Antrell Rolle recruits Jermichael Finley to the Giants


Free agency begins on March 11.  Three days earlier, teams can start talking to the agents of the looming free agents.

Until then, plenty of communications will occur.

Some will violate the rules.  Some won’t.  For example, if a player from one team starts working on a player from another team, it’s not a problem — unless it’s happening at the behest of the team that wants to sign the free agent.

Giants safety Antrel Rolle already has commenced the recruitment of Packers tight end Jermichael Finley. Given that Rolle has admitted it publicly, it’s safe to assume the team didn’t covertly put him up to it.

According to Justin Tasch of the New York Daily News, Rolle said at the Thurmon Munson Awards Dinner that Rolle watched Super Bowl XLVIII with Finley, and that Rolle was working on Finley to join the Giants.

“[Finley] said he would love to be a part of the Giants,” Rolle said.

Last week, Finley told PFT Live that he expects to be cleared for contact soon, following neck surgery that ended his 2013 season.  He also said he wants to be a Packer for life, but that he’ll go elsewhere if need be.

Elsewhere could include the Giants.

55 responses to “Antrell Rolle recruits Jermichael Finley to the Giants

  1. Finley talks about how happy he would be playing ANYWHERE. He wants to be a a Packer for life? Then SHUT UP!

  2. It’s time the Giants had a tight end that is a threat. Anything is better than the last couple of years.

  3. Great start. Once Jermichael is signed, all we gotta do is figure out who’s going to play TE for the other 8-9 games.

  4. Not a Packers fan here but wasn’t there just a report about Jermichael raving about the relationship between him and Rodgers? Apparently as long as he has a job that’s all that matters, no loyalty.

  5. In today’s NFL it doesn’t’s $ over Lombardi every time! Finley maybe different because he’s a vet and his window is closing

  6. the vikings are best…maybe win a championship..just one and then you can run your stupid little mouths for just a bit.

  7. So your a tight end on the Giants and this is good news, one of yours recruiting you replacement? Ya that works in the locker room. I hope the Pack let him go because I think he is one small hit now from wheelchair city.

  8. Not for sure, but it appears that Cap Space issues may keep him from being able to go to his first choice, Seattle. However, like Arizona, Seattle maybe able to get under the cap and have him as their new TE for next season. Time will tell.

  9. Finley wants out of green bay and anybody who believes all this crap about him wanting to be a Packer for life is a Sapp

  10. Giant fans – be careful what you wish for. Finley’s middle name is potential and he has yet to live up to it despite being the 2nd highest paid Packer last year. He has been a leader in dropped passes on the Packers for several years and he can’t seem to stay healthy. No doubt he’s a special athlete but too many problems between the ears.

  11. As a Giants fan, which means I’m a part of the most knowledgeable fan base in the country, I say no thank you. And it’s Thurman, not Thurmon. He was from Ohio, not Jamaica.

  12. berniemadoffsides says: Feb 4, 2014 8:38 PM

    We need a good tight end. We’ve had scrubs for years.

    but we managed to get the most out of a few of them before they were never heard of again(not even talking about Shockey)

  13. I’m calling BS on this one. No way to prove that Rolle wasn’t told by the Giants to go out and seek out Finley but I think we all know better. We all weren’t born yesterday!

  14. All this talk of Finley going anywhere is nonsense. Being cleared by his own doctor does not mean any NFL team doctor is going to clear him. Finley had a fusion at c3-c4 and guess what, there are only two more Cs before you’re fresh outta c’s and at the base of the skull, which does not leave a lot of room for the neck to absorb the impact of blocking and tackling.
    The Packers certainly will not clear him, just as they did not clear Nick Collins, who also had fusion surgery at c3-c4. Any other team that looks at Finley will be seeing the same thing: a player at tremendous risk of re-injury. Its over for Finley.

  15. How come the Giants should lose a pick, it is a friendly conversation between friends. I would understand if it was the coaches or owner but it is just friends talking. I am sure this talk happens all the time between players.

  16. Finley is coming off a scary injury… and even if he wasn’t, he is still more trouble than he is worth.

    Packer fans know this as well as anyone, Finley talks WAY too much.

    Great athlete, but injury prone, and causes drama and don’t forget the drops which he would feel would be due to “lack of chemistry.”

  17. Be careful for what you ask for.

    Year after year this guy looks like he should be the top tight end in the game – but he has yet to live up to that expectation – he’s a walking contradiction.

    He’ll make an unbelievable catch … and then suddenly drop two or three easy passes, as if his hands had suddenly turned to stone. Plus – he seems to be injured EVERY year.

    Packers paid him about 8 million bucks this past season – and in his mind, I’m sure he thinks he’s worth more. Good luck with that.

    Maybe a change of scenery would do him good. Then again, maybe nothing would change … he’s an enigma.

  18. “In other news the shehawks and cheeseheads are still classes.he should leave that joke packers franchise.”

    Oh please please please leave our joke franchise. Go to the Giants, Bucs, Dolphins, 49’ers, anywhere.

    === Packer cheesehead who’s had enuf of Finley and his drops

  19. I’m conflicted here. He’s an exceptional talent, but let’s be honest: the Pack won their suber bowl when he was on IR. Not a good blocker and has a propensity to drop balls. That said, he stretches the field like no other TE and he always commands safety attention. Can’t put that in the stat book but it surely affects games. If he wants big $$$, let him go. Pack already had his protege in Bostick anyway

  20. The signing team should get a good discount on Finley–as compared to if they were signing him a few years ago . Finley’s injury problems would indicate lots of risk.

  21. “Not a Packers fan here but wasn’t there just a report about Jermichael raving about the relationship between him and Rodgers? Apparently as long as he has a job that’s all that matters, no loyalty.”

    Would you stay at your job if another employer would offer you more money, just because you had a buddy at work?

  22. Gmen need to sign these guys to hope to have any shot a a division championship 2014.First they need to sign BEASON,he will be the captain of our de and still a pro bowl type of guy.Second should be center from the browns,he would be your o line captain.Mac is big for the giants.We need those guys so we can have leaders on both sides of the ball.Next should be blount.he has a lot left in the tank and has done well wherever he has gone.Big strong and fast,just what the doctor ordered.All these guys can be signed and still keep under the cap.Quarless as our tight end would be a great sign.Since macadoo is o cordinator,he should be able to do that.He will be so cheap it will make your head spin.Resign tuck and let bass,snee webster,nicks and david wilson go.Those salaries should be able to get this done.Grab a tackle in the draft lewan or robinson and sign another tackle in free agency if you can .Then u will win the division with a good draft.

  23. Finley doesn’t WANT to play anywhere else, but of course it all comes down to money. If Green Bay doesn’t give him the money he deserves, then of course he is going to walk.

    Then again, there are TEs out there just as good for much less money

  24. 23rdusernameused says:
    Feb 5, 2014 8:36 AM
    gints will blow again! Fin won’t wanna play there for sure! loser team, loser QB!

    ———————————————————————————-one Thing I do know is that the eagles are still ringless.#1960#giantshave4#Giantsnationlolsatyou

  25. Maybe the writer should know the Giants failed to resign Martellus Bennett in 2013, who had 65 receptions with the Bears this year. Finley, with arguably one of the best QBs in the league, has never done that. So Giants might replace a stud with an arguably good TE coming off neck surgery. His best year was 3 years ago. OK, good luck with that.

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