guy who just outworks everyone, is unbelievably wise and professional, and is a mix of steve young, 30’s rich gannon, and alex smith. and he has room to improve.

  3. I never bought the to short stuff.

    UW traditionally has one of the largest lines college football ever year. If it didn’t bother him there. It was going to bother him in the NFL.

    He did seem to have some jitters missing his TE in the flat early in the game.

    After that he was throwing fast balls on slants nice TD passes.

    Congrats Russell.

  4. Living the dream. It couldn’t happen to a better person. Just be glad Tom O’Brien is not his coach, or he’d cut him from the football team for showing interest in baseball.

  5. this kid is so overrated it’s ridiculous, it’s like he took a page from Tebow’s book – aw, shucks, i’m just working hard to be the best I can be – i’m such a good guy, blah, blah, blah…

  6. This guy should try to jump ship. He has already won a Superbowl and baseball is way less taxing on your body. They also don’t have a salary cap so if he is decently good he could make a killing.

  7. Let me finish this:

    Spring training.
    Hit by pitch.
    Breaks small bone in right wrist.
    Out for year.

  8. It doesn’t hurt to go down and do what interests you, but I don’t know about an attempt to transition to baseball. I don’t think he is seriously considering such a thing. I have to admit, though, It would be interesting to see what he could do if really applied himself and worked out like he was trying to make the team. This kid is a great athlete, and options are a nice thing to have!

  9. Please do not include Sanders and Jordan in the same sentence as Bo Jackson, since he was the only one to make the all star game in both leagues. That will never be accomplished again

  10. Why would a man who’s a minority go anywhere near a town in Arizona called “Surprise”!

    It sounds like a sting operation to nail illegal immigrants.

  11. Russell is the man and can do whatever he wants. He’s twice the player Kraepernick is and ten times the person. Plus I live in Phoenix, so I’m looking forward to seeing him in spring training, when he visits the cardinals next season, and when he leads the Seahawks to their second title in Glendale next year!

  12. Drew Brees is too short, too.

    Deion was a decent baseball player and great footballer.

    Jordan was a decent footballer and very good baseballer.

    Bo was Bo. But, they all belong in the same conversation because they all 3 managed to excel even with the split commitments.

    Hey, Russ! When you get to Surprise, look up Charlie Pride. He’s a co-owner with the Rangers, former Negro Leaguer, Country Star and one of the greatest people you will ever meet.

    He used to go to Spring Training every year with the Rangers and even worked out with the team in his younger days.

    Then, look up Mitch Moreland and see if you can get that poor guy out of his own head and back into The Game.

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