Super Bowl XLVIII should have had no MVP


Twelve years ago, the Patriots made an indelible statement by opting to launch Super Bowl XXXVI by ditching the individual introductions and entering as a team.

Last night, the Super Bowl MVP voters could have provided the ultimate bookend to New England’s unprecedented (but now ubiquitous) team-first proclamation.  With multiple viable candidates to choose from, the voters should have declared the Seahawks to be a true team by identifying none of them as the most valuable.

With one of the most complete team efforts the Super Bowl ever has seen, none was truly more valuable than the rest.  Of the men who were considered for the recognition — Malcolm Smith (pictured), Percy Harvin, Russell Wilson, Cliff Avril, Kam Chancellor, Marshawn Lynch, Doug Baldwin — the Seahawks still would have easily won without any of them.  So maybe the right result would have been to give none of them special recognition.

It never would have happened, absent coordination among the voters or a history of a none-of-the-above MVP prize.  But with the Seahawks proving that some wins are so overwhelming and convincing that no one player delivered it, the voters in the future should be prepared to consider the possibility of providing the best possible commendation to a team, by giving no specific commendation to any one player.

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  1. It would never happen. Not because it would be a bad idea (it is exactly right), but because of the money that Chevrolet paid to have the honor of giving away one of their vehicles as the ultimate prize. The league makes so much off this, they would never say “no thanks.”

  2. I’m happy for Malcolm Smith, since he’s basically a minimum salary player and the MVP is so much about getting a SUV or truck I believe this year… Not sure I’d have liked Percy Harvin, making $11 million a year, getting that bonus after a game and a half of snaps the entire year. And while Russell Wilson is close to minimum salary and was worthy too, he’ll get paid via endorsements after getting the chip

  3. But you gotta pick one guy to get the new truck.

    Kam already signed his second deal, and Avril and Harvin are getting free-agent money. They can buy their own trucks. Let Smith have the truck, he’s still getting paid seventh-round money.

  4. Give the guy his due. It’s the MVP of the Super Bowl. It’s not an appointment to the Supreme Court. Malcolm Smith played a great game. EVERY game has multiple players who played great — and you just have to pick the best player on that given day. So be it.

  5. He drives a Tahoe and is giving the truck to his mother according to last night’s interview. Though Cam should have had it, but 10 tackles, a pick 6 and a fumble recovery aren’t too shabby either.

  6. I was really happy for Smith when I saw the Disneyworld commercial, and he was just full of genuine glee. Man, a 7th rounder hanger-on ripped the SB MVP. Good on ya lad! Your living the dream of a lot of people!

  7. Makes sense, it’s like how neither Richard Sherman or Earl Thomas won DPotY because they were both so ridiculously good that they canceled each other out, paving the way for Luke Poopley to win.

  8. Percy Harvin was by far the mvp. From that first end around he had Denvers defense on their heels. Factor that in with his special teams play and there was no player on that field more valuable then him.

  9. Calm down Seahawks fans, I’m not taking anything away from you guys by crowning the choke artist that is Peyton Manning as the MVP for Seattle. I mean you guys are no 2002 Bucs but in this modern Glee era of not being able to tackle what you guys did is very impressive. If Manning didn’t choke every post season and you guys did this you’d be in even high regard.

  10. Great idea, Florio, but as other people have said here in the comments, the truck and Disneyworld trip gotta go to someone. Cam Chancellor woulda also been well deserving.

  11. i disagree. i’m glad smith got the choice. if his name had been richard sherman or ray lewis or luke kuechly, all the hype plus malcom’s statline would have been a no-brainer. first of all, he got no credit for the game sealing interception vs SF (sherman stole 100% of that). secondly, his stats were great. two turnovers, one for a TD, and 10 tackles. third, his touchdown was where it seemed to get officially out- of- hand.

    well deserved, mr. smith

  12. They’re right, congrats Seattle. As much as it hurts the best team won the Super Bowl. They played a hell of a game. Still love my Broncos and can’t wait till next year to get back at it and do it right this time!

  13. Have to agree here. The game was a blowout and boring. The least they could have done was surprise us by going off the page and breaking a rule for the heck of it. It would have been in good spirited contrast from all the regular rules perversions of this season.

  14. If the Seahawks offense and special teams players stayed in Seattle and they just sent their defense to New York they would have beaten the greatest offense ever 9-8. That is all you need to know. Unbelievable.

  15. I think they should have given MVP to the whole team as it turned out that the WHOLE team contributed to the win.

    As for the truck, I don’t think any one team member would mind donating the sale of the truck to a worthy cause.

    This not ony would have made every team member feel just as worthy as the next BUT it would have added greatly to the unity of the team.

    As we all know, team unity is the KEY for all great teams to achieve to remain great.

    GO HAWKS!!

  16. It seems low for grown men to try (try, key word) and take away from the young man who did his best to entertain us on the most watched television program of all time. Just like Sherman learned and the Coca Cola haters still need to learn, we don’t need to tear down others to make ourselves feel better. Let the young man have his moment and enjoy himself.

  17. A lot of people must have bet money on Russell Wilson or Percy Harvin winning the MVP. However, probably not many chose Malcolm Smith (I guess he goes in as “the field”), so if he wins the MVP, Vegas doesn’t have to pay out as much money. Conspiracy.

  18. I like Smith because he’s so representative of the character of the team as a whole. He’s a young guy, late round draft pick, played really well this year but not a big name before Sunday, and just played great football. The Seahawks win was truly a team effort but Smith represented the team well.

    Wilson put up a good stat line but he didn’t really start to click until the second half, when the outcome of the game was already decided.

  19. The greater statement would have been to name the entire Defensive Unit! That would have been fantastic,but the Commissioner hates Defense so that’s a NO GO!

  20. Can’t say I really care. Just enjoy the fifteen minutes of fame. Draft is in 3 months. We must continue to get better

  21. Shaun King: Wilson was 9-14, 94 YD, 0 TD, 0 INT when the Hawks were up 29-0. All his stats came in the second half when the Broncos had to load the box to stop Lynch. Gotta go with someone on the D or Harvin.

  22. Richard Sherman made Eric Decker disappear (1 catch, 6 yards)

    Kam Chancellor made the tone-setting hit and had an INT.

    But it was Percy Harvin who made the biggest impact – 2 carries for a game-high 45 yards and the KO return on a badly-executed pop-up kick.

    Three touches, three big plays that allowed Seattle to ride the momentum, and the KO return that essentially ended any suspense regarding a potential Denver comeback.

    Even though Harvin’s return was the final dagger, Smith’s pick-6 put the Broncos on life support and basically turned the game into a one-sided beatdown. I don’t have an issue with Smith getting the award. If they can give it to Desmond Howard 17 years ago, they can certainly give it to Smith without reservation.

  23. I don’t think they should necessarily get rid of the MVP award but restructure it to include the possibility of multiple players. the award should have gone to Seattle’s defense as whole in my opinion. in another case maybe the offensive or defensive line deserve it. I know they would have to ditch the truck but sponsorships could be juggled around to make it work (I would think).

  24. I wonder if Sherman is going to start screaming and ranting because he wasn’t on the list above lol.
    So much I want to say about him lol.

    Personally, I feel Russell Wilson should have received the MVP.
    In the article above,it mentions that if one of the ones on the list were missing from the game, they’d still win..
    I don’t think that’s the case with R. Wilson.
    (Which is stating the obvious)
    That’s just my opinion.
    I’m a pats fan, so this wasn’t a SuperBowl that I enjoyed watching. Even though it would have been nice to see it stay in the AFC.

    Oh well… I’m ready for next season already. :-/

  25. Coltzfan:
    It’s not funny at all that Richard Sherman wasn’t on that list. They have to actually throw in your direction to be able to make plays that stand out. If your assigned guy only gets thrown at 3-4 times, because they are so afraid of you, you don’t get many opportunities. Just that fact alone makes him the MVP.

  26. Mike, I noticed you excluded Jermaine Kearse…why? I thought he had some key receptions that warranted MVP consideration also.

  27. Based on the clutch third downs Russell Wilson converted in the first half, not to mention his TD passes in the second, I wonder how many Seattle fans are confident they would have won that game with their backup QB playing instead.

  28. The man hasn’t gotten many moments for himself in the league and the one moment he gets we wanna tear it down? Because the MVP is really that important? 11 tackles, a pick 6 and a fumble recovery aren’t more or at least on par with every other player in the game? You think the team is feeling like the super bowl means less because he won and the “team” didn’t the MVP award?

    They were gonna give it to someone, as they should, and it was a deserving candidate. Move on.

  29. Don’t know if it was coaching or just player talent, but Seattle played the most perfect game of football I’ve seen. Denver played like crap, but only because Seattle punished them from the opening kickoff. I am the biggest Manning fan the world has ever seen, but their is no disputing that Seattle was the smartest, most physical, and best prepared football team in the history of the sport. The Broncos didn’t just lay an egg. The Seahawks grabbed them and squeezed the egg out!

  30. I can see MVP awards going the way of team captains. There was a time when there was a team captain. One…like A captain. Not one of many.
    How hard is it to make one guy your choice? Decide and move on. It is just an opinion.

  31. I thought the same thing, that no one player was head over heels above the others in such an overwhelming win. I thought they might declare the defense or the entire team as ‘MVP’, then give the truck to a charity of the team’s choice.

  32. 1509lucky says:
    The greater statement would have been to name the entire Defensive Unit!
    I agree with this completely. The 2007 Giants defensive front definitely earned MVP of that Super Bowl over Eli, and they should have been awarded it as a unit.

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