Wynn retreats on claim that Gregg Williams stole Jaguars’ playbook


Former NFL defensive end Renaldo Wynn spiced up Radio Row on Friday by claiming that former Titans (now Rams) defensive coordinator Gregg Williams had gotten his hands on the Jaguars’ playbook before the 1999 AFC title game.

On Monday, Wynn backpedaled.  Sort of.

“It’s important that I do clarify,” Wynn told 610 SportsRadio in Houston.  “Somewhere along the way someone said ‘stolen’ playbook.  Just to clarify I never said stolen.”

Fine.  We said “stolen.”  Because “stolen” was implied in Wynn’s original comments.

Other synonyms could apply.  Misappropriated.  Purloined.  Absconded with.  Pilfered.  Bogarted.  Regardless, if Williams managed to finagle an opponents’ playbook, it didn’t happen legitimately.

Wynn’s broader point seems to be that he’s not sure whether Williams was kidding about having the Jacksonville playbook.

“The first time I ever even met or even talk to Gregg Williams,” Wynn said, “he jabs me right there in the side there and says, ‘Hey, we had your playbook.’  I’m hot, man.  And as I got to know Gregg, Gregg is the biggest trash talker that you’ll probably ever meet in your life.”

“I never seen the playbook, but at the end of the day, Gregg is a trash talker so, how seriously did I take it? . . .  He didn’t clarify one way or the other.  Was it just him jabbing at me?  Because, obviously, just going back to those heated rivalry days.  You know, I don’t know.  But again, the same words I said to you guys when I was at the Super Bowl, those were his exact words. ‘Hey man, we had your playbook.’  What does that mean?  I’m not sure.  All I know is, heck we did lose three times to them.”

Wynn also knows, based on what he said Friday, that the practice continued — if Williams wasn’t kidding about getting his hands on playbooks.

“I know how he got them,” Wynn said Friday.  “He started getting playbooks when I was with him.”

What Wynn said Friday doesn’t sound like exaggeration.  What Wynn said Monday sounds like a guy trying to cram toothpaste back in the tube after realizing that people actually heard about and reacted to his contention.

18 responses to “Wynn retreats on claim that Gregg Williams stole Jaguars’ playbook

  1. Excuse me, but couldnt you watch film and write the playbook based on that?

    And what good would it do if you dont know what play they just called?

    Obviously Williams was saying this as a figure of speech. The same phrase is often used outside of a football context as well.

  2. Sounds like a bunch of BS to me. If he is “one of the smartest trash talkers”, it seems pretty reasonable to say that Williams was implying that they were predictable and they knew their playbook. They were division opponents, so they definitely would have known them inside and out.

    I wouldnt put it passed Williams to have that kind of thing, lol, but at the same time, this seems over blown

  3. That picture screams “Kill the head.” This creep shouldn’t even be coaching in the NFL.

  4. I’m glad the Raiders are moving in the right direction and aren’t bringing in poor characters like Jeff Fischer and Gregg Williams.

  5. But was it the real playbook, or a fake playbook, like the time Greg Brady duped that guy from Fairview that tried to steal Westdale’s playbook?

  6. Who are the ignoramuses who are down voting my comment?

    Have you ever played football?

    You watch film and then make a playbook of every play they have called in the past. Thats a fact.

    Peyton Manning could hand you the Bronco playbook and you still couldn’t predict what they were going to run next.

    Some of you people are so stupid its funny.

  7. Playbooks are traded somewhat frequently by coaches at all levels. Consider how many players and assistant coaches get a copy of a playbook. All it takes is one person to make a copy and sell it or trade it with another coach. A guy I used to coach high school ball with was very active in trading playbooks and once let me copy everything he had to my hard drive. Although there were no playbooks from that current year, there were some copies of NFL playbooks as recent as the year prior. I think most teams and players are pretty good about protecting their information, but if I was able to get a copy of a few NFL playbooks without trying, I’m sure a well-connected coach like Greg Williams would have been able to get a copy of another team’s playbook without stealing. Williams could have gotten the team’s playbook from the year before, which probably would have included the same base plays as long as the O.C. was the same .

  8. Renaldo Wynn is lucky Gregg Williams doesn’t sue him for libel. If you can’t prove things like this, you should shut up.

  9. Non story, playbooks are given out to 100 guys per team each year counting camp bodies and such, Im sure many are lost or copied. Nothing that cant be gleamed by film study anyways. Lets move on .

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