Seahawks’ margin of victory biggest by underdog in Super Bowl history


It may not have looked like it on the field, but in the sports books of Nevada, the Seahawks’ rout of the Broncos on Sunday night was an upset. Denver, after all, was a 2.5-point favorite.

And in victory, Seattle won like no underdog has before in Super Bowl history.

According to point spread history from, the Seahawks’ 43-8 victory vs. Denver was the most lopsided win ever for a Super Bowl underdog.

Previously, the 1987 Redskins held the distinction of the biggest win by a Super Bowl underdog. Washington (+3) defeated Denver 42-10 in Super Bowl XXII.

The Seahawks did open as a slight favorite when widespread Super Bowl betting began two weeks before the game, but Denver money quickly pushed Seattle to the underdog’s role.

The Seahawks are the third consecutive underdog to win outright in the Super Bowl, joining the 2012 Ravens and 2011 Giants.

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  1. This is what was expected, at least by me. I was dumbfounded for 2 weeks by analysts and former players who kept repeating that Denver was going to win this game…or that it would be close. I’ve been saying for 2 weeks that it would be a blowout…sticking to my final score prediction of 31-17. It was the only way this game could end.

    Denver had an extremely easy schedule…and didn’t play against a top 5 defense all year. Only KC twice….whose defense themselves was bloated by an easy schedule. Denver had the AFC West, NFC East….Hou, Jax, Balt. They were never tested. Plus…Denver lead the league in yards after catch. This offense wasn’t great because Manning was throwing the ball downfield to amazing receivers. It was made up of short passes and screens and then a TON of yards after the catch vs BAD defenses. So, this matchup that everyone was saying played hugely in favor of Denver….I was saying was actually in favor of Seattle because they were #1 in allowing yards after the catch. Denver’s strength was playing right into the hands of Seattle’s defensive strength.

    Then, after that, every other matchup was in Seattle’s favor. Den run game vs Seattle run def, Seattle pass game vs Denver pass def, Seattle run game vs Den run def, Seattle special teams vs Denver….it all pointed to Seattle.

    This is what happens when a team feasts on lower tier teams all year…then faces a team who has had to play a lot of tough teams. I would bet that any of the other final 3 NFC teams would have beaten Denver….NO, SF, or Carolina.

  2. Thank you to the media, Peyton lovers, sports nerds worshipping stats and to Papa John even—for the BIGGEST sports betting bargain of my lifetime. I gave 3.5 and took SEA, adjusted line. WooHooooooooooo.


  3. I don’t get why the Seahawks fans are so happy?

    The Seattle Seahawks didn’t win the Super Bowl.

    The Seattle PEDhawks won it.

    This whole season was based off of pure cheating and will never be regarded as a true championship.

    This will known as the Asterisk Super Bowl win.

    The Seahawks still have 0 Super Bowl victories.

  4. “Yeah, I throw some ducks. I’ve thrown some ducks for a lot of yards and a lot of TDs”. Sometimes I’m quite generous with my ducks. Here’s one for you Kam Chancellor and one for you Malcolm Smith.

    Who knew it was duck season?

  5. Like I said in an earlier post, if these same Hawks players were wearing Dallas or Greenbay jerseys, Denver would have been the clear underdog. There just weren’t enough Seattle fans to budge that 2.5 spread. IMO, the Seahawks should have been 5 point favorites.

    It’s all a mute point now, though. Seattle Seahawks are World Champions! Much respect to their front office and coaching staff who have done an incredible job of assembling talent and coaching them into a championship team.

    Go Hawks!

  6. Loved watching Denver get EMBARRASSED .Denver and Manning were thrown down the throats all week by sports shows. Denver was shown what they were, Manning looked confused, old and rushed all night. He then looked real tight and Seattle made them pay at there own game, throw the dink passes and then made the receivers pay. Manning had three turnovers. Can you imagine if Elli had that how he would have been looked at today.

  7. Absolutely hilarious…the Donkeys just keep setting SuperBowl records for futility. And they deserve all of them!

  8. It could actually have been worse, the Seahawks stalled a few times there early when they could have pretty easily gotten more TDs instead of FGs. 55-0 was in the cards.

  9. Vegas loves underinformed gamblers, and the people who rushed out to the bookies with hatred of Richard Sherman and visions of Peyton lighting up bad defenses for 4-7 TDs a game helped create the illusion that Denver was indeed the favorite.

    But the reality is, the Denver defense gave up 48 points in one game, and blew a 24 point lead in another. That’s not a great defense, that’s not even a good defense. The Broncos had the same luck in drawing playoff opponents that Seattle had in January of 2006: Teams that were ailing due to injuries and who benefited from the conference not being very strong that year.

    The Denver Broncos were the best team in the AFC this year, but if they played in the NFC West, they may well have finished third.

  10. Never ever bet on sports the outcomes are so unpredictable, you cant account for so many variables during the course of the game.

  11. Steve Young predicted that Manning would throw for 425 yards in the Super Bowl.


  12. Roster for roster, the Seahawks should have been 10+ point favorites. Peyton Manning and that offense skewed those numbers the other way, but watching that game it was like a pro vs college team out there.

  13. Whenever Manning gets pressure, he folds like a tent. History always repeats itself. If you are unable to learn from the past, then you are destined to work for ESPN!

  14. Losing Ryan Clady, the Broncos Pro Bowl LT, before the season just killed them when they needed him most– against a dominating defense like the Seahawks. Avril, Bennett, their run stuffing nose tackles and LBs all played lights out and absolutely killed the Broncos offensive line.

  15. Oh yeah, and pretty much the only funny commercial to complement the one-sided game itself was the one with Stephen Colbert hawking pistachio nuts in those two separate short spots, as only he can. That guy is one hilarious dude on his Comedy Central show as anyone who watches it would probably attest to.

  16. Denver has never won anything without cheating. The two rings in the 90s came from using an illegal roster, with Elway and others getting tens of millions of dollars of money hidden from the NFL for salary cap purposes.

  17. I didn’t see them as the underdog. To me they were the best team on paper to start the year, and the way the talent is currently diluted due to no teams creating a uber-dominant position, it is such that usually a team from the field is going to win the Super Bowl as opposed to whoever you would select as the best team before the season starts. This was an unusual year in which the best team from the beginning actually converted. There’s not ONE team in the NFL that I thought didn’t have massive holes on their roster but Seattle. That’s not to say Seattle is perfect by any means, but every other team made way too many inexcusable mistakes and Seattle didn’t do that.

    I grade out 31 GMs as having done a bad job this year, and only 1 that did a good job. And it’s just a coincidence that the 1 team that did a good job pulled off the SB victory. Well they were the most likely team from the start. Not an underdog.

  18. Great season for the Broncos but defense wins.

    Not trying to be a jerk, but I think SF, Carolina, probably GB and NO and frankly AZ in addition to SEA would have likely won that game.

    I said it earlier, as great as they are, Manning, Brady, etch are easier to rush. You don’t have to worry about containment. Denver didn’t know what they had coming. Saying Seattle’s offense was not good was ignorant. Seattle had been playing SF, NO, Cards, St. Louis and earlier Panthers, all much better defenses than any Denver had faced.

    And of course the defense simply wasn’t going to let Denver play fast break football.

    I said our OLine was better than Denver’s DLine, and it was. I said our DLine was better than Denver’s OLine, and it was. I said Seattle would win by double digits and we did.

    Wasn’t a particularly difficult game to call.

  19. Colin Kaeperpick is really eating his words from last week when he said that the Broncos offense would be able to pick apart the Seahawks defense. How’s that crow taste Colin? Why don’t you take the rest of the offseason and go get some more tattoos!

  20. 39 yards does not make a beast.. Denver imploded, yes but it was because of their own doing.. See you in the regular season next year, Seattle

  21. This was a great win for we football fans who value defenses. Even though Russell Wilson was efficient and effective, it was proven for the umpteenth time that Super Bowls are won by teams and not won by ESPN-approved and overhyped quarterbacks.
    To those who ignore the team concept of organized football, you people are truly missing out on the pure beauty of The Ultimate Team Sport.
    From Roethlisberger (twice), to Eli Manning (twice), to Flacco, to Wilson, the past decade has dispelled the inane theory that “elite” quarterbacks are the reason teams win championships.
    Dwight Freeney, who had picked Seattle to win Super Bowl 48, told ESPN’s “First Take” late last week that maybe it was time for the network to change its 30-year narrative. Skip Bayless was left stunned and speechless by Freeney’s advise.
    The end to “it’s-all-about-the-quarterback” analysts like Ron Jaworski might be nearing.

  22. The Seahawks were the favorites. The oddsmakers in Vegas had them as favorites. Just because the big money made the odds change doesn’t mean the Seahawks suddenly got worse as a team.

  23. For all that Peyton supposedly prepares…He was unprepared to play a Super Bowl with the noise of an away game. Did anybody hear Omaha once? Peyton has never done well when he can’t audible to his advantage.

  24. When Seattle starts to lose defensive players to free agency….Wilson is going to emerge as a top tier QB.

    He’s smart.
    He puts the ball where only his receiver can get it.
    He can manage a game.
    He can evade a rush.

    Seattle hasn’t lost by more than a td in 2 years while developing a young trio of WR’s. They are only going to get better with a healthy (hopefully) Harvin, and an emerging Tate, Baldwin, and Kearse. I also read where Jermichael Finley wanted to become a Seahawk.

  25. Being from NE but a native Wisconsin Badger via college; I just had to find a Seattle thread to Give A huge shout out. CONGRATULATIONS SEAHAWKS AND THE 12th MAN! You guys were fantastic. And the most fun team to watch in your historic run in a long time for me. I was yelling and screaming for Russell Wilson loudly last night.

    Your Defense was simply amazing. DOMINANCE defined! Your Offense was DOMINANT and CLUTCH defined! Your Special Teams were EXPLOSIVE and transformational! Be proud Seattle. If Pete and the leadership gang can hold this team together, they have potential to be the next dynasty IMO.

    It was very interesting watching the bloviating First Take hosts trashing Russell Wilson this morning. Idiots Both! That kid played an amazing game. Especially as a 2nd year player. He will just get better by a long shot. He led his team to a score on every single possession last night. Denver’s defense was schemed to takeaway “Beast Mode” and dare Russell Wilson to beat them. He and that offensive group stepped up and answered the challenge.

    I am so proud of my fellow Badger Russell. And so happy for the joy and pride he delivered to your beautiful city Seattle. ENJOY!

  26. The Seahawk D limited the highest scoring team in NFL history to a single touchdown in the Super Bowl. That, my friends, was quite possibly the single greatest defensive performance in NFL history.

  27. That final line wasn’t a true line though. It opened at Seahawks -2, then the public bet up the Broncos. They were never really an underdog. The superbowl is the most heavily bet event of the year. A lot of uniformed money moves the line in the superbowl.

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