2014 first round order nearly set


With the Super Bowl in the books, 30-of-32 first-round picks are set for the 2014 NFL Draft, pending the result of coin flip to determine whether the Ravens and Cowboys will select 16th or 17th overall.

The Super Bowl-champion Seahawks will draft 32nd, with runner-up Denver selecting 31st.

Here is how the draft order in Round One currently stands, according to the NFL. The first 32 picks will be made on Thursday, May 8:

1. Houston Texans.

2. St. Louis Rams (from Washington).

3. Jacksonville Jaguars.

4. Cleveland Browns.

5. Oakland Raiders.

6. Atlanta Falcons.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

8. Minnesota Vikings.

9. Buffalo Bills

10. Detroit Lions.

11. Tennessee Titans.

12. New York Giants.

13. St. Louis Rams.

14. Chicago Bears.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers.

16#. Baltimore Ravens.

16#. Dallas Cowboys.

18. New York Jets.

19. Miami Dolphins.

20. Arizona Cardinals.

21. Green Bay Packers.

22. Philadelphia Eagles.

23. Kansas City Chiefs.

24. Cincinnati Bengals.

25. San Diego Chargers.

26. Cleveland Browns (from Indianapolis).

27. New Orleans Saints.

28. Carolina Panthers.

29. New England Patriots.

30. San Francisco 49ers.

31. Denver Broncos.

32. Seattle Seahawks.

# — Selection order to be determined by coin flip.

49 responses to “2014 first round order nearly set

  1. One more strong offseason from Buffalo, and they will end this playoff drought.

    Doug Whaley put his stamp on this team last year with excellent signings in Lawson and Branch…the trade of the year in sending Kelvin Sheppard to the Colts for Jerry Hughes (10 sacks as a situational pass-rusher)…and the trade at the draft to send the Rams #8 (Tavon Austin) for what turned out to be EJ Manuel, Kiko Alonso and Marquise Goodwin…on top of the undrafted signing of Nickell Robey, who was ranked as pft’s #1 slot cornerback.

    Now, fix the run defense (Schwartz/Pepper will help a lot)…and surround EJ with some weapons…WR-Mike Evans in the 1st round and TE-Austin Seferian-Jenkins in the 2nd round…grab a OG and RT…and let’s roll!

    Playoffs in 2014-15, I’m calling it. (And no, I’m not that Bills fan who says that every year…I am very realistic with the Bills.) I said this year they wouldn’t make the playoffs, probably finish 6-10, but they would finally be a tough team and fun to watch. Which is exactly what happened…so I expect them to take the next step…and I believe they finally will.

    *These are not the same ol’ Buffalo Bills.*

  2. Well, three things are certain:

    1) The Packers will take a defensive player.
    2) The steelers will draft a criminal who will ultimately fail
    3) Rick Spielman will make some crazy trades, destroying his team’s already bleak future, while reaching for players who will have minimal impact.

  3. Goodell: “With the 8th pick of the NFL draft, the Minnesota Vikings select”

    All available players: “Please don’t pick me. I don’t want to play for that worthless franchise. I don’t want to lose 10 games every year.”

  4. How are the Jets picking ahead of the Dolphins? Jets won division tiebreaker for 2nd behind Patriots

  5. By the draft trade value chart, the Rams got the equivalent value of a second overall pick (= RGIII), PLUS first overall pick, in their deal with the Redskins. 5500 points.

  6. Don’t have a dog in the fight either way, but the Redskins made the playoffs with RGIII, while the Rams are yet to crack .500

    The trade may end up helping the Rams IF they figure out their QB situation, but so far, Redskins playoffs 1, Rams playoffs 0.

    Not crazy to think a healthy RGIII will compete for a playoff spot most seasons.

    Redskins would make that trade again if they knew they were getting an immediate playoff berth, and the $ that comes with it. Rams, without QB, are still sub .500 😦

  7. If the cowboys call the coin flip, I’m sure Scott Linehan will call it in to Jason Garrett, who will relay it in to Romo who will call it wrong while Bill Calahan sits there useless and Jerry will insist that was the best approach.

  8. I think if the Vikings want to improve long term, they should trade Peterson to the Chiefs for a 1st and 3rd and Jamaal Charles.

    That’s just my opinion. I don’t think the Vikings are smart enough to go for a trade like that.

    I also don’t know how the Chiefs would feel to part with that much potential talent for a RB that’s starting to get banged up, but still has 3 solid years left.

    In a division where the Broncos are great but Manning is close to being done, and the Chargers are about even with the Chiefs and the Raiders have a ways to go. I think that could be really good for both the Chiefs and Peterson.

  9. It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that the biggest bust in this draft will be taken at #8, by the wretched Minnesota Vikings franchise. Unless they forget to watch the clock again, in which case they’ll draft a complete bust at #9.

  10. Ted should just trade out of the 1st round – we haven’t had much luck injury wise with our 1st rounders.

    We just need some awesome defensive players in general.

  11. Guaranteed that Minnesota trades away 4 mid round picks to jump back into the later part of the first round.
    Spielman just doesn’t believe in drafting defensive depth

  12. And the Seahawks will probably trade out of the first round all together. There are plenty of great players in the other rounds. How about a 3rd round draft pick who led his team to a Superbowl victory and with more wins in his first 2 years than ANY quarterback in the history of the game!

    Go Hawks!

  13. kc trading JC, a 1st, and a 3rd to get AP?


    they have the better HB already, why would KC do something lke that? hey, who needs a FS/DE or WR, lets trade it all, and a HB, for a better HB.


  14. @AFC

    I think Peterson is a better back than Charles, the team that gave up a nearly a 1st round pick Alex Smith.

    Giving up a very good back. and a Low 1st and 3rd for the best RB in the NFL and similar in age.

    9 of the 11 Wins the Chiefs had, came against teams that had the top 12 worse records this year.

  15. Detroit finished 7 – 9, while Miami finished 8 – 8.
    The Lions select the 10th pick while Miami has the 19th. It just goes to show how close a stack of teams finished the season.

  16. Shaggy, the Vikes would have to be the ones throwing in the 1st and 3rd for the Chiefs to even consider your idea.

    Charles is younger.
    Charles fits the Chiefs scheme better.
    He’s on a cheaper contract.
    He catches the ball much better.
    He even blocks better.

  17. The Vikings will again reach for a QB in the first round proving that they did not learn from their history. Speaking of history, the Vikings never won anything and a lot of that has to do with their horrible draft picks.

  18. For all the Viking haters, I have one that will out do them for ineptness….The Berea Brain Trust, aka The 3-Stooges of the Haslam Hillbilly Circus (Cleveland Browns).

    With 5-6 Pro bowl players, all this cap space, and all those draft picks, does anyone really think we’ll be any better next year?

    Haslam should be in jail, Banner will still be trying to convince the world he was the mastermind behind the Eagles, and Dumbardi will still be looking for his office. And, while I wish him the best, I still can’t figure out why Putin took the HC job.

  19. With the final pick of the seventh round, the Seattle Seahawks select some guy you wish will be on your team in three years.

  20. Vikings — 8th pick.

    Just low enough to assure they will not get any of the A-list QBs in the draft.

    They’ll reach *again* and come up with bupkas.

    It’s like the movie Groundhog Day.

    Deja vu over and over again.

  21. With the 15th pick in the 2014 NFL draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers will select…..

    (drum roll, please!)….

    a punter!

  22. The Patriots always draft for value.

    The Patriots only traded down when rookies were receiving contracts that paid them more than veterans who had been in the league many years and proven their value.

    With the rookie salary cap in place they actually traded up twice to select Hightower and Jones. So, if they find that “value” at 32 or higher. If not, they could trade down. It’s as simple as who is left on the board and who the value the Patriots have placed on that player(s). That model has worked in the past, so why change?

  23. I’m a Packer fan and even I can’t stand this endless trolling on every post by both Viking and Packer fans. I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt that one guy has ten different screen names and trolls for both teams because the alternative of there being that many idiots in one tiny area of the country is mind boggling.

  24. BB, please make a trade with Houston that would include Brady for the #1 pick. Let Houston have his last 2-3 years as one of the best regular season QB’s, you know he’ll choke in the playoffs anyway. Then let the Blake Bortles era begin.

  25. I will agree that JC is better receiving RB, but I don’t think Chiefs win a SB with Charles as the best offensive weapon, they need to upgrade.

    Maybe Peterson isn’t the right guy, because even with one of the better RBs in recent memory. Reid still wouldn’t know what to do with a great RB. He usually doesn’t.

    Have fun with Westbrook 2.0

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