Texts between Martin and Incognito finally surface

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With the Ted Wells report expected to be released later this week, someone finally has leaked to the media the text messages exchanged over a period of months between Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito.

Presumably, the leak came from Incognito or someone close to him, because the text messages tend to support the notion that Incognito and Martin were friends. Moreover, nothing in the Incognito text messages suggests harassment or bullying of Martin.

The Big Lead had gotten the goods, and I’ve taken a look through them all.  The major takeaways appear below:

1.  Incognito accuses Martin of being gay in multiple text messages.  It’s difficult to tell whether Incognito is joking, or whether he believed Martin to be gay.  Martin’s actual or perceived sexuality has been a lingering (but largely unspoken) explanation for the decision of Dolphins players to allegedly single him out. After reading all of the messages, it appears Incognito is joking about Martin being gay.

2.  Martin declines to pay $6,000 for a trip to Las Vegas, but Incognito seems to be fine with it. “It’s all good,” Incognito says. “Let me know if u need anything.”

3. At the time left tackle Jake Long chose to sign with the Rams over the Dolphins, Incognito texted that former G.M. Jeff Ireland “didn’t make him feel welcome.” (That’s unrelated to the Martin-Incognito case, but it helps explain why Long took a lesser deal to go to St. Louis.)

4. At one point, Incognito asks Martin if Martin went to Mike Pouncey’s house after going to a bar. Martin says he didn’t, saying “No drugs for me rest of season.” That comment could attract the NFL’s attention on the question of whether multiple members of the team had engaged in illegal use of drugs, recreational or otherwise.

5. The messages reflect a genuine friendship, even after Martin left the team in late October.  Incognito repeatedly reached out to Martin following his exit, culminating with this message on October 29, the day after Martin exited the locker room: “What’s up dude Glad to hear Ur ok I’m here if you ever need to talk. I’ve been through enough sh-t myself to understand.”

Several hours later, Incognito texts, “I miss Ur stinky armpits.” On November 1 (three days later), Incognito texts, “How u doing buddy? Feeling better?? I miss us.”

Martin promptly responds, saying: “Wassup man? The worlds gone crazy lol I’m good tho congrats on the win.”

Says Incognito in response, two minutes later: “Thanks dude It’s unbelievable all the attention this is getting. All that’s important is that you feel better and know we miss u dude.”

Says Martin, that same minute: “Yeah I’m good man. It’s insane bro but just know I don’t blame you guys at all it’s just the culture around football and the locker room got to me a little. Btw… Never check yourself into a mental hospital.”

Incognito responds two minutes later, acknowledging that he once indeed checked himself in to a mental-health facility: “I hear ya It’s a lot to take in I’ve checked myself in before I had to threaten to beat everyone up for them to let me out. Not fun.”

The back-and-forth continues a bit longer. Several hours later, Incognito sends to Martin a link to the ESPN story that places blame on Incognito for Martin’s situation. “What’s up with this?” Incognito asks.

“I got nothing to do with it man I haven’t said anything to anyone,” Martin says.

The last three messages come from Incognito, with no response from Martin. Incognito says, “I heard it’s all coming from Ur agent? I need you buddy I’m getting killed in the media. Bro can we talk?  The dolphins are talking about releasing me.”

That’s the end of the text messages. Martin, possibly acting on advice from an agent or his lawyer, cut off all communication with Incognito. Based on the picture painted by the text messages, however, it may have been too late, if the goal was to suggest that Incognito subjected Martin to repeated behavior that Incognito knew or should have known was unwelcome.

In other words, it’s going to be very hard to persuade anyone that Incognito behaved inappropriately, based on the text messages.  Richie was simply being Richie, and Martin voluntarily interacted with him over an extended period of time before suddenly walking away from the team — with no warning in the text messages that Martin was about to snap.

Bottom line?  Whatever Martin hopes to prove, the text messages don’t help.

139 responses to “Texts between Martin and Incognito finally surface

  1. So now that the whole story’s out, it sure as hell looks like Martin tried to turn an accusation of bullying into a ticket off the team with his bonus money intact.

    Can an NFL player be released for cause and their bonus money pursued? Because I’d love to see the Dolphins do that here. What a lowlife.

  2. So basically Martin is looking for a get quick rich scheme. Incognito may not be the nicest guy on the planet but he clearly does not seem too abrasive in any of these texts…

  3. Wow this is the exact opposite of what we heard in November. Almost like rushing to be the first to report something without all the facts usually ends up blowing up in said reporters face.

  4. Incognito is pig of a man, but all in all he’s a pretty run of the mill meathead. From the looks of it, Martin is a wimp who let his agents make Incognito the fall guy for Martin’s childish decision to leave the team. Those texts hardly show an abusive relationship.

  5. It’s clear to me that there are alternative motives at play by Martin camp. This was a planned ordeal and incognito is the victim in this drama. This is an NFL locker room, not 2nd grade recess.

  6. martin is a bad nfl player, teammate and human being. incognito is no saint but martin hung him out to dry.

    it appears there is validity to the theory that this is sour grapes and martin’s “out” for being demoted and forced to change positions on the offensive line.

  7. Called it from day one. Martin is a mentally weak backstabber who was persuaded by his sleazy lawyer parents to scapegoat Incognito in order to still get a payday despite being a quitter.

  8. I got two things from this:

    1) Sounds like Martin planned this and was just going through the motions before his “meltdown”.

    2) Incognito was made a scapegoat for whatever problems Martin had with the team.

    Too bad he’s not as smart as he looks.

  9. “That comment could attract the NFL’s attention on the question of whether multiple members of the team had engaged in illegal use of drugs, recreational or otherwise.”

    I would hope the NFL is not just NOW catching on to the fact that NFL players all party very hard in various ways during their free time.

  10. “Wassup, bro?”

    “Jus’ check’n myself into Riverdrive Institution.. can’t deal no mo…”.

    “O crap, that’s wher I was gonna go. Kno any other good nuthouses?”.

  11. Must be reading them out of context………There has to be more…….If not, why hasn’t this been closed so we could all move on………?

  12. I’m concerned about the implied drug use. It’s almost as if some of these guys put recreation before football.

  13. WOW!!! This is great stuff. I owe Incognito an apology. I really thought he was terrorizing the poor guy but you know what? This is nothing!!! Guys talk to each other like that everyday! Martin just can’t handle life. I hope Richie gets a chance to finish his career on his own terms.

  14. My take?

    Martin is a mentally unstable d-bag who didn’t have the courage to face his condition. Instead, he chose to scapegoat his only real friend in the locker room (Incognito) on his way out the door to cover for the real reason (he was not mentally prepared to handle an NFL locker room).

    I hope Incognito makes it back before Martin does.

  15. Wow. I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong. I thought Incognito was a bully. Martin should suffer severe consequences for this crap, not Richie. He [Martin] played it all off like he was the one being attacked. This is very wrong

  16. I’d love to see articles written by all the media members apologising to incognito and the dolphins for putting them under the bus and calling out the coach and organization before they knew the whole story. Also called out the other players for sticking up for incognito.

    Martin got incognito flat out fired. he may not have been the best lineman, but he a pro bowl player and much is better than what they had to replace him with. Dude made mistakes, as most players do, but he manned up to them and was a leader and would have fought for anyone on that team.

    I’m sure once this report is posted incognito will be cleared and will have a job as soon as free agency hits. I’d actually like to see him back with the dolphins. Martin is done though.

  17. Who can I sue? As a fan I have to tolerate all this crap from my favorite players. So I feel (something lawyer related) and I want to sue!!!!!

  18. Sure could have used Incognito late in the season.

    My take since it began, Martin couldn’t handle being told he couldn’t play LT and being moved back to RT, and it cost the Dolphins a really good guard.

  19. I work with a guy like Incognito, Says some the most outlandish crap, ripping on guys left and right. But I know he’d be the first to donate a kidney. Acts tough, giant softie. I just laugh at most of the crap he says

  20. I bet Jonathan Martin wishes he did the big boy thing and dealt with it face to face instead of running away and placing blame. He’s never going to be welcome in the NFL again plus implying there was drug use at Mike Pouncey’s house brings a whole new spotlight to his life.

  21. Love to see all the knee jerk reactions the other way.

    Why don’t you people wait until all the facts are out, if they ever are.

    Without context, these texts mean nothing.

  22. You’ve got to be kidding me. I’ve had uglier exchanges with my mailman.

    Martin was looking for an exit.

    Doesn’t seem to be the smartest group to begin with.

    Man, for a guy named Incognito, he sure is being publicly exposed.

  23. That cant be right!!! Richie is white and he was picking on a black player remember. So regardless of what the evidence shows i think Richie should be banned!!! Remember hes white so hes guilty

  24. The loser in those texts is Martin’s reliability. By suddenly breaking off the line of communication with R.I., even when he’s undoubtedly learned that R.I., is possibly facing termination from the team, Martin is essentially telling the world that they can’t trust him to do the right thing. Should Jonathan ever think about re-entering the NFL (or CFL), that rep is going to precede him. I can’t imagine any coach voluntarily letting himself in for the headaches and disruptive morale issues that Martin would surely bring to his team.

  25. based on these texts alone, it appears to be in RI’s favor. BUT are these all of the texts or just the ones RI’s camp wanted to leak? I think this whole story stinks and if RI is cleared – great. But nobody will EVER convince me he is a standup dude. I’ve seen how dirty he plays.

  26. Whatever Martin’s precise claims are, there is not likely anything in the texts to disprove them. And these texts are post-incident texts, so they aren’t needed for Martin to make his case. And his texts can be interpreted as fully fitting with the story behind the claim. Even when he said he doesn’t blame them, he circles back to the “locker room” being the problem, of which Incognito is part of the locker room. It’s a roundabout way to try and tell somebody that you blame them by saying you don’t and hope they connect the dots to understand your perspective. Also every text shown here by Incognito is consistent with appearing to be calculated to try and find sanctuary evidence for himself that he might have been fishing for. He played nice, made up by text, then when the inflammatory report comes out, hey buddy, you can help with this right I thought we were on the same page now after the last text round?

  27. The part that seems to escape most here, is besides the fact of bullying, Martin claimed, being texted and talked to with racist words. Popular thing to do is blame a white person with racism, people instantly react negatively to those claims, as if you are guilty and have to prove you are innocent. Incognito maybe a lot of things, but he seems he was slandered here.

  28. I don’t keep up on this story, but to play the devils advocate, I could make a case that all those texts from Incognito are asking Martin to to make friends, cuz the media is on my butt.

    Who knows. I’m skeptical of everything the media puts out.

  29. Not even 24 hours have elapsed to bask in the glory of the SB even if it was a bloodbath.

    Now we know why Martin did the interview during SB week. The timing to release of these texts are equally smart if you call it that. This week is Incognito’s turn to make his case before the report.

    Both men contributed to a bad situation and neither will be with the Dolphins who have thankfully begun to clean house.

  30. Wow.
    Damn. Reminds me of an episode of ed.edd and eddy. The eds took blame for ruining friendship day but it wasnt them.

    But overall going to Stanford does payoff:
    You know how to legally extort money while looking innocent

  31. Dolphin fans typically have a lot to say about other teams’ issues…should start addressing their own, seems to be a plethera of problems going on in that organization, from top to bottom.

  32. The military is much like a NFL locker room. It’s all in how you deal with supposed Alpha males. You defeat them with charisma and wit. Being smarter on your your feet than they are. Quick wit and counter attacks to their words make them look ridiculous in front of those that back them. Inner strength, and the ability to lash back with a sharp tongue, strong mind, backed with the skills needed to get the job done make their words but whispers. These are young men playing a young man’s game in a business that will eat them up and spit them out, all the while, acting like young men.

  33. Sucks for Dolphins fans, who may have gotten screwed out of the playoffs because of this Martin guy. Dude is a grade A punk.

  34. I wonder if Martin was getting harassed by other guys and he only had proof with Incognito because they interacted via text…even though it looks like it was mutual and friendly “shock” banter between teammates.

  35. This actually doesn’t even change anything. We all know Martin was harassed to some extent but he tried to be friends with them. It just didn’t go away. He probably never actually went off on anyone and probably doesn’t have the courage to defend himself. He seems to be acting like it’s no big deal when he’s actually communicating with them.

  36. There are hundreds of texts that are from both players that are vulgar and threatening towards each other and refrencing each other family members that occur before Martin walked out. No respect for each other and both are guilty of disrespect. Walking out on the team is one thing ..taking Richie down was where Martin went too far.

  37. if martin says he can’t deal with the culture in an nfl locker room, i hope every gm looks at this statement and gives him his wish. what a crock this whole media “bullying” propaganda turns out to be. this dude should never play another down in the nfl. what a chump.

  38. Incognito is a meathead but he got screwed over on this one. I have been saying for quite a while that Martin is exaggerating the story and manipulating the system.

    Incognito will not be back in Miami. Philbin wanted to release him before the season started but the lack of o-line talent wouldn’t allow it.

    The report will still say locker room environment was bad. Turner will be blamed for not handling the situation properly even though Martin was not specific. Martin will be shown to have sensationalized much of his story.

    It’s a shame the media trashed the dolphins at every turn with this story. The only victim being bullied in this mess was the dolphins. The locals will say they were just reporting what they were told and the National media will point to the locals. Apologies coming? Yeah right.

  39. This is what happens when the media runs wild without knowing anywhere near all the facts. Whatever happened was totally blown out of proportion by the media hysteria in their desperation to gain rating points and website hits.

  40. A few texts are interesting, but still don’t give a complete picture. Martin is far from blameless, but where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Jeff Ireland isn’t out of a job for no reason.

  41. I kept my mouth shut, but didn’t reserve judgement here, and I was wrong. Great job getting this out, Incognito was absolutely blind-sided by a litigious bully. Unbelievable how far this got without Incognito’s agent getting this out there… Hire a new agent bro

  42. Incognito repeatedly called Martin Gay and yet this looks bad for Martin? And how many failed drug tests, gun charges, murder charges, and DUI’s do players have to get into before the NFL realizes there’s a problem in the league? How many Seahawks players started the season suspended bc of drug use and they still don’t recognize this as a problem? Please. They’re choosing to turn a blind eye bc they don’t want to damage the brand and don’t want to take away from the competitiveness of the league.

  43. ESPN blew this story up in a big way to make Incognito out to be a bullying monster. Pretty quiet over there now. And its true Richie chased the girl around the golf course with a 9 iron half way up her dress but other players have done much worse and played and still play today. IMO Martin committed a fraud that caused harm and damages to Incognito, the Dolphin team and their season ticket holders.

  44. Martin gave back what incognito gave. Martin’s case juts went down the drain and no lawyering from mommy and daddy will fix it. Not to mention no NFL locker room will want anything to do with Martin.

  45. OK, so apparently I have been harassed by most of my friends and I in turn have harassed them. This is run-of-the-mill banter between friends, nothing less and nothing more. Jonathan Martin is a snake who betrayed all of his friends in the organization and especially Richie Incognito.. what a dirtbag. Good luck getting another job in the NFL scumbag.

  46. I may not like Incognito but even I knew what Martin was saying was a bunch of bull. I hope Ritchie gets signed somewhere and Martin never holds down a job ever again.

  47. Wow I remember the hundreds and hundreds of people just going crazy calling incognito every name in the book. Plus all the anti-bullying cries (not that bullying isn’t a real problem). This was one of the most biased topics out there at the time. It goes to show that we all really should wait to see the evidence before automatically condemning someone for something!!! I hope Martin is truly ashamed of himself if this is really how things went down. It’s disgusting to see the damages he caused! Incognito and the Dolphins organization seem to be the real victims here

  48. From the text messages, it seems Incognito is innocent. But you guys have no sympathy for Martin? The guy had some mental problems and could not take an NFL locker room, so he should be barred from ever working again? What is the matter with you people. It might not have been Incognito that was the harasser. His agent may have assumed that based on the last text. What about that incident in the cafeteria that triggered this whole thing? Martin may be a football wuss, but maybe he just couldn’t take it and on the spur of the moment he left and checked into a mental hospital. Now he sees his whole life has crashed and he has to recover… You’ve never gotten angry at something, misinterpreted the whole situation and screwed everything up?

  49. vusnu says:
    Feb 3, 2014 10:28 PM
    A few texts are interesting, but still don’t give a complete picture. Martin is far from blameless, but where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Jeff Ireland isn’t out of a job for no reason.
    Ireland is out of a job because he didn’t get along with Philbin and Aponte, not because of anything related to this story.

  50. I was one who was quick to assume Incognito was bullying Martin based solely on the reputation of him being a “dirty player”. Idk why but I took the time to read through all the texts as well and frankly you could switch out their names for mine and a number of my friends names. It seems from an outsiders pov that Martin succumbed to the pressure of being an NFL player. For the life of me I can’t see how Incognito got thrown into this mess.

  51. I am sorry but this whole situation was blown of proportion here. Screwing with people’s live. Subjecting them to undue harassment. All along many were calling the guy scum and now Incognito has been at least partly vindicated.

  52. This Guy is DONE! As well he should be. He’s either suffering from some serious mental illness or he’s an opportunist looking to score some sort of lawsuit,either way,there’s no way I would want this guy on any team I’m on.

  53. Based on some of these messages I’m not sure Martin is the only one in this case whose orientation should be questioned. Considering how the communication went from I miss u so much, to the hateful stuff we first heard about, this actually sounds like a messy break up.

  54. How quick people are to judge Martin. Wait until you hear the whole story, as in the full report on the deal to find out what happened. Don’t judge based on Icognito’s messages …

  55. I really can’t tell what’s what anymore. Is it possible Martin is a gutless coward who did feel bullied by the lockerroom including Incognito, but when confronted by Incognito directly, he didn’t have the guts to admit that he was part of the problem? So he would brush it off by telling Incognito “sure buddy, it’s not you. forget it”.

    THe only guy who comes out of this looking really bad is Ireland.

    Martin is definitely a loser in this whole affair even if what I assume is true that he did get bullied and Incognito was part of the problem but he was just too stupid to realize that since he has been getting away with it for so long and no one ever told it to his face in the past. I am assuming so because a lot of ex teammates have bad things to say about him while the Miami lockerroom seems behind him. So maybe he found the perfect teammates on the Miami OL except for MArtin and MArtin was too gutless to say anything.

    I just don’t like anyone in this scenario. The Pouncey brothers are a piece of work.

  56. Martin just destroyed his career. Sounds like his got burned out with football and tried to beat the system so he could get a pay day. R.I. was the mark because of his reputation.

    The Dolphins were smart not to release R.I., but I believe the Dolphins are starting to fear R.I. will turn this around and sue them and the NFL. And how long does it take to come to a conclusion on this investigation?

  57. Still waiting for the reports from Schefter, Silva, Florio and the rest of their ilk apologizing to Richie and the Dolphins for painting them in a negative light because of rumors and not fact.

    Anytime now.

  58. Obviously this guy was not traumatized by incognito. He lost the heart to play football but didn’t know how to get out. This was his failed attempt to get out. And it looks like he exposed a lot of other guys on the team with the drug comment. His career is over. He will be unoffocially blacklisted from the nfl. You don’t do this in any environment and get away with it , especially in the nfl. There will be “retribution ” for what he did if he walks into another locker room.

  59. I just wish all the pundits who called ingognito a racist and bully would recant their position but they won’t. Especially brad Jackson from ESPN

  60. Well now that the Dolphins no longer have the bully boys on the team and the horrific GM Jeff Ireland.

    The Dolphins might just make the playoffs. Yes they still need to get some talented offensive lineman who do not bully each other but things should now get better for Miami.

  61. @45ormack

    I call my friends gay all the time. They know I’m joking. From these texts it looks as though richie was a true friend vs. the foe, trying to be there when martin needed someone. How many murder charges are there going on in this league? oh, 1? How many gun charges right now? These players fail drug tests in every sport….every sport. For some of the dumbest reasons too. People drive drunk all the time (which isn’t a good thing mind you) but America won’t recognize a problem there. At least teams can and do police this problem. Stop being bitter towards the league you love so much. This whole fiasco was water under the bridge for me as soon as I heard it. Martin tried to get massive attention out of this and strike up a lawsuit, when here it shows to me the only thing really wrong that richie did was befriend this guy.

  62. What I dont understand is that if this was how it all truly went down, why did Miami suspend him for the season.

    Was it to protect him from the media bashing until this all came to light? I dont know but that is now the biggest question to me.

    I guess due to Incognito’s reputation we all jumped on his back. I am officially siding with him in this, until proven otherwise that there was alot more than what we just read.

  63. For all those that question if these are all the texts….:

    Do you honestly think they’d submit this as a key component to an investigation without getting the texts through the cellphone provider? You guys need to think first. These are all the texts and Incognito deserves a helluva lot of apologies!

  64. What about the way the media jumped all over it? They threw out just as many accusations as Martin and nobody ever went to them and said prove it. It seems to me that every single media source in this country has turned into a version of the National Enquirer. If the average working person in this country did half of the bs that the media does we would be fired. They are allowed to lie about anything they choose as long as it sells, and they hide behind the constitution. Isn’t it a bit odd that all of a sudden they release the texts? They were there all along yet nobody seemed to care. Again the media decided to put it out there and try and influence everyone – so really who is the bully???

  65. Martin is not in a very good position to make his case now, not after this was released. Incognito seems to be just like a few of the guys I grew up with. The type of guy that pokes at you, gets laughs on your expense, bums money and takes forever to get it back to you, but when all is said and done would literally give you his left lung if you needed it and would do it without one complaint. I don’t know if Martin has never experienced a friend like this before and is unaccustomed to what goes on or is just looking for a scapegoat in order to quit and cash out. Which ever it is, he went about it without actually thinking it through. Key in Miami to take advantage of this and collect their money back.

  66. Martin didn’t expect for an NSA agent to be a Dolphins fan. Seriously though that’s completely screwed up. Martin has really made me mad.

  67. The dolphins should do this: Bring back Martin and Bring back Incognito. Everyone re-boots or neither player will ever, ever, ever get past this for the duration of their careers – if either of them have any career left.

    This sounds like two guys who somewhat, deep down, like each other. Martin probably would re-think this if he had to do it again and go about it differently.

    People all need to be pulling the same rope. Cut and run doesn’t always work

    Let the media swarm the first week of camp and this will die an organic death.

  68. I’m a little more interested in the Mike Pouncey’s house drug comment. I know a lot of crap goes on with NFL players, but drugs at someones house after going to the bar seems not to bode well for Pouncey’s character.

  69. WOW. Martin is a real scumbag to let his agents/lawyers ruin the career of a man who sounds like a friend. I guess if you point your finger else where, nobody notices you are a whimpy cry baby?

  70. Martin is a wimp and needs to stay away from football. He was horrible with the Dolphins and to dump the team was inexcusable. Just stay out of the limelight for ever more Jonathon Martin. Can’t wait for what Ted Wells has to say.

  71. Lets see as I understand Martins parents are both contract lawyers, perhaps they -just a thought, came up with a scheme to get their little boy off a failing Miami team and somewhere else where he could become something more, and or course make more.
    I do not know how any team would take a guy like this, how do you trusts him? I don’t know.

  72. Martin probably is a bit soft mentally but Incognito has a laundry list of character flaws and what someone texts to another person doesn’t mean squat. We aren’t going to know the actual story here until the full report is released and Martin finally addresses everything head on.

  73. Hasn’t any thinking person known this all along. ?Some groups and people get a lot of mileage out of playing the victim card. Tony Dungy and the media really piled on this one. they should be ashamed and then sued.

  74. Maybe Martin just doesn’t want to play football any longer and didn’t know how to just quit. So he comes up with this scheme so he doesn’t look like a quitter or something close to such a scheme? It’s a rather stupid and immature way out, but not beyond possible that that’s the reason for all the negative statements directed at his teammate.

  75. I’m going to post this as nicely as I can. For all of you judgemental people out there that immediately ripped and belittled RI because of things he did years ago, I hope your all ashamed of yourself. Die hard Dolphins fans that followed the team and the behind the scenes, knew Martin was to blame. Society would be so much better if people would think before they speak.

  76. Based on. What his coaches have said, he was a yesman. Dude how could you get ROOKIE HAZING on SECOND YEAR.
    Why didnt he complain ROOKIE YEAR.
    Thats like me getting freshman hazing in sophmore year of high school. Like martin im very tall for a yiung guy at 5’11 so no sophmores juniors or seniors picked on. Ironically my best friends a senior.

  77. Excuse me but if this was all of Martin’s evidence, do you really think that the Dolphins and the NFL would have made such a big deal out of the whole mess? There is a lot to this story that does not make sense. I will wait to see what the NFL has to say after the full report is submitted before I draw any conclusions about who did what.

  78. 95% of those texts is finding places to eat or party. These guys were friends. This makes Martin look like a complete liar to me.

  79. If anybody deserves to issue an apology to Richie Incognito it is Tom Jackson from ESPN. Only days after this broke he sat there on the set of Countdown, looked straight into the camera, and called Incognito a vile, racist bigot. No evidence was presented yet, but he made this statement. Cris Carter was no different, agreeing with Jackson. Now these texts certainly do not completely clear everything up, but they certainly show a whole new picture. Incognito from the start has always said that the truth will be brought forward. I wonder if Tom Jackson will have the stones to issue an apology in the same public way he made such a disgusting statement? I highly doubt it

  80. I’ve been saying that he was lining up to lose his job and be moved to the right side of the line which he complained about the entire year before. Seems too convenient on the timing.

  81. Personally, I think this whole situation can be laid at the feet of the overuse of the term “bullying”.

    There were bullies when I was a kid and that was a very long time ago. You learned how to deal with bullies back then, and the word “bully” wasn’t just a stigmatized word that became some sort of awakening or something. How much do you hear about “bullying” now? How many times per week do we hear that word on TV now?

    When this was at its peak and sometime before, you would hear the word bully or bullying almost every single day, seemingly on any TV show that happened to be on. Its popularity has seemed to have died down lately; I think that before reading this, I haven’t heard “bully” or “bullying” for at least a month.

    We need to stop letting people with hidden agendas dictate our lives and actions, and the way we look at things through their stigmatization of words. Words don’t take on different meanings just because someone attaches their own agenda to them.

    Man up.

  82. This has got to be one of the most bizarre stories that I can recall. Not as bizarre as the Manti Teo story but certainly in that league.

    It’s just insane how the media (where are the apologies to Incognito & to Philbin & the entire Dolphins organization for that matter???) was so quick to jump on Incognito as being the ‘villain’. Clearly Incognito was Martin’s best friend on the team which is EXACTLY what the other players on the team were so surprised from Martin’s story BUT the media still continued to blast Incognito as being a ‘bully.’

    Martin has issues & IMO isn’t mentally or physically tough enough to play in the NFL. This whole thing was blown completely out of proportion & it’s unfortunate that so many people jump to conclusions before they even know the details of what really occurred. Shame on the media & shame on the people who condemned Incognito before the facts came in.

  83. This has got to be one of the most bizarre stories that I can recall. Not as bizarre as the Manti Teo (who is a complete weirdo) story but certainly in that league.

    It’s just insane how the media (where are the apologies to Incognito & to Philbin & the entire Dolphins organization for that matter???) was so quick to jump on Incognito as being the ‘villain’. Clearly Incognito was Martin’s best friend on the team which is EXACTLY what the other players on the team were so surprised from Martin’s story BUT the media still continued to blast Incognito as being a ‘bully.’

    Martin has issues & IMO isn’t mentally or physically tough enough to play in the NFL. This whole thing was blown completely out of proportion & it’s unfortunate that so many people jump to conclusions before they even know the details of what really occurred. Shame on the media & shame on the people who condemned Incognito before the facts came in.

  84. Question now is will ANYBODY in the media man up and offer apologies to Incognito and the Dolphins? Most of the talking heads were awfully quick to decide what exactly had happened…and most of them were dead wrong.

  85. To borrow a title from a recent story on PFT…

    ‘Fans “extremely disappointed” by PFWA’s conduct in jumping to conclusions in the Incognito/Martin story’

  86. I read the whole transcript. Take aways are close to what the article said except I will emphasize that they really acted like friends. Yes it’s vulgar but that’s all. Seemed very close. Incognito seemed really genuine at the end too. I can’t seem to figure the Martin angle. He has to know he has no case here. Final thought. The hookers and drug issue is going to look really bad

  87. Incognito was put on the spot by making him the go to guy for meetings and parties of the O-line. I am sure all of the other linemen were getting similar texts by Richie to stay in contact with the guys and try to mae the newbies feel that they were part of the team. Incognito may have abused that assignment by scheduling off practice field meetings at strip clubs and making the rookies pay for outrageous junkets out of their rook salaries. I blame the inexperience of the head coach Joe Philbin for appointing a raucous party animal like Richie as a peer motivator to guys who may not or could not keep up with him.

  88. A couple of things:

    1. I hope all those people in the media who launched on Incognito as a bully and a racist are feeling rightly humiliated today, but I doubt it.

    These people are as arrogant as the Duke University professors who condemned the three Lacrosse players who were accused of rape before all the facts were in. Of course I imagine we’ll see an apology to Incognito from the media at about the same time we see those dolts at Duke apologize for their stupidity in jumping to conclusions. Jumping to conclusions about these things is the 24-hour news media’s favorite pastime. It’d be nice to see cooler heads prevail when things like this come up.

    2. Where does Incognito go to get his name back? Will the same media who jumped on the bandwagon to condemn him now reverse engineer the damage? Nah, that would require humility on their part, something the vast majority of them lost long ago.

  89. Kinda feel bad where dude says “I need you bro.. media killing me” then reality of the situation kicks in to RI.

    If anything.. this shows that he felt they did have a relationship where they would have each others back.

  90. Tom Jackson of ESPN always looks annoyed. What are the chances of him and Chris Carter coming out and saying that they were wrong?

  91. Too bad Martin didn’t try to solve this problem in-house b/4 lawyering up. But employers don’t like problems. Sounds like a no-win sit.

  92. If I were Incognito I would sue for slander and defamation of character. Martin’s mother is a labor attorney. Who do you think was pulling his strings? Martin felt like he was going to be released or lose his starting job and used this as an excuse. Claiming that Incognito was bullying him and was racist is b.s. There are sites that show other texts and in one of them Incognito texts Martin that he’s at a bar with a couple of women and asks him to come meet up with him (so the gay issue is b.s.) but Martin replies back that ‘Mary Jane’ has him stuck to the couch. There is another text in which Martin says it’s the first time he’s gotten high in 5 months. These were when he was still with the team. There’s bantering back and forth and Martin sent some pretty sick and threatening texts too. It seems like Incognito was holding on to everything and really didn’t want to release these texts, especially the ones referring to drugs, because he didn’t want to throw Martin under the bus but when Incognito realized it wasn’t going to go away and that it was going to affect his career he had no choice but to stand up for himself. All of this looks like Martin made up lies to sue the Dolphins because he was afraid of losing his job. I hope the guy gets nothing and that no team signs him.

  93. Three sides to every story, always have to hear them all.

    Martin will never play in the NFL again, but then again I don’t think he wants to.

  94. For all of you who were using the race card could go suck it. Everyone was jumping to conclusions without any evidence. The whole team was behind Incognito because he didnt do anything wrong.

  95. Reminds me of the movie “Bully”. Based on a true story in Florida. Hey, what a coincidence.

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